The Sermons of Rev. Hak Ja Han

(Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)


True Mother Speaking To The Second Generation At East Garden

March 20, 1994

[At the beginning True Father and True Mother were speaking with one another over the telephone and Peter Kim translated this to the blessed children:]

"You study hard and be united with Shin Won Nim and grow well, True Father says."

Mother's question to you is, who are you and what are you? Blessed children? What do blessed children look like? You must be different from the children in the world. You are different, right? (YES.) What is the difference? Does your appearance differ from theirs, or is it that your mind and heart are different? (HEART.) Your root is different. It is Shin Won Nim's birthday today but from the age of Shin Won Nim up to the twelfth graders, all have been invited here today by True Mother. Do you know the reason? You must be the hope not only for the Unification Church but for the entire humankind. You must become the children whom God is able to trust and love the most. Therefore, you must love True Parents more than anyone else. All of your actions and thinking must stem from the same motive as that of True Parents.

Some of you older brothers and sisters are around the age of twenty years. Do you remember at what age Adam and Eve fell? (Fourteen.) In their teenage years. Once your age is over twenty you are considered an adult man or woman. Your age right now is the most precious and important age in your entire life. To be truly united with God and True Parents is the best thing for you at this age in your life. However, if you are not united with God and True Parents, Satan will invade your life. How many years has it been since True Parents declared the motto "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age"? (One.) What year did they proclaim that? 1993; so that means we are in the second year. You may not fully understand how precious and extraordinary this proclamation is. Mother wants you to understand why God couldn't interfere, even though He knew that Adam and Eve might fall. Do you know? (Yes.) You understand the purpose of God's creation, don't you? You are in the very important position of having to fulfill the purpose of God's creation. You are the only ones who are in the position to walk along with God and True Parents together in order to fulfill the purpose of God's creation. That is the importance of your position right now. No matter what you may do or where you may go, your senses must always be focused towards True Parents and True Parents' family. As long as you do that, all the foundations and victories that True Parents win will be bequeathed to you.

You may not fully understand right now, but True Parents' life up until this point has been so difficult. As you grow, you will be able to understand these things more. The fact that True Parents declared "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age" means that True Parents have already set the victorious foundation of the completion of the Old and New Testament Ages. They have gone beyond those levels. Ever since True Parents declared "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age" the time is different. Beginning in 1993, many different phenomena have been taking place in major dispensational countries such as Korea, Japan and America. It is unlike anything that has occurred in the past.

You know that True Mother had a worldwide speaking tour under the banner of the Women's Federation for World Peace last year. Mother traveled to forty different nations. When Mother went to Africa, she discovered that there were some missionaries and members who have been waiting for twenty years to meet True Parents in person. When Mother faced that reality on the continent of Africa, and saw all those bright young members with glowing eyes, Mother's heart was touched. Without speaking, Mother could spiritually feel their hearts and they were able to communicate. That is what is known as the world of heart. While in Africa, True Mother felt that if all the blood, sweat and tears that True Parents have spent in this country of America in the last twenty years had been invested-or even one-tenth of that effort- in the continent of Africa, what result do you think we would expect by now? Much greater than we are harvesting in this country now, or less? (Greater.) That is what Mother felt also. Therefore, Mother truly felt sorry to all those African brothers and sisters. At the same time, Mother felt that all of our American brothers and sisters are greatly indebted to our members all over the world.

Do you understand that through God's providential history, those who have been chosen by God must be willing to sacrifice themselves and even their nation for the sake of humanity? (Yes.) True Parents are the ones who have shown this kind of exemplary way throughout their entire lives. Because of this absolute standard that True Parents have set, and all the victories that they have won, Satan does not have anything to do with what True Parents are doing and saying at this point. Some of you are still young and growing, but once you become blessed and have children, you will understand what Mother is saying. When it comes to the meaning of love, love is experienced through raising your children. Love moves down from parents to children. Love travels downwards, but that does not mean that the parents do not love the first child. Your first child in your family received the full love of his or her parents when they were the only one. Then when the younger child comes, the parents give more love to the younger child, but that does not mean that the older child should feel bad. The older child must join the parents in giving love to the younger brother or sister. That is the way that love works.

We have learned from True Parents that we must live our lives for the sake of others. However, when it comes to the practice of this altruistic lifestyle, we often forget its application to our immediate family members. Suppose your elder sister is loving her younger brothers and sisters just as her parents are doing. Then they will follow their elder sister just as they follow their parents. Your parents did not have an easy life; they have been receiving a lot of persecution over the years. Also, they have been taught by the True Parents all these years, but we cannot say that they have been successful in completely resembling True Parents' lifestyle. If your parents had truly followed in True Parents' footsteps, exactly as True Parents had expected them to do, then the situation in America and this world would be different by now. For example, there is one drop of water on a steep mountain and it joins with many drops of water and collects to form a small pond and eventually a stream and river. Where do they all flow? To the ocean. Mother is making this analogy: the first generation, your parents, were like individual drops of water on a steep mountain. If they had truly resembled True Parents from the beginning, each of them, as a perfect couple and family collecting together would have formed a stream, river and eventually an ocean to save all humankind. A drop of water or a small stream may not be too strong, but once all of this water joins together it can form a large ocean, and nothing can stop the power of an ocean. Each one of you have that power within yourself.

Our destiny is set already. Do you feel that? (Yes.) If Mother were to explain the long history, even from the time of World War II, it would take too long, so she will skip over it with the assumption that you already understand. Its conclusion is that once you are totally united with True Parents, your life is wide open. You won't have to deal with any outside persecution, because you will be standing upon the victorious foundation which True Parents have laid. When True Father left for Korea, he gave instructions to the True Family, including True Mother. From Hyo Jin Nim down to Kwon Jin Nim, all are participating in the proclamation of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age to 100 major universities in this country. As your parents and your elder brothers and sisters may understand, in looking at the history of America we see that in the 1960s young people were seeking love and ideals on their own. However, they did not find either but ended up with drugs, alcohol and free sex. During the years that have followed, there have been serious-minded young people who have begun, especially in recent times, to think more sincerely about life. All those young people of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s tried every possible thing they could think of until there was nothing else left for them to try. Then the 1990s came and True Parents declared the women's era and even the United Nations declared the Year of Women. The world was following the lead of True Parents and at the same time the young people of the world, particularly young females, began to follow this more reasonable direction.

After the worldwide speaking tour that True Mother gave, she came to the conclusion that our time has now come. What is our destiny at this point? First of all, mothers and children must unite together and then restore the father in each family. Eventually each family must be united with True Father and True Parents. That is the way the entire five billion people of the world will have hope to be restored. All throughout the country, in the major universities, True Mother and True Children are giving this proclamation at each campus. Even today one of the True Children is speaking at the University of Illinois. True Mother was on the road up until yesterday, covering all the venues assigned to her. As of yesterday Mother completed nine major universities and tomorrow she will speak at Yale University. This proclamation, in this particular time period, is giving hope and light to those young people all over the campuses in this country who do not know what to do and where to go. It is our mission to go out and reach them, every single person on the campuses. They are the ones who are still longing for parental love, true love. They are the ones who are waiting and searching. We have to give them this proclamation, so that there is absolutely nobody in this country who says they did not hear about it. Your elder brothers and sisters, the True Children, are going around the country giving this proclamation, which is a very difficult job. The first step for you is to be absolutely united with them and give them all the support, love and prayer that you have. You must also go ahead and create the right kind of atmosphere so that you will be able to teach your friends.

Spring is just around the corner. What is the meaning of spring? Particularly the spring of 1994 is special. This spring is special, because as soon as you see the seed you will see the results there, ready to harvest. This is the time, a different time. If you try you will realize that you can experience this different time period. Blessed children are the true seeds at this time, but if you become a weak and stale seed which cannot germinate and produce fruit right away, then from God's point of view you may be replaced by healthier and stronger seeds from outside, who will sprout the results. In order to maintain your seed intact, healthy and strong you must be able to cut off all the bacteria that might damage your seed. Do you understand? It is true that your parents didn't fulfill their responsibilities in terms of being united with True Parents fully and expediting the providence of God. However, you must be different. Throughout history always the second stage has been important. The second generation must be stronger than the first generation. Only then will the third generation become perfect and will we have hope for the future. Do you follow True Mother? (Yes.) Therefore, you must be able to create your position or your place which is closest to the True Parents. You are the ones who have to create that. Only if you secure that position within yourselves will you be instructed and led in spirit by True Parents directly.

Before the Fall of Man, don't you think that Adam and Eve communicated with God directly? Did they or didn't they? (They did.) They had a channel open to God, and you are in the same position. Nobody else will be able to help you or set you there. You by yourselves have to create that internally and externally so you can directly communicate with God and True Parents. If you truly wish to demonstrate the difference between the Unification Church second generation and the world at large, the elder brothers and sisters among you must be able to offer your heartistic care and love to your younger brothers and sisters. This will enable them to learn from you and practice the same love and care for their juniors. This is the way we will be able to attain total unity among our second generation, and that will make the difference between the Unification Church second generation and the people of the world. If you practice this principle, then whenever True Mother comes to America, she may invite you and guide you directly as she is doing today.

Mother feels sorry that this room is not big enough to set up tables and chairs for each one of you; instead, we had to sit and have a buffet breakfast. Are you still happy? (Yes.) In the future there are much greater and more joyful things awaiting us. Mother's conclusion is that you are truly lucky boys and girls. (Applause.) You can never imagine how much True Parents love you. True Parents always want to see in person the shape and faces of you children growing beautifully as you are now. Therefore, we must pray together so that our True Father and True Mother will live with us for another 100 years, so that they can watch us growing beautifully. Will you do that? (Yes.) Would you like Mother to sing for you? (Yes.-Applause.)

Although we don't want to believe it, it is a fact that True Mother is now the grandmother of many grandchildren. Therefore, she may not remember all of the lyrics, but still you want to hear? (Yes.) Today is Shin Won Nim's birthday, and the song Mother would like to sing for you is often sung by True Father. It is a children's song. This song is about a particular flower, usually blooming on the mountainsides of Korea, and it is commonly called grandmother flower. Even before the flower is blooming, the stem is always bent like an old grandmother's back. The lyrics of the song say, "Even when you are young, you are still bent, grandmother, when you are old, still your back is bent, grandma flower."

This spring of 1994 is special. How special? As soon as we sow our seeds, we can expect the results. In order to give more blessing from True Parents to you in this special spring season, True Mother is giving you a special gift. Only blessed children and teachers, not parents, stand up. Please come to True Mother one by one and as you receive the special gift from True Mother give your father's name. The special gift from True Mother is the symbol that you will never forget today, the day that you came to East Garden by True Mother's invitation on Shin Won Nim's birthday and Hyun Jin Nim's wedding anniversary and received this special blessing from True Mother. Do you understand? (Yes.) Please begin to approach True Mother and give your father's name. You must use both hands in order to receive from True Mother.

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