The Sermons of Rev. Hak Ja Han

(Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)


Your Responsibility is Enormous

November 14, 1993
Geneva, Switzerland
Translator: Peter Kim

Those who are attending this kind of major celebration with True Parents for the first time, raise your hands, please. Are all of you blessed? Those who are not blessed, raise your hands. Only blessed members are supposed to be here. To participate in this kind of major celebration requires prayer and preparation. You should have three days of separation between husband and wife, and at least one week of prayer or cold shower condition or another condition. Children's Day is one of the seven major holidays we celebrate every year and in order to prepare for this kind of celebration, we must set conditions for ourselves and the things we are offering. When you go out shopping to buy fruit and other things for the offering table, you should go with a prayerful heart. Sometimes spirit world will guide you, showing you which store to buy from. Actually, if I explain all the conditions and rules to comply with in order to be able to participate in this kind of major holiday, you would be overcome because the rules are so strict. There are so many different steps and conditions you have to set. Therefore, I will skip that.

However, while preparing yourself and preparing the offering table for this kind of major celebration, you must not fight or feel angry or upset. Instead be joyful and happy, volunteering to do all the tasks. You shouldn't just wake up in the morning and say, "Oh, this is Children's Day. Let's go and participate." That's not the attitude. You should prepare yourselves spiritually, internally, and with prayerful heart come in and humbly participate.

This celebration of Children's Day in this country and on this continent is a very historic occasion. Therefore, with your coming generations, you should commemorate this event, year after year. This is a sacred and special event for your country and your continent. However, just this handful of people are not supposed to participate in this kind of major celebration. Actually, if we celebrate this holiday here in this country, the entire country of Switzerland should all work together to prepare for and participate in this celebration. Furthermore, all of humanity should participate and celebrate together with God and True Parents.

True Parents' grace

After the fall of man, a great distance was created between God and mankind. Because of the fall no one throughout history could come forward and say, "God, I am Your child." Even if they had done it, in the eyes of God and in front of the spirit world, they would never be accepted as the true child of God. In order for us to have this kind of celebration of a major holiday like this, it took six thousand years. Without having True Parents here with us in this physical world, could we even imagine having this kind of celebration? Was it an easy thing to have True Parents in this world with us? It took two thousand years of the history of established Christianity since Jesus Christ's crucifixion. During those two thousand years of Christian history, a lot of revelations from God and inspiration from the Holy Spirit enabled Christians to stay with their faith. Because of this help from the spirit world and because Jesus Christ spiritually appeared and helped people, established Christianity laid a strong enough foundation for the coming of True Parents.

As I tour these Western countries, which were built based on Christianity, I see the reality that this established Christian foundation has been taken over by Satan and is becoming a foundation for evil to spread rampantly. For example, the very cause of the fall is now being widely exercised among the Christian people here. I feel sad particularly because many of these Western countries have established Christianity as their national religion-in some countries maybe ninety percent of the population are of the Christian faith. Even with this Christian foundation, these Western countries are the setting of all kinds of incredible social crimes and immoral practices, which are spreading all over the world. How sorrowful God's heart is now when He looks down upon this chaotic, dirty world. From God's point of view, He doesn't even want to look at us twice. Though God feels that He doesn't want to deal with humanity anymore, because of True Parents' grace and forgiveness we now have one more chance. That's the grace from True Parents. Therefore, as blessed couples in these Western countries, your responsibility is enormous. Please remember that.

The key point I want you to remember is that True Parents themselves gave this proclamation of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age, in which we are living right now. Whatever country I visit or True Parents visit, I set the victorious foundation for that particular country. Therefore, to maximize that victorious foundation laid by True Parents, you must reach out to as many people as possible and give this proclamation to them, just like True Parents did. You must not hesitate whatsoever but be courageous and bold to go out and teach them, and eventually lead them to True Parents and God. Then you won't have to feel ashamed in front of True Parents and God at the thirty-fifth Children's Day celebration next year. There should be more people, especially qualified people, attending this special celebration. Also the nation and all of humanity should be able to participate in this kind of holiday. To do that, those of us here have to make a strong, new determination this morning. Will you do that? [Yes.]

We must be busy

When you are serious about your life, even one second, one minute, one hour of your daily life is so precious. This is a very precious time we are living in and we must be busy even twenty-five hours a day with a desperate feeling. Otherwise we can't do our responsibility. If we just relax, this opportunity will be lost.

In this very moment, this very second, while True Parents are here with you, tens of thousands of people are dying without knowing True Parents. Sooner or later, without any exception, we will all have to join the spirit world. Millions of people who have lived together with us in this world without knowing True Parents will be there when we join the spirit world. When we face them, what do you think they will say to us? Do you think they will welcome us with big smiles? They will accuse and judge us that we didn't let them know about True Parents and God while they were living with us on the planet Earth. If we don't fulfill our responsibility to reach out to as many people as we can, when we join the spirit world our place will not be secure, our position will not be guaranteed. We will be lost in the spirit world. Our focus on this earth should be to go after even one more single soul to restore back to True Parents and God; otherwise they will accuse and criticize us. That's our responsibility.

The Unification Church has been established in most countries in Europe for more than twenty years, but I am sorrowful when I see the reality of each country as I am traveling through them.

Father has been devoting his entire life to defeating Satan and setting the victorious foundation for all of humanity. Even though he has been constantly confronted by worldwide level persecution, he always overcame that and he finally set the victorious foundation by proclaiming True Parents and the Completed Testament Age. Father himself walked the course of indemnity for over forty years for the sake of humanity, and on top of that, Father set this victorious foundation. That's Father's life course. You may not fully understand all that Father has gone through, but Father and others have explained some of Father's life course.

When compared with Father's life, your quality of life is such that in front of God you can't even raise up your heads. There is no comparison. Even the blessing that Father gave you of tribal messiahship is not really welcomed by you, because you are neglecting it. Therefore, you must evaluate your past life, what you have done, what was wrong, and repent and make a truly new determination in front of God and True Parents. Many of you feel the time difference between last year and this year. It's up to you what kind of condition, what kind of foundation, you establish. Then the spirit world will be ready to give as much blessing and support as you need.

There is a small group of Japanese people who come to the won jeun where Heung Jin Nim is resting at least once or twice a month. This group came to greet Heung Jin Nim and worship there last month. While they were praying, the spirit world told them through one member of the group who is a medium: "You people, why are you here now? We are all mobilized. Heung Jin Nim, Hong Halmonim and everybody have been mobilized to accompany Mother on her world tour, to go ahead of Mother and prepare to receive Mother. It is a very busy time. Why are you here?"

Since I began my speaking tour in America, in May of this year, continuing on to Japan and Korea and now in Switzerland, I have delivered this same speech over a hundred times. Each time I deliver the proclamation, Father is always with me, following the same text. A spiritual medium told me that it's not just Father who is with me all the time, but even God Himself is so joyful and so happy that He is virtually dancing around whenever I am delivering this proclamation. Please understand the significance of this precious time period. After six thousand years of history, finally True Parents came with this proclamation. Now, through this proclamation, God's suffering heart, which we call han in Korean, is being liberated. Therefore, True Parents are so moved, so inspired, and so happy, that we can't just sit still. We have to go out and give this happy news, this new truth to all of humanity. Thus can you just sit around and do your routine things? You must be inspired even more than True Parents. You must be happy and touched and even intoxicated by this grace and truth from True Parents. If you are moved in order to spread this truth, you should not be able to sit someplace and take it easy. That kind of urgent feeling and determination should be with you all the time. This is the significance of the time period now. I hope that all of you make this kind of determination here this morning. Will you do that?

Mother's prayer

[A brief summary.] Mother first of all gave her thanks to God and Father that she can celebrate the thirty-fourth Children's Day here in this country and though Father is in Korea they are celebrating together across the ocean.

This is a very historical place in the eyes of God. [In 1985, there was a conference here led by the Professors World Peace Academy and the title was "The Fall of the Soviet Empire." While Father was in Danbury prison Dr. Morton Kaplan, who was at that time taking care of the conference, came to Father begging Father to change the title. As you remember, in 1985 the Soviet Empire was still so strong that they were taking over one country or several countries a year. Father told Dr. Kaplan and Rev. Kwak to go ahead with the meeting, which was held right here in Geneva, and declare to the world the fall of the Soviet Empire. Even a person like Dr. Kaplan was so afraid that he came to Father and pleaded with Father to change the title. Father said, "No, this is the direction from God." Through Rev. Kwak he petitioned to Father a couple more times, but Father never moved. Father is like a mountain. Mother mentioned that special significance here.] This is the very place where God declared to the world the fall of the Soviet Empire and communism through Father. It is historical that we have our Children's Day celebration here in this very significant place. Therefore, all of Christianity and the European continent, particularly the countries where Christianity is a national religion, must be renewed and reborn. This is the task we are doing now.

Particularly this year when True Parents are proclaiming the True Parents and the Completed Testament Age, blessed couples, Unification Church members, must do your responsibility.

Mother also mentioned that this is the first time that True Parents will visit the former communist countries of Eastern Europe. Particularly today, on this thirty-fourth Children's Day, after this celebration, Mother will go to Croatia.

You Swiss leaders have a very important role to play. You must recognize and understand that historically, your country, Switzerland, has been small and not so powerful. Your stance has always been neutral so that your country could be protected. However, that means you were in a weak position. In this precious time period, Mother is giving you a blessing, which is the responsibility to create a new image of Switzerland by doing God's will and then, as a mediator, bring all these countries together. Switzerland will become number one, the most blessed country in the world, if you do your mission. Can you do that? [YES.] You all want to hear you are number one, don't you? It doesn't come automatically. In order to attain that position, you have to work even ten times harder, maybe one hundred times harder than other countries. Can you do that? [YES!]

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