The Sermons of Rev. Hak Ja Han

(Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)


Completed Testament Age - Feel the Joy and Value in It

July 13, 1993
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Mother speaking to the brothers and sisters.
Translator: Peter Kim

Don't you think we are a different species? We are going beyond, transcending space and time. We live in a three-dimensional world. Aren't you happy? If we restored all the American people, all two hundred forty million people, and we celebrated with True Parents just as we did tonight, how happy we would be. What if we restored the entire world's five billion people and then began celebrating?

How old is Father? [Seventy-three.] How many more years do you want Father to live? Physical time on earth is limited. Since Father has come to America, he has been working here for over twenty years; and so the number of Unification Church members who are here now are the result. Because we didn't do our responsibility, we didn't bring enough spiritual children, we are the only ones who are still following True Parents. Yet, if we have to restore the entire two hundred forty million people in America, how many more years do we need to restore the entire world-if we go at the speed we have been? Don't you feel serious? My speech today was just about one hour long, a short speech; however, that particular speech proclamation contains six thousand years of biblical history, ever since God's creation. It also contains two thousand years of the history of Christianity, since Jesus Christ. On top of that, seventy years of Father's life-history is included.

When God created the world, particularly when God created man, God had hopes and dreams centered upon humanity. Yet, because of the fall of man, God has been suffering and struggling for six thousand years with tears and an agonized heart. Every day God looks down on, and He sees, more and more people being multiplied, and those people do not directly belong to Him, they belong to Satan. In other words, satanic people get multiplied every day. While God has been watching those people every day, what kind of heart do you think God has been having?

Throughout history God has chosen many prophets and sometimes even champions of each time period to do God's will, and finally God chose Jesus Christ to save all of humanity, yet they all failed. Even right after WW II, when God had prepared the entire world centered on Christianity and America to receive the Lord's Second Coming, Christianity and America failed. Therefore, True Parents themselves went down to the bottom of hell and from that level True Father has been climbing back up, which took forty years to pay indemnity for the sake of all of humanity.

When we think of the history of the Unification Church, so many people have come and gone. When we, regardless of who you may be, when we joined the church, joined with True Parents, it wasn't just ourselves, but there were our ancestors and also hopefully our coming generations, together we joined. Without our ancestors' help, we couldn't join. I think you all feel that. However, when the members came and they joined, and then they were left alone [by their ancestors] because they have their own five percent responsibility, they failed and they left the movement. When God and True Parents watch those people come, and because of their failure, leave the movement, what kind of agonized heart do you think God and True Parents have? True Parents' heart is broken, yet True Parents never gave up and Father always reminded himself, saying, "I am the one who has to save those people, even though they leave my bosom. I have to do my absolute best to save them, bring them back. I am the one who can liberate God's suffering heart, and I am the one who can give life to those people who are already dead." Mother is wondering how much of True Parents' suffering heart we can feel.

Father has taught us

If you watched today, the ten-minute videotape of True Parents' life, I'm sure you must have watched the scene where Father was imprisoned at the fertilizer death camp of Hung Nam. He was there for three years. Because of the United Nations army's attack, the Hung Nam prison was liberated and all the prisoners were released. Father's parents and relatives were waiting in his hometown. Father could have gone there and brought them down to South Korea. However, he didn't go there. Father chose to visit his disciples who were around the Pyongyang area. Furthermore, Father found one crippled man who had been following Father in prison and who was abandoned in his own house because he couldn't walk. His relatives had left him behind because they couldn't carry him with them. He was just lying in his house abandoned. When Father visited there, Father couldn't leave him there alone, so Father carried him on his back all the way down to South Korea. That was right in the middle of the Korean War. Therefore, even parents left their children behind, husbands left their wives behind, and vice versa. Everybody was desperate to save their own life. However, Father himself practiced true love, right there. Without saving his own parents, without saving any other person, that abandoned crippled man he carried on his back to South Korea. What kind of life Father has been having!

Whatever Father has taught us up to this point is the truth that Father himself experienced and proved that is the way we should go. For example, instead of loving his own family and his own tribe, Father gave his love to the Cain children. You all understand Divine Principle, don't you? You also understand how you should fulfill your tribal messiahship, don't you? When it comes to the path of the indemnity course of Father, there were numerous incredible cases, unimaginable. Nobody can copy Father's life, because Father did it only for the sake of God and humanity. Because of the victories Father won in all those moments in the indemnity course, Satan finally surrendered to Father. Therefore, because of this your True Parents could come up with the proclamation of the True Parents and the Completed Testament Age.

As a blessed couple, we must be able to inherit True Parents' victory and make it our own victory. When True Parents gave us the blessing, they didn't give us the blessing just for our own sake. The blessing is for the sake of our past, which is our ancestors, and our present, which is ourselves, and our future generations. Therefore, we must not go back to our old way of life and old habits. We have to have a brand new life, new start. I am wondering how much you understand the value of the message, the proclamation of the Completed Testament Age. Because True Parents now proclaimed the Completed Testament Age, we must feel joy and we must see the value in it.

Think about Jesus Christ's disciples. They had strong faith in Jesus Christ. Particularly after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, their faith became even stronger. When we think of the two thousand years of the history of Christianity, there have been many prophets and martyrs. Even though they were thrown to the lions and killed, they never compromised their faith. They always had a strong faith in God and they never wavered. Therefore, as a blessed couple, when we go to the spirit world, we must carry with us such a quality of life that those martyrs and strong believers in Jesus Christ won't be able to criticize us or judge us, because we didn't fulfill our responsibility. Let's compare those prophets in the past and the martyrs of Christianity and us. Those people had faith and believed in Jesus Christ without knowing when the Lord of the Second Advent would come. Yet they never changed their faith, they never compromised themselves- they even gave up their lives. However, when it comes to our situation now, we have our True Parents, we are attending True Parents, we are taught by True Parents, we are practicing the truth that True Parents give every day. If those Christian martyrs and prophets were alive now, do you think the quality of their life would be better than ours, or ours better than theirs? Think about what kind of life they would be living here if they knew the True Parents and they received the truth from True Parents. They would never be afraid of losing their life. However, on our level, if we worry about our daily life, worry about how to raise the children, where to send them to school, and worry about our wives and our husbands. We are wasting our life, looking at just this present. We are supposed to think of our ancestors and we are supposed to prepare ourselves for the sake of our future generations. If we don't fulfill our responsibility, then our future generations will suffer. You all love your children, don't you?

From God's point of view, when God looks down on us, what kinds of expectations do you think God has for us? What about your good ancestors when they look down on us, what do you think they would think about us? Our good ancestors, they all know True Parents, who they are, what they are, and what kind of life you should live. Therefore, don't you think they would want to see you, their descendants, attend True Parents and be loved by True Parents while you are living in this world together with True Parents? Then what shall you do? Your mind is always with True Parents, you want to follow True Parents' teaching one hundred percent, but your body doesn't follow, right? Particularly you American brothers and sisters are like this. Be honest, isn't it true?

Now the new age came, dawned, so no matter what kind of life you had in the past, now you have to be a brand new person. Do you want to become a victorious person in this new era, or do you want to be a loser, a failure? [Victorious!] Is it easy? [No.] The only way you can become victorious in your mission is to work along with True Parents, not just by yourself. Time is running out. Even as we think about the year 2000, we have only about seven years. When it comes to Father's physical age, by the year 2000 Father will turn eighty. When a person reaches the age of eighty, don't you think he is considered an elderly man?

Filial piety and patriotism

We all made mistakes in the past. We all didn't do our absolute best. However, from now on, in this new era, do you have the determination to become sons and daughters of filial piety to True Parents and God and patriots for the Kingdom of Heaven we will build? Will you do that, or do you want to become a failure again? [Do it.] In order for you to become that kind of person, you have to be able to endure twenty-four hours without sleeping. Can you do that? [Yes.]

I heard that the state of Wyoming didn't have enough members. Therefore I am sure that with just the small number of members here, to bring over two hundred people tonight, all of you must have worked really hard and tried every possible way to mobilize the members you have, didn't you? Will you do that, every day, just as you have done for this mobilization? What about working ten times or one hundred times harder from now on, harder than you did for this event? If you have that kind of determination, if you do that much, maybe it is possible. Will you do that? [Yes.] Is it true? [Yes.] I appreciate your determination. If you truly do that, I will thank you. [Yes, we will do it!] [Yes.] [Ten times more, one hundred times more.] Do you all make that pledge and determination in front of True Parents? [Yes.] Stand up. [True Parents, we will do it, more than one hundred percent.] Thank you.

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