The Sermons of Rev. Hak Ja Han

(Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)


Forty-Hour Days

June 28, 1993
University of Bridgeport
Bridgeport, Connecticut
Translator: Peter Kim

Because of Father's Danbury, Connecticut, experience the smashing success of the speech at Bridgeport, nearby, was especially sweet for True Parents, and was described as "resurrecting Danbury." It was sponsored by the Council for the World's Religions, a non-governmental member of the United Nations and the hall was packed with over twelve hundred notable scholars and public figures from the area. H.E. Stoyan Ganev, president of the UN General Assembly, introduced Mother and H.E. Jose Chavez introduced him. Afterwards a delighted Mother reported to Father in Alaska by phone and then spoke to the brothers and sisters so seriously about what is needed at this time.

What does the Completed Testament Age mean? The meaning of the Completed Testament Age is to live with God and serve God. God wanted to be called "Father" and "Grandfather." God had to wait six thousand years for that. For six thousand years, God never abandoned mankind. God wanted mankind to fulfill its responsibility and go back to God on its own.

Read the text of my speech morning and night. Please read and meditate and pray, then you will get fresh inspiration.

Can you imagine what kind of broken heart God has had for six thousand years? God had to wait with longing for mankind to stand up on its own and come back to God.

Christian people believe that God is a God of glory. They do not know how much God has suffered since He lost His children. The meaning of the Completed Testament Age is the time we live with God and serve God. God really wanted to have a true family. The fact that we now have the Completed Testament Age brings God joy and happiness.

Have you ever thought of the suffering heart of Jesus Christ when he went to the cross? What kind of broken heart did Jesus have when he passed to the spirit world? God has prepared everything throughout the world, centered on Christianity. The world, particularly Christianity, failed. As you know, the four thousand years of the Old Testament era ended there. For six thousand years Satan has never given up. Finally today God proclaimed True Parents and the Completed Testament Age.

We must remember the five billion people in the world and hear the proclamation and attend True Parents. We must build the Kingdom of Heaven. They don't know what True Parents have been through in order to bring this proclamation. Now we are living in this time period and our hope for the future is here.

I wonder if you understand this time period. Without exception we have to pass into the spirit world. Think about the prophets of the Old Testament and New Testament Ages who are now in spirit world. We are living with True Parents. When we join the spirit world, will the prophets welcome us with an open heart if we don't fulfill our responsibility? Will you get applause because you are a blessed couple? The blessing is meant for our future generations. If we fulfill our responsibility as blessed couples, we open the way for our ancestors and future descendants to be saved. God's desire is to embrace the entire world. Do you think that the five billion people know about True Parents at this point? Do you understand what kind of suffering path True Parents went through?

Positive Christian response

During the speaking tour, I met many prepared people around the country. A Baptist radio evangelist from Orlando, Florida, Rev. George Crosby, was going to introduce me at the program in Miami. He was flying his jet to Miami and was struck by lightning. His instruments went out and he had to land visually. He arrived late and apologized. I comforted him. He told me in Korean that he wants to receive the blessing next time.

One minister built ninety-three churches on his own. He wanted to come to my speech in Charlotte, North Carolina. He was holding a workshop for youth and extended it three more days so he could bring people to my speech. Satan tried to stop him. Three days before my speech, there was a car accident and three young people were killed and another nine people hospitalized. He left others to care for this situation and brought two hundred fifty people to my speech. He was so prepared. Satan did not want him to go to the speech. He went through so many difficulties in his life in order to be able to do God's work.

[Peter Kim reported in Nashville that Bishop Barber had attended an Interdenominational Conference for Clergy in Korea. When Bishop Barber took the podium to give the invocation at Mother's speech, he prayed to give God's wisdom and strength to her and give new revelation to Mother. He was like a child. He wanted to hear more from Mother. Mother gave a plaque to him, from Father and Mother. At a birthday celebration for him right after Mother's speech, he showed people the plaque. He paid indemnity. His courage made the speech successful. Satan does not let key people go easily. God's champions always get hit first and then return to God.

Peter Kim reported that another minister and veteran came to Mother's speech. He took the podium and presented a plaque to Mother. He shared his experience as an American soldier in Pusan at the age of seventeen. He remembered seeing Father there so many years ago, street-preaching, wearing an old army jacket. Father was preaching the gospel in the rain. Another time he was inspired to go to a mountain in Korea. There he found Father again teaching and praying. He never forgot these particular experiences. He is a living witness to these events.]

Loved and restored

People went through such difficulties to come to True Parents, while you who have received the blessing take it for granted. You may be proud of being a senior blessed couple or a junior blessed couple. However, what makes a difference is how much love you offered to humanity and how many people you restored. Your territory in spirit world, whether it is a house with one acre or a hundred acres, will be determined by your result. While living on earth, without air we will physically die. Love is the air in the spirit world.

You should have a new determination and a new life. We have twenty- four hours a day, but we need forty hours to witness. Have thirty-hour or forty-hour days and work for God's will and to fulfill your responsibility.

Make God happy. We can give God either happiness or burdens. How can we make God happy? We have to clean up this world, restore humanity, and together serve God.

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