The Sermons of Rev. Hak Ja Han

(Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)


Mother Speaks to Members - Now You Must Fly

May 30, 1993 St.
Louis, Missouri
Translated by Peter Kim

Mother really brought God's power and love and True Parents' presence and history to each state and she spoke after the public meetings to smaller private gatherings of brothers and sisters. We have here transcriptions of two of those talks. A report from Rev. Kwak will follow in the coming issue. At the conclusion of this Thirty-three City Tour Father asked Mother to speak in the remaining states on a new tour and from there to speak around the world. As we go to press she is engaged in this second tour of the United States.

We may forget other things, but we must understand this one thing, that God spent more than six thousand years of the history of restoration to find the True Parents, and True Parents have shed tears and blood and sweat all throughout their lives. Upon that victorious foundation of suffering, pain and persecution, now True Parents can proclaim to the world True Parenthood, the Messiah and this new Completed Testament Era. We must remember that this kind of joy must not be hoarded. We cannot be the only ones who feel this kind of joy and happiness. Father and Mother fulfilled the ideal family. Now you are living together with True Parents. Since we are the ones who know this reality and we are the ones who enjoy this blessing life, we must not stop here. We must make a new determination. We must have a new start and share this with every possible person before we pass away. This is our new determination. Otherwise, we are not worthy to receive this kind of blessing.

As a tribal messiah, this is the time for you to set your roots in your home town, make yourself an influential leader in your home town, and represent True Parents and God properly. Can you do that? [Yes.]

Rev. Henry Wells in Philadelphia was told by Father over the phone when Father received the report about him, "You have done well so far, but this is the time you have to make a quantum leap. Up to this point you have been running, but now you must fly." So Rev. Wells said he would start flying.

The same principle applies to you. Who among you is willing to have sleepless nights in order to spread this truth and blessing to as many people as you can? If you set such a condition, then your community and your ministry will prosper.

We must be new people today, from this moment on.

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