The Sermons of Rev. Hak Ja Han

(Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)


Can You Say You Are True Parents' Children?

June 3, 1993
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Translated by Peter Kim

You might have felt something from my speech today. The speech clearly explains the history of indemnity and how much God has been suffering for six thousand years. Furthermore, in seven years it will be two thousand years since Jesus Christ's time. Father has gone through forty years of pain and difficulty since World War II. He has gone through immeasurable struggles. Nobody really knows how much indemnity he has paid for the sake of all humanity. Only God knows. You must realize somehow the kind of life course Father and Mother have come through. Therefore, you should examine your heartistic relationship with True Parents and repent for your lack of closeness with True Parents. You consider yourselves children of True Parents and call us Father and Mother. Do you say this just with your lips? How deeply in your heart do you really feel you are True Parents' children? That is something you must think about again, and to the degree that you are not qualified to say this you should repent.

Father's life

I truly hope that each of you can feel what kind of life Father has gone through, even after he came to America over twenty years ago. Of course, some of you have followed Father more than twenty years, others of you maybe fifteen or ten years. However, all these years you were just following Father, so you do not really feel the kind of foundation and the kind of accomplishments he achieved in that time. Finally, upon the foundation of the completion of his mission, Father and I declared the Completed Testament Age. I hope that you truly feel what kind of life course Father has gone through in this country. Not even for one second has Father relaxed; not even for one hour has Father tried to rest. All twenty-four hours of every day Father's focus was the providence, saving this country and humanity. You should grasp this, not just with your understanding, but feel it with your heart.

I testified that throughout his entire life Father never slept more than three hours a day. Do you know why? Because in Father's heart he is so desperate to save this entire humanity. Also, he knows that he is the only one who can save humanity and bring them back to God. He never forgets that, even for a second. Therefore, he couldn't sleep. If there is even one available second, he wants to spend it for the sake of the entire humanity. We must understand Father's heart.

From my speech today, you have learned that there was a tremendous amount of historical indemnity to be paid to enable Jesus Christ to be born. Because of his mother's help, Jacob was able to restore the elder sonship. However, behind the scenes Jacob paid indemnity for over twenty years to restore his elder sonship. Do you think he could sleep any time he wanted and eat any food he wanted during those twenty years? All God's champions in the history of restoration have gone through that kind of life course. What about the life of Jesus Christ? How desperate he was! Do you think Jesus Christ wanted to be crucified? No.

I wonder how much you understand Father's life. In my speech today I explained that Father has been in prison six times for doing God's work. It is easy to say that. Father is never afraid of being in prison. Father fears one thing in his lifetime: being unable to fulfill his mission before he passes away into the spirit world. Father never complains about physical conditions, even in prison, because he doesn't care about pain or struggle. However, Father clearly knows that among these five billion people in the world he is the only person who can save all of humanity. Therefore, if Father can't fulfill his mission, the history of restoration will be postponed. That's what Father has feared.

Non-Unification Church members who have some connection to the spirit world testify that when they see Father's heart, they can't open their mouth without shedding tears, because they clearly see the life course of Father. Just to look at Father makes those mediums cry for several days. They testify that God has pity on Father. Please understand that after six thousand years of restoration, when God sees Father in such a difficult position, paying indemnity for the sake of all humanity, God Himself comes forward and comforts Father. We must understand that Father is in that kind of position and that God's heart is reaching out to comfort Father.

Unity with True Parents

Do you understand what I said? Do you really feel that in your heart? Father, as the Messiah of all humanity, must come with glory and victory, but the Father we are serving right now is the Father of pain and agony. You should feel that in your heart. If you truly don't feel that, if your heart doesn't go out to Father, if you can't stop shedding tears of sorrow and sympathy for Father, then you can't claim to be True Parents' children. You truly should be able to feel that in your heart. By this standard you can see how distant you are from Father and Mother.

Do you all believe in the existence of the spirit world? [Yes.] So you believe in eternal life? [Yes.] Do you also believe that your entire life in this world will be reflected when you join the spirit world? Every detail of your entire physical life will be reflected in the spirit world, just like on a microfilm. The spirit world is a world of love. Therefore, if you can't establish the bonds of love with True Parents and the foundation of total unity with True Parents in this world, imagine what kind of position you will have in the spirit world. When you join the spirit world, the first condition by which you will be evaluated as children of True Parents is how much you loved True Parents. The second condition is how much love you offered to your neighbors, to humanity. Those two conditions are important.

Here in America, people easily say, "I love you. We love you." However, it is questionable what depth of love is meant. Most of the time, when people say they love somebody or something, we interpret that love as having a self-centered base. However, if you are confident that you are children of True Parents and are serving True Parents, you should be different when you say you love someone or some thing, shouldn't you?

Of course, I am wondering how many years you have been in this church and what kind of blessed couples you are. Whether you are from the 1800 Couples or 6000 Couples doesn't matter. You are the ones who know about yourselves the most, therefore you should evaluate your life and examine the quality of life that you are leading in front of True Parents and God. I want you to have a brand new life starting from this moment. In the past you may have deviated a bit in the eyes of God and True Parents. However, since you know the Divine Principle and True Parents and you serve True Parents, you must be born through this truth and make a brand new start from this moment on. Can you do that? [Yes!]

In one city where I already spoke, a person who was not a Unification Church member came to my speech. She went to work the next day, but because of the truth she received and because of her seriousness she couldn't work. She was constantly thinking about the truth. "What shall I do?" she asked herself. "The Messiah is here, the truth is here, true love is here. Should I sit here and continue working in this office, or should I do something else?" She was serious.

When we look at the secular world, it is decaying and declining and perishing. However, there are still some people who are serious about life. Therefore, please think that among the five billion people on earth, many of them have a serious enough attitude to receive True Parents, yet they didn't have any chance to hear because nobody told them. They are living in the same time period as True Parents, they are breathing together with the True Parents in the same era. Yet if they pass away to the spirit world without hearing about True Parents, whose responsibility is that? When they join the spirit world and they find out that they were not told because you didn't do your responsibility, they will criticize and accuse you.

Give more than you received

Particularly in this time period, American members in this country are the key. Think about the role of Messiah. The Messiah is not just for Koreans, not just for Americans, but for all humanity. For over twenty years Father has been teaching you every single day. You have studied Father's teaching, Father has been taking care of you, and you have been living with Father, but what did you do? Think about the people in African countries who haven't even seen Father. Don't you feel sorry for them?

Can you pledge in front of me that you will give more than you have received from True Parents and God from now on? [YES!]

When I got off the plane today, I was welcomed by your regional director, Rev. Chung Young Yoo. I told Rev. Yoo, "When I look at New Mexico, it does not look green like New York or New Jersey. More than half of it is desert; there is no life, no trees, no water. Still there are some cities like Albuquerque with some green areas, people and houses." Albuquerque is fairly high in elevation, something like three thousand feet, so I asked Rev. Yoo, "Since this city is pretty high up, we can say that it is closer to heaven. Can you restore this city of Albuquerque and furthermore this state, New Mexico, and offer it to God?" Rev. Yoo said, "Yes, Mother, I will." Will you? [Yes!] Okay, it is good to answer yes. However, to give an answer is not enough. Your result will be your answer, so please have a serious attitude about accomplishing this goal and live a serious life so you can accomplish your work. Will you do that? [Yes.]

Among the fifty states in this country, what if New Mexico becomes the first state to receive True Parents as the True Parents in the entire state? [We will do it.] In Korean, the word Albuquerque sounds something like, "This becomes well-roasted and belongs to Heavenly Father." After it gets roasted, it becomes Heavenly Father's. That means you have to work really hard and fast. Can you do that? I will wait and see.

How to get closer to True Parents

Therefore, please set a goal in your daily life to become closer to True Parents. If you have that kind of determination and invest all your effort and prayer, God will lead you. For example, two of the true grandchildren are in Kodiak with Father now. One is Hyun Jin Nim's first son, Shin Won Nim, who is four and one-half years old; the other is Un Jin Nim's daughter, who is less than three years old. Of course, after the speech every day I call Father and have a conversation over the phone. Usually these two grandchildren get on the phone and say hello to grandmother. They know how to comfort grandmother. They have such wit; sometimes they sing, "I wish I could see my beautiful grandmother on the TV screen," or something like that. Nobody taught them, but they instantly composed something like that to sing over the phone to ease grandmother's heart. You should have that kind of attitude, that kind of pure heart, to get closer to True Parents, to be able to comfort and please.

When you wake up in the morning, read my speech as your prayer. Of course, if you can do it together with your spouse and children it is better, but even by yourself do it as your prayer. Then do your mission, and before you go to bed read the speech over again with your family, using it as your prayer. That way you will get closer to True Parents' heart. I will give you a tip how to improve your heartistic relationship with True Parents. Suppose you are just about to have a hamburger for lunch. Before eating a hamburger, hold it in your hand and try to have a conversation with True Parents by saying, "Father, Mother, I am just about to have this humble hamburger. Father, would you like some? Do you want to eat it?" Have some dialogue, some give and take with True Parents in your heart. That is the way you can train yourself and bring your heart closer to True Parents.

When you are trying to witness to somebody, instead of just praying and going out to talk to that person, have a discussion with True Parents. You don't have to come all the way to New York to be face to face with True Parents; you can do that in your daily life. That doesn't mean you should walk along the street and talk aloud, but deep in your heart you can talk to True Parents: "Father, Mother, I am trying to witness to that particular person. Father, is this way better or should I wait a few more hours and talk to him?" Have that kind of discussion with True Parents. If you develop such a genuine attitude and way of life, then spirit world will be mobilized to help you.

Attend and prepare

The Completed Testament Age is the age of living with True Parents, serving and attending True Parents. How long do you think you will be able to serve True Parents in this physical world? You must have confidence that your life of attendance in this physical world will be approved before you go to the spirit world.

I am coughing a lot. Maybe someone should tell me not to talk. My speech is a little over one hour long. However, when I prepare this speech, I think about hundreds of new people coming to the speech, so my prayer and preparation and concentration are unimaginable.

You tend to take it for granted when you see Father speaking freely, because Father is the very origin of the truth which he is giving us. Therefore, you think Father is loaded with truth, Father is the essence of truth so he can any time just bring out and share with us. When Father speaks, he always tells us that this is not just an academic lecture. He says that my talk must be able to mobilize spirit world so I can give a new spirit to people, give people rebirth. In order to give a one-hour talk, Father prepares for three hours. For example, when Father was speaking in twelve major cities just prior to my tour, Father had read the speech over a hundred times. Of course, Father wrote it. Every single word is Father's, nothing came from anybody else, yet Father always practices and prepares in the morning. He works during the daytime and prepares at night before he goes to bed. From midnight until 3:00 or 4:00 a.m., he studies this speech and prays about this speech.

If Father is leading that kind of life, what do you think you have to do? You have to do maybe ten times more than Father, a hundred times more than Father. You haven't done it up to this point. Can you live up to the expectations of your Father and Mother?

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