The Sermons of Rev. Hak Ja Han

(Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)


 Bring Them Back to God

Talk to Philippine Brothers and Sisters
December 8, 1992-Manila, Philippines
Translator: Peter Kim

Have you been longing to meet True Parents? Have you understood what Father and Mother were talking about over the phone? Are you studying Korean? (Yes!) Since you are young and are intelligent, if you are determined then you can learn Korean very quickly.

I have been missing you and I pray that you will work hard.

Let's think about God's creation for a while. When you try to create certain things, either as a sculptor, artist, or musician, if you are not satisfied, you put more effort into it and try again and again until you come up with something you are satisfied with, don't you? That's exactly the heart of God at the time He created the entire universe. Therefore, we can think about God's heart of creating starting from the mineral world, then the plant world, and going up to the level of human beings. At each level of creation, what kind of heart did God invest into it, how long did it take, and what kind of plan did He have in mind? Think about all these levels of effort and heart.

What was the last level God created? (Man!) Therefore, human beings are the last level of creation, right? (Yes!) When we say human being, we are talking about man and woman. Then who was created last? (Woman!) When I look at you today, we have more sisters than brothers. Aren't you proud of that, sisters? (Yes!) But don't just be happy. Eve is symbolized by the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. That means you have more responsibility than men. In other words, woman is an object who can possibly return the most glory to God and at the same time the most sadness and sorrow to God. Both possibilities are awaiting you women. God has dual characteristics too, right? Does He side more with men or with women? In my speech today I said that men need women. Therefore, whom does God need more? (Women!) [Laughter.] You follow my logic!

"How do you feel?"

When I was speaking with True Father over the phone, one of the questions he asked me was, "How do you feel after you finished one hundred and twelve speeches?" My first answer was, "I felt pain. The kind of pain which I experience as a mother when I give birth to my child."

When Father told me to make a speaking tour in Japan, I didn't know how to speak Japanese. I had no chance to study Japanese and I knew only a little bit of Japanese. Put yourself in my shoes and imagine that you are sent to Korea and within one month you have to master Korean and give more than a one-hour long public speech in Korean. Are you confident you could do that? It is not enough just to try. You have to think that you would give up your life to do it.

If I was an ordinary woman and could take the podium and give an ordinary speech, maybe it would be a little bit easier. However, I had to appear as a public figure and on top of that, move people's hearts when I spoke. Think about what kind of pressure I had to deal with. Of course, I have my own life and my own pride too. I also have to follow Father's foundation which he had been laying all these years, with one hundred percent obedience. How many children have I produced up to this point? Fourteen. To give birth involves more than just ten months of pain and struggle during pregnancy. You young people may not understand what I am talking about, but to give birth to a new child is like giving up one's life. On that foundation, new life emerges. Therefore, I interpreted the mission of giving speeches in Japanese to Japanese people to be like giving birth to a new child. Therefore, I determined to give up my life in order to give new life to the Japanese people who would come to my speech. That is how I prepared for my speaking tour in Japan.

To begin with, I did not know how to read Japanese. People say Japanese is not so difficult to learn. However, in reality, a lot of little details of pronunciation have to be added and subtracted here and there. Did you watch the videotape of the Tokyo Dome rally? (Yes!) All the Japanese brothers and sisters say that I did an excellent job. While I was speaking in Japan, Father stayed in Alaska and heard my speech over the phone. Each time I spoke, there were comments from Father. Father was playing the role of a strict teacher to me. Then by the end of the ten-city tour Father told me, "Mother, now you have an A-plus."

Western rebirth

Towards the end of the speaking tour, Father told me over the phone, "Now Mother, come back to America and give the speaking tour in America." Father said that the first city on the American tour must be Washington, D.C., because it is the capital of the United States of America and many dignitaries are there. For a non-English speaker to come to Washington and give a public speech is not easy, because everybody is watching and analyzing you. From my point of view, it wasn't an easy job but Father said do it. That was a big challenge. As you know, I finished the eight-city tour with great success and victory. Then I spoke in the major cities of Europe. Throughout the European tour and the American tour, I could witness thousands and thousands of new lives just being born right there during the speech.

Towards the end of the European tour, Father suddenly told me, "Now Mother, this is the time you step out and go to Moscow." Brothers and sisters in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) planned to hold the rally at the Palace of Congresses in the Kremlin, where the former Soviet Union's Politburo held meetings. That's the best convention site in the former Soviet Union. They were planning to attract more than seven thousand people. With an additional room there was a capacity for twelve thousand people. However, the political situation was unstable then. Two days before my speech President Yeltsin became inebriated and hid out in his dacha, [Russian country cottage] and nobody could find him. We could not get the final okay to use the Palace of Congresses. Therefore, we had to use another theatre nearby with a capacity of three thousand people. About four thousand people came, and I had a great victory in Moscow.

Our brothers and sisters in the CIS sent word everywhere that Mother would speak. From St. Petersburg they chartered five trains to transport two thousand five hundred high school teachers. I had never heard of chartering an entire train! The night before the speech, all brothers and sisters in Moscow got on the phone to inform their contacts not to come because the substitute theater held only three thousand people. Two thousand five hundred people were already on the trains coming from St. Petersburg, so we had to tell all those contacts in Moscow not to come. The guests from St. Petersburg and our members occupied the entire hall, so almost no contacts from Moscow could enter. Therefore, brothers and sisters from Moscow are now planning another rally for me in a few months, probably in the Olympic Stadium, with its capacity of fifty thousand people. In East Garden, Father showed the videotape of my Moscow rally to about three hundred brothers and sisters and said to me, "I'm so proud of you."

After Moscow, I visited Australia and New Zealand. It took almost twenty hours to fly there. The return flight from Australia to America took about seventeen hours. I returned from New Zealand four days ago, stayed with the children and the family for two days. Then, as Father wished, I flew another twenty-four hours to come to the Philippines for you.

Invested more heart

At the beginning of my talk this evening I talked about God's creation and the pain of childbirth. It was very hard to come all the way to Manila for tonight's event, my one hundred and twelfth speech this year. I am going around the world rapidly. Today I may be in hot weather like in the Philippines and tomorrow in a snowy climate. My body chemistry doesn't adjust quickly; my biorhythm is not in good shape. Therefore, today, even while I was speaking, I had to control myself to keep from coughing. I have a headache and all kinds of symptoms. Do you understand?

I have given the one hundred and twelfth birth today. Do you think I have done well? Anyway, as I see your faces, I feel very good, and I even get some energy from you. How do you like it? Yet to know how I feel, you have to really put heartistic effort into your work.

Also, to be honest with you, when I compare your preparation, it isn't the best. Just like God, who put every effort and every experience He had obtained through the process of creation into the last creature, woman, I wanted to make the best creation today through this speech, putting all my effort and all of my heart into it. That was my desire in coming here. For that reason, even though I have given this speech more than one hundred times I studied even harder and invested more heart and more effort to do an even greater job today.

Father always tells the leaders, "If you are supposed to give a one- hour long Divine Principle lecture, you have to prepare and pray at least two or three hours." A good example has been set by Father. Of course when Father preaches to our brothers and sisters, he prepares a lot. However, he prepares even when he is giving a short talk, such as the ten or twelve-minute congratulatory speech he gave during my speaking tour in Korea. Father knew the contents inside out. He had memorized the talk. For Father to give a ten or twelve-minute speech is a piece of cake! Even so, Father always prepared, always studied his speech, and always prayed.

The brothers and sisters I met in Moscow all look young, fresh, bright and hopeful. I felt great joy. I told them the Bible quote: "The first shall be last and the last shall be first." Therefore, I said, "The Russian movement may be the last, but you have the hope of becoming the first." I will be grateful only if you bring the great victory in the end.

Essence of essence

Let's forget about what happened yesterday, this morning and until now, while you were preparing for my speech. Some good things happened, and some sorrowful situations developed. However, let's drop that feeling; the more important thing is the result. What kind of result can you bring back to God? That's more important. It's up to you: what kind of determination can you make, what kind of responsibility can you take, and what can you do for the sake of your country? Bring the entire people of this country and restore this country back to God: this is your responsibility. Therefore, please have that kind of determination and march forward from now on, and I will be grateful to all of you.

I encourage you to continue studying the text of my speech. Don't take this lightly because it is the essence of Father's forty-year teaching to the entire Unification Church membership. You may think this is only a forty-five minute speech and you know all the contents, but this is the essence of essence. Read it before you go to bed at night and when you wake up in the morning-anytime you have more than one minute. Don't waste it but keep studying. Each time you read it, you will get new inspiration and hear a new kind of truth. The text will be different each time you read it. This is truly the truth. Just like the Bible says, the truth will set you free. There is the truth here; so don't let it go.

At the same time, remember your contacts who came tonight. Don't lose them. Utilize the inspiration and knowledge you gained out of this text, keep contacting them, and bring them back to God. Your responsibility is to win them over.

Edited for Today's World.

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