The Sermons of Rev. Hak Ja Han

(Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)


World Peace and the Role of Women 

Women's Federation For World Peace World Convention

"This address was given at the opening of the convention held August 24-27, 1992, at the Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel in Seoul, Korea. Mrs. Moon is the President of the Women's Federation for World Peace."

Leaders of the Women's Federation for World Peace who have come to Korea from the nations of the world, and leaders of the women's associations of Korea!

I consider it a great honor to be able to share part of my beliefs about world peace with all of you women leaders from around the world and every domain of Korean society.

We are arriving at an important transitional era, entering a world on oneness which transcends the barriers of ideologies, the differences between languages and cultures, and racial conflicts. It is not by change that we women are holding this conference for the sake of a new world of love and peace today. It is the providence of God; it is predestined, necessitated by the rushing flow of history.

Until now, in history the role of men has been emphasized. The institutions of society and the world have been centered on men. Unfortunately, we cannot help but conclude that the reality of the world led by men has been, in short, a history of conflict and sin. Isn't it because of this world of conflict and sin that we have dreamed of a world of happiness overflowing with peace and goodness? Because most of human history has been filled with war, revolution, fighting, oppression, domination, conflict and violence, the masculine logic of power made sense and the masculine ideologies dominated. The present age is different.

The history of today is calling for peace, reconciliation, compassion, love, service and sacrifice. It is an age in which the present problems cannot be solved by the masculine logic of power.

There is no longer any need for ideologies which oppress humanity. This is the age when the present problems must be solved by the more feminine logic of love, and the direction of history must be straightened out.

The 21st century is less than ten years away. Now communism, which has trampled humankind mercilessly while insisting on violent revolution and class struggle, is speaking its last words. World opinion has united into one voice saying that there must be no more war. These facts are signs proclaiming the opening curtain of a new age of women, and the historical transition announcing the arrival of an age of the liberation of women around the world.

Pioneer the future

Leaders of the Women's Federation who have gathered from around the world! At this historical gathering, I do not wish to offer mere ceremonial greetings. I wish to proclaim before history the meaning of the past, present and the future.

In this era of the historical transition heading toward cooperation and understanding, I want to present the great principle for the construction of the eternal world of peace based on Godism. To establish a goal for the women who will pioneer the future world, in this address "World Peace and the Role of Women," I would like to present to you the ideology of Godism and Headwing thought which my husband, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon has already advocated.

Originally God created an object of love in order to feel joy. To create one masterpiece a sculptor works day and night, invests his youth and all his strength. Where does the heart of such a sculptor come from? Doesn't it resemble the heart of God who created an object of love in order to feel joy?

If we look at the world of existence, we can see that everything has an inherent duality. Minerals, plants, animals and people all exist in pairs. Therefore, in the world of humankind there are men and women; in the animal kingdom, there are males and females; and in the plant kingdom, there are stamens and pistils. On the molecular level, there are positive ions and negative ions. On the atomic level, there are protons and electrons. The whole world of being consists of pairs. To say that things exist in pairs means they exist with reciprocity and all beings exist centered on love. It means that without a reciprocal being to live for and love, no being can exist.

Do you know why all beings live in pairs? It is in order to have an ideal relationship centered on loving each other. Anywhere in this world, if one does not have a reciprocal being with whom to have a give and take of love, there can be no interaction. There can be no existence or multiplication without interaction.

A being without interaction is the same as a dead being. The reason God created man is that He absolutely needs an object to love. In human society the hearts of parents who want their children to become better than themselves have their roots in the heart of true love which God had when He created humankind.

The heart of wanting one's reciprocal object to be better then oneself is originally due to the true love of God. If God invests 100, the being has only the value of 100; but God wants to invest more than 100, so He forgets and invests again. Finally, the reciprocal object becomes bigger than oneself; one still continues to forget, until one invests one's life. This is where true love begins.

God's true love is love which forgets that it has invested, so it invests again, and again, and again. If the memory of having given remains, then love cannot flow endlessly. Because love moves endlessly, one must not hold onto the memory of having given. Even if one gives and gives again, love continues to flow because the memory of giving does not remain.

In essence, true love means God's absolute love. Included in love is the right of inheritance. By becoming one with God, the logic of eternal life is proven; the family and society which practice true love will not be destroyed and will develop throughout eternity. If man, who was created as God's object, had not disobeyed God's words, had grown according to God's will and had inherited unchanging true love from God, our human world would have begun with a history of peace. There would not have been the miserable history of the bloodshed of war. In that true love, the confrontation and conflict between nations, societies and, of course, individuals would be surpassed and melted away, and a true world of peace would be realized.

Wrong inheritance

Because of the fall of the human ancestors, humankind could not completely inherit true love. Unfortunately, because man was not able to become perfect as the reciprocal object of God's true love, the position of True Parents, who were to be the substantial representatives of true love in place of God, was not filled either.

What is the fundamental cause of the fall of the first human ancestors? In the Bible, it says it is because they ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. After they ate the fruit, what did they cover? They should have covered their mouths, but they covered their lower parts of their bodies. This means that they had entered into an immoral sexual relationship, centered on Satan. This is the fundamental cause of the multiplication of the evil blood lineage.

The origin of true love, true love and true lineage is the sexual organs of love. Through the fall, these sexual organs of love, which should have been holy, became the wicked place which destroyed heaven's principle. They became the headquarters of evil. Thus the seeds of false love, false life and false blood lineage were sown. Adam and Eve, the ancestors of humankind, fell while still immature--as teenagers. Because they fostered evil in that way, the blood lineage of evil historically spread from there throughout the human world.

When the time of harvest, in the Last Days, comes, throughout the world young people like Adam and Eve will destroy the ethics of love and tend towards corruption. When we see this phenomena, we will know that the age of Satan's authority has reached its climax. The present time is the day of judgment, when God's rod of iron will come down. In history the cities and countries which were sexually immoral in God's eyes were all destroyed.

Look at the advanced countries of the world today: America, Europe and Japan. Who can stop the tide of sexual immorality and free sex which is pouring in from all directions? Humankind, which fell and came to be on Satan's side can be symbolized by wild olive trees. Fortunately, among them, God separated out some people to be wild olive trees in the realm of religion. They are the wild olive trees who belong to God, so God can freely dominate them. They were prepared so that when the Lord of the Second Advent came they could easily be cut and grafted all at once. At that time, finally, the wild olive trees return to their original state by becoming true olive trees. Therefore, people who believe in religion must find their original True Father because they were born unable to receive the original seed of life from him.

The ideal of goodness could not be realized as sons and daughters linked to the blood lineage of God centered on true love; therefore, the Messiah must come. The Messiah is he who comes as the True Parent. As True Father and True Mother, the True Parents come and cast out Satan and carry the serious responsibility of establishing the world of peace and the heavenly world of freedom and liberation.

Of course, we must define the image of the True Man, and also the images of the True Mother, True Wife and True Daughter. We must also attend the True Father who established the tradition of worldwide historical victory and the True Mother who has become the world level victorious representative of women.

Woman's responsibility

We women have the responsibility to solve the resentment of Adam and Eve's destruction by properly guiding men who have led disorderly and chaotic lives.

Distinguished leaders of all spheres of the Women's Federation here and abroad! In the era of women which has arrived, we must spread, to the whole world, a model movement of the realization of true love in which we embrace our husbands and raise our children properly. By doing so, we should gain the active support of our husbands and children, and develop the Family Federation for World Peace.

The Women's Federation for World Peace is not a movement for women alone. It must bear the fruit of ideal families through a movement of true love for our husbands and children.

Ideal families realized like this will join together and create the ideal nation and world. That is the reason the Women's Federation for World Peace must develop into the Family Federation for World Peace. For that reason, women must take a leading role in politics, economics, culture, and each area of society to realize world peace.

Godism and Headwing thought are the fundamental system of values that our Women's Federation should espouse to unite the left and right-wings, to overcome atheistic materialism, and to guide the future after the 21st century.

Let us all go forward together to the world of peace centered on the True Parents who have the leading role in true love, cultivating our families as the dwelling place of true parents, true couples and true children.

Let me close my address by wishing God's blessing on all of you, your families and your nations.

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