The Sermons of Rev. Hak Ja Han

(Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)


Japanese Unification Church National Members' Conference

September 18, 1991
NK Hall,
Tokyo Bay, Japan

Dear Japanese families:

You longed to see True Parents, didn't you? I hope today's gathering can be the opportunity of receiving True Father in Japan. I pray for the blessing of God and True Parents to be deeply in your homes.

We, gathered here today, are all God's children serving True Parents. We are warriors of Unification, pioneers of God's providence and the forerunners of a new history, who are called by God to restore His original ideal world. At the same time we are standing in the position of tribal messiahs, protagonists of the era of the restoration of eldership, parentship and kingship, as blessed families reborn by God's true love, true life, and true blood lineage.

God led 6,000 of restoration history to find us today. God went through the path of undescribable hardship to establish the true love family on earth, enduring Satan's scorn and persevering.

God wanted to find true love, true life and true blood lineage through Adam's family, Noah's family, Abraham's family and Moses family, but established only conditions due to the disbelief and ignorance of human beings. And two thousand years ago, God tried to establish elder sonship and world kingship through Jesus Christ.

But Jesus was crucified. God could not help but delay His providence until the time of the second coming, swallowing bloody tears. God was forced to continue history for two thousand years, establishing the Christian church in the position of bride, with yearning and waiting for the coming bridegroom.

How can we describe the bitterness and sorrow of God during that time? When we look back to the restoration by indemnity path of True Father, to free God's "Han", we can fully understand how mind-scorching the internal situation of the providence was. And through Father's words, we can feel God's heart physically and understand the deep meaning of the restoration providence.

Father came as the Lord of the Second Coming, as the cosmic bride groom to complete God's true love and as True Parents to establish God's true love, true life and true blood lineage eternally. If God is the vertical parents of true love, True Parents are the horizontal parents of true love. Therefore, Father carries out the Blessing to spread true love on earth horizontally.

You, gathered here, are the blessed people participating in that true love from Father. The Blessing is precious and eternal. The Blessing and God's true love cannot be exchanged for billions of pounds of gold in the world. In one word, a blessed family is the fruit of six thousand years of restoration providence history.

In that sense, the gathering of blessed families here today has in itself the historic and cosmic meaning. This will be recorded as the biggest event in Japan's history. The descendants of Japan will celebrate this day forever.

Dear Japanese blessed and would-be blessed families! You have the power to change the history of the world and the potential to do anything in the era of the fulfilled promise. You have the spiritual power. Especially your country is blessed as the Eve nation and you are leaders of the era of fulfilled promise.

Father emphasized the importance of Japan as the Eve nation many times. Father said Eve must take the lead in the restoration providence. Father emphasized many times the importance of the mission of the blessed family, especially the mission of women.

I thought about this as a mother. I thought a lot of things as I watched Father speaking to Japanese leaders. Whenever Father stressed the importance of Eve's mission to the Japanese members, I felt Japanese members are very close to me because I also am Eve. If the Lord of the second Coming is the bridegroom, Eve is the bride. And Christianity should have taken the mission of Eve as bride. Christianity was the bride waiting for the bridegroom, holding the lamp.

If established Christianity had received Father, he need not have gone the road of indemnity. But in opposing Father, the bride betrayed the bridegroom. So Father feels sorrow. Without any foundation, Father had to walk the road of the forty years world level wilderness by himself. Father had to find his bride again. SO in the place of world Christianity, Father established HSA-UWC and chose Japan as the Eve nation.

Japan has more blessed families than Korea, because Father has blessed Japan as the Eve nation, namely the bride nation.

In this sense, Korea, the Adam nation in God's providence, and Japan are fated to be one. You know very well that the International blessing between Korea and Japan is the providential bridge to connect these two countries. And please remember that Koreans in Japan will play an important role for the restoration of the Adam nation--the Unification of South and North Korea.

Dear Japanese families, what is the mission of Eve? Eve has the position of bride, daughter and mother. Therefore, Eve has the mission of bride, daughter and mother.

First, as a bride, Eve has the mission to receive the bridegroom well. The body and mind of the bride belong to the bridegroom. And the bride must offer all of her property and belongings to the bridegroom. But only the bride can own the bridegroom's love. It seems that the bride offers all to the bridegroom, but she owns the bridegroom's most precious love.

Dear families of Japan, the Eve nation. In this sense, Father asked you to take up the financial responsibility and devotion for the restoration of the world. You are called to the place of offering all you have to God and True Parents in the position of the offering. Father repeatedly emphasizes the restoration of the economy, and the restoration of all things, and gives a huge quota to the Japanese members.

Father is very rigid when ordering Japanese leaders. But when praying in his room, Father sheds tears thinking of the hardships of the Japanese members.

Father prays with tears calling the name of the Japanese leaders one by one and thoroughly offers himself. Whenever I see that, I think that Father truly loves and cares for Japanese members.

Father knows of your situation. He knows how difficult it is to work at the front line of the restoration of the economy without beginning your home life. Even when sending me to this place today, Father gave encouraging words.

Dear Japanese members, Father loves you and prays for you even now. Secondly, Eve has the mission of daughter, which is serving parents and knowing the parents' situation more than anyone else.

Since I have thirteen children, I know the difference between daughters and sons more than anyone else. Sons like to go out and, through deeply understanding the parents' situation, don't care about details. But daughters, like Ye Jin or In Jin, seeks to please their parents and pay attention to every detail. It is said that parents without a daughter have no enjoyment and feel lonely. Even after marriage, the daughter worries about her parents. She worries eternally whether they eat well, are healthy, and so on.

Dear Japanese families, you are worldwide daughters of God, lovely daughters of True Parents. Have you thought about what God likes, and what kind of agony God has? What is their hobby, they have inconveniences in their daily life?

A daughter is always the substantial object of pleasure and consolation to her parents. Even when the parents exhausted, a bright and joyous daughter makes them forget their tiredness. Please do not forget that Japanese families are the representatives to stand before God and True Parents as objects of consolation and pleasure.

Thirdly, Eve has the mission of mother. A mother takes any sacrifice willingly if it is for her children's sake. Who would endure the pain of delivery if it were not for the child? Among you, those who have experienced delivery may know this. Mother's love is therefore sacrifice.

Mother's love is sacrificing all for the father and the children. And the mother should take the responsibility of the home life. She should take the responsibility of children's education and the father's health. There is no need to emphasize again how important the mother's role is in the restoration providence. Jacob's route is the prime lesson. Jacob could restore the right of eldership due to the help of Jacob's mother.

Dear Japanese families of the Eve nation. You are mothers of the world dimension, beyond Asia. You have the fate to sacrifice for mankind.

You have the responsibility to rescue mankind, who are suffering from war, crime, famine, and disease. So your fruits of blood and tears are used for the entire mankind by Father. You should show the example to humanity. As the Eve nation, Japan has the duty to care for the people of the world. It is not accidental that Japanese missionaries are dispatched to the whole world.

Dear Japanese families, especially women: The fulfillment of God's will depends upon you. Now mankind gradually becomes one family under one God. Now there should be mother's role. Mother's sacrificial love is needed. Only with that, peace is possible. Construction of the heavenly nation on earth then becomes possible.

We are gathered here to fulfill this object. To fulfill the mission of bride, daughter and mother before God and True Parents as Eve, let's go hand in hand and resolve to begin a new grandiose start combining heart and heart.

Yesterday we held the "Women's Federation for Peace in Asia" conference successfully. That is the historic total indemnity for all of Eve's sin, namely, the betrayal of God's love, and hoisting the banner of a new start as restored Eve. We came here together to advance the restoration providence to a new dimension by founding the "Women's Worldwide Federation of the Unification Church."

Now, I'll disclose our future mission. Before that, I hope you understand what time in the providence it is now.

As you well know, Father carried out the "Ceremony to Declare God's Eternal Blessing" on July 1, 1991, in Korea, and declared a new era. And Father founded the "Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace" on August 27 and the "Federation for World Peace" on August 28 in Seoul Korea. By that, Father established the foundation for world peace and spurred the construction of the heavenly nation. Now is the time for the democratic world and communist world to unify centered on True Parents. Since the Moscow conference last year, communism collapsed. And with the founding of the Federation for World Peace, the democratic world and the communist world are becoming one. The fact that four thousand second generation Soviet Union and Eastern Europe students heard Principle seminars means a decisive victory for Godism.

And now is the time of the unification of all religions centered on True Parents. It is truly surprising that both Christian leaders and its historic enemy, Muslim leaders, are greatly moved by Divine Principle are greatly moved by Divine Principle and participating actively in the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace. Now the conflicts among different religions and denominations are over.

As the World Scripture was dedicated to Father, all the controversy over creeds came to an end. In this sense, Father made a unified church in Korea and opened a new chapter of unification of religion.

The Inter-Religious Federation for World peace and the Federation for world Peace are internally linked to the restoration of eldership, parentship, and kingship. Father completed the restoration of world level elder sonship through the Moscow conference last year and declared this on July 1. Therefore all the Cain dominion world will gradually collapse in family, tribe, national and world levels.

Due to the failure of restoring eldership, the religious and irreligious worlds divided and heaven and hell emerged. And spirit world exploited the human world. But from now one, the henchmen of Satan's forces will be unable to wield power at will.

Dear families, have confidence that evil rulers of the world shall be on their knees before us. The spirit world will unite with our direction and Satan's followers will be unable to approach us.

Father is emphasizing "Return to Hometown" to link the restoration of the elder sonship to the restoration of parentship. Originally, elder sonship and parentship were lost in the home. Therefore, to restore these, you must return to your hometown, where your home is, and establish the foundation of restoration centered on your own kin.

Father stressed home church from ten years ago. In particular, Father asked all blessed families to apply for "tribal messiahship, and by declaring tribal messiahship, Father established the foundation for the restoration of parentship.

Jesus also came as the Messiah, but he didn't establish himself as the Messiah before his own kin. But you received the great blessing of tribal messiahship on the victorious foundation of True Parents. We should all thank Father, truly.

Dear blessed families standing in the position of tribal messiah and members. We have before us the task of constructing heaven on earth and heaven in the spirit world through the restoration of kingship. On the foundation of the Federation for World Peace and the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, our future mission is the completion of restoration of kingship.

The true meaning of our gathering here today is for the construction of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world through the restoration of kingship. Because the mission of Eve is important now, we are founding the Women's Worldwide Federation of the Unification Church and confirm a new resolution.

One of the great women in the Old Testament is Esther, who became the queen of Persia dynasty as a descendant of the chosen people of Israel. She stood up with resolution to rescue Israeli people, risking her status of queen and her life. Fasting three days, she was courageous to shatter the conspiracy of Hayman. By one tender women, queen Esther, entire Israeli people got out of danger of death inflicted by gentile people.

Today we should take the lead in restoration of world level kingship with lessons of Esther's courage and wisdom. We must fulfill our mission as bride before Lord of the Second Coming. We should do the "Reception of the Lord of the Second Coming", which established Christianity of two thousand years failed to do.

In the past, Tamar risked her life to continue God's blood lineage. Mary, Jesus' mother, also risked her life to conceive Jesus. We cannot be behind them.

We should know clearly that we are called as protagonists in the era of restoration of eldership, parentship, and kingship. We must clearly recognize that we are tribal messiahs to transmit true love, true life, and true blood lineage to our kin and descendants.

Now let's win the "movement of 4, 300 altar church" which you are now engaging, like the bride who gives her body, mind and all belongings. In the position of an offering before the bridegroom, let us stand upright before God and True Parents. I am sure that you will overcome the hardships and certainly win.

Further, let us fulfill the mission of tribal messiah in the era of "Return to Hometown." If especially you succeed in placing the picture of True Parents among your family and relatives in your hometown, the restoration of parentship will be realized. Where True Parents exist, no Satan can appear. In Korea, the members who succeeded in (serving) placing pictures of True Parents are experiencing God's blessing and grace.

Finally, let us not fear the world. The Cain bloc is collapsing. Satan's forces are retreating. Let us march forward as bride, daughter and mother more confidently than any other women in history. After the declaration day of July 1, everything will be resolved earlier than our expectation due to the cosmic force, and True Father will completely win. When we work together hand in hand, with prayer and united hearts, our victory is sure.

As Mother, I know your situation better than anyone else. And though I my wish is that you all could rest, I cannot when I think of God's will and see Father's hard work. So I feel pain. I want to visit your home and share your situation and look at your growing children. The children of blessed families are God's hope.

Please don't lose courage. Let us advance strongly and courageously. Father and I will continuously pray for you and your descendants. I wish the blessing of God to be on your family and kin eternally. Thank you.

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