The Sermons of Rev. Hak Ja Han

(Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)


Leader's Meeting In Japan

Mother's Speech at Leader's Meeting
Circa 1991
Unofficial Notes
Translated by M. J.

I guess most of you here are blessed families. The purpose of this meeting is to organize the Women's Association for HSA-UWC and assign the officials according to Father's direction. Listening to member's opinion is one way to choose leaders, however, because Unification Church has international responsibility of this organization beyond Japan, it is better to choose people who have international manner and vision! I know there are many women leaders who dedicated and worked very hard in public missions for a long time. However, we would like to choose the leaders who can be a leader not only for Japan but also for the world. Higher level leaders are required now. I have made my decision in my mind.

I would like to talk about the attitude of leaders by taking an example of Adam and Eve. When God created man, He invested his entire energy, love and knowledge without taking a rest, without hesitation, and without sparing anything. That's how Adam and Eve were created. Why did Adam and Eve, in whom God invested His entire energy, fall? You already know about it through Divine Principle. Let me explain to you about their situation from emotional view point:

There were only Adam, Eve and Archangel in the Garden of Eden. When Eve fell, she was at the beginning of adolescent time. In this stage all girls are very sensitive and emotional. Those mothers who have experiences of raising girls can understand very well that girls become aware of the opposite sex earlier than boys. Eve knew that Adam was the spouse given to her by God. This is not written in Divine Principle book. Eve's eyes were open however Adam didn't have interest in Eve at that stage. He was more interested in running around, playing with animals, climbing trees, etc. He was not aware of Eve as an opposite sex, and he did not pay much attention to her. I guess Eve was lonely. At that stage boys are usually stronger physically. Boys usually win in running or any other physical competitions. Adam was not interested in Eve and he was playing around. Eve needed a spouse. She felt lonely. However, Adam was not totally aware of her situation. That was the situation of Adam and Eve.

Then, what was the situation of Archangel? When God created Heaven and Earth, he helped and cooperated with God. He had accomplished a lot for God. After the creation of Adam and Eve, God poured his entire love into them. Archangel felt that God did not need him any longer. He felt very lonely by thinking that God only need Adam and Eve. He recalled the time when there was no Adam and Eve, just him and God. He felt it was discrimination. Then, Archangel looked at Eve. She seemed to be lonely. His first motivation to approach Eve was to comfort her, which was not bad. However, as their relationship continued, Archangel began to have an ambition. He thought if he could use Eve he would be able to come back to his original position where he was loved by God.

The reason why I used the example of Adam and Eve is that whatever you do, the most important thing is to be patient. There are good people, bad people, people who are getting better, and people who are getting worse. There is only a shade of difference between them. Even in the Garden of Eden before the fall, the most important thing was perseverance. However, they could not persevere. From the Principle view point, another word for perseverance is complete obedience to central figure. Father is very strong physically and spiritually. He is bold, and courageous. However, his nature was such that he did not like to wait for something with perseverance. Even Father has been training to dominate himself before dominating universe. I heard about Father's childhood from Father himself and from his relatives. His character was like 'fire', and waiting with perseverance was impossible to him. He had a tremendous spirit like fire. Let me give you an example. When he came back home from school, he threw his 'furoshiki' (A piece of cloth which was used to wrap school books those days) and shouted "Rice!". If he did not get rice within a minute, that was the end of his patience. That Father has accomplished self-dominion. Even 80 year old Moses could not persevere and hit the rock twice. Father still has a nature like fire, but he became the person who can persevere than anybody else.

Brothers and sisters, you have learned the Principle of Restoration academically, theoretically or intellectually. However, the history of restoration is real history of bearing unbearable things. Father's nature is to do things quickly, however, he persevered for the sake of universe. It was not just people who persecuted Father. Even God had denied him. Please think about the situation that Father had to go through. What time and what kind of attitude and heart he had. Who on earth can trust and attend God who rejects you? Father had done it. That is the greatness of Father. (Mother is the only person who has been experiencing and acquiring hidden truth of the Divine Principle, which did not come up to the surface of history of restoration, for more than 30 years after the Holy Wedding.)

The reason why I can not but cry when I think about Father is because I always feel that I haven't done complete job yet to comfort Father's heart. When I think about Father that he had spent so many years lonely and alone, I feel a lot of pains in my heart. (Mother also had persevered so many years in her very unusual and special course, compared with other women.)

I would imagine what kind of situations you went through -- through when you received your new central figure sent by us (True Parents) . I know you had gone through some complex feelings. You might have lots of things to say and express. You must have been very tired. However, I would like to ask you to wash all these away and start new with perseverance. I would like to guide and lead you to gain victory by sharing my experiences of perseverance. When I think about Father, I feel lots of pains and I have lots of things to tell you. But for now, I have to push this gushing feelings away. I want to comfort you so that you can make a new start. In order to prepare your heart to receive new president and 200 other Japanese leaders from America, I would like to tell you another story.

Jacob could restore birthright because of his mother's help. Jacob could see the entire situation more from God's view point than his brother, Esau. Jacob tried to attend God. Jacob tried to see things centering on God. Jacob knew God's providence fully. He had much stronger desire to serve God than Esau. Jacob gained the birthright and he had labored for 21 years in Haran. He was purifying his position and was waiting for the time to go back to his home town. Let me explain more about his situation. When he was coming back to his home town, do you know what kind of heart he had? It is described in the Bible that he took his entire property with him like as horses, cows, sheep, slaves, etc. He sent his children and wives first, and he was the last person. His heart was not peaceful and calm. He was worrying how Esau would treat him. He was wondering how he would face his brother. He spent sleepless nights. He worried, and he made strategies. As a result, he gained victory. He was welcomed by Esau. Jacob could conquer Esau naturally with his love from providential view point, and he drew a line of victory in the history of restoration. He had gone through so many things to reach to that point of victory. At the Jordan River, his thigh bone was broken through the fight against -- Angel. But he overcame, and Angel blessed him as Israel.

President Kamiyama had been in America for 19 years. I would think that he never thought of going back to Japan again. One day he was called by Father and suddenly it was decided. Now, he is coming back with 200 other leaders. We have to learn from Jacob's course. However, he didn't come back with many fortunes on the contrary of what Jacob did. He came back taking only 'Father' with him. He brought 'True Parents' with him as Jacob did with his entire fortunes. What is the mission of Father? It is to proclaim that the time has come to restore the sovereignty.

The leaders who have it is easy to say with words. Think about to go back to Japan leaving True Parents. Father sent them as soldiers to Japan before he puts them to the world. So, you should be able to embrace them. This is the time for unity.

This is the time when Jacob and Esau meet each other again.

Back to True Isn't it your utmost joy to return Joy and comfort Parents while they are on the Earth by accomplishing what they asked?

I felt sorry when I came to the meeting at 10:40 am, though I asked you to come at 10 am. I was late because I had received a telephone call from Father. He gave me special instructions about specific situations.

As a mother who loves you very much, I would like to tell you, "Let's attend True Father!" By establishing the foundation to unite North and South Korea, you can come up to Father and tell him to please complete the unity between North and South Korea. Will you do so?

I would like to tell you one more thing. (Mother one day told us in a manner mixing half jokes and half seriousness.) Do you really understand how much indemnity I had to pay for the blessed families? If some other woman were assigned to be a True Mother, do you think she would be willing to offer 13 children? The life of Hon harumoni (Grandmother Hon) was the life of total dedication and sacrifice for the sake of God's Will. (Mother's life is too ) I often thought that I would be willing to sacrifice myself if my sacrifice could make True Father's course easier without tragedies. Many people think that because I am a True Mother I can easily produce many children. Please think about it deeply. I know you are sacrificing yourself to God's Will through fundraising and witnessing. You should be proud of having True Mother who offered 13 children to True Father so that he could organize 12 tribes that Messiah needs to have in God's Providence. I wouldn't say in detail, but I hope you understand what it means through the course of Jacob.

I am very interested in the education of blessed children. Second generation is the treasure for God. It is very important to know how to educate them. It is utmost important to educate them as a whole person centering on God, not just educating them intellectually. There shouldn't be repetition of mistake of Adam and Eve. Absolute not. I am depending on you. Religion is the base of education. Education in the family has utmost importance. Family is the primary training ground for education. Education of faith, education of heart, education of attending True Parents, education of attending and uniting with True Children. If you succeed in those areas, you can truly succeed in education. Specially for sisters it is important to use right text books and to show good example by your deeds. You have your breakfast everyday, don't you? It is what everybody is doing. But in the blessed family, we should teach children the tradition through daily life. Teach them that True Parents are with them in their home(in spirit), and offer food to True Parents first (in front of their picture) then have a meal together as a family. By offering food to True Parents, you show your attendance to True Parents to your children. You might think that you are too busy to find time to do so, or it is just wasting time. You make it a habit as a part of your daily life. You can give the food which was offered to True Parents to your quests, or you can have it for your lunch. It is not a waste of food or time at all. Absolutely not. Before your children grow up too big (to be taught) -- you have to make it a life. Start your day with children by reading words, and read them before you go to bed. "Whose words they are? This is God's Word and True Parents words. They can guide you to become God's sons and daughters." Life is the opportunity for education. Habit for their True Parents' you understand Parents words.

Moreover daily, blessed children need to have connection with True Children. Send birthday gifts to True Children, like pencils, erasers, ball point pens, etc. If you cannot send any gift, you can send birthday cards, or pray for them, or ask your children to write a letter to them. As the years go by, blessed children should weave the thick heartistic rope of connection to True Family. That is the education.

The Woman's Association of World Unification Church. This is not just symbolic organization as Eve's nation. You should not think that this has nothing to do with man. Make a donation besides your current mission. Establish the tradition of tithing. Many a little makes a mickle. Register individually including your sons and daughters' names. Donate more than 10,000 yen a month. Make a habit of tithing. Begin with a small step. Establish that tradition. You are tithing to the church already, however, besides that you can make a donation to the Woman's Association. Be a initiator to lead others. All these donations made with gratitude to True Father can be a pillar of fire to mobilize others. Flowers blossom and make fruits. If you gather each one of your strength together, many a little makes a micklel (In Japanese it literally means 'many piles of small dusts can even make a mountain'). Will you do it?

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