The Sermons of Rev. Hak Ja Han

(Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)


True Mother in San Francisco

Hak Ja Han
September 27, 2002
Hoon Dok Hae
Unofficial Notes by Michael Jenkins

Do you know the existence of the spirit world? Do you feel in your daily life the existence of spirit world. Some children who donít have parents, they feel lack of love. The spirit world feels the same. Those children that are raised under Father and Motherís love are stable and true. Those children that feel lack of love cause many problems when they grow up.

If Adam and Eve had not developed what would have been the history of humankind. After hearing Motherís speech do you feel that we need the messiah.

We have to understand where we are in history. Because of Godís Coronation Ceremony for Kingship, everything changed. We can say we love God but it is not easy to really fulfill it in reality. True Parents declared the day of God and the liberation of God. Because of the fall of humanity, you could not easily say the day of Godís liberation.

You may not imagine how True Parents had to overcome the enormous difficulty of the way of the cross. If you could taste just a little of this you would become closer to True Parents. One brother in Seattle researched everything about his family. Their history and their family tree and he blessed all his relatives. Father has asked all to move to their hometown and bless all of their relatives. What are you doing to follow Godís providence.

Nowadays in the American movement, our blessed children are growing up. As a parent, what do you feel? Godís providence is going at such a high speed. Is your family going with the providence? Have you checked to see if you are living the family pledge. You must do pledge on Sunday and you should recite the family pledge. If you want to gain something, you cannot gain something without action.

America is the country that represents Christianity. Most of Christianity, they were saying good things but made many mistakes. What about homosexuality? Christianity should have prevented this. If we look at the Christian history, how much evil has come about and evil environments came about due to the mistakes of Christians. Even communism emerged because of the failure of Christianity. Christianity should take responsibility for the evil environment that came in great part due to their failure.

God however is a God of love. Therefore he sends the Messiah to save us. We must really make a new start today. We must understand how serious our position is as Blessed Central Families. Think about how True Parents came to America. If all blessed couples truly united with True Parents, how much the providence of God would have changed. Even, although each one of our members did not have an easy way. However, compared to Godís course in history and the course of True Parents, we cannot imagine what they went through. Mr. Bento Leal shared that his parents deprogrammed him. This shameful history of deprogramming came from America. Should we inherit from the evil environment and pass that on to our children?

If each one of you really fulfilled your responsibility then America would have changed. You must understand how shameful your situation is. Why has God spent 6000 years in suffering and gone through this endless course of misery. Not even one family has fulfilled their responsibility in America after 30 years.

Did you go through the ancestors liberation ceremony in Chung Pyung Lake? Dae Mo Nim and Heung Jin Nim are working in the spirit world and are building a great palace on earth for True Parents. Will just be an observer of the building of True Parents palace.

Think about the efforts made in history to establish churches and great temples to honor God. How much effort will you make to build the eternal palace of True Parents.

Dae Mo Nim appeared to Hoon Mo Nim and asked her to find very special pine trees for the palace of True Parents.

Right before the end of the Second World War. America dropped the atomic bomb but avoided cities where there were historical treasures were such as Tokyo. One historical treasure of Japan are the areas in which very specially shaped pine trees grow. At the palace of the Emperor these pine trees beautify the palace.

The beauty and the feeling that Koreans receive when viewing the pine trees decorating the palace is hard to describe. (Dr. Yang had a hard time to explain in English at this point Ė then Mother went on to explain how important Korean is.) (Mother then said, "You must learn Korean. You may only understand 40% through the translator")

What is the final purpose of your family? It is to build Godís nation and kingdom. We have to establish that Kingdom on earth during your generation.

Your faces are beautiful but you must go beyond that to make a great result.

Testimonies were given by Kevin Thompson

One Buddhist leader received the visitation of Jesus in San Francisco. She was so happy to receive True Motherís speech and find Christians that understood and believed that Jesus would visit her.


Many Christians profess their love for Jesus, but they donít really know Jesus. They feel the love of Jesus. But they donít really know his cross and suffering.

If they really study Fatherís teaching on Jesus they will understand that Father knows Jesus better than anyone. If they studied his teachings they would completely come to know True Parents mission and position. 

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