The Sermons of Rev. Hak Ja Han

(Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)


True Mother in Seattle

Hak Ja Han
September, 25, 2002
Translated by Chang Shik Yang
Notes by Michael Jenkins

Do you do family pledge every Sunday. Do we seek to unify the spirit world and physical world. What is the pledge no. 5?

How was Seattle?

Father called Mother just before leaving Chicago and said Seattle means good seed that will be founded in good soil. But it must be planted with activity and it must be done with action. It will not just happen. The harvest is ready.

How many Blessed Central Families are here? (80 families and 250 children), Mother said, "that's not bad, 250 from 80)

What is the best way to educate and protect our children? What is the best way. The number one issue is that everyone must be blessed. Unless we change the blessed world, there is no way to solve the problem.

Whenever you see your beautiful children you must repent to think about what have I done to restore this world. You think about we had sad news about Jin Joo. We must repent and think that if we had restored the world that kind of sad thing wouldn't have happened. We must realize that it is our responsibility to restore this world.

Think about Jesus 2000 years ago. God prepared Israel and the religion of Judaism. What do you think of, did they fulfill their responsibility or not.? Still they are waiting for the coming Messiah.

During the last 2000 years they didn't understand their mission and their responsibility. Not only Israel but also the Second Israel, Christianity does not understand the providence of God. Many Christian leaders but they don't even know that the spirit world exists. Are we aware of the spirit world.

Do we understand or not? Father and Mother in 1975 sent missionaries to 120 countries. Communism was very strong. It was not easy to send our members there. Particularly because Father was known worldwide as one of the biggest enemies of communism. Then the spirit world must guide them. All of our Russian missionaries had to work underground. There are so many secret life and death situations. Once you experience overcoming an impossible situation in which you face death you cannot but help to understand the spirit world.

There are now over 700 million blessed couples in the spirit world. Before True Parents were there the SW was total division and darkness. When True Parents were blessed it opened the door for the spirit world. Then through True Parents indemnity course there has been a lot of breakthroughs in the spirit world.

When Mother did 4 cities in Korea and 12 cities in Japan many testimonies came forward of the work of the spirit world.

At that time centering on Dae Mo Nim and Heung Jin Nim there was a profound phenomenon. Jesus appeared to a Buddhist leader and told her to buy a Christian church and to hire a Presbyterian ministers. This Buddhist has been working to liberate spirits, however, when she went to Chung Pyung she was completely transformed. She was guided by heaven to build a Christian church. Jesus came and explained the meaning of the cross and how painful it was to go the way of the cross.

Now she was guided to invite the Regional director Rev. Shin to be the pastor of this church.

How about American Christian leaders? One member asked Father, "Why Jesus doesn't appear to big Christian leaders and only to Buddhist leaders?" What was Father's answer? "When you make a fire you must start with kindling not a huge tree. To make a big fire from the beginning you must have kindling. Eventually this fire will become big. The Christian leaders that are coming now are on fire and you Blessed Central Families but be like candle light. Putting all the candles together can spread the fire."

Since the Clouds of Witnesses advertisement many ministers are having trouble. As a Blessed Central Family you must shout out and educate the ministers.

Father has understood Jesus better than anyone. He knows many detailed secrets from Jesus life. So many secrets are revealed in Father's prayer from the 50's and 60's concerning Jesus. As you remember, Father made the end of his prayer in the name of Jesus. Then he prayed in the name of the Lord. Then he prayed in the name of True Parents.

If you are truly a disciple of Jesus, how much do would you understand? How much would you shout if you were there with Jesus. Unification members should be proud about what you believe in Jesus and how you understand more deeply about Jesus. You must teach the ministers.

Where are we in the Completed Testament Age. If we read carefully, we can have the answer to the entire world outside problem. Think about the fact that Mother conveyed that message to all the people. Did Father and Mother analyze about this contemporary world or not. We must unite with the word of God centering on God's word.

Mother guided the Chicago members about 9/11. Don't be sad about 9/11 but realize that those 3000 innocent people were an amazing sacrifice, the door opened between all the religions. We have to appreciate those who sacrificed. God is still holding this nation, and is giving America a special warning as to how to wake up America.

How can we live for a higher purpose. The same as the name of Seattle - in Korean means good seed. We must become good seed for humanity. We must go out now. Don't wait.

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