The Sermons of Rev. Hak Ja Han

(Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)


Mother's sharing at Hoon Dok Hae in Miami

Hak Ja Han
September 24, 2002
Unofficial Notes by Michael Jenkins

After reading Mother's speech, God is the Origin of Peace. If Israel had accepted Jesus then Israel would have become very strong. Think once again, because Jesus went to the cross God lost the ability to save us spiritually and physically. Jesus could only save us spiritually. God suffered so much to rebuild the foundation. Because Jesus lost his body God had to suffer to build the foundation for 2000 years.

God gave us his blessings, to be fruitful, multiply and have dominion. The desire of God and man was that three generations would form. Grandparents (God), Parents (Adam and Eve), Grandchildren (children of Adam and Eve).

This eventually would develop into a society and a nation. What about Christianity, are they thinking about a nation. Is America that nation? It is not. Once it is God's nation if God commands all the people follow. America is divided because Christianity is divided. There are so many denominations that are divided. Where is God to go.

It is not easy if we look at the history of Christianity to make a new foundation. It is so difficult for the Second Coming to occur. Father revealed that the foundation was prepared for the Second Coming after World War II but sadly the foundation failed and was lost.

Think about you as an individual. When you make a mistake you may have a strong determination not to do it again, but it is not easy to change. God's central figures in history, when they failed, it takes a couple of years to recover if ever.

When Israel failed, it had to go through the wilderness course. They had to wander. This time is a time of great blessing but it is also a most serious time. Heavenly Father made a good foundation to welcome True Parents. Right before the Second World War. The chosen Christian leaders failed to accept Father at that time. They had to go the wilderness course. Because they failed that mission Christianity had to wander for 40 years and Korea was divided.

You may not even feel, how much since Christianity's foundation was lost, Father had to go to the very bottom of hell and go through the wilderness course all the way to the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship. It is not easy for the spirit world to come down and help us. There are so many in spirit world. Just as there are many denominations on earth with different beliefs, there are also many divisions in the spirit world. You tear down one wall, there is another wall that waits. Another wall, another wall. Even I myself cannot express how difficult and divided the spirit world has been.

Right after True Parents holy wedding. Mother had two children and had a dream. She was in complete darkness. Fighting and fighting to find the light. She saw a little tiny light. Desperately she fought to find the light. She saw Father at the center of the light. She kept fighting to follow it and it became brighter.

Mother had to go through a three-year course of testing. Beyond belief.

Yesterday, Mother proclaimed that she and Father are the True Parents. That is not simply a proclamation but is something that is based on the long, long restoration course of incredible suffering and unspeakable trials. So many difficult impossible challenges came.

Christianity is prepared as the Bride to receive the messiah. Instead of being the bride Christianity has persecuted the returning Lord. Mother's dream was based on the course of True Parents. Father and Mother had to be tested by all the forces of evil that seek to destroy them. The entire Christian foundation should have received the bridegroom. What should we do, what is our mission.

What is the responsibility that we have as filial sons. We easily can say that we have to liberate God. How can we liberate God. Bishop Stallings, don't be satisfied by your own ministry. Build the nation of God. If you do not build the nation of God your descendants must go through an indemnity course.

We have a clear goal and target. As a person who is living in this incredible age, we shouldn't make any mistake. If we do we will receive persecution from the spirit world. Do you understand what that means. Although we are small members, once you have great determination and great confidence you, with the support of the spirit world can build a great nation of God.

This special rally for the Realm of Life, started in Korea. During Mother's tour, in Korea and Japan, Mother got a lot of reports from members that spirit world is really with us. In one case Jesus appeared to a Buddhist monk and she was guided to hire a Presbyterian minister and she received revelation that the regional director of the Unification church. Jesus guided them to take down the cross. Someone saw Jesus and Buddha standing together but all the followers had become one.

How about here in Christianity. Rev. Beato, Bishop Stallings do you have such an experience? (Yes). Now spirit world is very bright from the earthly point of view. However, when you go to the spirit world, it is very difficult to accomplish things on earth. When you are on earth you can accomplish quickly.

We must help people during this crucial age. They are waiting for some truth. Please don't just sit around. Work , run , fly.

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