The Sermons of Rev. Hak Ja Han

(Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)


Morning Speech at Hoon Dok Hae

Hak Ja Han
November 30, 2001
San Francisco Ė AM

The Federation for Cosmic Peace and Unification: If we describe Chinese character Chun (composed of Two persons) Ju (House) House where Chung Hwa (Heaven and make peace) Tong Il Guk (Unified Nation).

Two persons can make a peaceful world. Father simplified to the Unified Cosmic Nation. This is a God centered world. If our ancestors had not fallen. That is the real nation of peace and the nation of God. Throughout all the restoration history of humanity our goal is one.

Throughout the whole history of restoration God and Humanity kept one purpose. First we must become the restored I then we become the restored we. Through that we can become three generations. Because of the fall Godís (Han) resentment existed because he never could have his children or grandchildren. ]

Because of that True Parents should come to this world. Throughout history mother said that there were four major religions. One brother said why to you miss one billion Indians. From there Mother also mentioned the Hindu religion. Because True Parents love and respect all religions.

There were all the major religions Ė but they didnít know the goal of history. Of all the religions Christianity was the closest to Godís direction and goal. Christianity calls God Father. But it is not based on blood lineage and a heartistic connection. Only True Parents can bring this kind of heart. Because of the change Blood Lineage we become children of God.

Do you feel that God is your loving personal Father? Do you have dreams of True Parents? Because we are blessed central families we can experience the love of True Parents. Thatís why we should share this with our neighbors and all Christianity.

Through this speaking tour in Korea and Japan, Mother herself felt that times have changed. Many of our VIPís, after Mother spoke they showed their heart through their reflections. In this hopeless world (even though there is prosperity) intellectuals see the confusion of values and the hopelessness everywhere. They are now feeling hope through our True Parents.

During Motherís speaking tour, many who came feel envy and desire to become peace Ambassadors. They must go through a course of education. Right after the conference they received the reflections of the VIPís.

Through this time in Motherís speaking tour in Japan the whole Japanese movement made a big step higher. This time Mother witnessed their determination and desire to build world peace in Japan.

Now Mother is in her speaking tour in America in the Elder Son Nation. Although our American mission started in the late 60ís True Parents started in early 70ís. Now over 30 years of work. Christianity failed itís mission. America also failed and persecuted Father and sent him to Danbury. In history once a central figure failed then they couldnít be used again. Jesus could not complete his mission but he must come again. But Father came and restored the Christian foundation and has renewed America. Fortunately we were born at the time of True Parents. Because of Father, Father blessed us and held us and led us. Without Fatherís forgiveness and continuous guidance we could not stay connected to God.

You see all the complex situations such as 9/11. Without Father here America would also have collapsed with the World Trade Towers. We must appreciate Father. Instead of America doing it. Father paid all the indemnity to restore America.

Last tour Father guided us concerning the Elder Son Nation. In our family, parents are our central figures. Mature Elder son must take all the family responsibility. Somehow, Mother worries that in this democratic society in which individualism is emphasized it is difficult to respect parents.

Individualism can lead to selfishness. Number one mission of the blessed family. You must become king of your tribe and nation. How can we change this nation. All blessed families should be awakened. We shouldnít miss one single day without consideration.

We have confidence and determination that from my family a new tribe, nation and world will be restored. Particularly, we donít understand the destiny of this world. Earthy life is simply like life in the womb. It is preparation for the next world. Korean family has a strong and beautiful tradition.

Whenever, Mother got pregnant with the baby, heart is very important. Child grows connecting with Motherís heart. Many woman aborted their babies. They just wanted to enjoy sexual relations. When a baby comes from that kind of mother what heart is there for the child. Because of that we should not consider our daily life without considering and being sincere. Particularly, we are living with True Parents. We have to feel our responsibility.

Did you liberate your ancestors? We must liberate our ancestors and bless them. From now on many miracles will occur. Once, our descendants well correspond with them our good ancestors will help and guide us. Before True Mother went to Japan. She got a nice report from Dae Mo Nim. One wife was our member and her husband was not. Her husband received a visit from his ancestor who told him if he really supports his wife and our church he will receive a great blessing. He became an Ambassador For Peace and donated a huge sum of money to our church.

Mother thanked Bishop Stallings for his wonderful presentation and introduction of Mother. Mother is my True Mother. I felt that Mother was guiding me.

I am so grateful to True Parents. I am the restored "I". I received the most precious gift of all my wife Sayomi. Not only is True Mother a special gift for me but for all of us.

Dr. Kaufman: (Who was here for the International Leadership Conference) - Because the Archbishop Stallings are friendly to me I got to sit with them. Oakland as you know is a large and thriving city.

I heard that the most famous minister in Oakland. J. Albert Smith. He is a great Christian. He served his wife with incredible love and kindness. He helped his wife throughout every word of the speech.

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