The Sermons of Rev. Hak Ja Han

(Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)


True Mother's 8 City North American Speaking Tour - Dallas

Hak Ja Han
6 am - November 29, 2001
Notes by Michael Jenkins

Mother asked Rev. Mark Hernandez, AFC Texas leader to read Mother's speech.

True Mother:

We heard this morning Mother's speech again. True Parents words are really essential for America. Many participants were very inspired by these words. Actually True Parents speaking tour started from 8 cities in Korea and 8 cities in Japan. When True Mother went to Japan 3600 VIP's were made Ambassadors for Peace. Each area recommended the top VIP's. Political, Academic, religious, women leaders and many more. Particularly, those who were assigned as Ambassadors of Peace should complete a certain course of study.

They looked far and wide for deeper vision. By learning of True Parents teaching the feel hope because of the Words and Vision of True Parents. Because of True Parents speaking tour, the Japanese movement went up to another level. In America, the assignment of the Ambassadors of Peace is very significant. Through our education, they will feel they need to study more. We must educate them well and guide them to work for True Families and World Peace.

While you were working to mobilize for Mother's tour, did you receive questions from your contacts and guests. How did you explain about Mother's tour? Rev. Bruce Biggins shared that through our education we could see that the people that True Parents have educated over the years are already in line with True Parents thinking on peace. Having True Mother come was like the crowning diamond in the process.

Whoever comes will be truly inspired. We have to give our very best effort. Now the time of harvest has come. This is the time to stand up together and make the harvest. What is the Mission of the Elder Son Nation. The Elder Son is mature and should feel to take responsibility for this nation. The mission of the Elder Son is quite important. The mission is twofold. The mission is to attend and take care of the Parents and also educate and care for the children.

How can we fulfill? We must deny ourselves. We are existing for other people and for the sake of our parents. In that sense as an Elder Son nation what shall we do. So far the Father and Mother nation have taken care of the Elder Son nation. By this True Mother's speaking tour we have this great opportunity to raise these Ambassadors for Peace and to expand True Parents foundation.

Now the media world has changed a lot in Korea and Japan. By this opportunity, everything appeared. By this three nations speaking tour. Many thoughtful people are realizing that this is where all people and nations should go.

Actually Mother witnessed that many people have changed. Now many are becoming clear about the purpose of the Unification Movement. At the University of Bridgeport, mother was so happy to see many second generation in the University of Bridgeport. About 200 young second generation have joined CARP and are now standing up to go.

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