The Sermons of Rev. Hak Ja Han

(Mrs. Sun Myung Moon)


Mother's Words to Members in Birmingham, England

Compiled by Mark Bramwell
May 22, 2000

Some words of guidance from True Mother:

The work of the WFWP should be expanded throughout Britain. The various Unification organizations have to work together and not separately, just as droplets come together and form a powerful river. Then we are in the position to effectively reach out to others. For example, FFWPU, WFWP and YFWP can do joint projects.

True Mother had had a difficult tour in South America and when she arrived in Britain she was quite exhausted and had a cold. Even at the beginning of the Birmingham speech her voice was quivering and she was visibly exhausted. However, by the end of the event she was very inspired, relaxed and confident. Today she invited everyone onto her plane for a photo and gave away her coat to a blessed child and gifts to others. She is now on her way to Den Haag.

About the role of Britain, True Mother said the following: Great Britain was chosen as the Eve nation at the time of the Second Advent, but failed. In God's providence there is normally no second chance, but Great Britain does have a second chance because of the merit of True Parents being on the earth. There are a maximum of three years to prepare the country to receive the True Parents.

It is difficult for the elder generation of Britain to understand that Britain should serve others, but the younger generation can understand this. We therefore need the younger generation and should focus our work on them.

Based on reports from Tim Read and David Earl:

The meeting in Birmingham, Monday 22nd May, went very well. The hall was packed to capacity with over 400 people, the majority of whom were friends and guests. The audience was extremely multi-religious and muli-racial. As well as many representatives of the Christian faith, there was a large contingent of British Asians belonging to the Sikh, Muslim and Hindu religions.

True Mother appeared young and extremely beautiful. This was remarked upon by many of the guests as well. They also said they could feel a great spiritual presence through True Mother.

The audience were extremely happy about the TV linkup with True Father at the end. Many belonging to non-Christian faiths had some difficulties with the content of the speech, but through the audio-visual link-up they could much more heartistically connect to True Parents. The audience was so happy that people did not want to leave the hall afterwards, but just stayed savoring the atmosphere.

True Mother was given a special award by the wife of the former Indian ambassador to North Korea and South Korea. (He now carries the important responsibility of Consul General of India for Birmingham and was represented at the meeting by his wife and daughter.)

Attending the meeting were representatives from the Birmingham Council of Faiths and leaders of women's organizations. The mobilization of these leaders was largely the work of the WFWP. 

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