The Words of Yeon Ah (Lee) Moon (wife of Hyung Jin Moon)

I am happily living with my husband

June 24, 2011
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Hwa Gung in Las Vegas on 5.23 by the H.C.

Hyung Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim, April 2011

Note: These notes are taken from a Peace TV video clip. They cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication of True Father's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message. -- Rev. Katsumi

After Mrs. McDevitt read Father's speech, he told Yeon Ah Nim to share a testimony, which is the following.

"During True Parent's European Tour, Father also told me to share my testimony about how I am happily living with my husband. As you know, True Parents carefully choose people (for their sons or daughters-in-law), and I never thought I would join True Family. It is because my brother is mentally challenged and I understood that any family which has such problem cannot enter the True Family. That's why when we heard that the person who was working for the matching for Hyung Jin Nim would visit our family, my parents told her she did not have to come to my house. But we were told that the problem is not hereditary and so there was no problem.

Before I met Hyung Jin Nim, I met True Parents, who I had seen closely before only in the photos or our church calendar. Since I could not believe I was with them, I pinched my thigh several times if this was true or not. I realized I was truly sitting in front of True Parents, and just doing so was a great honor for me. They told me to go upstairs to meet Hyung Jin Nim, and I thought 'I will not be matched with him anyway, but I will meet him to convey our members' heart.'

At that time, he could not speak Korean well and I could not speak English well either. So with our body language, we shared conversation. He talked various things and I said to him, 'True Children do not know the reality of the Blessed families' life. Have you lived on the cold floor in winter? Have you lived in the house with the roof where the rain is leaking in? True Children live in a good house, study at good schools and so how can you understand our heart? You have grown in a hothouse and so you would not understand us who are like weeds.' As I said, I did not think I would be matched, and so I wanted to say what I wanted to say.

Then Hyung Jin Nim, looking at me, smiled, and said, 'You could say that, but as we would not understand the situation of the Blessed families, you would not be able to understand either how we lived as True Children. It seems we True Children have everything, but you would not know what we have been missing.' At that time, I could not understand what he meant. Then he smiled again and said, 'But once you live with me, I am sure you will come to like me,' and I was so shocked with that and said to myself 'He is such a snob!'

After the Blessing, Hyung Jin Nim made fun of me for the first 10 years talking about what I said at our first meeting. He said, 'You said these words, and you were so bold.' But now as he said, I love and respect him more than he does to me.

We have been married for 14 years, and we are similar to each other and so people often think that we are newlyweds or siblings. I always introduce Hyung Jin Nim as my spiritual father. Through our three-year public mission, I actually re-found True Parents. In other words, Hyung Jin Nim gave me the true faith in True Parents and I can say 'They are the Messiahs and my True Parents.'

The conclusion of the principle is to indicate that Rev. Moon is the Messiah. But without understanding his life course as the Messiah, we will not know his Messiahship. So what Hyung Jin Nim has been deeply concerned about for the past thee years is how to introduce Father's course in a heartfelt way, and how to connect True Parents to the Blessed families.

In our witnessing activities, we must be able to introduce True Parents within a couple of minutes or people will leave otherwise. It is Fall down seven times, get up eight / Seven deaths and eight resurrections' in Father's course in order to explain his Messiahship. We members know Father was imprisoned for 6 times but do not know exactly when, how, and how long. (Then she explained the periods, circumstances, and Father's attitudes in each imprisonment)

Going through these stages, True Parents became the God of Day becoming one with the God of Night. I heard that Father had once said 'Stephan sacrificed himself being stoned for Jesus, who he had never met. Paul died under such persecution too. By knowing how those Christian attended to Jesus, you should know how to attend to the Second Messiah.'

Thinking of the Second Messiah, who are True Parents for us, liberating even the spirit world and victoriously going through the seven deaths and eight resurrections, I will sing." She sang it in Japanese and in Korean by heart. After the song, Father said,

"She is not a dead but a living person. Examining the meaning of life, she is generous enough to widen her small heart until now. Observing an important position in our church, without being proud of herself and being cautious trying not to be affected by such thoughts, her inner beauty will remain in history." Father also said, "Give her applause for the attitude of heart." (Applause)

Seven Deaths and Eight Resurrections

1. Police Headquarters of Gyeonggi-Do under Imperial Japan on October, 1944

Father was imprisoned for his underground activities and tortured for not revealing the names of his collaborators, but he did not mention any of their names. He was released in February in 1945 and after that he had blood in his stool for one month due to the tortures he had received.

2. Kwak San police station in Jeongju in October, 1945, shortly after the Korean liberation from Japan

The Communist party in North Korea was becoming dominant those days after the liberation, and Father was imprisoned for one week for allegedly being a spy from South Korea.

3. Dae Dong police station in Pyeong Yang from August 11 to Nov. 21, 1946

Father was imprisoned for allegedly being a spy from South Korea. Father received cruel tortures, and was thrown half-dead outside the prison on Nov. 21, 1946

4. Hungnam labor camp in North Korea from May 20, 1948 to Oct. 14, 1950

Father was re-arrested by the Interior security forces and imprisoned for allegedly having disturbed peace and social order. He was liberated one day before his execution date by UN air force on Oct. 14, 1950.

5. Seodaemun Prison in Seoul, South Korea in 1955

Father was incarcerated for alleged immoral behaviors under the name of religion. Father says he would never forget that one of his ex-followers in North Korea came to see Father's being taken to the prison and gave a slur upon Father. Father was arrested on July 4 and released (not guilty) on Oct. 4, 1955.

6. Danbury Federal Correctional Institute (Danbury Prison) in the US from July 20, 1984 to Aug. 20, 1985

Father was incarcerated for alleged tax evasion after he had invested millions of dollars for the sake of the US and the Free World.

7. Helicopter incident on July 19, 2008

Despite of this dreadful incident, True Parents still fly around the world for the sake of liberation of God and salvation of all humankind.

The six imprisonments truly illuminate Father as the true person. For example, when people were won by Japanese imperialism, Father risked his life for the Korean independence movement. When people in North Korea were escaping from the communists' dominion after the WWII, he went there and witnessed to people facing atrocious torture and persecution. After he was sentenced for imprisonment in the US, he could have gone back to Korea but remained there serving his term in prison.

When we awaken to the fact that the only reason for this "politically incorrectness" of Father lies in his commitment to liberate God and save humankind, I think we can build true empathy with him, and that will lead us to see Father with our "spiritual eyes" which Hyung Jin Nim always puts emphasis on.

It is July 4, 1955 (June 4 by the Heavenly Calendar), 56 years ago from now, that Father was incarcerated in Seodaemun Prison.

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