The Words of Yeon Ah (Choi) Moon (wife of Hyo Jin Moon)

Don't Feel Sad Too Much

March 19, 2008

Choi Yeon Ah Nim's Address at the Seung Hwa Ceremony of Hyo Jin Nim

Hello, everyone. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who have loved Hyo Jin Nim and offered sincere devotion from the day of Hyo Jin Nim's ascension until today. Really, thank you. In fact, I did not prepare for my address, but I stood here because you loved Hyo Jin Nim and True Family so much. I want to say, "Don't feel sad too much," because I am worrying that you might feel pain because you loved Hyo Jin Nim so much.

Frankly speaking, Hyo Jin Nim was convinced that there was the spirit world and felt the spirit world. He always said, "Everyone who was born in this world has to go to the spirit world without exception. It is the goal of our lives. The life there will be more free and liberated than that of this world." Of course, if he had been able to live longer, he would have gone to the way of filial piety more, which is in his name. (Hyo means filial piety.) He would have made an effort to give back joy and results to True Parents with you. However, I know that Hyo Jin Nim has really done his best during his lifetime on earth as if he had lived for more than 100 years. He has made an effort to live until his last moment without giving up.

I could not imagine that Hyo Jin Nim would be called to the spirit world all of a sudden, but I am grateful for such an attitude of Hyo Jin Nim. He has shown me how to make an effort to live until the end. He has lived following his words that we have to make an effort to do our best until the end. In this meaning, I am grateful to him.

If I Have a Good Point, It Was What I Was Educated Through Hyo Jin Nim

Of course, he was my husband individually, but he was also my great teacher I respected. He connected my life with True Parents, and made me understand True Parents deeper. He made me understand True Families and the way we should go. Therefore, I can say surely that if I have a good point when you see me as a wife of Hyo Jin Nim, it is what I was educated through Hyo Jin Nim. It would be better that you would have had such an opportunity, but I received it on behalf of all of you. I am grateful for it.

I remember the time with Hyo Jin Nim as a joyful time, especially last one week when I lived with Hyo Jin Nim in Korea. I feel again and again that it was the most wonderful and best moment for me. We loved best as husband and wife, and lived for the sake of the other. Thinking of it, I want to be grateful to Hyo Jin Nim again.

Therefore, please do not feel sad, everyone. Father said, "It is a good day." Hyo Jin Nim went for a good purpose, and he went out of necessity. If he went as a providential offering, I am grateful that he was selected as the offering because the sacrifice means to live for the sake of others. There should be no selfish motive there. Hyo Jin Nim could be united with God and True Parents in front of the providential foundation. I think it is a very way that Hyo Jin Nim wanted to go.

Individually, I am very sorry that I could not attend Hyo Jin Nim as a wife. Hyo Jin Nim passed away because I could not attend him well, so I am very sorry for True Parents regarding that point. However, True Parents understood and consoled me. Because of such a power of True Parents, I could stand like this.

True Parents Established the Tradition of Loving God More Than Thinking of the Sorrow of Losing Their Child

At the ascension of Hyo Jin Nim, I left the public house in Han Nam Dong to meet True Parents in Cheon Jeong Gung Palace. I had a hard time during the time. It was really a heart-rending time for me, so I'd almost fallen down. However, True Father gently consoled me, and explained to me how meaningful it was. When Father explained to me that Hyo Jin Nim's ascension had a meaning to help restore God's fatherland which is our goal, I was convinced that Hyo Jin Nim was a real filial son, a loyal retainer, a saint, and a divine son in the process to fulfill our goal.

I was encouraged by it. Then, True Parents asked me individually, "Do not feel sad too much." They talked about Heung Jin Nim's ascension. They put aside the individual sorrow, tears, and pains so that they were united with God. They thought about God, loved God, and were united with God rather than thinking of the sorrow of losing their child. They told me that they had established a model to love God at the Seung Hwa of Heung Jin Nim. Therefore, I followed the tradition True Parents established as a member of True Parents' Family. I would be grateful if you could see an example of the tradition through me.

Therefore, do not feel sad. Hyo Jin Nim went the way he should go. He lived following his will. He will wait for us in the spirit world where we will be able to meet again. Therefore, I would like to ask you to make an effort, offer sincere devotion, and love him so that Hyo Jin Nim can work in the spirit world with Heung Jin Nim, the Heavenly Commander, Young Jin Nim, Hae Jin Nim, and all elders who passed away to that world in order to advance the date of the establishment of God's fatherland.

Why Is There No Sacrifice on the Way of True Love?

There will be a providentially big event in April. I know that our members are doing their best now. In particular, members in Japan are working hard to support the providence as the Mother Nation. True Parents, True Children, and our members also know it. Therefore, please help make Hyo Jin Nim's ascension meaningful. Please help us do our best to go our way and fulfill our responsibility

In conversation with Hyo Jin Nim, once there was a friction between us about how to educate our children. I said to him, "I don't know how much I can endure. What kind of result can my endurance bring? I also have a wounded heart and feel pain. It is difficult for me to endure any more." However, at that time, Hyo Jin Nim answered to me, "True love means to live for the sake of others. When we live for the sake of others, why are there no sacrifice, endurance, or pain? Even though there is pain, we know it is our way to go. Therefore, we make an effort to live for the sake of others. So, instead of thinking of our pain or our wounded heart, we should look forward in the reality of life. If we can step forward tomorrow more than today, it is fine. And when we accumulate such developments until our death, we could say that we lived well. Then we could say that we died well."

Therefore, I am happy now. I settled my mind. I was convinced of a love toward Hyo Jin Nim. Physically, I lost Hyo Jin Nim, but through this opportunity, I came to know that our members are with me, True Parents are with me, and other True Children are also with me. I came to know that they love and take care of our family more than Hyo Jin Nim did. Therefore, I don't think this was a loss or sacrifice of our family.

For the Day of Establishing God's Fatherland

I got more than what I lost, so I want to ask everyone. Please don't feel sad. If Hyo Jin Nim left something moving for you, and if you think it is really right, please grasp it and attend True Parents. Let's march forward to the end for the day of establishing God's fatherland.

If we die after doing our best, we should be satisfied with our lives, shouldn't we? If we do our best during our lifetime, even though we cannot see the realization of the goal, we can say that we lived for the next generation. And, through that process, we can fulfill God's will. I know that we can perfect the dutiful way of filial sons and daughters, patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters in front of True Parents. Even though we could not see the realization of the goal on earth, God and True Parents continuously lead the providence, and we will follow them. You know it, don't you?

Thank you. Please close today with joy.  

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