The Words of Yeon Ah (Choi) Moon (wife of Hyo Jin Moon)

Memorial service for ascended True Children

Yeon Ah Choi Moon
March 10. 2014

Hyo Jin nim's son Shin Chul nim and his daughter Shin Whul nim preparing a drink to place on the altar during a memorial service for all ascended True Children.

A memorial service for the True Children who have ascended over the years was held at the church residence in the Hanam District of Seoul on 2.10 (March 10) beginning at 7 PM. The memorial service commenced amidst around 120 participants including Yeon Ah Choi nim, Hyo Jin nim's widow, who is the vice-president of WFWP International; Rev. Kyeong Seuk Lu, president of FFWPU-Korea, Mr. Jeong Soon Jo, chairman of the Tongil Group, Gyeong Deuk Yu, chairman of YFWP, Dr. Dae O Son, director of the Sun Myung Moon Research Center at Sun Moon University, executives and employees of the Korean FFWPU headquarters and of providential organizations, Seoul district leaders and other key members.

Rev. Yun Ho Ok, the district leader for southern Seoul, earnestly prayed to begin this time of showing respect to and reflecting on the lives of those True Children who now reside in the spiritual world. He prayed, "Whenever those in the Cain-realm, who were the first to be set up in the providence, failed to fulfill their responsibilities, you our Heavenly Parent, had to make the True Children follow a path of sacrifice. Enable this time to become an opportunity for us to once more understand the sorrowful heart you felt as you had to allow this to happen."

The main ceremonial aspect of the service involved individuals solemnly approaching an altar that had been erected, placing an offering drink on the altar and bowing respectfully. The offering was done in the following order: Yeon Ah Choi nim, True Grandchildren, Rev. Lu, Chairman Cho, Chairman Yu, a representative of district leaders, a representative of second-generation ministers and all other participating members.

Hyo Jin nim

Eulogies for True Children

Yeon Ah Choi nim, recollected, "True Parents experienced indescribable pain whenever a True Child ascended. The sacrifices of the True Children became providential flags that enabled us to move beyond perilous hills on our way toward the victory of Foundation Day and the restoration of God's homeland. They became bridges towards God's will that have enabled us to cross wide rivers."

She placed providential meaning and value on these transitions, conveying her heart of gratitude by saying, "They have illuminated the course of Seonghwa." Following this, she expressed that it is a blessed thing that the True Children could fulfill their mission of shielding True Parents. She encouraged everyone, asking us to continue practicing the tradition of filial piety that the True Children exemplified and that we all fulfill our given missions and responsibilities.

Rev. Kyeong Seuk Lu also gave a message. He explained the providential background to the ascension of the True Children and how True Parents had to endure, entirely alone, the most agonizing pain and suffering with the determination with which they had given their lives for God's will. He then taught how the True Children, who better aware of this than any other person, gave all of their hearts and strength to protect True Parents. He added that the path of those True Children that had passed away while living in that way is Seonghwa.

Yeon Ah Choi Moon nim speaking on the day of the memorial service

Following this, Rev. Lu said, "Hyo Jin nim's life was a series of intense fights to protect True Parents from Satan and expedite the providence." He added, "He led a life that followed God's voice, which came from his heart, and he never compromised with the world. He had a devoted heart toward True Parents alone and did not hesitate to sacrifice his physical body for them."

Toward the end of his message, President Lu clarified that the passing of the True Children were not incidents on the individual or family level, but providential incidents. He went on to say that the True Children are always with us, even though they are in the spiritual world. He asked that we inherit the True Children's noble hearts and traditions of faith and become Cheon Il Guk citizens that fulfill all of our given responsibilities. He urged the Unification community to be determined and live a life of practice.

In his benediction prayer, Rev Lu sincerely prayed, "Until the day the ideal of Cheon Il Guk is realized on earth and in heaven, may all Cheon Il Guk citizens remember the noble sacrifices of the True Children that have ascended and lead lives contributing to God's will. 

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