The Words of Yeon Ah (Choi) Moon (wife of Hyo Jin Moon)

True Mother's welcoming heart, loving heart and encouraging heart

Yeon Ah Choi Moon
February 14, 2014
Cheon Jeong Gung

To regional leaders, heads of providential organizations, national leaders and others

Good morning. First of all, it is indeed a great honor to get to meet you all like this. From an individual perspective, I am still a junior that needs to learn from many providential leaders; furthermore, I am from the children's generation, in a generation that is still young. Yet, thanks to the love of our True Parents, I stand here today despite my inadequacy to convey True Mother's welcoming heart, loving heart and encouraging heart on behalf of True Mother.

It would have been great if True Mother could be here herself. While accompanying True Mother throughout the entire event, I observed that True Mother continuously offered conditions, worried about the future of the providence, made plans for it and educated members. This did not end with public events but continued even after the events concluded. You have probably noticed it. Seeing her meet, communicate and educate different leaders, I worry a lot as I stand by her side, thinking, "Is she okay? Is True Mother going to be okay with such a tight schedule?"

I am far younger than True Mother. When an event is concluded, I am usually busy trying to run away to get some rest. True Mother, however, digests the following event awaiting her and then has one meeting after another until nighttime. She remains until the end and offers conditions. Even though True Mother is not here with us, she is monitoring us from up there," so please understand True Mother's heart. When True Father talked about the preciousness of Cheon Jeong Gung, he said that it is where our Heavenly Parent is directly present and living. In fact, Father once scolded me saying, "No matter how sad you may feel after Hyo Jin left, you must not cry here. If you shed tears here, the land here will cry." This is how precious Cheon Jeong Gung is. I believe that you are grateful and truly understand the preciousness of meeting here, the opportunity to be educated in this manner and to be able to have some time with the True Parents.

I understand that this meeting is an educational one through which all of you here, leading the Cheon Il Guk era, can become one in heart and will with the True Parents and that it is a time for every single one of you to give a report on activities of the past year. I have come up here to give you a welcoming message, but I feel that I should give a short report of what I have felt while attending True Mother at her side despite my inadequacy.

First of all, you all probably know what kind of heart True Mother had after True Father's ascension. This was indeed a painful event to me personally, and to True Mother. On the other hand, looking from my present situation, what I am grateful for is that sending Hyo Jin to the spiritual world first has become a basis through which I can actually relate, if only a little bit, to True Mother's heart. In my case, however, I wandered a lot. You have probably seen me lost and wandering many times. I had completely hit rock bottom emotionally and in other aspects too. Looking back, I am shocked at how I looked then. Those around me all embraced me in love and many would have been concerned at my state being the oldest wife in True Parents' family. This is how much I wandered. Seeing True Mother taking on such big responsibilities and work and moving forward, I felt how great True Mother is, which is a realization I have felt on many occasions.

I am still wandering and haven't fully recovered even though five years, almost six years, have already passed; yet True Mother has been putting our Heavenly Parent, his will, True Parents, beloved members around the world, True Parents' children as priorities in her thoughts and intentions always.... Isn't she seventy-two years old now? Despite her age, seeing True Mother go in this manner, so many times I felt, "Ah, she is truly the True Mother." At the same time, I feel sorry for being at her side and still giving her more burdens instead of helping her in carrying out the big work she is conducting. Yet, I am truly grateful that I have been allowed to directly see True Parents by their sides, learning from them and learning about their lives.

When I saw True Mother, the first thing I felt was that True Mother truly cares about the members. As you have probably noticed, unlike True Father, True Mother briefly talks about the key points only; yet, the more you think of it in depth, she always gives us points that are in line with True Father's teachings. When she does that, however, she does not give it to us in detail from beginning to end. She trusts us, as if to say, If I explain it in this way, they will understand what it is. They will be able to feel it by investing effort themselves.

You probably recognize that True Mother understands us in this manner and briefly educates us in order to give us time to fulfill our responsibilities. When I first heard True Mother's message by her side, I wondered about its meaning, the heart behind those words and the purpose of the message. I am still inadequate at putting everything into focus but the more I see True Mother, the clearer it becomes.

One thing I felt in the beginning was that True Mother truly understood True Father's precious value and would have been in great pain when True Father ascended. We, the children, are not aware of that and when our hearts were hurting when Father passed away because of our own difficulty, True Mother was instead truly sorry to True Father because the world did not know of True Father's true value and for not being able to help the world become aware of it. Very often, I saw True Mother experience regret, and regret sending Father after he suffered so much, though he should not have, because we had not fulfilled everything.

Personally, when Hyo Jin nim went to the spiritual world, I would think that I should have done this and that for him. I had many similarly humanistic thoughts. I realized how much True Mother would know, feel and understand, though she did not express it, because she had been with True Father for a long time and had completely shared all the inside facts of the providence with him. Whenever this realization came to me, I once more thought, "Could there be anyone that thinks of True Father, lives for his sake and loves him more than True Mother does?"

I felt truly sorry that we have not been able to comfort True Mother's heart. At the same time, as time passed, I came to realize once more the meaning of True Mother's simple message that we repent and be grateful. No one actually even imagined that Father would pass away. No one dared even think of it. As you well know, True Father is not a person that suffers loss providentially. I believe that you know this better than I do.

Thinking of how Father fiercely fought until his last moment, burning one cell after the other, before he left for the spiritual world.... True Mother would hear, "I am sorry Mother." These words would be heartbreaking to Mother.

When I saw True Father going through his last moments, I often thought, "He is truly the Messiah. Even at his last moment, he is investing everything he has. He didn't leave any of his physical parts intact, burning everything as he went. When considering why Father had to do that, I personally concluded that he had to do that to save his inadequate children. I believe that True Father's ascension was an expression of his love, his wanting to raise us to the position of God's children, no matter what, despite our being valueless and inadequate to graft on to the lineage of God's children.

Thinking of how True Mother stayed quietly in Cheon Jeong Gung, not leaving it for even a moment and offering conditions from after Father left until Foundation Day.... Of course, she did cross to the United States for providential reasons; however, other than that, she did not leave Father's side even once, offering conditions early in the morning or at night and going to Bonhyangwon to talk with Father. Thinking of how Mother spent this time, how much value would Foundation Day have had based on that? We have concluded the victory celebration of the event commemorating the first anniversary of Foundation Day and have all come here. Having received Foundation Day without any conditions, you do not truly know what Foundation Day is. Nor do I. However, words are not adequate to express how much trouble and worry our Heavenly Parent went through and how many hardships our True Parents had to go I h rough in order to give us this Foundation Day.

If we think of True Father's ascension as a process of this result, I think that we cannot avoid repenting, repenting and being grateful in front of True Parents. You have probably seen and read True Mother's benediction during Foundation Day. Though it is short, when I thought of True Mother's heart within this benediction, I felt so sorry. My heart was in pain. Seeing True Mother pray to Heavenly Parent for the children, affording comfort and glory to him and asking Heaven to not forget humanity, though inadequate, and to guide and protect humanity until the very end, I came to the realization that she is indeed the True Parents. I have often had such thoughts. When it comes to any kind of providential process, I believe that the leaders here today will know more about it. So, I do not have anything to say about that, but I want to convey True Mother's heart, which I have felt while attending her at her side; I want to convey to you as much as I have seen. Trying to express what I have felt in words, I can only come up with the word "love." This was a time where I came to feel deeply that this was truly parental love and to recognize what kind of love parental love is and that it comes from a heart desiring to do everything for the children.

We were given the 2014 yearly motto, "Let us become true owners of Cheon Il Guk who practice true love in resemblance to our Creator, the Heavenly Parent." You probably felt how this motto covers everything starting from the Creation, the entire providence of restoration and the new history of the new Cheon Il Guk era. I also thought a lot about it. In a recent message by True Mother, she asked what a true owner was and said that it was someone with the heart of a parent. Simply put, one cannot become an owner by just fulfilling one's duty of filial piety and loyalty as children.

I then thought that we can come closer to the standard of a true owner desired by our Heavenly Parent and True Parents by resembling True Parents' hearts as they are and by always living with the heart and love of true parents just as the True Parents do. You know what we, members from around the world, and the rest of humanity have obtained through Foundation Day. We did not do anything for it, but owe thanks to our Heavenly Parent, who sent the True Parents to earth to save us. True Parents underwent all kinds of hardship while here, guiding us and raising us to this position through Foundation Day.

The work that True Parents are doing now -- they realized the standard of the ideal Creation, the standard that our Heavenly Parent truly wanted to set up, liberated our Heavenly Parent and opened the way to the standard by which all humanity can be saved. They have opened doors through which anyone can live happily in the ideal world in front of that standard of salvation on the basis that we fulfill our five percent portion of the responsibility through the Registration Blessing Ceremony. In other words, we have been acknowledged as children carrying the lineage of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents. However, we didn't do much for it, nor were we of much help.

Even though True Parents do not express much, what do you think happened for such a moment to take place?

Once, someone told me that he asked True Father the question, "What is the process by which you victoriously completed all the eight vertical stages, the eight horizontal stages and the sixty-four stages?" True Father answered, "If I explain this path to you, you will all have to follow it, but you cannot. That is why I will not explain it. Just follow me." In the same way, we only see part of True Parents from what we see externally. I can also see only a part of True Parents. However, while observing True Mother by her side and thinking of True Parents' internal aspect, I came again to think that I must invest more effort into being able to feel even a little bit more of that internal aspect.

What True Mother hopes for through Foundation Day and the yearly motto is for us, in the end, to become children that can be recognized by our Heavenly Parent, True Parents and particularly True Father, who is in the spiritual world. At times, however, she is very strict and scolds us. During this event, True Mother truly acknowledged the hard work of leaders, gave words of encouragement and praised them, while saying how we all know that our work is still short of the standard. How insufficient it is in front of True Parents, particularly True Father! I could witness again how True Mother is trying to guide us even if it means scolding us.

National leaders playing yute, a traditional game in Korea much loved by True Parents

As true owners, what kind of people should we become in order to open the Cheon Il Guk era? Of course, we are the absolute children and absolute object partners in front of the absolute Heavenly Parent and in front of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. However, we should be able to understand the parental heart by ourselves from the children's position and the object partner position and be able to feel the urgency of having a parental heart. All of us here today are actually brothers and sisters. When we go to the spiritual world, we will all be brothers and sisters. Taking this into consideration, we should live for the sake of one another, love each other, raise and foster each other with a parental heart. We should feel truly happy and praise a sibling that does well and feel truly sorry for a younger sibling who is going through hardships because we were unable to take those on ourselves. We should be able to comfort siblings in difficulties and say, I'll help you. Let's go together.

I believe that we should become people of that caliber and that True Parents would truly be happy if they saw us living in unity. If we are to look at it from the point of view of nations, among the nations, the United States has great responsibility. Of course, Korea's responsibility and Japan's responsibility as the parent nations are also great, but the United States, which is the eldest son nation, should be able to guide the younger nations, raise them, encourage them, protect them and even sacrifice its own life to protect its younger siblings. Such aspects should exist not only between individuals, but also between nations, leaders and members and of course within the True Family. Quite often, I have been thinking that I should become such a person.

In this light, even though I have insufficiencies in some areas personally, I remember what Hyo Jin nim always said, "I would be happy if my younger siblings do well. The reason

I am going this way is to help my younger siblings do well and have an easier path; I want to give everything to them before

I go." I am not qualified to say anything, because Hyo Jin nim passed away without realizing everything he said; yet, I could learn a lot about how relationships between siblings should be through seeing him invest his effort based on this standard. In the same way, True Parents hope that all of you Cheon Il Guk leaders of this age become one and centered on one starting point move in one direction toward one purpose, which is why I believe this educational place was prepared with the purpose that we unite. As you probably know, the standard needed to become one can be found in only the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. We must do everything possible to learn about, understand and feel the presence of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and connect to their deep-hearted world. Only by doing that can we truly feel a surge to work hard for our beloved True Parents.

This is what an owner is like, I think. In other words, an owner should be able to genuinely love his or her parents to the extent that the person does not regard the work of their beloved parents as the parents' work, but considers it to be that person's own and to move forward in that manner. I thought a lot about this when I heard the yearly motto.

I am genuinely sorry. I am still quite inadequate but I have briefly spoken of my slight experience in front of you. Probably some leaders here have felt and experienced much more. I believe I am standing here today because True Mother felt she needed to set me up in a formal and difficult position such as this one to educate me, because I still have much to learn. I believe that Mother has been so concerned about education that she placed me here today to give you a welcoming address in order to educate me. I hope you can all teach me a lot.

When it comes to the development of our church from when our elders attended True Parents in the early days until the time of the global expansion, I am sincerely grateful to our leaders, members and elders because I wonder whether the providence could have grown to this extent without them. Of course, God's will is set to be realized; however, it may take more time and we may take the long way. There are also many cases when we caused trouble to True Parents because of our mistakes. From this perspective, even if I am a daughter-in-law within the True Family, I still have much to learn. I do not know many things. I lack in experience and I still do not know much about the actual mission fields. In light of this, I would be grateful if you could all teach me and guide me with a generous heart as though you were raising one of your own younger siblings.

Once more, all the first ancestor of clans that are to lead noble families have come here. When True Mother speaks of noble families, as a mother who is raising third-generation children in True Parents' family, I usually become quite concerned because I want to continue the noble family and I want to be able to raise children that can at least live up to it to some extent, half if possible.

Just as Mother said, she has set up a foundation to follow a public course through the Universal Peace Academy. I worry as to how I can educate my children in our faith and raise them as children that can clearly understand the center of our faith and clearly understand our Heavenly Parent and the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.

I know that some of our leaders are going through difficulties environmentally and I am sorry, but I must implore you, please, to continue. I humbly ask this of you and hope that by achieving it, you can ensure that your children and grandchildren are raised as descendants of noble families. True Mother hopes the same thing and continues to invest in us. You know that she is raising the younger second- and third-generation members through the Womno Pyeongae Scholarship Foundation. I sincerely ask of you again to please educate and raise our younger siblings. As elders who have first learned and first experienced our faith, you are the older brothers and sisters.

I sincerely hope you can sacrifice a little bit more for your younger siblings, who still need to learn. I apologize for talking so discursively. One more point: regardless of the external expression, the basic point is that True Mother is always ready to do everything for her children as a parent. Whether or not we accept it, it is our responsibility. However, I realized on many occasions that she is ready to give everything, even if it means jumping in a fire pit. I wanted to convey this to you. Thank you very much. 

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