The Words of Yeon Ah (Choi) Moon (wife of Hyo Jin Moon)

World CARP Assembly 2014

Yeon Ah Choi Moon
February 13, 2014

On February 13, at World CARP Assembly 2014, the theme of which was "Establishing and Disseminating the Cheon Il Guk Culture of Heart" at Cheongshim Youth Center, Yeon Ah Choi Moon nim told the students,

"True Father said that if we have an unclear starting point, our purpose ends up being also unclear. Hyo Jin nim said that a clear purpose is needed for the body to overcome physical difficulties, the external environment and the different difficulties of the mind. True Father, in comparison, was a step ahead by explaining that only when a starting point is clear can a purpose become definite too. When I heard those words, everything became apparent to me. I realized that True Parents had a clear purpose from the beginning of their public lives, lives that we cannot fully grasp. Otherwise, would True Father and True Mother have been able to dedicate their entire lives to God's will? I realized again that they set off on this course with a clear purpose from the very beginning. Brothers and sisters, what is our starting point? This is my question. What is our starting point? We clearly know our one and only starting point. You learned that, right? We learned it through True Parents. Ultimately, it is our Heavenly Parent and it is through True Parents that we can encounter within our lives our Heavenly Parent, who is invisible."

Kyeong Seuk Lu, president, FFWPU-Korea; Sun Jo Hwang, president Sun Moon University; and Yeong Gyun Lee, president CARP-Korea spoke too. 

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