The Words of Yeon Ah (Choi) Moon (wife of Hyo Jin Moon)

Eulogy of Hyo Jin Moon

March 19, 2008

Good morning brothers and sisters! I am truly grateful to brothers and sisters who have been setting prayer and devotion conditions for Hyo-jin nim and sending their love to him, even early in the morning, from the time of his ascension until today. I really thank you. I am actually not prepared to speak, but I have seen how you have loved Hyo-jin nim, worried about our family, loved True Parents, loved the True Family so much. I was worried that you would be in so much pain in your hearts because of your love, so I wanted to ask you not to let yourselves hurt inside.

Honestly, Hyo-jin nim was confident that the spirit world existed. He believed in the spiritual world and said that because the spirit world is the destination of everyone born in this world, it should be a more free and liberated world than this one. Of course, if he had lived longer, he could have had more opportunities to express his beautiful heart of filial piety, to do more, to return joy and results to True Parents together with us, but I know Hyo-jin nim worked really hard while he was alive, as if he had lived more than a hundred years. Until the last moment, he did his best and worked hard without giving up. I didn't expect Hyo-jin nim to be suddenly called to the spirit world, and when I think of that moment I am grateful to him because he worked hard until the end, doing the best he could in his own life, just as he told all of us to do in our lives. I am sincerely grateful to Hyo-jin nim for that.

Hyo-jin nim is not only my husband, but he is also my teacher, whom I greatly respect, who connected True Parents to my life, helped me to understand True Parents and the True Family better, and taught me about the attitude we should have in life. Therefore, if you see any good points in me, Hyo-jin nim's wife, I can tell you confidently that these are a result of his having educated me. Of course, it would have been better if all of you could have been given such an opportunity but I received that education in your place. I am truly grateful for that and therefore I remember my time with Hyo-jin nim joyfully. I feel that the last week I spent in Korea with him was the greatest and best period for me. We loved each other more than ever as a true couple and we understood one another. I am again grateful to Hyo-jin nim when I think about our time together.

Brothers and sisters! Please do not be sad. Father said that this was a joyful day and that Hyo-jin nim went to do good things.

He went because he is needed. If he went because a sacrifice was needed providentially, I am grateful that he was chosen in that way. Living for the sake of others with no place for self-centered thinking is the foundation to become such a sacrifice. I think that Hyo-jin nim became one with God and True Parents in terms of their providential expectations. More than any other way, that is the way he wanted to go.

I feel sorry to True Parents. You all probably feel that way as well. I should have served Hyo-jin nim better as his wife; because I couldn't do so, I have not been a filial daughter to True Parents, and I offer my sincere repentance to True Parents for Hyo-jin nim having left this world before us. Yet, True Parents understood my heart and comforted me, and it is through the strength they have given me that I am able to stand here. After Hyo-jin nim's ascension, from when I left the Hannam-dong house until I met Father, it was really difficult for me. It was so difficult I felt that my heart would burst and I would collapse. But Father calmly comforted me and explained the situation to me.

I realized how significant Hyo-jin nim's ascension is and how it could contribute to the goal of liberating God's homeland, which is part of God's will. I was certain that his ascension was a part of that process, and he would be able to go the way of a truly devoted son, patriot, saint and divine son of God. Thanks to that, I received strength. Father made a request to me personally. He asked that I not cry too much. He said that as in the time of Heung-jin nim's ascension, he and Mother put aside all their personal feelings -- their tears, their sadness and their pain. More than the sadness of losing a child, they think about God and love God and set an example of becoming one with God. I would be sincerely grateful if you could see in me, a member of True Parents' family, an example of that tradition, which True Parents established.

So please do not be sad. Hyo-jin nim pursued his course and lived according to his convictions. He is waiting, knowing that sooner or later we will all meet and be united in spirit world. From now on, Hyo-jin nim, together with Heung-jin nim, the commander-in-chief of the spirit world, Young-jin nim, Hye-jin nim and elder blessed members who went to spirit world before us will be working hard for the liberation of God's homeland, which Father has been longing to see expedited. Please set many good conditions and send lots of love to the True Children and blessed members in the spiritual world.

A very important event is happening in April. I know you are now doing your best to prepare for this, and I know how much members from Japan, the mother nation, support this. True Parents know and True Children know and members know. So in order to make Hyo-jin nim's ascension meaningful, you need to help. Please help. Please do your best so that we can fulfill our responsibilities.

Let me share with you a conversation Hyo-jin nim and I once had. I said, "I feel like I am really doing my best to endure in the situation, but I don't know what will result from my endurance. I keep getting hurt in the same way and I have the same pain. It's getting too much for me to endure." This was about a difference of opinion we had concerning the education of our children. But what Hyo-jin nim said to me was, "True love is for the sake of others. How could you love others without sacrifice and patience? How could it be painless? Nevertheless, we go in this direction because we know it is the way we have to go; we are going this way and working hard for others' sake. We shouldn't worry or suffer from the pain we have now. We should look to the future and realize that even though we are only at this level today, if we develop tomorrow and continue to develop every day, it will add up. If we keep developing until the moment we die, we will be able to say we worked hard in life and died well."

So I am happy. I have calmed my heart a lot and I have more firmly confirmed my love for Hyo-jin nim in my heart. Although I lost Hyo-jin nim in terms of his physical body, through this process, I have learned that many members are with me, True Parents are with me, other True Family are with me, and even more than they love Hyo-jin nim they love our family and are willing to take care of and help our family. I don't think I sacrificed or incurred a family-level loss. I have gained more than I had before, so I would like to make a sincere request of you, my brothers and sisters. Please do not be sad. Instead, if Hyo-jin nim was able to give you even one bit of realization, grace or inspiration, and if you feel it was truly good, you should hold onto it. Let's go forward, attending True Parents, until the day God's homeland is liberated. If we die on the way, while we are trying our best, we should be satisfied with that. Since we will have done our best, even if we don't make it to the end, we should do our best for the next generation. In doing that, we will fulfill God's will and fulfill our roles as devoted children, loyal subjects, saints and divine children in front of God and True Parents. Even if we don't see the end, the providence will keep moving forward, God will continue to direct the providence, which will be led by True Parents, and we will follow. You understand that, right? Thank you. Thank you and I hope you can end this day in joy. 

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