The Words Ye Jin Moon (daughter of Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han)

How Can I Grasp True Love?

Ye Jin Moon
July 31, 1984

When introducing Ye Jin Nim, Col. Pak said:

"Father's entire life was filled with tears. There is no one under the sun who shed more tears than he. Then in 1960, our Mother joined him. And again, in order to give rebirth to the entire universe, Mother shed tears, following Father's tradition.

"Right now, Ye Jin Nim is setting a beautiful tradition, inheriting True Parent's tearful heart in prayer. She is becoming the central prayer force in our time. Many times, hours and hours throughout the night, she just cries out to Heaven for the entire Heavenly world to come and help us. 1 want you to know that, wherever you go, whatever you do, that force of prayer from East Garden is with you.

"I have great respect, admiration and deepest love for Ye Jin Nim setting a tradition for our Unification life that is based on tearful prayer. She is a good example for us to follow."

My whole existence has no value if I cannot witness to -True Parents, if I do not inherit and teach to the generations to come the kind of true love they possess.

When we say true love, it seems so simple. Because you come to Sunday service and hear Father's words, and you feel your heart suddenly uplifted, somehow you feel, "Oh, this must be true love. Father is giving out true love." But even throughout Father's life, as far as I can see, this has not been just a given thing. Father is working constantly to keep that position of True Parents, to always give true love. He's always giving, giving, and never asserting himself or thinking about himself.

So nowadays I think more and more deeply about how I can capture and grasp true love. The more I think about it, the more incredible it is. It is the most difficult thing to achieve under the sun. My experience as a true child is that, even though we are direct children of True Parents, we are no different from most members. We are, in a way, far from 'flue Parents most of the time.

You are familiar with the principle of Cain and Abel. Because Father is the one who practices that principle, Father is himself the Principle. His life is the Principle itself. He practices it every day in every situation before himself and before his own family, which is in the Abel position. Always his love has been one of giving for the sake of others, raising members and giving them guidance.

True Parents' way of life and their tradition has always been to love the members before they think about themselves, their own children, or their own suffering or difficulties. They are always worrying about others. I know that Parents, in their daily life at East Garden or wherever, are always thinking and praying.

Supreme Control over Himself

If Father seems physically so tired many times, we ask him: "Please, can't you take rest?" Father says, "At this moment somewhere in the world, even though it might be not here, there are members working. When I know those members are working, I cannot rest." That is the parental heart, always pushing, always pushing. He wants to comfort the members, not be comforted.

Many times in his prayers, even though he might be faced with incredible obstacles and many, many hills to climb, he never cries, "God, please help me." Rather he always says, "God, I will be the one that will fulfill your mission, the restoration of history. And I will be the one to sacrifice everything I have even unto my life. I will comfort you and I will liberate you."

Even when Heung Jin was dying at the hospital, if Father had been a regular parent -- well, I also have two children and I compare, you know, if I were in that position, how would I have responded? But True Parents had a greater mission in Korea that had to be accomplished at that historical moment. So they couldn't come; only after they had accomplished their mission could they come.

That could have been a very emotional and turbulent moment, but Father, our great Father, has supreme control over himself. He performed the Ceremony of Unification. No matter what difficult circumstances, surroundings, or events take place Father is always willing to turn them into a heavenly advantage. Even if it means to sacrifice to the utmost. Even if it means he must take what is most important and put it on the altar to trade it.

If Satan demands the most precious sacrifice, Father is even willing to give that for the restoration of the world. Father never shed even one tear in sorrow or regret when Heung Jin was in the hospital. Father was very strong. Rather than receiving comfort, he comforted all of us, and he performed that Ceremony of Unification. Father once again forgave, even at that moment.

Up to that time, you know, Father's family, and also the blessed children and blessed families and all the Unification members had not been completely united with True Parents. But Father forgave at that time and gave blessing. He gave the ceremony and asked God to give one more chance for the complete internal unity to come to our church, centering upon live Parents, live Family, and all the blessed couples and the older members. And ultimately, when the Unification Church is completely united internally, God can work through us and can perform miracles through us. Then all Christianity can turn and unite with us and the external Cain-Abel relationship can be totally accomplished; ultimately the Free World and the communist world will also be united.

We have witnessed that the world has risen against Father and sought to corner him. In this ultimate fight of the last days the heavenly forces and the satanic forces are fighting really neck to neck. It's the last moment, even though we might not realize it. We are not even armed, and it is not a physical fight, but spiritually an incredible fight is going on.

Father said these are the last days; this is the turning point of the entire course of history. And even at this moment when that last battle is being waged, because of man's lack of perfection and his not completely uniting on the individual, family, or the national level to really support that heavenly force, even God has no power because Satan accuses God. He says, "Look at Your children. They aren't fulfilling, they aren't going Your way. You know I can't give up."

It's a crucial situation. So, oftentimes God and True Parents stand at the center taking all the indemnity, and Father must walk through that bitter course of indemnity due to our lack of responsibility. This includes also myself, and of course it goes for everybody. Even though we might have been thinking that we were fulfilling our mission to the utmost, when Father was not resting, when he was shedding tears and praying for the whole world, we were in fact resting, thinking about our own children, our own family or many other minor things. All this self-centeredness has accumulated across the world at this crucial time. And as a result, so has the heavier burden that Father is carrying. Father is going through a course that was never to have been even an alternative.

God always goes through His course of dispensation in two ways because there is always man's portion of responsibility involved. God cannot just give. You know, if God had said, "I will change the world in one day," and no human responsibility were required, God would have done it a long time ago. But as we know throughout the course of history, because man failed to fulfill his responsibility the restoration has always been delayed. Even in Father's own life course, many, many times, because we have not truly understood Father's desire and his way of life, his leadership, his guidance and his direction, we have forced the restoration to be delayed.

Father, the ultimate Abel, has always carried that burden and gone through not only spiritual suffering -- there is always spiritual suffering 24 hours a day -- but also physical suffering. You know his prison course, in Hung Nam and also now in America.

To Learn From Our Mistakes

I believe what we need at this crucial time is to look back. But not to just sit and regret and mourn forever, but to learn from our mistakes in the past. To learn how we can change ourselves. How we can truly follow after Father's footsteps and his way of life. How we can inherit his total commitment 24 hours a day, and the way he does not look back in any other direction but only looks straight ahead. That kind of commitment is needed.

Until we are totally restored internally and have really accomplished separation from Satan and his accusations, I really think we can't sit idly and ask God for a miracle to happen. We must be the ones who move God, who liberate God from Satan's accusations so that He can work miracles through us. I think this is our most crucial responsibility, and it is what Father calls upon all of us to do, even while he is in prison. It is the least we can do for True Parents.

I know that most of you have worked hard and have gone through difficulties and suffering in your personal courses. We all have, internally or externally. But when we compare our situation to Father's situation, and to the situation of God who has been suffering over 6000 years, we cannot even utter one word of complaint.

You know Father first came to live in this country [USA] in 1972. At that time, I was 10 years old. At that time, I became very, very ill, almost to the point of death, and at one point if Parents had not returned to Korea within a week I would have died. But even though Parents knew I was getting very sick, they are always people of principle, always thinking about the world and the complete course of restoration. And because setting the foundation in America was so crucial at that time, Parents didn't come back until the last possible moment. After that, you know, when I was growing up I had many very hurt feelings.

Even though sometimes I want to go to True Parents and tell them about my situation, every time I try to go to them I see them always, always thinking of the whole, not just about our family, but the whole world, and caring for the people of the world, totally selflessly. Whenever I try to complain or tell them about my situation, I am always humbled and just can't utter a word before their great, great love and sacrifice.

Even when we visit him in prison I feel Father is trying to educate us and give us comfort, even though he is not in the most comfortable surroundings there. He still has to tackle many worries even while he is in prison. But Father never thinks, "Oh, I am tired." He never utters one word of complaint. Rather, he is always thinking about the members and how we must pray for them. He always tries to give encouragement. I know you could say that maybe True Parents are born that way, but that is not true. live Parents are human too, just like any of us. They can feel hurt and fatigued. In fact many times they feel cheated and have anger and are many times disappointed; they have all the variety of feelings that you feel, that all of us feel.

But for the sake of all of us, not for themselves, they suppress those sentiments and completely cut themselves off. That is always True Parents' attitude. They will never change. Because we know that they are the living embodiment of God's true love as parental love, I just wish that at this given time we can really change internally, so that we can ultimately free True Parents and liberate God so that He can work upon this earth.

I just wish that we can quickly be totally united centering upon True Mother and the True Family and all the leadership which Father has appointed, and always be obedient. As Mother said, this is the best solution. If we cannot understand how the course of the dispensation is going, the best way is to obey the direction. Because obviously if we just sit down and try to figure it out it will take millions of years. And as you know we have no time to waste, especially at this crucial time in history.

I really call upon all brothers and sisters to think and to re-evaluate our situation, because we all have the same destiny -- to reach perfection. And as Father many times has urged us, we should each be another Rev. Moon. Unless we all become another Rev. Moon, unless we become true children of True Parents, there can be no Kingdom of Heaven upon the earth. We must start the Kingdom of Heaven upon the earth ourselves.

Do Not Feel Lonely

We cannot blame the rest of the world and the rest of America for not recognizing Father, or for not returning glory to True Parents, when we ourselves have doubted Father and Mother many times and disobeyed them. Since Father is now in prison physically, we are also in prison spiritually. At this time we have to restrict ourselves from all the fallen nature which holds us back from going forward. We must really remake ourselves in order to become one with True Parents at this time. Father says, "Don't worry about me, worry about yourself, and the course that this country and the whole world has to go."

So, whenever you are faced with difficult situations, always think about Father and Mother's situation. How they must always give to the billions of people in the world. That is what True Parents and true love is all about. You know that Father's children are preparing for the generations to come. Our prayer is always with you. Do not feel lonely. We are all in the same boat. This is our destiny. This is why we were born. If we accept our responsibility and our course with gratitude, everything will be much easier to accomplish than if we just sit and complain. I think if we all have a grateful heart and mind, we can really make it happen this time; we can ultimately liberate our True Parents. Thank you very much. 

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