The Words Ye Jin Moon (daughter of Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han)

Closing Letter 21-Day Prayer Condition

Ye Jin Moon
December 31, 2009
Seoul, Korea

Dearest Sisters / Brothers of the unification Movement who participated for the 21-day prayer condition before the end of the year 2009:

My heartfelt greetings and deepest thanks to all of you who made invaluable efforts to complete the successful 21-day prayer condition before God’s Day 2010. Considering the outpouring of love and support so many of you have shown, I honestly believe that this period had been for many a time of deep reflection and repentance, as well as one of renewed conviction and hope, so that indeed the True Unity, centering on True Love, can be substantiated at all levels of human reality, starting with the True Family.

During this period, many of you have opened your hearts and shared so much love and genuine concern, particularly for the unity of the True Family. Appreciating that the True Parents have invested the entirety of their lives in caring of the Cain-position children (the Unification Church members), often at the expense of their direct Abel-position children, many of you offered sincere gratitude, as well as heartfelt apology for not doing more to aid all the True Children (your own Abel-position siblings), to mature into the Principled ideal of True Individuals, who are also the inseparable parts of the ideal True Family.

Truly, truly, I am grateful for your noble heart centered in the Principle for recognizing your indispensable True Siblings’ role, as it has to be the true example for all levels of Cain / Abel position relationships, occurring at various stages of social relations in human reality. Thank you.

Speaking of our True Siblings’ relationship under one True Parents, I would like to report that during the period, our True Parents were fully aware of the prayer condition, though their hearts were laden with many issues. As any parents would, I am certain that they appreciated all of their children, be it their direct Abel-position children or the Cain-position Unification Church members, petitioning for the unity of our hearts, centering on the ideals of the Heavenly Parent and the True Parents.

Also, representing my own siblings, my youngest brother, Hyung-Jin, gladly participated in the prayer condition with me. “Prayer conditions are always good and more the better,” he said, and I wholeheartedly concur with him. In addition, during our meeting yesterday, he made a commitment to me to work together to bring True Unity in the True Family and the Unification movement at large.

At this time, even though this particular prayer condition has come to a successful end, I would still entreat all of you to continue your prayers for the True Family, as it is the central basis from which we demonstrate our True Love to all our siblings -- before our siblings of the entire Unification movement, and then to the rest of the humankind who are all our siblings, sharing one True Parents and One Heavenly Parent.

As every human person has the immeasurable sum total value of the Entire Creation and the eternal value to be the True Child to the True Parents, as well as to the Heavenly Parents, to care for, love, and include every True Child of the True Family as the first representative of humankind is also to thoroughly love the Entire Creation.

Just as the Heavenly Parent can never abandon any human person and persistently endeavors to include all members of humankind as His / Her children, only the same act of inclusion, not exclusion would ever be the ideal for our Unification (the True Unity) movement. Only by imitating such Heart of the Heavenly Parent and the True Parents to include every human person would our movement be the movement that every member of the humankind would wish forever to belong to and never leave.

Again, I am truly grateful for this opportunity to share with all of you some of these reflections, which are so fundamental to our collective identity as the Unification (the True Unity) movement.

May our Heavenly Parents’ Principled Wisdom and True Love be our sole guides to unite us all as one True Family under one True Parents and One eternal Heavenly Parent, forevermore.

Ye-jin Moon 

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