The Words Un Jin Moon (daughter of Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han)

Holy Wedding, Jin Hun Park, Bridegroom, Un Jin Moon, Bride

April 11, 1986
Seoul, Korea

The newlywed couple, Un Jin Moon and Jin Hun Park, after their Korean wedding ceremony at Han Nam Dong in Seoul.

After the Holy Wedding of Un Jin Moon and Jin Hun Park. Back row, left to right: Jin Sung Nim, In Jin Nim, Father, Mother, Hyo Jin Nim, Hoon Sook Nim, and Jin Whi Nim. Front row: Mrs. Keum Soon Choi Park, Shin Goon Nim, Jin Hun Park, Un Jin Nim, Jeung Jin Nim, and Shin Bok Nim.

True Parents with the groom and bride after their traditional Korean wedding ceremony.

Holy Wedding Of 36 Couples of the Second Generation
April 12, 1986
Seoul, Korea

As part of the Holy Wedding Ceremony, Father and Mother bestow their blessing upon two of the couples representing all.

During the ceremony, the man from each couple dips his fingers into holy water.

Just before the Holy Wedding, the 36 couples listen solemnly to True Parents' confirmation of their engagement. Front row, left to right: Young loon Kim and Shin Sook Kwak, Kyung Sup Lee and Hyang Sook Lee, Kyung Doo Aum and Mi Joong Ock, and Jin Bok Lee and Sung Sook Kwak. 

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