The Words Un Jin Moon (daughter of Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han)

We all grow physically, but in our spiritual lives we should grow just as much

Un Jin Moon
July 5, 1981
Unification Church headquarters
Tokyo, Japan

To older Japanese blessed children.


Thank you for giving me this pleasure of talking to all of you. I am sorry Parents could not be here to speak.

We all grow physically, but in our spiritual lives we should grow just as much. The only way you can do that is through prayer, filial piety and humility. Also, you must discipline yourselves.

You are like growing flowers, but you have to take care of yourselves or you will die spiritually. If you do take care of yourselves, you will grow spiritually.

When I look into your faces, I know that in the future you will have to go through a lot of suffering. The world is so cruel, and you will all have to face a lot that you don't want to see. That is what Father and Mother are trying to fix now, and that is what all of you have to do. You will have to pass through all these tests as spiritual sons and daughters of True Parents. Can you do that?

Soon you will be teenagers, and you will be exposed to a lot. But that will be part of your growing stage. That is when you will be tested the most, and that is the part that you must leap over.

Maybe you are too young to know what is going on in the outside world, but I think it is better that you become aware of it. When communism began, its leaders said they would take over the world by pornography, drugs and sex, and look what is happening now. Japan and all other countries are following the example of America, and because of America's spiritual decline, Father feels very unsettled.

Since you are all part of the second generation, it is important for you to know the Principle most thoroughly. That is your only sword, your only weapon against the outside world. Since you are very young, it is important for you to study hard. The only way to confront the people of the world and relate to people in high positions, such as politicians and scientists, is to be smart.

You must remember that you are different from other people only in that you were born without original sin; you still have to fulfill your five percent of responsibility. If you do not fulfill your five percent, then your whole history and all the things your ancestors have done will be shattered.

However, you must not show pride in being a blessed child; always be humble; otherwise, regardless of how big or strong physically you might be, you will never grow spiritually. You cannot live on the pride of what your parents have accomplished. You must be able to follow the road alone.

When you are in the growing stage, you will be interested in doing things of the evil world; the only way to defend yourself against this attraction is by learning the Principle. That is the most important thing, because even though someone speaks to you, it will not help you unless you fulfill your five percent.

You must remember how very blessed you are to be born in the time when the messiah is present. Think of how many people who lived in previous ages would have liked to trade their life for yours.

Never think, "Oh, I am so lonely," or "Oh, I have no friends," or "I'd like to do things that the other people are doing." Why would true children want to follow the satanic way? You must never think you are lonely, because that is when Satan can enter and change your mind, making you do wrong things. That is why people in the outside world are taking drugs and having many problems at home; they are so lonely. Being ignorant of the spirit world, they think they have nobody around who cares.

If those who are alive now do not receive Father's words or join the church, they can never go to the kingdom of heaven. They can only reach the second stage, which is higher than hell but lower than heaven. Hell can be thought of as an unending repetition of everything a person dislikes or constant re-enactment of crimes a person has done. It's like eternally being burned, but not even being able to die to escape the pain. You can never get rid of the pain unless Heavenly Father forgives you or unless you find someone on earth on your same level and try to bring him to the church.

In contrast, heaven is like everything you could want. There are flowers all over the place. I know you all want to go to heaven. The only way to do so is to listen to your parents. Learn filial piety; always try to be humble; and always remember that Heavenly Father is constantly with you.

Furthermore, discipline yourselves physically just as much as spiritually. Your attitude in talking, sitting, or whatever you do is very important.

Always remember that even though True Parents may not be there with you in flesh, they are always with you spiritually; if you pray hard, you can always see them in your dreams.

Even though Father is my physical father, I never think of him as such; for me he is much like a living God. Whenever I think of Father, I can never stop crying, because I know the suffering he has gone through and because I know that since the world has not heeded him, he must continue his course, even though his 21 years are over.

You must never complain about your parents' absence or lack of time to spend with you because they are trying to follow the right course. Like Father, they are always trying to give their mission priority and afterwards taking care of you; so don't feel lonely. My younger brothers and sisters never get to see Parents either, because they are trying first to restore the world. In heaven, however, you can have everything you want and you can spend all the time you desire with your parents.

I'm sorry to say I am blessed in having older brothers and sisters to guide me when you, as the oldest children in your families, don't have such a privilege. But please, take this advice, cherish it in your minds, and then try to follow the right way and be good examples to those who are younger.

Remember that you are the future leaders of Japan and the hope of your nation. Time passes so quickly and we must grow up fast; we cannot be content to be just like other normal kids. Put more effort into your lives so you can improve more quickly both spiritually and physically.

These are the most important things I have to say to you. Thank you very much. I am sorry I cried in the middle. 

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