Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

True Parents' Completion of Responsibility in View of Providence (Cham Pumonim eui Somni Wonjok Chaekim Wonsu)

Sun Myung Moon
December 26, 1999
Belvedere International Training Center

What is the meaning of "providence?" [How God is working.] That is correct. We have to ask ourselves whether we have completed our responsibility in God's providence. Korean members, raise your hands. American members raise your hands. So, the majority here are Japanese. Those who are 50 or above, raise your hands. How about those who are 45 or below? Father has great hope in you.

In view of the providence of restoration, who has been in the position of elder son? Who has been the master of this fallen world? Satan. God's completed purpose is to unify one atmosphere [hence Father is speaking a mixture of Korean, Japanese and English]. Once we complete our responsibility, the providence is done. Who is to fulfill this responsibility? God. Originally, with no expectation of the fall of man, God created the universe and everything was to have been completed by the providence [of creation]. But due to the fall, everything God planned was pushed aside and the providence of restoration had to begin.

Human history has been, in view of the providence, the history of restoration through indemnity, because of the fall. God's pure providence could not be completed. If God had remained as the owner of the universe and had maintained His relationship with us as parent and child, He could have completed His providence without going through restoration. But because of the fall, restoration had to take place and God has been paying indemnity continually. It is an historical fact that humanity has been living in the satanic world in ignorance of what happened at the beginning of history. From today's title, we understand the kind of responsibility True Parents have completed. First, True Parents came up with the clear explanation of the fallen beginning of history. To solve this problem, True Parents alone have fulfilled their responsibility to pay indemnity, following God, to save humanity.

So what kind of completion have True Parents achieved? Because of True Parents' work, even the background prior to creation and God's original ideal of creation have been revealed. In addition to that, True Parents have revealed the origin and nature of the fallen history. Because of the work of True Parents, we could understand God's original relationship with unfallen people. From the individual level to the cosmic level of the Kingdom of God on Earth, all the details have been revealed. Without True Parents, we would still be in the dark.

Then, what kind of God is God? He is the True Father God, the True Children God, and hence the True Love God. He is the Father of True Love. Whose Father is He? He is the Father of humankind. We have come to know, because of True Parents, the relationship between human history and humanity, and between humanity and God. What kind of parent is He? He is a God of character, of intellect, emotion and will, who is seeking truth, beauty and goodness. Because of that, God can make a connection with humanity. Centering on love, that relationship between God and humanity leads us to have intellect, emotion and will, seeking truth, beauty and goodness. We know the God of personality. Because of this, it is possible for us to share everything with God and for there to be no distance between us.

Who is the origin of these things? God. Centering on what do you think God exists? Of course there is true love, but centering on love, God has to live. With what do you think God lives? The center is the realm of the heart of love. Of course there are environmental factors even in the realm of heart. God manages all those factors and lives. All things are symbolic, hyung sang aspects of creation, but humanity is substantial manifestation of God. So when we maintain this realm of love with God and that relationship of parent and child, then everything can be embraced by humanity. If the completion of responsibility in view of the providence had been done, everything from the individual to the cosmos would have followed accordingly. As long as God exists, everything would have reached the completion of responsibility, which means the perfection and completion of the cosmos.

To support the life of human beings, God created all things and they would have been perfected along with us and the world would have come into the perfect shape. God also has needed a partner. He is subject and therefore He needs an object. This is a manifestation of the internal life of God. God is the creator and all things therefore were created as the hyung sang, symbolic object, but human beings were created as the sung sang, substantial manifestation of God. To do that, God used the origin-division-union process and achieved the three-object purpose by the four-position foundation. If God had laughed or moved, the entire cosmos would have laughed or moved. There would have been no separation without the fall.

There are hundreds of people here, including 10 or 20 nationalities, but only two kinds of people, really: man and woman. From whence does this polarity derive? It derives from our physical parents, who are two human beings. From how many people did each of your parents come? Two. If we trace our ancestry back, there is no exception: every time it is two. Each one of us comes from two. Therefore the original ancestors must have been two. And where did they come from? From an invisible or visible creator? Our ancestors must have come from that invisible God. Therefore, when we look at the creation, we conclude that God Himself must have original masculinity and original femininity. Then as human beings we inherit these plus and minus characteristics from God.

So there were man and woman, and then there had to be a union. Why? Because both man and woman become excited, and just as positive and negative electricity create a spark, when man and woman are fully charged, they create a spark. That's the union. The spark between man and woman should be stronger than that of electricity, so strong that they cannot be separated. In the field of electricity, plus and minus represent convex and concave. When the spark takes place, sound and light are created. When the union of man and woman takes place, there is a spark created, a love light and love sound. We witness lightning and thunder, which is the sound and light of electricity carried by clouds. When that thunder and lightning takes place, rain follows. Something is produced. You can consider that as the marriage of plus and minus electricity, them having their marriage feast. Nature is consuming the food, and the rain is the product and all things of the world are welcoming that water. Fish and animals and plants like it. Why do animals welcome rain? Because after a rain there is more food available.

Do animals who stay in a burrow hate the rain or jump out and excitedly welcome it? They are so excited because they have not seen rain for a long time. They become so hopeful and happy to expect the food that will come. They make the sound of "wow wow wow wow." When they first wake up and can go to a feast for their meal, they are so happy and they make that noise. What will make humanity happy like that? The animals go after food, plants and leaves. They kill and eat. In order to eat grass, they have to kill it. Do human beings welcome rain? We should have the attitude that the plants and animals are fed by the rain so that they can be consumed by us. So we have to go get them. By whom were these good conditions set by which plants and animals could grow healthy? God provided all of this for the sake of humanity. This is the attitude of all things: they are in the position to support and help human beings, by which action they receive more love from God.

There is lightning and thunder and rain taking place in the natural environment. What is the rain we expect in the human world? [Tears.] Is it true? All things are absorbing the rain in nature. What can God absorb from human beings? There is invisible love in God that suddenly forms through the visible human cloud, creating thunder and lightning in this love world. The invisible love exists, and centering on it there is a visible cloud formed in human beings, and it produces an electrical spark through a think cloud and the plus and minus clouds combine and explode. Lighting and thunder takes place through our human spark, and the debris that falls out of it is the food on which God and the spirit world live. The human spark of love creates love food. Thus both God and the universe what to see human beings make more and more powerful love, so that they can receive more output from it. So all things are in the position to support and work with and be eaten by human beings.

Thus when husband and wife make love, it is like this phenomenon of lightning and thunder. When husband and wife come together, it is like east and west coming together, like different sets of clouds, like above and below. They all come together and create this explosion. God cannot be dozing when this happens. Parental, conjugal and children's love come together and create this love. Bright light and sound are produced. Then all things surrounding them welcome it and want to resemble that couple. Non-blessed couples, put your fingers in your ears.

When that love spark comes about between husband and wife, their nerves and cells all focus on that and join that spark. What about God?

God's love can be explained as having three levels, parental, husband and wife and brother and sister, and they are all joined there and make a big sound, a round sound, and strong light. The entire universe will react in awe because the light is so bright and sound so loud. What, then, will God say? Will He tell us to make that love spark everyday or fight everyday? He will say to make love at least everyday. Every minute? God may not ask us to make that every hour, but at least every day. Then God will join us and there will be enough rain to drown the earth, and yet God and the universe will welcome it and laugh with joy, saying Mansei. He expected sadness, but God will smile and dance. [Father does a joyful dance and we applaud.]

When you observe animals making love, even rats make an interesting sound [Father makes it] and they all make a unique sound. What about human beings? Should it be a thunder-like sound, or just quiet? [Thunder.] But when God and human beings reach that lovemaking point, will it be big or small? [Big.] How strong? Can you imitate it? [Members try.] There will be a sound, an inclusive sound of all living things, animals and plants, all possible sounds can join there and the sound will come out that everyone will welcome it.

Farmers work in the fields so hard and wait for the rain, and it starts to rain. Then they go inside and take a nap. Do they need a mattress, or just lay on the wooden floor? Usually they don't mind and lay on the wooden floor. They are a little bit wet, so they don't go into the bed, but lay on the heated floor or tatami. Nature makes him stop working and he lays down and he gets hot from the floor so he takes off his clothes and is naked, but just lays his jacket over his lower parts. During that happy and contented nap, his loving wife approaches him. Or it could be vice-versa. Will he kick her away? What if she pulls off the jacket so that he is completely naked. Will he kick her away and curse her, or will the two become one and the love spark ignite? They will be happy.

God is a greedy person, so when He watches us doing that, will He object and tell us to do less? No, He will say, make a greater noise and brighter light. If you need help, I will come, so you can do it one time, two times. Because of their hard love work, they have no more energy and cannot even move one muscle, will not God smile and stay with them? He will be happy, very happy. God will help them close their eyes and will lay down and sleep with them. Between husband and wife when there is a strong lovemaking, don't you need rest afterwards? Maybe you need an hour's nap. That is like the blue sky after the thunder and lightning.

So the best time for husband and wife to create this love spark is when nature is doing the same thing, during a thunderstorm. Then you go in the bedroom Father: not bedroom, the ondol floor then God will say that He completed everything as He wanted, and this lovemaking day should continue for eternity. Then God will say it is good that I created love.

But if God only favors human beings with this privilege and becomes so happy and excited about that, then animals and minerals might complain that there is bias against them. But no, God has them be involved by their presence in human beings. If you study the world of birds and fish, they migrate. Fish from the salt water usually spawn and mate in the fresh water, where their eggs are hatched. Birds also move from one climate to another. When they migrate, they do so as pairs, making a lot of noise. This migration of fish and birds is related to their lovemaking process and hence to ours.

What is the view of God's providence? "Kwon," meaning perspective or view, means not just what is apparent to the eyes, but what is behind or underlying it. It is referring not just to the day, which is visible, but also to the night. The bigger view forms out of thirty days' perspective, not just one day's, and more so from a year's perspective. Then again, one century is even better, and finally there is the view of the millennium. These are not separate, but interconnected. But in human life today, these levels are divided. Therefore all kinds of problems come about. Those who focus on money, or power, or whatever, focus only on that and lose balance. They all should be interconnected.

True Parents' responsibility is to teach human beings the relationship between nature's spark and human beings' spark, and the completion of human beings' responsibility in the providence. What is the mainstream? Life, love or lineage? Love is the mainstream, the origin. The mainstream is absolute, unchanging, eternal and unique love. Only that can make a being of true dignity. Now you understand my title and my sermon is over.

We always welcome the greater love and its owner. You open the gate for it. We always welcome the higher level. Without that action, we cannot harvest true love. Human beings are waiting for the time to sacrifice our lives for God because of this. [Father draws on the board.] At the top is the king [next to the top are the letters k-o, meaning knocked out, because everything is knocked out by the king's love]. Everything below wants to climb up to the top. It is a hierarchy. When plants absorb minerals, then animals eat the grass, and so forth. There are slow moving animals and quick animals, and the fast absorb the slow. But there has to be a cycle, beginning from the top to reach 360 degrees. The goal completing the cycle is where human beings join God.

If human beings are the master of the universe, we have to be sure we are not ashamed of our quality, because all things created by God look forward to being absorbed by their master. Therefore we should have the same attitude toward serving our higher level, God, through love. All things and we too, should have this. Hence you should not worry about your family but just want to go with True Father wherever he goes. So you Japanese volunteers left your families behind and came to America, where True Father wanted you to come. A train has a locomotive in front then even a thousand passenger cars. When the locomotive starts moving, the front might reach the station but the rear end has not yet reached there. The connection between the cars is love. So we are connected, even though there may be a different time or speed in our lives, so eventually we will go to the same place. If I am the locomotive, then how many years are we separated from True Parents in terms of love? Are True Parents 10,000 years ahead of us? Do you think you will wait that long, or do you want me to give you the power to move with True Parents immediately through the internet?

To move all the cars instantly together, each needs its own engine. You know the way and direction. You understand God and the family and how to reach God's ideal activity. Recently I blessed you by telling you to make the Total Living Offering. Suppose that this opportunity had been given a thousand years ago to our ancestors. We would be much better off today. If they had known this condition would be given today, don't you know they would have been grateful to have done it then? If so, we would be 1,000 years ahead today. Then today, we would be kings of nations and the road to the Kingdom of God on Earth would be wide open.

The value of the sound and light of true love are the same on every level, plant, cat and dog. When they create this sound and light, all feel equal, the same. When English speakers make the noise, will it be an English sound, or an ideal human sound? The sound should originate from the ideal God and ideal parents. If God sees and hears one American couple making that love spark but an English noise coming out, will He be happy or accuse them of imitating a noise that is not original? He will spit at them and call them imitators. Love is the harmonizing, unifying power. Therefore, when God as a parent comes down and watches human beings making love, God must be happy with it. But when He hears a false sound coming out, will He stay and be joyful? No; He will stay away.

Is my teaching this morning right or wrong? [Absolutely right.] These love world principles apply not just in lovemaking, but in our mealtime. Through taking meals we are charged up for practicing love life. But if we talk about dirty or secular things during meals, will God welcome that? When an English speaking westerner eats, what do you talk about? If True Parents' eating sound is chop chop chop, you have to imitate that. Infants who are used to sucking their mother's breast are not familiar with chopsticks. So it is not easy for them to start. Bottle-feeding is not difficult. You can place the bottle on a pillow and the baby can consume it and you could just continue doing that. But with chopsticks it is difficult. If the mother keeps doing that, the baby will have to take it from the chopsticks, and this will create more love because it takes more effort. The word to portray this is different in each language. What would the baby want? To be fed by the original source and praised in the original language, or otherwise? When God hears different languages, even expressing the same beautiful thing, it gives Him a headache.

God and True Parents are the original being, number one, absolute, with a unique connection with the original being. [Father asks sisters if they have children.] When you gave birth and fed them, were you able to speak to them in God's original language? If you used another, it was an imitation. We must go over the language barrier or there will be no completion. No matter how new or famous you are, you have to go over that barrier, or you will never find true love, because the original love connection will not be made.

Love has a unique sound and light and shape. But why has the world become so confused? Because of the fall, there are stains and scars on the body. You know everything now, don't you? When there is a thunderstorm, you should be able to run outside naked and create that lovemaking spark as if you were Adam and Eve in the true Garden of Eden. Clothes are a gift of the fall. Do you want to take them off? [Yes.] Only those people who want to practice this are qualified to go back to the Garden with the original creation. Suppose there are a thousand naked women and ten handsome men. What if the most ugly of the men is your husband. What would you do? If the most beautiful woman (man) has the most unattractive man (woman) for a spouse, would they have to go after their own spouse's love organ, or the most attractive one's love organ? [Their own spouse's.] You are right. But as a man, if you are standing there naked and the most beautiful woman comes and touches your love organ, will your love organ wake up or sleep? If that happens and your love organ reacts strongly, you are a thief, taking another's property.

No matter how ugly your wife, make love with true love three times and she will appear to be the most beautiful woman in the world in your eyes. Other beautiful women will give you no taste of sweetness, but your ugly wife will if you make true love three times. And if your husband is most ugly, but you open your heart and embrace and kiss him, it will be so powerful that he will want to eat your tongue. It will be the strongest hugging power. That taste of kissing is sweeter than honey. At that moment, will the husband and wife close their eyes or open them? That will require ten times the energy as usual, so the entire universe will mobilize to help you complete that process. If I talk more about this, you will grow tired of it. [No.] That means "know," K-N-O-W.

What is the title? Are these teachings enough to enable us to fulfill our responsibility in the providence? We know the levels from the individual to the cosmos and up to the realm of liberation of God, and true love, giving and giving for tens of thousands of years. That has been the True Family's mission to teach us how to live for others and give true love for the sake of humanity. We have three stages all over our body, including lungs, heart and liver, and when we walk we are connecting three points, in front, our own space, and behind. Always there are three steps or points. All things in the world are betting their necks on love. We are sacrificing the family for the tribe, and on up, for the world, and all things live for human beings and human beings for God. The result and purpose of all this is the same. We know about the original creation and the fall. After the fall there was no understanding of restoration, but I corrected that. We know the history of restoration to the world level. We know how to describe Satan. We know of the Kingdom of God on Earth, the world of liberation and how to build it.

American Unificationists know that we must not live just for America but for the world in order to register in the Kingdom. The entire world is our hometown and the fatherland is the eternal Kingdom. And we know how to become saints and divine sons and daughters. So what else can I teach you? That is why through declaring the 7.8 Day, the safe settlement of True Parents was established, and through the 9.9 Jeol the entire satanic world was cleaned out. Because of the fall, everything was lost in the eyes of God, but through the True Parents everything is completed and it is done. It has been done. That means that I am being liberated. While being liberated, will True Parents go to the top of the universe or go to the lowest possible place to bring all the sheep to the kingdom? That is why I went to South America, to Jardim, to establish the world educational headquarters, to educate the couples from the world to become the citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Plus and minus are united, come back to the original point and form a family and extend to the spirit world. The entire spirit world and physical world are included as subject and object, and at this point everything is completed. That is why we had the opportunity to take our photo with True Parents. We ourselves could not go through the eight stages successfully, but we can piggyback on the True Parents. For that, we are embracing the spirit world and physical world, east, west, north and south. This is the era of liberation, not just on the family level do we get a photo, but also on the national and world levels.

To fulfill the eight stages we need absolute faith, love and obedience. We don't even exist at that point; we are just the shadow of True Parents. Then we can go over the eight stages. The 40-day workshop indemnifies 4,000 years of restoration. We study the word of God there, through which we go through the eight stages. We learn what Father has done. We realize I did this to save "me." We have to deny the entire satanic world. Seven generations and 180 families should come under us and then we can register in the Kingdom of God on Earth. We then have nothing to do with Satan. Heavenly fate will be with us. This is what we call the fourth Adam era. All the thousands of years of history are indemnified and there is no concept of indemnity: this is the meaning of the fourth Adam era. I already directed the Korean world headquarters to come up with the list of families who did the 40-days workshop at Jardim, so I can assign those volunteers to new hometowns in Korea, Japan and America.

Even if you are born in one nation, you should consider every place your home, wherever you go. Father, mother and son are one family. The population of America is 240 million, Japan 125 million, Korea 40 million. It totals about 400 million. It will take 400 million couples to fill up or match these populations. Those who come after that will be sent to other parts of the world. That's why I have secured over 430 million couples. What if you in America end up going there? Even if you are an American, as long as you fulfilled the 40-days and Total Living Offering, can go wherever and you should consider it your own nation, because we are one family and there is no real separation. We are connected by the one internal content that we share. That's the way all these blessed couples can embrace the planet earth. We have to cleanse the lineage of humanity by putting them through rebirth, resurrection and eternal life. That is why this 40-day education period is so critical. There you learn Father's tradition, even if I am not with you. You study my words and complete your responsibility and establish a good enough foundation to build your own hometown and start the Kingdom of God on Earth. At Jesus' time they needed 120 families to form a tribe, but we need 180. Seven generations times 180 families is 1,260 families required to form a tribe. This process began in 1997 and will take seven years, until 2003. Even in spirit world this is taking place.

You will probably choose a parent's country, so make sure you secure 1,260 families. But even if you all do that, it will not reach the goal of all families in that nation. Once we reach that goal, there will be no racial bias or national boundary. Everything will be equal and that is the real Kingdom of God on Earth. Even in spirit world, enemies are being matched, murderers and saints. In Adam's family, Cain and Abel were brothers. Criminals and saints came around by different paths, but they are the same level now and there are no boundaries. Children of saints and of criminals can be matched. National boundaries create the concept of enemy nations. So I matched people between those countries. That is a shortcut to reaching the Kingdom of God on Earth. As long as those people in the Cain position serve Abel and their own parents and elder brother, everything will be fine. They will have the same value.

Is it completed, or are we in the process of finishing it? Although I have completed my mission through all these stages, you are still in the process of finishing it, following my footsteps. So True Parents gave you the grace of following me and skipping some things, and what was destroyed by false parents we have restored. When we arrive in front of God, will God be rejecting it? How did God feel when saints and criminals were matched? If He doesn't like it, I will tell Him to be quiet because this is how we should do it. Adam made a mistake and the fall separated saints and false people, so as true Adam I am straightening it out this way, so then God will say, go ahead when I ask Him to receive it please.

When I offer this restored universe to God, who should bow first, the giver or receiver? I don't know; ask God. Even in the eyes of God, the cosmos will have been turned upside down and right side up. Even when I kick and hit Satan and tell him that I am restoring the world in this way, and that he should accept it and follow, I will pull Lucifer behind me and take him to God. I will accuse him before God and say I've straightened him out. I must stand as perfected Adam who restored the one who made the problem, and ask God now what should I do with him? God will say, do as you like. What else can God say? So Satan should thank me before he thanks God. Therefore, even if God doesn't want to forgive him, because of God's grace, He will. There is a battle between God and Satan. Who can separate them and bring a cease-fire? God has true pride and Satan has false pride. This new, perfected Adam comes with him, showing that he straightened the troublemaker out, then God has to accept it and acclaim that he can go to the Kingdom. And everyone will shout out AAAAAAAAHHHH-MMMEEEEENNNN! Man Mansei. [Applause.]

True Parents have completed this responsibility in view of God's providence. [Applause.] This the elimination of hell and opening the gates of the kingdom! [Applause.] This is logical. It is the culmination of all the logic and theories of this world, because no matter what they are, the sought-after conclusion is this one. Do you think this teaching is good enough and true enough for all the heads of different fields, economy, politics and business, to learn something that they do not know? [Yes.] [Father writes on the board.] It is very beautifully written. Pal ship nyun shigan (80 years period, or 80 years long) chun chae chae chul bal (the entire new start new millennium) won sung haebang eui (completion of liberation) kigang yotah (completion period) amen. We can translate it as: "This 80 years has been the period of total completion, restarting and complete liberation, amen. This will be ended at the end of 1999 and 2000 is the new start. Liberation is done. 80 represents also 8,000 years. In this 80 years of my life, 8,000 years of human history have been indemnified and restored.

Understanding this, we are the liberated people of the new nation, so we will start marching with True Parents, more brave and high-spirited even than the American or German military people, can you do it? [Yes.] The members of this Unification world will become like women and control this world's armies. That is, our women will be stronger than this world's armies of men. Couples will work together, with their children, in this project, on the front line to protect the kingdom of God. The father, who is stronger, can help the daughter and son can help the mother because he is stronger. That will end the fighting of wars. It is fantastic. Are you willing to do it? [Yes.] That means that the families have to be mobilized to overcome the satanic world once and for all, because they are ready to surrender, which means to receive the blessing. Unification members are so famous that the world is ready to welcome you. There is family and youth breakdown, HIV and so many problems under the surface, how can the world stop this disintegration? Hope comes only by our absolute foundation.

This is the only way to go, whether we personally like it or not. With that confidence and pride, will you march forward? [Yes.] That is why at the end of the 40-days education in Jardim you were advised to prepare to move to a new hometown. How can you deny the need to move and create the true hometown? Only someone who is worse than Satan? [Father asks two brothers where they want to go, and they say Korea.] If there is any opposition, we will launch demonstrations for PLA and so forth. Unificationist couples are the ambassadors for God and the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Who is in the position of the kingdom's ambassador? Blessed families. So where will you go? The enemies have surrendered. They are defeated; you just have to harvest them. The competition among blessed couples over who brings back more will determine your position in the Kingdom.

You Japanese sisters who came here, do you want to stay here in America or go to Korea? Which? America is your brother's house, but Korea is your parents' house. If you stay in your brother's house, you will be looked down upon. You should stay with your parents. Then you need your brothers and sisters. Everyone in the world wants to come to Korea. But Korea has nothing left, because of the IMF crisis. But if people from five races crowd in there, will people follow Kim Il Sung's idea of how to unify the peninsula? Everyone will oppose Kim's idea, so the only alternative will be my teachings. When that time comes, will Japan's government oppose True Parents? Even Satan will follow me; will America and Japan not? The king of opposition, Satan, has no base. Will American and Japan oppose? The time will come that the whole world will mobilize to promote unification.

After World War II, seven nations were to have united and worked together, including Korea. America should give full support to the father nation, and then the other nations will follow suit. America is responsible to unite the Christian denominations and thereby clean up its society, so that the younger brother nations will follow and allow the Kingdom of God on Earth to unfold.

This woman is a branch of True Mother. She should offer her milk, love, flesh and bone to America. That way you can raise your elder son. You may not speak English, but by working three times harder than American members, you can qualify to be here in America. By restoring three sons, you can stay here. As a mother you have responsibility to feed the son, even if you are dying of starvation. A true mother will make sure the baby survives as she dies. That is the number one mother. So go into the Christian churches. Secure three spiritual children, like restoring Adam's, Noah's, and Abraham's families.

You cannot escape the law of indemnity, which is always the same. You Japanese missionaries cannot shed tears missing your hometown, but should be proud to be building the ideal kingdom and serving True Parents here. They are the parents of parents and king of kings. Until we prepare this foundation to receive True Parents in that position, along with God, we cannot die. Japanese missionaries, please stand up. Will you the mother's responsibility? [Hi.] God and I have been shedding tears to receive you, so you should not shed tears missing your hometown and parents.

[Father had everyone stand up and asked Rev. Peter Kim to pray. Dr. Chang Shik Yang led three Manseis.]

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