Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

True Father Speaks to Members in Montevideo, Uruguay

Sun Myung Moon
December 20, 1999

[Notes taken by Dirk Anthonis. More details about new directions mentioned by Father in this speech should be forthcoming from Church Headquarters.]

True Parents arrived in Uruguay at the beginning of this month and have been staying quietly, and with very few Church leaders around them, in Punta del Este, the site of the 1998 and 1999 God's Day celebrations. Last Wednesday, they returned to the Uruguayan capital of Montevideo. On Friday morning, after the 6 AM Hoon Dok Hae service, True Father addressed the members whom had gathered for the service at the Victoria Plaza Hotel. What follows is a summary of what Father said as translated (in Spanish) by Alejandro De Souza. These are unofficial notes that may contain errors of interpretation because of the double translation. After the speech, Father announced that he wanted to have a meeting in the afternoon (that same day) with the leaders and members of the Uruguayan Family Federation and other Church-related organizations. About 100 Federation members were able to come and greet True Parents, who were scheduled to leave for the United States in the evening. Father seemed pleased with the fact that these Federation members (most of whom were non-Unificationists) had managed to show up on such short notice. He spoke to them informally for about an hour and then read to them the speech "Everybody Wants True Love", the same speech he gave to a gathering of ministers in Chicago on November 20 of this year. As soon as the speech was over, True Parents bade farewell and immediately left for the airport.

True Father

Who among you are blessed members? (All raised their hands.) The Blessing is the most precious thing one can receive but no one in history has been able to receive it. It is amazing that all of you here have been able to receive this Blessing. Whom do you love more? True Parents (who gave you the Blessing) or your spouse (to whom you were blessed)? [Someone answers "True Parents"].

It is nice of you to say that you love me more than your own spouse, but if you establish an ideal love relationship with your spouse then by doing so you are also loving True Parents. The Bible says that God created a woman because He did not want man to be alone. You and your spouse together as one unit should love and support True Parents. To fulfill the ideal of the family, you need an environment to live in, a country.

In the history of restoration, you must return to your original position through an indemnity course. The culminating point of the restoration process is to receive the Blessing. Throughout the tens of thousands of years of human history, the most ardent desire of God has been to give the Blessing to His children.

Because of the Fall, the standard of the family fell to a very low level, far removed from the standard God had envisioned for the family in His original ideal. We must return to the original standard by adopting the standard established by True Parents. Until now, True Parents have invested everything, including their own children, into the Providence of Restoration. We have been the recipients of tremendous grace and blessings because of all the investments that True Parents made. However, there comes a point where we, who are the recipients of these blessings, must return something.

God has invested everything, True Parents have invested everything, so we as Blessed families must also go the course of investing everything we have. Father did not bless people so that they would be happy just for themselves. No. He gave the Blessing so that we can invest ourselves for the sake of others and thereby multiply the blessings we received.

We should be grateful because we are the immediate fruits of Father's lifelong investment and sacrifice. When you go to the spiritual world, would you like to go and live there just by yourselves or do you want your whole clan to be with you? We must become a total offering for the sake of restoration. The time of the complete eradication of the Satanic blood lineage has arrived. For True Parents to be able to get to this point, they and their family had to sacrifice everything.

Until now, you have had all of your interest focused on True Parents. From now on, I would like you to pay more attention to the True Children. All the children in the True Family who stood in the second position have been sacrificed so that the Providence of Salvation could be fulfilled. The time has come for these True Children in the spiritual world to do their work here on earth. They established the condition for the liberation of True Parents and the entire world. From the year 2000 to the year 2004, Father must fulfill whatever remains for him to be done on this earth. We must establish a nation. We must change the fallen traditions, customs and habits that humanity has adopted.

In Jardim, I organized 40-day workshops for the blessed families to connect to the heavenly tradition. I took pictures with the families who participated in the workshops. The families who attend the workshops are asked to make an offering based on the number 160 symbolizing the cosmos. Attending these workshops and having your picture taken with True Parents establishes a condition for you to enter the heavenly Kingdom. In a second stage, you should also have your picture taken with the True Family. We are going to establish a new tradition and remove ourselves from the Satanic traditions of the past.

We are going to establish a new nation and our desire should be to want to live in that nation. I am going to make a restructuring of the worldwide community of blessed families, which will cause a big migration. This will be a condition to establish our nation. I already sent American church leaders to Korea and Japan so that they, as representatives of the Elder Son nation, can learn about the heavenly tradition and exchange views with their peers in the countries that are in the position of parent.

For Father's 80th birthday, all blessed families should establish a condition of offering, if not a debt on their part will remain. Blessed families and members of their clan (180 people) should participate in this mobilization. The countries where these blessed families will be sent to is to be decided by lottery and will be based on their participation in the 40-day workshop in Jardim. Each of the 180 clan members should restore 7 people, for a total of 1,260 persons. In this way, a grass-roots movement will be established across the nation, so much so that negative people will want to leave their own country because they will be so outnumbered.

The redistribution of blessed families should focus on the 6 Providential countries involved in World War II, but primarily the United States, Japan and Korea. The transition into the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to the realm of the Fourth Adam. In the Old Testament Age, God sacrificed animals; in the New Testament Age, Jesus became the sacrificial offering; to establish the Old Testament Age, the True Parents and True Family stood in the position to sacrifice.

As we enter the Realm of the Fourth Adam, the blessed families will have to take more responsibility and be willing to sacrifice. Soon there will be an official announcement about the 40-days condition for blessed families centered around Jardim. The Kingdom of Heaven starts from conditions established by the Fourth Adam. The time has come for blessed families to assume the burden that has been weighing on True Parents' shoulders until now. In the migration of blessed families, representatives from all races and cultures should participate and work together in harmony.

To cross into a new, unified world, we will create representative public buildings. These will be obtained with the donations from the blessed families centered on the ideal family workshops in Jardim. Your complete clan must enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Water always looks to even itself out and create a smooth surface. In the same way, all races should mix and become equalized.

The era of the Fourth Adam will bring equality. In order to create unity, we should all be able to speak the same language. Therefore, it is essential for all blessed families to study Korean. All cultural, racial and socio-economic barriers will be eliminated if we create one unified culture. In the eyes of God, individual nations do not exist.

Selfish individualism is not godly and must be eradicated. It is part of the Satanic lineage. From Father's 80th birthday on, national messiahs may be assigned to a new mission and be sent to other countries. We must offer back to God everything we have received as a condition to enter the new era. The most important thing is to participate in the 40-day workshop in Jardim, or at least to make the condition of total offering. In the future, it will be an object of great pride if your family participated in the workshop in Jardim, where True Parents invested so much.

Even if you cannot take part in the entire 40-day workshop, at least have your picture taken with True Parents. True Parents will go to Jardim for this purpose prior to the 80th birthday celebration and have pictures taken with all blessed couples. We must feel profoundly grateful to God and True Parents. By fulfilling the condition of total offering, we can eliminate all our debts. This condition will be the source of great blessing in the future. Is there anyone who does not want to participate in the migration to a new country? After all that True Parents have sacrificed, those who just want to live for themselves are worse than anything.

We are in the ultimate stages of the Providence. We have 4 more years in which we must establish the new nation. There is no reason to complain because we have great hope in front of us. We must dig out the roots that bind us to the Satanic nation where we were born and plant our roots in the new nation of heaven. [Father here made reference to a British brother who told him recently that he had not seen his hometown in 21 years and would like to move back there. Instead, Father, in good humor, told the brother that all he needed to do to educate his relatives is to send them a set of Hoon Dok Hae books. Father then encouraged everyone to go to Jardim: "If you can't afford the plane ticket, go by foot!"] Starting from the ideal family workshop center in Jardim, a new heaven and a new earth will emerge. 

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