Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

The Cosmos is My Hometown and Fatherland (Chunjoo-nun Na-eui Kohyang kwa Joguk)

Sun Myung Moon
Belvedere International Training Center
Tarrytown, New York
December 19, 1999
Translation by Rev. Peter Kim
Unofficial Notes by Tyler Hendricks

We should begin each day with Hoon Dok Hae, but I am going to give a special message this morning. So when you go home, be sure to read "In Search of the Origin of the Universe."

Where is your hometown and fatherland in this world? Everyone has a different hometown and fatherland, because we have different nationalities. To resolve this, let us examine the meaning of the cosmos. There can be many different hometowns, but there is only one cosmos.

In Chinese characters, which are mystically formed, chun represents heaven, joo means house and chun joo means heavenly house, or cosmos. Chun consists of two people, but the second character means house. So this means a house in which two people can dwell freely, with no restrictions. Chun joo means two people living in the heavenly house in total freedom.

In English, we cannot separate the syllables "cos" and "mos," but in Chinese characters we can do this. If you look into the structure of Chinese characters, you see this deep meaning. When we say chunji-in, it means heaven and earth and the individual. Everything is included there. When we study our own body, we find elements both spiritual and physical. Chunji-in includes it all. In your face, everything is in pairs. Your face is like your house. Subject-object relationships are there. Your eyes represent heaven or God.

Oriental thought usually has a broader meaning or perspective than western thought. Western people cannot do several jobs at one time, but only one at a time. But Orientals tend to think that one or two jobs are not enough, and I can handle up to ten, just as I have ten fingers. That's why Orientals have a tendency to set priorities for their jobs. They prioritize in a yin-yang way, this, then that, coming in, going out. Oriental culture is more round, inclusive and embracing. Western is straight and narrow. So westerners can go out but not come back. So westerners need Orientals in order to return. To grasp the entire universe you need this chun joo, this house. So you should hang on to Orientals.

If I keep talking on the meaning of Chinese characters, there will be no end. But this is common sense to everyone. Just make sure you westerners are united with Orientals in order to form a sphere, a "no-edge" personality. Front and rear, upper and low, when you establish all these points, you can secure your position in the center. A globe needs a center, uniting what is above and below, right and left, front and rear. You cannot just deal with the front; you need to know the rear. You need to know past and future, east and west, eastern and western cultures. These relationships should exist, not just one side or the other. Even when we sleep, we lay on different sides of our body. Which way is the most fundamental? On the back? Yes. That way, when you stretch, you can free up all your limbs. When you lay on your side, one side of your body is strained. Laying on the stomach, then what do you do with your face? This is logical. Raise your hand if you tend to sleep on your stomach ... on your side ... on your back. Those who sleep on their back get 100 points.

Your mouth represents all things. What do you consume through it? Three meals a day and we drink water many times a day. I see many westerners carrying bottles; they must drink many times a day. Where does it go? It goes into your stomach. So westerners have a big part of their stomach for water. Easterners don't eat or drink so much between meals. Ancient people did not have soft drinks, but they would drink during meals, then walk a long ways and find another place to eat and drink. Those who drink a lot of water are the ones who need to diet, who are overweight.

If you need to diet, make sure you don't drink much, then you will be successful. The more often you go to the bathroom, the more successful you will be with the diet. Give away more than you take in and your body will become smaller. Just make sure you use all your energy to eliminate water from your body, because 3/4 of your body mass is water. When we fast seven days, we drink water. We lose weight. That is a natural cure. Artificial drinks, such as soft drinks, are not so good for health. My lifelong principle is not to eat between meals and not to drink much. But at mealtime I eat anything that is available. Everything in this world is prepared for our consumption.

The Family and the Universe

Make sure you position yourself in the center. Above and below represent parent and child, right and left is husband and wife, and front and rear are brothers and sisters. With proper relationships in these directions, we can form a spherical shape in our life. Then every section of the sphere converges in the center. Nothing is present in the center; it is the zero point. Yet from that zero point, everything is connected on the circumference, at the same distance. The center point is number seven. That's where you should be positioned. That's why there is the expression that seven is a lucky number. That is where God dwells. Yet God is invisible. It is the invisible center, where God stays.

When we join spirit world, God will guide us, yet God is invisible. We cannot see above, but we can see below. Therefore the visible below and invisible above should become one. That is perfection. If you just have one of them, it is incomplete. The visible body and invisible mind should be one, then you are complete. If either is missing, you are incomplete. You cannot live just with right and not left. They should come together to establish a different direction. When you move, there is front and rear. The air in front of us is pushed and that air behind us is following. This relationship should have a balance, equality. That is why those who insist upon selfish individualism are the most stupid people. They disregard this principle of unity. Above and below are heaven and earth, right and left represent humanity, and front and rear are past and future. The three elements should be combined together. In this sphere are three different circular movements, centering on the three directions. When the three circular movements unite, the seed is produced. The surface of the seed is hard. The seed has two sections inside, representing plus and minus, and a round shape.

You may be handsome but you still need your parents. A man needs a woman and also brothers and sisters. In your parents, you should be able to find everything, all directions, because they represent everything. They already grew up as brother and sister and husband and wife, and now they are parents. So everything is in them. So whoever denies parents is a total failure and has no value in life. Such a person does not have this formula or pattern. As Adam and Eve grew up from childhood to become husband and wife and father and mother, we all go through the same process and need to accomplish the same things. These three angles of circular movement come together and become one eventually. They mingle together and form the center and the outcome is the seed of your family. So in your family you find your parents, husband and wife and children. Your family can do this circular movement. This is the model for the ideal existence of the family. So you should receive parental love, conjugal love and brothers and sisters love. Your children will love you after you have given enough love to them.

The Godly Seed

Then what is God? From where does this movement start? From above. First is above, then below. In the oriental language, we say left and right, in that order, not right and left. Right and left is the correct, original order. Right is first, front is first, then rear. Some American women say women are first, not men. When I watch the secular world's trend, those well-educated women and more so those popular entertainers think they are the best and have all power in their hands. They try to control their husbands and all men. Singing and doing art does not make a complete human personality. It is just one aspect of human life. In their singing or art career, if we remove love, there is just a shell left. These artists and singers, do they have true love? When they behave as they do, they are not fostering love but destroying it. So those entertainers have more chance to fall and ruin their life, destroying their love. The human race has reached this point. There is no return and they are doomed to perish.

When God is with the movement of the sphere, the seed can be formed. The dimensions become one. The seed is protected by three layers, with plus and minus inside. In other words, our family should become like God. In the principle this is the four-position foundation and triple objective purpose, and this is the origin of the universe. This principle exists in everything. Can a woman become a seed? To provide a seed, she needs to go through three stages, child, wife and parent. Then she can provide the seed of life. That way she can exist for eternity in the universe. Like a wheel spinning in the universe.

If you dislike your parents, raise your hands. Can you control your parents? In the secular world there is the saying that parents cannot win from their children, but this is the result of the fall. The fall means you are rolling down the hill. So the parents ended upon below their children. If you have no one in the position in front of you, you are doomed to roll down and fall down to hell. If she has no husband, the woman has no normal future, and without children, the parents will lack a normal future, because their lineage will not be carried on. What can unite us? Power, knowledge, money? All these are comparative. One person can have more than another does. What is the substance to unite them all and build a balance? The substance is love. That is where God comes. True love. Love is the power that makes above and below, all sides united. Centering on God, every existing being should be balanced and united. Based on this principle, there should be a center.

A soccer ball is round, like a sphere. For it to be so there is air pressure pushing with equal power in every direction from the inside. Otherwise it will not be round. There is a centrifugal force pushing out in each direction at an equal amount. What makes that possible? The power of love. True love power is giving power. If you apply that into your life, you will find the balance. It is not receiving power but giving and supporting power. So if you stand in the center and give out, there is natural harmony. At that point you are in total negation of yourself and you are just giving. In this zero point, everything is welcomed. This giving power is internal power. You negate yourself and keep giving. So receiving power will follow the giving power and the eternal movement will begin.

The entire cosmos exists as a sphere, with God at the center exercising giving, true love power. Heavenly fortune is being applied to every corner, making sure everything grows and prospers. In this universe, there is always the giving power, true love power, but because of this, a receiving power follows and fills the vacuum, creating eternal movement and the center is established. Love is flowing constantly, as water and air flow. Water, air and love all flow. Does light flow? Whatever flows goes out and comes back. What is the circular movement with light? How does it circulate? Inside the sun are millions of substances exploding, and they appear as the penumbra, the different colors of light, materials that reflect certain kinds of lights. There is nothing lost in the universe. They flow away but eventually return.

Giving And Receiving Power

Today's topic is that the cosmos is my hometown and fatherland. In this house, the cosmos, all beings are included. God is in the center of the sphere and God is giving His power to support everything. Once everything receives, it has to give back, like a reflective light. Like God, they should be willing to give more than they receive. This leads to the expansion of everything and of the cosmos.

A good man is one who gives more than he receives. This is a good man, and those who give less than they receive are called evil. Parents are the example of goodness, because they want their children to become of more value than they. Between husband and wife, each expects the other to become greater than they are. The elder brother expects the younger brother to become greater. Those who give more than they receive are the origin. Even in one's conversation, if you feel happy by hearing something, then you feel like talking more and more. If you are intoxicated looking at someone, you keep looking and looking. In relationship of husband and wife, you may just kiss or hug at the beginning, but you get hotter and hotter and finally say, even if we die, let's just stay this way. Once you understand the principle here, you need no more explanation.

The top unification members are the ones who give more than they receive. Those who practice what they read in Hoon Dok Hae are the number one members. Is this right or wrong? [Right!] Those who receive and just consume and do not return anything, move backwards in life. It looks as if they are walking forward but they are moving backwards. [Father performs a "moon walk" very excellently.] You are in relationship to everything in the universe, so you should give back everything that you receive. Then you can be in balance with the universe. Otherwise you will be disappear because you do not fit in the universe. This is a simple truth. Your eyes want to look at a beautiful thing. When you realize the value of the beauty and keep looking at it, the value goes up. The same applies to smelling, eating and hearing. With each sense, you will follow whatever is the more attractive.

The conclusion is to become a person who can give more than he receives. In the cosmos as my hometown, what position am I talking about? If you position yourself on the border, you cannot reach everything, because some things are close and others are far away. The position you call your hometown and fatherland, in which every position and angle will welcome you and do a Mansei, is what position? It's like a soccer ball being filled with air, that you cannot see but you realize is there. The entire sphere is totally vacant; you don't see anything. Even at the center, nothing is visible. However, there is a secret. Just like God, you don't see anything in the external world, but once you reach the core of the internal world, you can reach out to the external world and the internal world as well. Without experiencing this absolute zero point, you cannot know about or experience God's love whatsoever. So we have to unite ourselves.

Good Digestion

Mi guk (the Korean word for America, lit. "big country") sounds like sea weed soup in Korean ("mi yuk guk"). It means you have failed in your exam. We should negate America so we cannot even see it; so it is invisible. While we are doing this, we should go for God. While your are negating yourself and your country, keep going for God and you will reach the core of the cosmos and find God. Then everything will appear before your eyes at once. It is not easy to deny and negate yourself. That is the point of delineating the eight stages. As when God created the universe, there was nothing and He created it from nothing. So we have to go to the zero point, achieving nothingness, then we meet God and come out of God and like God created all things, we will receive this substantial world. This means that we should be able to digest everything created by God.

The survivors will be the ones who have the power to digest everything. Through this, you obtain what you need, as the strong digest the weak and gain the nutrients from them. You survive and prosper. Whatever is to be digested doesn't survive. You eat it through your mouth. What do you want to eat? The most delicious one first or the most dirty one that you dislike? You may call this a food chain. You think you should consume fruit, grasses and grains. But for them to grow, they absorb dirty things including smelly fertilizer. They provide fine nutrition from it. What of the tiger that can kill a cow? When it eats the cow, the tiger's stomach turns the meat into fertilizer.

Whatever we absorb, the lowest possible one first is the best. Do tigers eat each other? The world of tigers and lions are different. Lions move as herds and eat at night after sneaking up on the prey. Tigers hunt day and night, moving alone, and protect each other's young. The lion sneak up on deer sleeping at night. Tigers don't. So I like tigers better. The strongest animal is the Siberian tiger, with stripes on its fur. If tigers were to give birth every year, there would be too many. So they give birth every two years. The period to raise the offspring is two years. Where in the world is food found most? Fish always eat smaller fish as well as insects and small animals. Though they live in the water, they can catch food near the water. Also birds will catch fish that are near the surface.

Where do you want to build your hometown and fatherland? When you say, hometown, you may refer to the entire earth, but fatherland refers to where God dwells. It is on the earth. Where on earth? You may have to be more specific then. If it is within the United States, no one can respect you. You are not even worth kicking out. Ideal people would not identify a city in America as their hometown. Your hometown is this entire world. The definition of hometown is where your parents live, where you were born and where your brothers and sisters live. It is the world in which the true people are born.

In history, at certain points the different races came out. Whose children are they? [God's.] Have you seen it? Whatever angle you look, God is the master, owner and captain. So God is the original father of all people. Someone may point to different colors of skin as meaningful. But that is not a substantive difference. In reality, the different races walk and in the substantial matters they are the same, such as in walking, talking and smiling. Unlike different species of animals, we all resemble each other, even in dancing and singing. Even my grandfather can dance. [Father does a nice tap dance.] Eventually we will realize among the races that despite the skin color, we can do everything together. We eat with two hands, unlike monkeys. We are on an equal level, therefore, in eating, singing, making love and dancing. We know inside that we all are human beings. The races do not have a different way of defecating or urinating. But animals are different from us. Everything else is the same, the blood, the way of eating and talking, the color of your muscle. The only difference is the skin color, the surface. Why?

The white race is descended from polar bears. Animals blend with the environment for camouflage. In the same way, the white race appears as they do because their ancestors lived in the wilderness of snow, and looking for water their eyes became the color of water, blue. Caucasian hair is many colors, because there are many colors in the environment. The coloring is not God's creation but due to the environment. They had to hunt everyday, so they became excited about seeing blood. So the white race history has always been stained by blood. Who eliminated the American Indians? White people. How can we understand that? The white race is the polar bear race. They came through the Scandinavian Peninsula and to Great Britain, the island of pirates. In what can you take pride? They tried to conquer the world.

Love Everything

Orientals are brown bears, fourteen feet high. But will a brown bear and polar bear that are male and female fight or unite? They will unite, naturally. All animals disregard color within the same species when they mate. Following this natural law, we in the Unification Church have been practicing inter-racial marriage. Yet no one likes me doing this. Some like it and like to follow that marriage system. The black race represents the tropical regions. Whites represent the North Pole, the yellow race another region, so if they all mix together, their descendents will be the best. Fish and birds practice the same principle, such as fish moving from fresh to salty water. Birds migrate between cold and warm climates. Eating a lot of meat lessens the sperm count and eating fruit the sperm count becomes bigger. So the whites will decline and the blacks increase.

You should be able to eat everything. Snake meat, lion and tiger meat are good for your health. Our boundary of living is limited, and so to taste the different regions you should consume the meat that comes from that region. Even the pumpkins are different, big and small, but the essence is the same. As a Unification Church family, within three generations, which families will be more ideal, that which has a big mixture of races, or not? [Mixed.] Do you like mixed food? By having a colorful family, you have a privilege. Different times of day represent different seasons that connect with different races that make different kinds of food. So you will be healthy. Your stomach will be healthy. You can have your meal in different locations during the day. Your stomach will be well trained, because it will be disciplined, therefore you will be healthy. After you get used to hot food, you like it. And if you can handle the hottest food, you can digest any kind of food.

So what kind of lifestyle do you want to live? In an office all your life, confined to one place? Or like Father, going around the world and experiencing everything? That is like God, who wants to experience everything that human beings do. If I bring a big alligator here, big enough to swallow three people at a time ... If that alligator meat is well cooked, every species will enjoy it. But some people are too sophisticated to eat it. So in that way, the creatures are superior to some human beings. In that case, the more civilized, the less value, because they are over-refined. God created everything in this world for the sake of human beings to become strong. So if you just eat one part of it, you will not be strong.

So as human beings we have to train ourselves to digest everything and be healthy. Will God favor the narrowly confined person or that one who wants to check and taste everything in the world? Do you wish to confine yourself to eat only that which is not moving? If it's not tasty, it probably has medicinal qualities. For example, human waste can be used as a medicine for certain diseases. Some scientists claim that urine can cure diseases. Even drinking urine, each sex should drink that of the other sex to have it more effective. Even for fish, you defecate, your dung will float and a lot of fish will come to eat it. You should waste nothing. Plants absorb animal waste.

Your teeth are designed in order to break down all kinds of foods. Darwin teaches that the strong eat the weak. But that's not true. The baby whale is weak but it eats smaller fish. The fish with the bigger mouth eats the smaller one. So you see more small fish than huge whales. There are 3,600 species of fish in the Amazon area. They consume water with all its organisms. It is not a crime for them to eat whatever fits in their mouth. The larger the fish, the fewer the offspring. Small ones lay several million eggs at the same time. When they are first born they are hardly visible. Relations of cousin or uncle make no difference to fish; if it fits in their mouth they eat it. What of human beings? How many children can we produce? Rabbits produce 10 babies at a time, five times a year. Rats and mice produce seven to ten, once a month. So the fearsome animals hunt at night. Tigers travel up to 100 km per night to find prey. God created everything mysteriously. A bear takes so much energy just to take one step. But his nose is so sensitive that he can spot food from miles away, so he can go directly there. Who created them in such a way?

Love Conquers All

Would you like to train a tiger and sit and ride on its back? If you train it with love from its infancy, the tiger will become your horse. It will rather eat its own parent than you, because you are the love master. He will even want to die in your arms. If you give enough love to all the animals, more than their parents do, they you will inherit their health and more when you kill them and eat them.

In Jardim I did an experiment. When rain comes hard, we say it is raining cats and dogs. Cats and dogs fight. So I told President Kim to have the dogs and cats eat and sleep together. Now they are very friendly with each other. You can even make friends with rattlesnakes if you give enough love. I winter, snakes have cold body temperature and want to sleep with you in the warm part of your body. There is nothing surpassing love. If a little child loves the cat most, the cat will go to the little child. The cat will follow love, even from little children. There is nothing in the natural world that does not return the equal amount of love they have received. Only human beings violate this and they are destined to go to hell.

The cosmos is my hometown and fatherland. You may have come from all over the world, but centered on true love there is only one hometown and one father. Everything goes to the true love place, the center. This planet earth can become our hometown and fatherland. The fatherland is where God and I dwell.

[Father asks Japanese members present to raise their hands, and there was a large number of them.] At this rate, within ten years the Japanese will conquer America. The Americans are becoming slaves of free sex and homosexuality and their race will become extinct. Go ahead and have a lot of children. Is it blessed couples or plus couples? From now you can call blessed couples, "plus couples." In ten days, we will step into the new millennium, at which time this name change will take place. Plus indicates that we want to give more and not be indebted. Plus couples always want to add more, to make a plus. There will be plus parents and plus children. Then what is the name of our race? Unification race, because there can be all five races to be found. What color garment do you prefer? White, black, brown? [Rainbow.] All colorful.

We do not have a hometown on earth yet. We need the trinity of love, life and lineage. These are like the primary colors: love, life and lineage. To have love we need the same lineage. Above love are God and our ancestors. Based on them we establish the center point of above, below, right, left and front and rear. So we can find love, lineage and family. Love is connected with life, they all have to be connected. Then we can become perfect. All our mind and body should be mobilized. Love is not a means to do or protect something else; love should be love itself. No one can change this.

You need all three of the trinity together or none of them can exist. [Pointing to a sister in the front row.] Even if she seems to have life, she should have love and lineage connected or there will be no life. Love is there to create eternal history, connecting past, present and future. God's lineage can be tens of millions of generations. That's why this love, life and lineage always travel together at a perpendicular angle. So in history you can point everywhere and anywhere and get the same thing. Centering on this we can return to our hometown and fatherland automatically.

The conclusion in the eyes of God's ideal of creation is how we can become true human beings who possess the true life, love and lineage. Resembling God, whoever possesses these are the true children of God and will belong to the eternal Kingdom of God on Earth with God. We marry in order to protect and keep this heavenly tradition. Above and below, and east and west, we have to create the same quality family. Be the woman who wants to create a pure lineage with her husband. Take a meal not of leftovers but that is newly prepared. Do not mix your food or your lineage and love with junk.

When an infant first sees the world, he looks at the face of his mother. To the infant, the mother comes before the father. Mommy sounds like "maum" ("mind" or "spirit" in Korean). She gives mind and heart to the baby, so he looks at mommy first. The baby's mouth wants to kiss mommy's mouth first, not daddy's. Breast feeding is a treasure. In the oriental tradition, before you have a baby, a daughter in law is disgraced if her father or mother In law see her breasts. But after the baby is born, her breasts can be seen while breast feeding. When the position of the subject changes, everything can change. The mother is most intimately involved in raising the baby. This is also true for the animal kingdom. In that sense, who's love is thicker? The mother's love is thicker, because the children are part of the blood and flesh of the mother. They received it from their mommy. From a mother's point of view, the baby is her second self. Just as Adam and Eve were born from God and were part of God, so God had to love them; He had no choice. Before the fall, they could touch God, talk to God and receive love from God directly. But after the fall they lost this. So we have to know the importance of keeping the right lineage.

The Enemy Adulterer

When Adam and Eve were born, their lineage was that of God. To extend this lineage, what did they have to do? Their children were to have become the grandchildren of God. But they didn't do this. Whose lineage were Cain and Abel's? Satan's. Satan is God's love enemy, an adulterer. In Chinese characters the word for adultery, khan, consists of three women. People did not know who Satan was. Now we know that Satan's identity is that of the criminal who became God's enemy through adultery.

Originally, Eve's body, especially her love organ, was to have received the seed of God. Instead, Satan's seed came in to her. Think of how Eve's body suffered such misery. As a woman, she knew that the seed in her womb was not the prince of God, but rather of Satan. So she was sad. From that point, the love of God and world of Satan separated. Because of that separation in Eve's body, we became the descendents of Satan. Have you thought about this? We realize what kind of descendents we have become, not the children of God who are happy, but of His enemy. If Father's teaching is true, I have a question for you. Who among you does not look at the mirror in the morning? When you look, realize that every strand of your hair is an enemy to God. Your eyes belong to Satan, God's enemy. Your nose, mouth, ears- your entire body belongs to Satan. Therefore God doesn't welcome you.

From God's point of view, we are all the children of God's enemy. It is as if a robber came into your house and raped your wife and an unwanted baby were to be born. All the family members would turn their backs on such a baby. We are those fallen descendents. This turn of events would be considered tragic and repulsive even in this fallen world. In the original world it is even worse than that. In God's sight, those kinds of rapists appear all the time and rape God's children. How does God feel? Will He recommend that they marry, or leave them single? He will leave them single. On top of that, we indulge ourselves in free sex, taunting God. God's eyes will just spit out a fireball and turn the world upside down and make hell. We inherited this satanic lineage and practiced satanic love so our life is a satanic life. If God wants to forgive us, even if He chops us up into a trillion cells and blows them into the air and sees us like dust floating around, He still feels agony and sadness. He just wants to blow us out so there is no trace of Satan. He feels this because we became His enemy of love, lineage and life. It's the boundary between heaven and hell.

God's position is to love the children of the enemy more than He loves His own children. If He could love us the same level as He loves His own children, it would mean nothing. God creates restoration by giving more to the enemy's children. Falling water may take thousands of years to eliminate ink from a paper. To create a new life you have to give more than you did at the outset. [Father draws a womb with a fetus.] The fetus asks, where is my original world? Where can I belong? It knows that it is in a fallen mother's body. The seed came from a fallen father, fallen seed from fallen love, life and lineage. The fetus goes through agony. God will hear it. Will God pity the fallen mother's body? We're talking the entire human race, not just one woman.

When the baby is born, from the world of mother's womb, the water world, into his world of land. The baby will absorb all things to mature in this world that is the expansion of mother's womb. Just as the fetus receives nutrition from the mother's womb, so we receive nutrition from the planet earth. The earth is our second mother. So we have to love the land. God loves the land and so we have to do so also. God created it for us. We travel from the world of water to the world of land, and eventually to the world of spirit. This final stage is the era of the sun. The mouth represents era of water and the nose the era of land. You drink water with your mouth and inhale air with the nostrils. Your eyes deal with light from the sun. So everything flows, water, air and sunlight. So your eyes can figure out if everything is balanced-hence measurement comes from your eyes. In this physical world, we pass through three stages, the era of water, land and light, the world of sun. Centering on the sun's position, the galaxies are always there, but we cannot see them. We have night and day on earth, but the spirit world is always bright, there is no night. We have the eras of water, of air, of love. Love never stops, like sunlight. Love should flow constantly, day and night, pole to pole. That's spirit world. Everything will be harvested and shipped there.

Originally, those who are qualified to live in the world of love are those who go through the three stages without falling. The father gives a pure seed and the mother forms the fetus and the baby is born. Then the child should live in true love all the time and be harvested as the fruit of true love who remains in spirit world all the time as a love being. Only the family unit can enter the world of love, the spirit world. Therefore, throughout history there was no one qualified to enter this world of love, inheriting love, life and lineage. So God has been sitting alone all these years. God created this planet earth to serve as the hometown of all these people originally born without sin. This world, however, that was to be such a hometown, has turned into hell. That is the agony and sorrow of God. God has said that the land and human race and all things are in sorrow and agony. No one can object to this explanation.

God's Patience

God could not destroy everything because He is a God of principle, but He has been patiently waiting in agony. Therefore it has been God's historical wish to change this fallen physical world, to encourage us to drop and negate everything by ourselves and reconnect to God. That what God has been waiting for all these years. God's desire has been to purify the fallen lineage and give true love and make this a world of true love. The person who can take this position, that one man, is the messiah. Throughout the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament eras, this one man for whom God has been looking is called the messiah. The messiah is the one who can cut off this fallen life, lineage and love, erase it, and stand as the man who inherited God's line, love and life solely. By doing so he can build the chosen race that is engrafted to the messiah and by doing so build the world of the original life, lineage and love. He is a true olive tree into which the wild olive trees are grafted. This is the messiah's mission. Once we are engrafted, we also take the position of messiah. So we should go out to the world to be welcomed as the messiah.

He should be able to make God happier than Adam and Eve before their fall. To do that, the messiah has to build a family base. This family should bring joy and happiness to God. Otherwise there's no result of the indemnity course. The messiah as True Parents comes for the sake of humanity as the origin of God's true lineage. As true love children, we should be able to feel thousands of times more value from true life, love and lineage than Adam and Eve found in the Garden of Eden. That's why we have to be reborn through this process. Once True Parents come, all the fallen lineage, life and love has to be denied and the entire human race will be ... God wants 100% of us, not 1% less. Have you become completed? What's your new name? [Plus couples.] Do you know how to say it? But do you have the substance, the content it represents? You are like the descendents of polar bears landing in America and claiming it as your own. You are thieves and robbers.

We have to know ourselves. To cleanse ourselves we need tons of blood and sweat. We have to work it out. Unless we completely cleanse ourselves in order to be qualified to join True Father in the spirit world, we will have to go through the eight stages in spirit world, which is much harder than doing it here. The secret is to live for the sake of others. God has been working for thousands of years. Without true love there is no way we can find true lineage. To practice true love we have to give our life for the sake of others. How can we go beyond this satanic realm? It is our eternal desire. We have to realize the life course we are destined to travel. We go through eight stages, up to the grand parents' stage and then the king-queen stage, at each stage working constantly to purify our lineage.

[To a sister in the front.] You were not born for your own sake but for a man. In Jesus' life, he didn't have the period of husband and wife, parents or onward. He desired these things, but didn't have them. So Father had to fulfill all this. I had to choose True Mother to fulfill the position of all women in the world. We call God "Father" and we call True Parents "Father" also. We have to distinguish between them as follows: Heavenly Father is invisible. They have an above and below relationship. True Father is our visible Father. God is in the superior position in relation to each polarity.

The blessing means that True Parents bequeathed us the victory; it all comes to us as an inheritance. We can follow their model on each of the eight stages, interconnecting with True Parents' course on the stage we're on. This inheritance comes to us through the blessing. The blessed couple represents plus and minus connecting to God. We are the effect; God is the cause. Just follow that one line through eight stages and join True Parents on the top. We don't need to go out sideways. We all want to become the center of ourselves as individuals, our family, our tribe, etc up to the top stage with True Parents as king and queen. The beginning and end should be the same. If the beginning is on the individual level, then the eighth level should be on the same axis. To have them the same quality, we have to live a life of giving. To advance from level to level, we have to totally negate ourselves on that level, leaving nothing behind. When the entire family invests itself fully and there is nothing left, then you go to the tribal level. The same principle continues on and on.

So on each level there is indemnity. Whatever we achieve has to be re-invested on the next level, individual for family, family for tribe, etc. We have to create a broader foundation on each level, or nothing is indemnified. We are now going through the worldwide scale indemnity period. Up to this point, the history of restoration was "turning backward" because it was restoration, through the completion of the 3rd Adam period. But from now it is the 4th Adam period, and the world is spinning in the correct direction. Before now, Satan was always waiting and invading between parents and children, brothers and sisters, husband and wife. There have been 100s of religions and nations and finally the True Parents came and taught the law of indemnity and the 4th Adam era began and there is to be no more indemnity. So we have to come through these stages, and the short cut is the vertical line, life for the sake of others. Once this entire world is full of this true love, Satan will be chased out and we can bring the 4th Adam era concept into daily life. Once the true lineage is in us and we are living the true love life, Satan cannot enter anymore. But in reality we are in the bottom of hell. But I paid enough indemnity for all these stages, so there is no concept of hell anymore.

Marry For World Peace

God Himself practiced absolute faith, love and obedience when He created the universe, reaching the zero point Himself because He gave everything. But since He gave everything, everything is returning to God, even a greater amount. The output is greater than the input in the world of original love. When we say absolute faith, what is it referring to? God. Whoever lives more for the sake of others will become the center, because everyone will like that person and support that person. This principle applies on every level, to the tribe, nation and world and cosmos and even to God. This is how God remains as God. This is why God is the eternal Father of humanity.

We can unify the world and cosmos by living for others and giving more and forgetting. Look at my life. The entire world opposed me and Satan opposed me. But we kept growing. God's strategy is to be hit first and then take what belongs to Him. Satan is the opposite. Now they all support True Parents.

Most of you had no choice about your mate. Father chose for you. But was it voluntary or forced? [Voluntary.] Are you becoming one as husband and wife? [Yes.] Suppose all Americans and Germans married each other. Don't you think the two countries would become one? Then making a unified world is no problem. Exchange marriage will lead to the Kingdom of God on Earth right there. By following God's mandate, all should marry and become good husbands and wives. I have brought together heaven and earth. I have married people on earth with men who lived thousands of years ago. They live together at night in many cases. Who gave that direction? God cannot do it; True Parents did. It is the human responsibility to get rid of the false parent. The Kingdom of God on Earth is where the couples who love each other absolutely can enter. If you form a family and love each other completely, you'll enter the kingdom.

Those who received the matching from True Parents and enter heaven that way have the same value as True Parents. This historical banquet is taking place now here in this world. Please remember: life, love and lineage. What kinds of life, love and lineage? True life, love and lineage. God's life, love and lineage. That is the base of the Kingdom of God on Earth. Those blessed couples will live in heaven in the spirit world too. We should be ashamed of our historical hometown; it will be cleaned up. Our true hometown is the entire earth. Because of Satan we had this concept of a hometown somewhere in the secular world.

What kind of language is English? It is the worst language. All the world's languages are the worst languages-even Korean. But because True Parents use it, Korean has been revived to the level of the true language. Where is True Father's hometown? Physically, it is the planet earth. To secure your actual hometown, it has to become the land of blessing. First we have to establish our hometown, then we can establish the fatherland. Yesterday, upon my return, I gave a message to the leaders at East Garden. The essence is that our homeland is where Korea, Japan and America become one nation. The original ideal homeland is where the ideal family dwells. The ideal homeland is where our blessed couples go and settle. We have to find one unique homeland where the blessed couples can go and settle. Therefore, I am giving this mandate to the entire human race, especially the next 400 million couples. You will have to go to Jardim and get your photo together with True Parents, to belong to the True Family and be registered in the heavenly kingdom. You need proof to show you belong to the true family. What else can prove it but the photo?

Jardim educational headquarters is like the registration booth for the Heavenly Kingdom. It serves to register blessed couples in the original world, the world in which the original parents and children live together. I will assign people to different locations from now on. That way we will find our original hometown. We will have God, True Parents, true children and true couples. That's our original homeland, where God, parents, children and all live together happily. We will have our own country, then Father's nation, Mother's nation ... That's why I directed all the blessed couples to go through the 40-days workshop at Jardim and to give the Total Living Offering. You should have completed this by now, but any couple who did not gets a special permission to come up with the offering now and at least make the schedule to go to Jardim later. If 10,000 couples show up there, I will make provisions to handle it.

Building the Kingdom

Get ready to offer everything to God. The $16,000 is conditionally representing everything that you have. We should be able to offer every penny to God. Especially wealthy people exploited poor people so much. To indemnify this false accumulation of wealth, you get this $16,000 condition. In addition to that, as blessed couples you should restore 180 families. Now it will become seven generations of 180 families, which comes to 1,260 families. A drawing will choose those blessed couples who went through this process and assigned either to Korea, Japan or America. There will be a drawing. We will know where we will be sent. South Korea is not so big, so it will fill up soon. Before the limit is reached, you have to work hard to bless people so that they can come to live with you. That way, Korea will be full of people from all over the world. There will be no more unbalance of race, wealth, etc. It will be all equal. Don't you think it should be done that way? [Yes.]

It goes by order. If 240 million Americans continue to oppose True Father, they will be the last in line and when they realize that this is the way to bring peace and justice to the world they will go to the most remote countryside. It will be like changing the position, making the first last and the last first.

My restoration by indemnity in the 40-year wilderness course is done, to the point at which I can mobilize the seven nations again. But if the Christians neglect to receive this blessing, then others such as Muslims will step forward and receive it. I brought 1,000s of Japanese volunteers here, wives and mothers, so Americans could receive the blessing, but if American's still resist, I will send the sisters elsewhere. The original blessing was lost due to failure of the mother figure in the Garden of Eden, so I have sent the mother figure to the entire world. As a result there is no one in the world that did not hear about the Unification Church blessing. All those married and single people in spirit world were matched and blessed. Anyone who did not hear of it is not tuned into the human race.

My plan now is to send all the blessed couples to the world to give the blessing to the world. Then the cosmos will become the heavenly kingdom. You don't know where you will be sent. But shouldn't you go? [Yes.] We have no sovereignty yet. There will be a huge movement. Once the blessed couples' nation is established, its resources will go to God's dispensation, not the secular world.

Everything is part of the cosmos, so the cosmos is our hometown. Remember the value of the lineage, the blood lineage. As a blessed couple, how can you keep your lineage pure and intact? That's the key. Those couples who do so will be the couples and families who will be connected directly to the True Family's lineage through the blessing. So make sure you train yourself to be able to handle all five races in your family. In the spirit world the same organization is taking place. The time will come for you to abandon everything, house and cars. Before that time comes, why not voluntarily offer it so it can be used for God's dispensation? Then it can be used for the dispensation. If you offer it, you will be recognized in spirit world. If you hesitate and watch and see what others do, it will be too late. Soon there will be the longest line in human history, of people lined up to offer everything in order to change their lineage. It will be a new world. From next year we will begin that providence, after my 80th birthday.

Centering on the year 2000, the three years prior and three years after, altogether seven years, the world will go through a great transition. That is why the Unification Church has been rising so rapidly over the past three years. I made the various proclamations to allow this to happen. Right now, the blessed couples are receiving family level education at Jardim, but someday the entire tribe must go through it and also the nation will go through it. That is why I am holding these Hoon Dok Hae conferences. Then national level registration can take place.

We have learned that we do this by living for the sake of others. It is finished. Everything is finished. A beautiful world will emerge in that place of true love, the so-called Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in spirit world. It will be a world of freedom. We can go everywhere throughout that world. There will be no fences. Satan made those barriers.

[Father has us repeat after him: life, love, lineage, true love, true parents, true God.]

On earth and everywhere, we are making that Kingdom of God. The fatherland is only one, the cosmos, where God dwells in eternity. So we know what we are lacking, where we are now standing and how to get there. Absolute faith, love and obedience is our determination in going forward, whatever guidance is coming from True Father, even having to offer our life, our fortune and everything, taking a flying leap at the speed of light so that instantly we are with God. The more difficult the mandate, the greater the blessing.

[Rev. Peter Kim prayed.]

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