Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

Address Upon Fatherís Arrival at East Garden

Sun Myung Moon
December 18, 1999
Translator: Rev. Peter Kim
Unofficial Notes by Tyler Hendricks

Mrs. Jooís Report from the South America Visit

I am grateful to have had the honor to be with True Parents in South America for the last two weeks. Though there are many prominent leaders here, I had this opportunity in your place. However, I am just a housewife and I do not know much that is going on in Godís providence. I only can share my observations as an ordinary woman. As you know, True Parents departed America on the evening of November 30 and arrived in South America early on the morning of December 1. True Parents went directly from Campo Grande to Puerto Olympo, where we have a hotel, and also visited and prayed at the original holy ground. Around 3 p.m. or 4 p.m. they arrived at New Hope East Garden in Jardim.

Upon their arrival they had dinner and then started Hoon Dok Hae. The following day, Dec 2, after Hoon Dok Hae, True Parents took photos with all the 40-day participants. There were about 200 blessed couples from all over the world. This is the official photo for our registration. I wonder how many of you leaders attended that 40-day workshop and had your family photo taken. Right now Jardim is in mid-summer, so it is in the 90s and 100s Fahrenheit. You can imagine how difficult it is for True Parents to sit there in the heat while each family has their two photos taken. And yet I did not see any trace of discomfort from True Parents. They patiently sat there until everything was done.

They left Jardim late that afternoon and arrived in Montevideo that evening. Upon their arrival they went to Punte del Este and started Hoon Dok Hae as soon as they arrived. As you recall, prior to their going to South America, True Parents spent seven or eight days in Kodiak. Kodiak represents the north. While there, True Parents set providential conditions. Then they went to Punte del Este, which represents the south. It was there that True Father delivered many providential proclamations in the past. It was to there that they came to turn the providential axis of the earth this time. Internally I felt that True Parents brought a long rope from the North Pole to the South Pole in order to correct the axis of the earth. This set the providential condition to go on to the next level of the providence.

During their stay in Uruguay, we did Hoon Dok Hae with The Way of Unification of South and North in Godís Providence (Way of Unification in English). Father explained that it has all the contents about the meaning of unification and that by studying it we are turning the axis of the earth to the right angle. Because of the fall, history began in the enemy relationship of Cain and Abel. This has continued until now, but now based on the unification of mind and body, the Korean peninsula will unify and on that foundation, world unification will take place. During the Way of Unification Hoon Dok Hae, True Father added significant comments that I would like to share.

The reunification of south and north will expand to the world level.

True Father:

Mrs. Joo missed the point that we begin with the unity of mind and body. Then eventually it expands to the family and society. One significant leading up to the unification of the world is the unification of religions, especially Protestantism and Catholicism, centering on North and South America. Then the unification of the world can come.

Mrs. Joo:

Centering on Tamar, the completion of the restoration of lineage was done in the family of Judah, and the restoration of Godís right of possession was restored. Following that lineage, therefore, Jesus was born in the position of True Parents. But because of the Israelitesí disbelief, Jesus lost his body and could fulfill the messianic mission only spiritually. Hence Christianity exists to restore Jesusí body. This dispensation came to Asia and that region has experienced an economic boom. This means that the region is in the process of restoring Jesusí lost body.

Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to sit at True Parentsí table all the time, so I missed things. But one important thing in this stay in South America was the conversation between True Parents and President Sun Jo Hwang in Korea on December 15 around 8 a.m. The official letter will follow from world headquarters, but the essence that True Father conveyed is that the Kingdom of God on Earth truly is substantially beginning from now. Centering on the year 2000 and the following three years, we will prepare to open the era of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

True Father:

Centering on 2000, there is a seven-year course. After the first three years True Father already declared we are in the era of the Fourth Adam, and so at least in Godís providence there will be no national boundaries. Until the year 2000, we are going over the hill and it has been a course of restoration through indemnity, but once we reach 2000 that era is gone, completed. In this new era of Adam, Adamism is the philosophy, with Adam and Eve completed in the Garden and building the original family, society and nation. Those steps should be taken centered on the families that finished the 40-days workshop in Jardim and had their photos taken, and the Tribal Messiahs who finished their 180 families coming to the blessing.

The educational center in Jardim is the universal center of heavenly education. Because of the fall, Adam and Eve gave all their belongings to Satan. Therefore, those who go through the 40-days should be able to give all their possessions, returning them to God. The living sacrificial offering of $16,000 is the minimal condition for those couples. By doing so, True Father declared the Fourth Adam era as the "self-standing era," in which we have autonomy in giving the blessing. True Father will cease giving the blessing after this next one. Declaring the Fourth Adam era and having blessed couples go through Jardim, we can live on our own and live as in the Garden as man and woman under God. Therefore, we can pray in our own names instead of True Parentsí name. From this point on, whatever we pray will be our eternal record. If we do well and report that to God in prayer, it will greatly benefit our tribe, family and nation.

We must have a self-realization centering on how significant and precious blessed families are. We are not ordinary people on the street. Blessed couples could emerge as the completion of Godís history of restoration, a history in which God put so many saints and sages through the restoration course. Blessed couples could come and blessed couples must take responsibility for the restoration course. So we must absolutely live up to the standard of my teachings. We must understand the value of blessed couples, because as a blessed couple, the husband and wife are the fruit of 6,000 years of Godís history of restoration. Think of how much suffering God has gone through to establish such couples. Now there is no heavenly nation, because God had to begin with one family and build from that foundation. Without having a blessed family, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God on Earth. That is why we pray in our own name. In oneís name, one gives his official report to God. That is, we bring God to our own family level.

Originally in the Garden, Adam and Eve should have perfected themselves and invited God to their family level and lived with Him and given Him reports of what they were doing. Now is the time for us to reach that level by the grace of True Parents, so in our prayer we should invite God to our family level and give the reports. Then God can deal with all the blessed couples in the world on an equal basis, receiving all their reports. This is possible only through True Parents. We are in a great transition period. My sweat, tears and effort have restored the failures in the history of restoration. I succeeded in taking every step and as a result we have the blessing of being called blessed families. Centering on this, we have to offer absolute faith, love and obedience. All the blessed families of the world, no matter how far distant, are interconnected by an invisible rope of absolute faith, love and obedience. As long as we maintain that absolute faith, love and obedience, Satan cannot cut the rope.

Adam and Eve were to have built such a relationship originally. If we have this absolute faith, love and obedience in our daily life, as they were to have done, reporting to and centering everything on True Parents, then True Parents will become the center of our marriage. Then we will remain intact as a blessed couple. This is the meaning of the Fourth Adamic era. In order to do that, we have to secure the true blood lineage. Parents and children should have the same blood lineage. This is why I gave the mottoes about the elimination of the satanic blood lineage over the past couple of years. There is only one thing we must absolutely keep intact: the true blood lineage. To be true siblings, we have to have the same parents. This blood lineage centering on true love from True Parents unites us around the world as one family. To keep this, we have to erase ourselves, to have absolute self-negation. On that foundation, the vertical relationship can stand. Then the nylon rope connecting all blessed couples around the world can remain without being cut by Satan.

Being the president of a university is nothing in relation to keeping oneís true blood lineage. Only by keeping the lineage can we have the luxury of having a blessed family. The blessed family is the unit by which we develop our true love relationship with God and True Parents. Even Jesus went to the cross because of the fall of man, and True Parentsí course also has been one of agony and suffering because of the fallen lineage. But True Parents have won every fight on the way, and so we have these blessed families all over the world. Therefore, we have to have absolute confidence in our blessed family life. Blessed families are the most precious entity for God, Jesus and True Parents to witness. The value of the blessed family is greater than the value of anything you can imagine in the universe. Nothing can compare with it, from the beginning of the creation to the very end of history. Nothing can replace it. I have established Godís true lineage through the blessed families. On that basis, the entire universe has no choice but to accept and cooperate. Judaism or any Christian church can claim a certain role in Godís providence, but they are secondary and tertiary in their purposes, compared to the establishment of blessed families.

We have to realize the value of the blessed family in our daily life. It is more valuable than anything in the universe, because it is where God establishes the true blood lineage. On our own, we would never be able to reach this position. That is why True Father alone took the responsibility to establish the international educational headquarters in Jardim and invited all the blessed families to go through education there. I provided this education in order to make the foundation to unify north and south, east and west, and Catholicism and Protestantism. It is to rectify all imbalances and create unification. The educated blessed couples should emerge with a new understanding that in our life of faith we have to go through stages, not just make a quantum leap. We have to start as individuals and go through every stage by giving ourselves for the sake of others. By doing so, we can inherit True Parentsí tradition, love, life and lineage. On that basis we can go anywhere in the world, be at home and offer ourselves in the place of True Parents. This is why we have to fulfill the responsibility to make the Living Sacrificial Offering. By so doing, we go through the process of self-negation. Then as True Parents go over the worldwide hill, you are grafted to us, even as a small branch. Thusly you will go over into the Fourth Adamís era. Then you inherit whatever I have done, and you should do whatever I do from now.

Eventually we will give up using our own family name, as a woman does when she marries. We will have to come down to the zero point through love, at which we do not have any self-centeredness. We will form our tribes centering on the blessed families. The seven-year course from 1997-2003 is equivalent to 1945-1952, during which I could have restored the world by giving the blessing to all the Christian couples and other religionsí couples too. It was postponed then, but now it is actually taking place.

In 1945, I was in the position of the manifestation of the completion of the elder son restored from the satanic world. I was also in the position of the complete True Parents to the entire world, and I was ready to restore the position of kingship. Because of the failure of Christianity, everything was lost. This 40-year postponement took place, and from 1997, that seven-year course began again. Then at the end of the third year of this course, I inaugurated the realm of the Fourth Adam so that there would be no satanic interference. Also, I proclaimed elder sonship, parentship and kingship, based on my having paid the indemnity to bring these key positions back to God.

From this point, centering on True Parents, our responsibility is to restore elder sonship on our own, and parentship on the world level, and kingship on the cosmic level. Centering on England as the Eve nation at the end of World War 2, the father nation and elder son nation worked hard and realized the victory. This should have borne fruit through the acceptance of True Parents. So True Father took responsibility and restored all the conditions and we are here. Now in the last stage, in the Fourth Adamic era, with the physical world and spirit world united together, True Father is in the position to establish kingship.

The three nations have become one, Korea, Japan and America. By doing so, I restored the foundation that was lost after World War II by the declaration of the unity of the father, mother and elder son nations. Because of that foundation, and its declaration to the world, we have a substantial foundation for blessed families to go back to their hometowns and start building the substantial Kingdom of God on Earth, centering on their own family.

After World War II, the three allied and three axis nations plus Korea, seven nations in all, should have been the foundation to build the Kingdom of God on Earth. Centering on Korea, the two sets of three nations should have united. But that was lost and is now restored. On this victory, I could declare the Fourth Adamic era, so we can build the Kingdom of God on Earth now. This seven-year course beginning 1997 is the one during which we have to liberate and bless whatever remnants of satanic lineage there are, so there is no trace of Satan.

The elder sonship, parentship and kingship should be substantiated by and belong to blessed families. Establishing them is our privilege. Representing the blessed families, we need a blessed nation that can substantiate the realm of the father, mother and elder son on the national level. I will give detailed instructions on how to build your tribe now. Only those blessed coupes who go through Jardim and make the Living Offering will be sent out to the three nations, Korea, Japan and America. They will relocate in those countries. They should have restored 180 families of their own tribe. When True Father starts to build tribes in these nations, then 7 times 180 families (1,260) will belong to each blessed family. This will be our tribe and this place will be my own eternal hometown. In that providence, there is no concept of difference of race or nationality. When you establish that much of a foundation, as a National Messiah, your tribal families, the 1,260 families will honor you as the parent or even king of that tribe. When that happens, the Korean Tribal Messiahs will be senior, then second those of the mother nation and third those of the elder son nation. Japan has triple the population of Korea, and America has twice that of Japan. There will come a campaign, a competition, for who will go to Korea first and restore the most families.

Among the blessed couples in the three nations, there will be a drawing in the future to determine who will go to which nation. Once the three-nation foundation is established, i.e., once all families in the three nations are restored, then the second and third son nations, like England, Germany and France, will join and be blessed. The allied and axis countries are still the major driving forces of the world. The Americans may say they want to stay here, but no, that is not a matter of choice. When the time comes, even though you live here you may be at the end of the line. In any case, the choice is not yours if you want to participate. When you received the blessing and when you completed the Living Offering is very important, because selection will follow that order.

Since time is running out, Father has decided to grant grace to those important leaders, such as National Messiahs, who did not have time to go through the Jardim education. There is not much time until my birthday, so those who belong to that category may fulfill the Living Offering first and then set the date to attend the 40-day workshop after my birthday. Then I will still consider you part of the group. It is okay even if 10s of 1,000s come to Jardim at the same time. I can handle it.

This is the era in which there should be no concept of race or nation. We all are brothers and sisters. Those who are arrogant and oppose Godís providence will find themselves in a remote corner of the world. This is coming. That is why the blessing is the critical point. Everyone should receive it. American members should not think you can remain here eternally. You have to go through three nations. You have to go around the world and go through three nations before going to Korea, or wherever you establish your tribe. The best is the Asia continent because it is close to Korea. The second preference would be South America. Once those are full, Europe will be next. Even though England and France had colonies here and there, after this process all the world will stand on an equal basis and there will be no racial bias anywhere.

Before the whites arrived in the Americas, God was the owner. The arrival of the whites led to the death of millions of Indians. Is it possible to build this kingdom on that foundation? Are you willing to build this ideal? Remember, Korea, Japan and America once were enemy nations, even during World War II. Now, I am connecting these three enemy nations. I was in the position to do this after World War II, but everything was lost at that time. I was in the wilderness, and I finally fulfilled these new blessings and we are part of it and should feel eternally grateful. The world is full of family problems and youth problems. They have no option but to turn to Divine Principle teachings.

After my birthday, we will have a drawing. In particular we will draw those blessed couples who went through the 40 days and made the Living Offering, so those couples should be prepared to move. I have said this many times, every time I went to Jardim. I told you to pack and be ready to go at anytime. Get ready. Whatever assets you have in America will not belong to you once this providence takes place. Leave them behind and let them belong to God. If you take them with you, you will carry the label of an invader and exploiter. But if you leave the wealth behind, you will be able to eliminate that label, because your descendents will be able to discover the sacrifices that you made.

This is the era of total liberation, absolute equality, and brotherhood and sisterhood. Those who are willing to practice this, raise both your hands. True Parents have our own responsibility to carry out so I have sent the True Children to UTS, so they can qualify. Over the past 40 years, I planted seeds in various areas. They are like the tears of True Parents, so we cannot sell them without True Parentsí permission. We may bring all the funds of the world to this country in order to maintain this legacy and inheritance. I have invested in every area of human life, including the ocean, machinery, sales, culture, media and art. This is the preparation. Many people tried to relinquish them, but I said no. In America and elsewhere, whatever I established is my seed, so we should not take it lightly.

For example, I built East Garden, the hotel in Uruguay, and the palace at Chung Pyung Lake. You built everything based upon my inspiration, so these are like my seeds. This refers to every one of the institutions. Historically, True Parents offered all these foundations to God. But because of satanic interference Ö So please understand how I want to deal with these projects and properties. In the future, people will find out I laid these foundations for the sake of the blessed couples. No matter what good college you graduated from, forget it, it is nothing. Only graduation from those schools I established will be historical and providential. Do you understand?

There are only 13 days until the end of this year. These 13 days we have in our hands. They are the period to establish absolute unity of Korea, Japan and America in this country and to go through the tong ban kyok pah campaign, reaching the smallest level of community and penetrating it. Do you not think we will be able to build our own nation then? I am establishing the heavenly environment here. Naturally, Korea and Japan will follow. (As he left the room, Father said: "Godís will has been done.")

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