Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

Declaration Ceremony for the Liberation of the Parents of Heaven and Earth and the Substantial Realm

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
East Garden 6:00 a.m., October 23, 1999
Unofficial Notes and Report by Tyler Hendricks
Chunji pumo (cham pumonim) wa shilchi kwon haebang shik

[True Parents entered the dining room just before 6:00 a.m. and Won Ju McDevitt read Hoon Dok Hae until 6:50 a.m. Then Father spoke and carried out a ceremony. Rev. Jeong Phyo Hong, Regional Director of New Jersey, translated for me, but it was not easy for him to hear everything Father said, so these notes are very unofficial, as usual. You will undoubtedly hear more about what happened this morning.]

Today is 10/23, and 10 plus 23 is 33. Passing over the number 33 signifies time of transition connecting with spirit world and physical world. This is the time to establish the realm of perfected Adam, which is the absolute heartistic realm. When Adam fell, everything was lost. The resentment of man, True Parents and God arose. We restore Adam's fall by establishing the ideal family. To do so, we need absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience.

Today's ceremony is to liberate the material world, the cosmos, the children and the family. This is the meaning of 33. Last night I mentioned that we are entering the era of parents blessing their children. Furthermore, blessed couples should bless their entire community, bless them and connect them with the cosmos. Through this, centering on the blessed couples and blessed children, unity between Abel couples and Cain couples should be created. From now we can eliminate Satan's involvement in human affairs. How can we do so? Unite your mind and body and accomplish your responsibility.

We need to clean up everything that we have held and experienced until now. By doing so, we enter the realm of the fourth Adam and of True Parents' victory. As we set this up, truly we can bequeath our tradition to our children and liberate our children to come to God's side. This is the era of the total power of Heavenly Father. By today's ceremony, we are connecting the four great realms of heart, the unity of heaven and earth, and Heavenly Father's ownership. How? We accomplish it through holy wine, carrying out the ceremony of rebirth, resurrection and eternal life. All these things are connected through the holy wine.

It is now 7:00 a.m., 10/23.

[True Mother brought a bowl of holy wine to the table, and then a bowl of holy candy-jolly ranchers and peppermints.]

There are 70 days left in this century. From today, we can share holy wine and holy candy everywhere. It connects the person to rebirth, resurrection and eternal life. Their lineage is connected to God as the basis to receive the blessing. Tribal Messiahs must save their entire tribe, even insisting that the tribe embrace the blessing, to connect them with rebirth, resurrection and eternal life. In the name of True Parents, holy son, kingship [at another point Father listed the realms of all things, children, blessed couples and the parents of heaven and earth]. So we need absolute faith, love and obedience. You can distribute holy candy to the community, the county, and so on. This is the Tribal Messiah's responsibility.

[True Parents and everyone present stood up. True Parents put their fingers on the holy candy and into the holy wine. Then they carried both bowls outside - followed only by Mr. Yoon with the video camera. So I assume that they sprinkled the environment outside the building. Then they returned to the head of the table.]

We should give out holy wine and holy candy to the world, beginning with our relatives.

[Father sprinkled those near him with the holy wine. Then Father delivered a prayer, crying profusely during the prayer. This was Father's second prayer, but I did not note down exactly when he gave the first one.]

We are responsible to restore our tribe. The era of True Parents' responsibility is over. Centering on True Parents' victorious world foundation, we dash to the society, nation and world to bring victory. From now, no more opposition will come. Therefore we can confidently go forward and we can turn the satanic environment upside down. We can challenge anyone in any position no matter how high with True Parents' ideas. The time has come. Everything starts with Heavenly Father, even newspapers. The nation begins with Heavenly Father.

[True Mother prayed then, with much crying. Then True Father, True Mother and the True Children dipped their spoons into the holy wine and placed the spoon on their plate. We passed the bowl of holy wine around the table and everyone did the same, dipping their spoon and placing it on the plate. Later we simply ate our breakfast using that spoon, so the holy wine was mixed with the food through the use of the spoon. Then True Mother took 40 pieces of holy candy and the bowl was passed around, with each person taking some pieces of holy candy. The method to multiply this new holy candy was not clear - either by sprinkling with holy wine, or by multiplying a seed holy candy with seven piles of new candy, in the same way that we multiply holy salt.]

When Moses reached 80, he sought his homeland. Father will follow that course to find God's sovereign nation and establish the Kingdom of Heaven. Now is the time of settlement of the liberated heaven and earth. We have the wonderful blessing of inheriting all this from True Parents and we've settled down and now is the time to respect and exalt our ancestors.

[We began to eat breakfast at this point, and Father did not share any more content this morning. Rev. Peter Kim read a report from one South American country, from which a high level official with the national television station attended the Hoon Dok Hae conference. He was so excited by it that he invited the Korean National Messiah to meet the country's president. As a result of that meeting, the national television station is providing an hour for Hoon Dok Hae every week.
Father emphasized tong ban kyok pah. This means, literally, attacking and breaking through in the neighborhood. It has been our church theme in Korea for a number of years, referring to our mandate to build neighborhood and community teams, or mini-churches, or cells, or house churches, or home churches, or kodans - there are many names for the same thing. In Korea over the past 40 days, our American leaders attended many such meetings; they are a wonderful mix of vertical devotion to True Parents and horizontal sociability.

We heard reports from Rev. Kwak and others. The morning session concluded at about 9:30 a.m. The unofficial name for the event is Declaration Ceremony for the Liberation of the Parents of Heaven and Earth (or, True Parents) and the Substantial Realm (or, realm of substantiality) - chunji pumo (cham pumonim) wa shilchi kwon haebang shik.]

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