Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

Arrival at East Garden

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
October 22, 1999 8:30 p.m.
Unofficial Notes by Rev. Dr. Tyler Hendricks (staying awake through coffee and cake)

Our True Parents arrived at East Garden this evening at around 8:30 p.m. The True Family gathered in the main hall and offered kyung bae, followed by leaders from the New York area, about fifty in all. Father and Mother cut the welcome home cake and Father offered a prayer as we sat down to a delicious dinner. Immediately after eating, Father asked Rev. Peter Kim to give a report, which was followed by Father's own explanation, then reports from Dr. Chang Shik Yang and Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak.

Rev. Peter Kim:

True Parents arrived in Uruguay on October 8 and stayed there at Punta del Este until their return today October 22. Father had to return there this year because it was the place that he had made the 1999 motto, in order to declare that the motto has been fulfilled.

We each need to accomplish the blessing of our three generations, in a very simple and direct way. Each blessed couple should be able to bring at least one matching candidate for the 400 million blessing. Also it is not clear yet the details, but from now we can match and bless our own blessed children, and this presupposes that we have surpassed the point of Adam and Eve's fall, the perfection stage. To merit this you must bring one at least one candidate to the next blessing (which means, obviously, that we cannot inherit this authority from True Parents until at least after the blessing, and even then there will be further conditions).

At Punte del Este, Father declared on October 10, 1999, the "Heavenly Double Ten Day," one ten representing heaven, the other earth. There is in China a "Double Ten Day" is an old tradition.

True Father:

Concerning blessed couples' ability to give the blessing: when that comes, God will come down on the horizontal level and God will be on the same level as us. God will come to our family, not to us as individuals. How can we make the place of perfection? God can come down to our families on the basis of the family being established worldwide. In that way, heaven and earth become one.

After next year's blessing, we will be in a different realm. In the first Adam's time, the fall prevented God's ideal family from being established. At the second Adam's time, because of disbelief, the ideal family also could not be established. But now through the third Adam, the Lord of the Second Advent, True Parents have accomplished their mission by establishing an ideal family, as well as by paying the indemnity to fulfill the history of restoration, so blessed couples in spirit world can come down to work with us. This means we have entered the fourth Adam's era. Because of True Parents' victorious foundation as the 3rd Adam, as the 4th Adam's era begins we can pray in our own name.

A new era has begun. It is not an era in which we will achieve our ideal through religion, but rather through the quality of our practical lives. In other words, we will serve and attend God in our own family every day. Also this era is the era of the third Israel's kingdom. It can be attained only through the blessing. Father finally rooted out the satanic lineage, so this era is beginning. The next blessing signifies that all humankind will have to go through some kind of blessing, a ceremony of restoration, resurrection or eternal life, depending upon their age (roughly, in the womb, a child, or an adult). Therefore, the center of this realm of blessing will be the youth of the world. The time has come that we can provide holy wine or holy candy even on the highway, to people in their cars. By doing so, the entire world population will be restored. All the different levels of messiahs will be mobilized for this, family, tribal, national and world.

You must memorize this year's motto: The Cosmic Expansion of the True Blessing and the Rooting Out of the Satanic Blood Lineage. It is now completed and we are free. No more do we deal with restoration through indemnity. Now is the era of natural restoration. Even leaving the world the way it is, restoration will occur naturally, automatically. Cain killed Abel in Adam's family, but now is totally different. The elder sonship has been restored and established by True Parents' victory, so we can use the power of the elder brother to bring the younger children to the blessing. The spiritual atmosphere has changed worldwide, as we experience through the Hoon Dok Hae conferences in Washington, DC. So if we push them, they will follow. We must promote Hoon Dok seminars by every means.

Until now, the secular world has opposed, oppressed and restrained the spread of the message of unification, but today it will oppose and persecute us if we don't spread it (instead of being persecuted for spreading it). We must make sure that those who oppose voluntarily surrender and turn around. That is our mission. We should take the initiative. It's like a new heavenly tidal wave that no one can stop. This is the era of natural, automatic restoration. The only judgment that can occur is that of our heart. My heart - my own heart - will judge my motivation and action.

Since we have the privilege of praying in our own name, we have to be absolutely careful to practice what we pray, because it is totally the person's own responsibility for what he prays. Prayer is our report to God and True Parents. As a blessed couple, in the Abel position to secular couples, we have to restore Cain couples and make them understand that everything should be returned to God and shared for the sake of the world with God's and True Parents' blessing. That is our responsibility. God will level whatever has served the purposes of selfish individualism or nationalism (as the Bible states, the mountains shall be brought down and the valleys raised up).

Only through the practice of diligent Hoon Dok Hae everyday, at least one hour a day, can we gradually inherit True Parents' tradition and understand what they have been teaching all humankind. Until now, no one understood or knew True Parents and their work. Now we can gradually come to know these things, step by step. It is like a victorious record of God. Father's history and Hoon Dok books are the record of the heavenly victory. So we have to study it; that is our only option.

Dr. Chang Shik Yang:

The American-Japanese leadership exchange took place and all sides were inspired and educated. We learned the way of witnessing and fundraising in Japan, and their sacrifice and loyalty to God and True Parents, and their support to the worldwide providence. The Japanese leaders in America stayed in centers and toured and witnessed together with us. Many of them learned our church activities and even gave their testimonies to Father in church pulpits. The ministers were deeply inspired by it.

The leaders from both Japan and America spread nationwide in Korea, where they could meet and work with each other. They inherited the heart of True Parents in Korea and family-centered life, centering on filial piety, brother-sister love and husband-wife love. And they learned the church tradition. The Korean movement started and is still based on the church as center. Our system of the church is weak here, but they learned how to deal with the congregation and organize the church, and how to break through in the community. They attended Hoon Dok meetings and eventually on October 13 we had the graduation ceremony, including Korean, Japanese and American church leaders. It was a great opportunity to understand each other and make a great relationship. The Japanese also learned a lot from the father nation, the wife also learns a lot from her husband's tradition. So the three nations became close.

The Korean leaders evaluated the Japanese and American leaders. On that foundation, on September 19, in Washington, DC, Father decided the Japanese sisters should come to America from October 1. Since then, we have worked together with a warm heart and there are incredible miracles taking place. Based upon the leadership unity, the 4,000 Japanese sisters in America bring the substantial oneness of the two nations, with the Korean National Messiahs and Regional Directors. Many are staying in members' homes because there is not enough room in the churches. Through that, we have connected with 6,000 new guests, 2,013 have been deeply counseled, 1,403 watched video presentations, 2,432 attended workshops, and 2,332 signed up as matching candidates.

True Parents' ministry is of heaven and earth, both, and thus there are many miracles. Jesus Christ was appointed to be the master of this nation, living at Belvedere. He often appears in our members' activity, with Heung Jin Nim always and many archangels. Every day, 43rd street has almost 100 guests, with 10 lectures a day. Guests attend introduction and then one day workshop. 1,400 guests heard a lecture for 2-3 hours. Heung Jin Nim and Daemo Nim and angels appear to sisters. In Madison, Wisconsin, one sister was looking at Jesus' photo and then she saw him approach her. Then she saw Heung Jin Nim overlapping with him, and they approached her together. She went out to witness, and one young man heard a voice from heaven to go to a specific place, where he met her, and he signed up for the matching.

Members in Seattle and San Francisco are doing so well. In Seattle, one guest was filling out the application form and the sister saw Jesus standing behind him, supporting him. Father sent Mrs. Erikawa to America to raise and educate us. By her guidance, each Japanese team is reporting every day. Until midnight, both 43rd Street and Upshur House are so busy. We send out fax news in English, Japanese and Korean each day. So the inspiration is spreading. Also through conference calls, all National Messiahs are talking and reporting to each other, for three hours. They are so inspired and happy. Also the American members are waking up by the home stays of Japanese sisters.

Our focus is on youth, near campuses. We are working near campuses everywhere. In the Denver area, professors brought 120 students to our center, and a professor attended a 2-day workshop. By Father's direction, we are taking the next step of activity with ministers. God prepared them for the Second Advent ministry. Now, more Japanese sisters are coming. We are arranging 12 to 24 city speaking tour centering on Hoon Dok Hae. We will invite ministers and religious leaders. Tomorrow is the second conference, in Chicago. 150 ministers and other religious leaders have confirmed. I will see who among them want to have Japanese sisters work in their church. This will naturally make a great foundation between our movement and Christianity. Father is leading the IIFWP conferences in Washington, DC, and great leaders have attended it. The DC alumni of the IIFWP are organizing the Chicago Hoon Dok Hae conference. Another one will take place in November, with a goal of 1,000 ministers attending.

Limitation of language is not an obstacle; the connection is by heart and love. One sister who brings 7-8 guests each day said that it is by heart and longing. Therefore, the guest comes to me, she says; I don't approach him. This is the essence of our life of faith - heart and love. Our result has taken off, with hundreds of matching candidates every day - because we are witnessing the direct way. The spirit world is supporting and Heavenly Father is supporting it. We ask them directly if they are interested in getting married based upon a true commitment never to divorce or commit adultery and to raise good children and serve the community. This divides those who are interested immediately. We can then give a presentation directly about the matching. More education comes later. We begin with the meaning of the matching, then give education. We see how God is working. We don't need to explain the peripheral points; just believe in God and True Parents. They are using a very short approach book, too; whereas we had a long one before. They can immediately recognize who is prepared.

All of this is based upon True Parents' victory and sacrifice.

Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak:

Since True Parents left we had the 2nd Hoon Dok conference and 2nd Pantanal International Conference, October 15-17. The Hoon Dok Hae had 210-220 guests from 50-60 nations, political, religious, media and academic leaders. They are good quality leaders. We worried about using Father's words directly, but we all have confidence now after the first one. The time has come and very few are restless. The schedule is tight, just listening so many hours, which is unusual for them. But the spirit world, Heavenly Father and True Parents are working directly there, so they take to it naturally and the result is amazing.

Examples: Dr. Samuel Aviara, from Nigeria, has a huge Christ Apostolic church. He was in the last blessing. He said, I have 10,000 young people in my church and I want to educate them with your teaching and organize an evangelical tour combined with the blessing program. His average Sunday Service has 5,000 people in attendance. A Catholic from Philippines said that Rev. Moon's teachings are an outpouring of grace, especially Father's prayers.

The conference directly focuses on True Father. One participant from Papua New Guinea is a member of parliament, and said we need to inherit and practice for "to know the heart of Reverend Moon is to know the heart of God." Another Nigerian said Rev Moon is "a man of vision". A senator from Colombia said "Rev. Moon has gone beyond religions and established the unity of humanity". An Ecuadorian congressman said "I worried about coming here, but about nothing. I want to work with you. I will seek guidance from Rev. Chang Seong Ahn" (the National Messiah of Ecuador). A Uruguayan lawyer and judge said "We must all become True Parents. I believe True Parents are the Messiah, and I will work with them to save the nation." He will focus on the spiritual, moral and ethical arenas, not economy or politics. Several countries have started national level Hoon Dok conferences.

Also we held the Pantanal conference. It was the second, therefore better than the first. There were world level experts on this environmental issue attending, with Dr. Frederick Swarts coordinating them. Dr. Swarts is doing a great job with his wife, Lourdes. Without much support from the church they are bringing the top people in the field of sustainable development. They have gathered senators from the US and Brazil, together with academic experts on the environment. I have learned so much. Father created a Pantanal research institute. And Father assigned 135 National Messiahs to settle in the region. They are getting long distance education in ecology for credit from the University of Bridgeport. This connects the project to the World University Federation, which is a great step forward for environmental protection.

As usual, I had no idea the purpose or value of the conference when Father gave the direction, but afterwards realized. The conference chair was a former United Nations official who did an amazing job summarizing and harmonizing points of view. I praised him very much at the end, and then he praised Father and said he wants to continue working with us. The senators from Brazil also gave thanks because no one is taking care of the Pantanal internationally, other than Father.

Here the evening concluded with three Manseis.

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