Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

Heaven and Earth Unification and Liberation Ceremony [Part 2]

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
September 10, 1999
Soo Taek Ri Training Center
Seoul, Korea
Unofficial notes by Dr. Tyler Hendricks

Note: For two days, True Father spoke at a very rapid pace and even the best interpreters were literally left in the dust. I've never seen them so exhausted after three or four hours. And as a result, it was difficult for them to provide very coherent sentences and it was difficult for me to keep up typing. In addition, the radio transmission was filled with static. Therefore, the following are provided with a serious warning label concerning the degree of accuracy. The interpreters were Lynn Kim (the first day) and Paul Rogers for the last hour on that day, and Yoko Abe (the second day). Typing and editing of these unofficial notes by Tyler Hendricks.

September 10, 1999

[True Parents enter a few minutes after 10 a.m., check watches, and commence in prayer at 10:10:10. After the prayer, Father speaks while standing in the same position together with True Mother. According to Rev. Kwak's explanation, the basic content is that the nine stages of creation (three divisions of each of the three stages of growth) went under Satan's dominion. Therefore the liberation and unification of heaven and earth over those nine stages had to be declared by True Parents, because man had responsibility for the problem of Satan's false ownership. On that foundation established on 1999.9.9, however, God can declare the same thing on the tenth day, which represents the 10% (tithe) that belongs to God, and of course 10 is the number of perfection and completion. All of the proclamations representing the providential progress come on the foundation of true love. True love is the key point and foundation of everything. September 10 represents "" "7.8" is the Declaration Day of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth, which was declared 1997.7.7 at 7:07:07 when Father was 77, and "9.10" refers to yesterday and today. These events are connected, therefore we have the expression "" - in Korean: chil-pal-ku-ship.
Father drew on the black board 1 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 and then 10 10 10. The nine 9's represent the day before, and the three 10's represent September 10 at 10:10. The nine 9's were claimed by Satan, and God could work only through the slender thread of the number 10. The three 10's represent perfection in the formation, growth and completion stages. The "1" in front of the 9's, from the year 1999, represents another 10 and is added to the three 10's to arrive at forty. The forty represents 4,000 years of history being restored and also the 400 million couples blessing.
Then True Parents went to sit down, and we did a bow from the waist and then Father began his speech. From here I had to leave to get my radio and missed 10 minutes or more.]

Man and the sacrifice must become one. But that was not possible and the sacrifice was divided into Cain and Abel. Those clothes are not yours; your house is not yours; you cannot have the concept of yourself. When Noah was drunk, Ham walked backwards, ashamed. This was introducing the stain of Satan. God wanted to create a new world, but there were the leftovers of Satan remaining. This overturned everything that God tried to create.

Making material sacrifices, physical sacrifices, I had to come this way of sacrifice to accomplish the history of restoration by indemnity. To resolve the past and recover the standard to possess property, I had to shed sweat and tears and add my own jungsung (sincere devotion). You do not understand these things and no one really puts it into practice. You've just made conditions, you just go up a few stages of the eight. No one could go all the way. Therefore this is all the more an amazing, grace-filled and triumphant occasion to be able to make this declaration today.

I must become the elder son of South Korea. I did sightseeing at Kumgang mountain while Kim Il Sung was alive. But the protection by American military force makes them think that America is their enemy. Everything connects to the political world. The presidents of Korea in the past did not receive me. They centered on America - Nixon and Reagan. This was the era of presidential success.

From the 70s to the 80s, their families tried to replace me. If Korea had stood up for me, she would have become the flag-bearer for history. But none of the Korean presidents ever called me or invited me, not even once, after becoming president. Until now this holds true, and the 8th president is Kim Dae Jung. His name means "the one great person among all people." The whole world knows that it must be me and no one else who can address the entire world equally, and that I have the key to the unification of North and South Korea. South Korea must become the elder brother. But to unify the north and south, the levels of technology must be equalized. Since the economy in the north is very poor, they are sending out cultural groups, they sell paintings, and centering on the painters they are opening their gates.

I went to my parents' house in North Korea and stood in front of my mother's grave. My sister cried as I said that I, your elder son, have come back, but I have not come back as your son, but as the person to unite North and South Korea. Many people died in a brutal way and I cannot just cry in front of my mother's grave, because there were so many others sacrificed. The responsibility of the elder son is to attend God and call upon all the blessings of the universe. I was never a filial son in my own life. I gave nothing to my own family; I was not able to do that. I always loved the Cain world first. This is the subject of my words. You must understand how True Parents have lived. To make the true position of Father at the blessing, I have made harmony of Japanese and Korean in this place. It is a cosmic incident that can happen only once. I have transformed great fields of sorrow into a harvest of harmony.

There are three people of the three nations before God. This is a total sacrifice and total offering. The place you are sitting does not belong to you. You shouldn't say this is my tie. Korean and Japanese people are enemies. Completed Adam and completed Eve are enemies. Why did you mate with the archangel? If you try to protect yourself first, this is ... if the husband is not happy, it is the wife's responsibility, and vice versa. You are not allowed to demand or claim for yourself. God wants to show happiness to humankind. You are now living in a good era; the whole world can watch our activities. We have e-mail and you can watch me on the internet, live. We have camcorders and telephones. This is like the spirit world.

When I look at this, to clear away everything I say to give a donation. Abraham gave up everything. All the organs of the body, you cannot look at them because they are so shameful. We are fallen man. I've brought all of you here. I know there are many members, even here, falling asleep. Unless we move the people's hearts, how many years will it take? For fifty years of history, Japan collapsed Korean culture by means of the secret police. When the war ended, they were left to die in Korea, but I saved them by sending them back to Japan. I did this because I know God's will. If you hit people, this is not God's way.

You must know that I also planned to hold a blessing in Japan but it was not possible. Did I come or not? Japan cannot collapse, because I am taking responsibility. In Korea, all the Christian churches wished that the Unification Church would perish. They prayed for cold weather but on that day it was really hot. You must be ashamed that God has fed you. This must be made into one nation. Through this bond as one nation, I want to bring unity between the American president and the Korean president. The earth will become the mother's nation. I've done this while you knew nothing about it.

Are you the children of God or just workers? You must become the children of God and form a tribe. Some will come first, through absolute faith, love and obedience. I've made this line. Absolute faith centers on parents, absolute love centers on blessed families. Are you my children or what? If I ask you to go to Russia, you must go. You can become the owner of the nation, based on such a condition of offering sacrifice. There is a Korean phrase, "all is my life." This means that my wife, my children, all the whole universe is my life. You Koreans live on your own, following your free will. You are centered on yourself. You must look into the eyes of your children and their families and follow God's will. Then you rest in love and you see your wife. If you make love, it's with the man on top of the women. Are you embarrassed? Where is your husband? You should take off your clothes when you make love; if you laugh about this, you cannot be godlike. You seem to feel good.

[Father jokes about farm animals.] Pigs represent three cows ... two pigs and three chickens ... three represents parents: father, mother and God. Do you want to have two male or two female cattle? No; you need one male and one female. God and His sons and daughters are one. If this is possible, then the unification of husband and wife is possible, because it fits the basic rules of the Principle. Centered on this basic rule, we can say amen.

From now should you alleviate my burden or add to it? In this realm of the liberation of the cosmos, what will come? I've shed no blood other than my own during my life course. Since the principle is built this way, my father, mother, tribe and the whole nation, everyone in my family opposed my going to South Korea, but I shrugged them off and left. I went with the commitment that "I will restore the ideal world, and then I'll come back to you." But when I came back, my parents were in the spirit world. My parents died, but I have to love these enemies who will never understand my heart.

When you look at international blessings, they are good from the viewpoint of heaven. Especially Japanese-Korean matches are good. In Japan there is a Korean-Japanese church, and in that church the Koreans are to be the center. Maybe you've held your own children, but you must love your enemy before you can go to your hometown. Your real enemy is not me. I had to love my enemies, forgetting my difficulties. I learned to love. I don't want to share these things. You must become one with the saints and sages centered on heaven. This is my hope and this must be remembered. We have to become saints in the family. This is God's amazing power. If you set an oath here today, you must go that path to the end. I have given advice, and it is the way I have gone.

I also speak rapidly in Japanese, faster than the Japanese themselves. I do this since I have the mission to take the Japanese to heaven. I did underground activities in Japan. You cannot love God unless you are a patriot, so I did such activities. Should you participate? What else is there to do? It's not for me; it's for the brothers and sisters throughout the world. If you do not save your brothers and sisters, your parents cannot receive you. If you do not cross the mountain of Cain, you cannot become Abel. First you might have to receive the enemy's children and love them as your dearest ones. It is as if you are blessed to the enemy nation. I blessed Yi Kwon Soon, the patriot who gave her life during the March 1 movement, the Joan of Arc of Korea, with a Japanese man in spirit world. This is the outcome of the principle view. It cannot be denied. You cannot depart from it. All of you ... sacrifice for the liberation of all people, even if you become beggars. If you go beyond life and death, you will become the subject of all people within 100 years. You cannot rebel. You will fall. If you have difficulties, I do not want to listen to them and neither does God. I do not want to hear the words of resentment. I do not want to receive them. Words of resentment are something I never want to hear. I seem slow, but actually I am very smart. The weather is rainy, the wind blows, the flower blossoms ... I am running and running, for God's providence. Even now I am running.

[Once again my computer battery runs out and I am looking for a power source for about 10 minutes. I wanted to sit at the front as much as possible, with the American team, but there was no electrical outlet there.]

[Father is talking about the meaning of offering everything to God.] This is an age of decision and judgment. I could have been an evil man, but became a great man of goodness instead. How should I receive my 80th birthday? How shall I climb over this cliff of 80 years? I'm clearing this up to go the way I should go. Mrs. Eu, does your husband come to you? (Yes) Really? Let's give her applause. (Father asks the same question to a man whose wife is in spirit world. He responds that she came yesterday, but not today. Father says that she should come everyday. Is she with another man?) Do the people who are not here today receive the fortune? Or those who came?

My original heart is hoping that your beloved ones will reach a highest position. Who will celebrate my birthday? Would you turn away your husband as an offering for my birthday? How would you give me a gift? Would you turn away your wife? Would you give everything? Didn't you learn this in Jardim? Everything must be offered. You should understand this through the 40 days workshop Hoon Dok Hae. If you take the blessing and keep it as yours, it's wrong. It's not for free. Everything must be returned to the society. Do you have anything left? Do you have silk clothes? I also want you to give your clothes. If I asked you, would you? Should you? At night, husbands and wives, grandfathers and grandmothers, holding hands, you should take your clothes off and prepare for a trip. If God hears the sounds of your kisses, will He punish you or love you? Husbands and wives must practice taking each other's clothes off.

On your wedding night, you were both trembling when you disrobed each other, but now, you take your clothes off without much feeling. When a husband comes home from a long day's work, his wife should comfort him and say she knows he is tired, and take his clothes off. When the wife takes her husband's clothes off all at once and when he falls on the bed, he would sit up and hug his wife and kiss her. When they have a love relationship, will you do it for three hours or two hours?

Pain is not just having a disease or being ill. I am making great effort to speak. I have talked a lot. I'm a great speaker and great eater. Wherever I go, I become the champion within ten minutes. Do you like me? Japan is my enemy country. But do the Japanese people like me? (Yes) Then it's okay.

I appointed Reverend Yu as leader thinking of President Hyo Won Eu. When you become 80, then next I will be 90. Do you think I'll live to be 90? I didn't know I would live to be 80, so how can I predict about living to 90? Will I meet you in ten years? I have asked for an offering. If I pass away, you will not able to do these things and you will be ashamed forever in front of spirit world and your descendants. For my 80th birthday you should give an offering. How will I commemorate that day? Do you want to listen to this? If you don't, just stand up and go. If you want to listen, say Mansei for the four position foundation, when four generations are saved vertically. If you say Mansei with four fingers up, then God will reach down His hands and hold yours and put His thumb up and bless you. You should say amen. Is there any Korean word that means amen?

Repeat after me: If you follow Satan, you should take your eyes out [as Jesus said as well -Matthew 7:25]. Think of those innocent people who had their eyes taken out falsely. One person who fell asleep during my speech had to repent for 3 years. [Father asks Reverend Jeong Og Yu to give a report.]

Rev. Jeong Og Yu:

Today, on this historic occasion, I am grateful to be able to stand here and talk to you. Since yesterday we took part in this precious occasion, receiving an unbelievable blessing. In five months we will receive True Parents' 80th birthday. Our transcendent providence centered on the ideal of true love and true family will start, and the Kingdom of Heaven.


My 80th birthday is not important from the human viewpoint, but providentially we cannot receive it without tears. There are matters behind this event such that we cannot receive it without tears. You should know this from a principled point of view, but I have responsibility to fulfill as a son, the elder son who is a filial son.

Rev. Yu:

After fulfilling the forty years course Father's next stage was to receive True Mother, create a true family and expand through the eight stages. This is Father's victorious course. We think it a simple fact, this vertical and horizontal eight stages, but this was a history of blood, of True Parents risking their lives. Their lives were really in danger. But doing this providential course, he has accomplished the providence and has bestowed love and blessing to all descendants. At the formal blessings and at occasions such as this day's, I will now be responsible for the mother nation. I would like to ... Yesterday with the 9 nines was a precious day. Nine was Satan's number, but what I felt was that 9 times 9 is 81. Satan's world has been vertically and horizontally taken away from him. True Parents came to Korea and engrafted today's event into Korea. Japan, Korea and America must become one. Korea, Japan and America are here today. So I am very grateful for this blessing.

I've been in Japan for one year and 8 months. I've sought to accomplish the unification of Korea and Japan as one body. But everything has been included as Father has instructed next year. In Japan there are three responsibilities to be completed before February of next year. First is what Father himself would want, the second is to give offerings as the mother nation, and the third is the blessing on Feb 13. In all this we must fulfill Japan's portion of responsibility. My first wish is of course that the whole nation be restored, but on October 2, Japan receives the 40th anniversary of the Unification Church of Japan, and Japan must complete the restoration history centering on the number 40. During this course, True Parents' main overall wish is to restore Japan.

There are 180 Korean church leaders in Japan, and Father has guided the Korean-Japanese blessed couples together and said that they all should go to Japan. They do not absolutely need church leaders in Korea, but in Japan they do not have Father's tradition. So President Hwang agreed to send the 180 church leaders to Japan. In Korea, even if the churches have no leaders, Father's tradition will remain. How can I engraft Father's will and spirit into the Japanese church? I can feel Father's love for Japan. The nature of the Japanese people is that if they are in a group they have power, but they do not as individuals.

The Korean church leaders were appointed to positions in Japan. 360 churches must be created in Japan, then we will multiply this number by ten, and so now we are creating 3,600 districts. I appointed 3,600 church leaders. This is not a simple appointment; this is True Father's wish. Centering on the 3,600 districts, this movement is to save Japan. So this appointment is from God and True Parents, and it must be received appropriately.

Now Japan has 3,600 districts, centering on ten people each, and the regions are equalized. Until True Father confirmed that these were equalized, we had carried on this work for a few months. That means the equalization of the regions has not been successful, so we have organized the regions centered on teams of ten people. So they all have the same responsibility.

So how can 10 people make a church? Do they need to build an expensive church building? That is not the point. In the Old Testament Age ... now we're in the Completed Testament Age and all the indemnity and restoration has been cleared away. We do not need a church building but 3,600 regions can be the most core thing. Attending Father's words is the defining point, not the building. The world must follow this tradition, including all families. In Japan, each family is attending this book of Father's words. It symbolizes the church. It is being published by the sincere devotion of the Japanese people. 10 people attend one book of Father's speeches. We can prepare a fund centering on this book. Japan could pay part of its debts. The church is a family church, not a building. Ten people attend the book of father's speeches and this is the church.

Until now, the church in Japan has been persecuted, but now we feel that Father's words witness to people. Father said to me, "I've given you God's words, but you do not go out to witness, so from now on my word itself will witness to people. Since you are not proud of True Parents, my words will go out to the world and announce True Parents. The words will be proud of True Parents." If one-third of the people who are witnessed to become connected to a church, I would call this a success. People take ten books to 100 houses when they witness, and they take the names and phone numbers and leave a message on the book. The message is that the book is a message from heaven, not from the person himself or herself. This book can solve all the problems in your family and between spouses. At the bottom the individual member writes that they will come back to pick up the book after three days.

Japanese people like to read, so they usually read it when we lend it. If they read it, when we come back we make conversation about the content. They may be politicians, our opponents, or wealthy people, or ex-members, but we visit them all. The Korean church leaders are visiting ex-members. One visited five times. The first four times, he was rejected, but the fifth time he was invited in. The ex-member revealed his resentments and the church leader felt sorry for him. The church leader said, let's pray, and the ex-member could not reject it. Through the prayer his resentment was solved and he determined to come to church again. Many people have been restored in this way.

We started the movement to witness with these books. I asked church leaders from now on, if any books are left around the center undistributed, I will question your ability as a leader [i.e. they all should all be "in circulation"]. If you read the book, you will be inspired, and if you give it, you will receive spiritual testimonies. There are many testimonies over the years about spiritual experiences connected to our movement, so these members should be able to testify about these spiritual experiences to new spiritual children. A new history will unfold, centering on this book.

In the Gospel of John chapter 1 it says that in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the world was created through the Word. When True Father's words are distributed, the last days will come. The Japanese members are confident with this method. We will try and do our best with this strategy to prepare for the blessing next year. Among the book recipients there are many who are spiritually prepared by dreams and in other ways, who are able to make sincere commitments when they discover the Messiah. We will reach our goal through the distribution of the book of Father's speeches.

Father told me not to worry about Japan, but that through the Hoon Dok Hae tradition and this style of church, everything will work out. This is a new gate to the blessing. The offerings are made with tears. I was very grateful for the determination of the members to fulfill the responsibility. When children are not old enough to support the father, the wife must attend her husband.

From last year, each family makes a special offering at each meal, three times a day, attending the father and elder son, even a small amount.

What shall we present for the 80th birthday as children? I have heard the explanation of the profound meaning of today's event. We only follow True Parents, and they have gone the way of indemnity. Who was it for? For us, for their family. Our True Parents are the only ones in history. To restore the history of sin, how difficult it was to clear away the course of indemnity! Of course, you members here are giving donations to support Father's global mission. All Japanese members are participating in this. It is a gift to True Parents on his 80th birthday that will come only once in history. I've asked that we contact all people who have ever been in the church, to give them a chance. It comes only once in history.

I went to a city and met a lady of 79. She is one of the earliest church members; the local members call her "mother." She came to the apartment of the church leader, and just before their appointment she was asked to give her testimony. Her story brought tears to everyone. We are reaching out to all those who related to the church. Until now we have laid so much burden on True Parents and we would like to send a gift on the 80th birthday. Some ex-members said, "Oh is Father eighty years old! How he has aged!" This 79 year-old remembers Father as a young man, and she made such a sincere offering. The ex-members are so grateful to be able to give. The conclusion is that although ex-members have resentments against the church, they all love Father. They have no resentment to Father, but had difficulties with other church members. On the occasion of the 80th birthday, their lives can be revived and a path to come back to True Parents can be opened again.

During this providence, I told the Japanese members, is it because True Parents want something for themselves? No; it is nothing material. For God's providence, True Parents need the means to carry out their responsibility. Therefore we are presenting it. To get from Korea to South America is a thirty hour flight. It is for the providence and to serve humankind. And we as children have the desire to comfort our parents. Traveling is very hard work for True Father, who is now eighty. To all those who contribute, I'd like to give some kind of token of appreciation.

All the Japanese members are taking on this responsibility. From now, you must unite with True Parents' heart. Regarding the 52 leaders from Japan and from America, Father said that the purpose is to convey and allow the elder son to inherit the fruit of the 40 year course of the mother nation. Japan as a whole has fulfilled absolute faith, love and obedience conditionally. That should transfer to America. The offerings we are making sets the condition of inheritance. Centering on the offering, we can be forgiven of all the mistakes of the past. The father, mother and son should make the offering in unity with jungsung. We must share everything we've been practicing as the mother nation to the leaders who have come representing the elder son.

In Fukuoka, there are three American leaders. Before I gave them the letter of appointment, I asked them to speak. Each said something different. One spoke in tears about how hard he'd been working to establish the standard of the mother nation. As a representative of the elder son nation, I came to attend you and inherit from you. Many words were not needed. All the Japanese members present revived, and the two nations were tied together as one during that moment. We can see that God's providence is really incredible.

Now we have to go straight back to Japan and carry on our efforts. While I'm here I'm also giving directions to Japan. My body is in Korea but my heart is in Japan. I'm always thinking about fulfilling my mission and Japan's mission. True Father told me not to worry about my health; that worry will not help me in any way. Korea, Japan and America are uniting that which was torn apart in the Garden of Eden. On this occasion, the three can unite and start one family. I am grateful and honored to be able to stand here today. Thank you.

President Sun Jo Hwang:

I will report on the activities of the Korean church. First, the 400 million couples blessing. Second, our providential task for tong ban kyok pah and other educational projects.

All the church leaders opened a meeting and started the 400 million campaign with three days fasting. In July and August we started 40-day conditions. Each member is to witness to at least four people. The goal is 5,000 single blessing candidates. All families were to place the goal by the mirror. The result so far is that six churches have fulfilled 30%, and 51 churches have fulfilled 100%. More than 200 people have fulfilled the entire goal. Employees in all church organizations are to witness to four people if at all possible.

In our course of faith there are many times we do not take responsibility for our faith. If we cannot fulfill our responsibility, let's do three days fasting. Among the church organization employees, many of them have fulfilled the responsibility to witness to four members. One blessed employee, in the witnessing department, was brought to the church by her mother and joined with no understanding of Principle when she came to work in the office. All she knew was True Parents. She has also fulfilled four people. We have 3,832 matching applications. 452 are pre-matched between Korea and the Philippines. This pre-matching will continue between Korea and the Philippines. Then True Parents have to approve them.

We advertised in newspapers, but now the results are coming through the tong ban kyok pah activities. The true family movement is now recognized in the society. One man, a graduate from a prestigious university in Seoul, with a position at a good company, visited our church. I asked him how he came to our church, and he replied that his friends all know that the best way to gain a solid marriage is to marry through the true family movement.

One sister's house is in Inchon. When she goes to the train, she distributes witnessing cards about finding a good marriage. I also have to witness to four people, but if I'm not able to, I told my wife it's her responsibility. So if I'm not able to succeed, she will. [Rev. Hwang, who is now the World Mission Department director, read the continental goals for the campaign and the results by continent. He then described the tong ban kyok pah strategy. Korea is organized by tong ban, each of which has a government-related local neighborhood leader. The Korean church tries to influence on that level. He then described building a nationwide Hoon Dok Hae organization. We will persevere until we break through with this.

Then he reported about the plan for a "Hoon Dok College." It is getting established at our International Convention Center, and is operating like a night school or part-time school such as those in the states that offer specialized courses in business management, pottery making, language, dance, computer skills and so forth. Finally, our church is trying to set roots among the common people. We are using the media and making monthly or bi-monthly broadcasts by way of a publicity campaign so that people will take note on the grassroots level. We have to reach the people on the street directly.

We once were active on the street and at train stations. Last year True Parents bought the mobile jumbo-tron that you saw outside the building. [It is a truck and opening a large door on side reveals a video screen perhaps 10 feet wide and 8 feet high.] We set up a karaoke machine with it and 300 people lined up to sing and this was also advertising our church. The true family movement promotes volunteerism in the service of true family values nationwide. Father is pleased with these jumbo-trons for advertising the movement.

[Father spoke a few words here on multi-media witnessing and education, and the usefulness of the jumbo-trons.]

Pres. Hwang:

We now have 20 jumbo-tron trucks around the country. We show videos that we've produced. We're trying to create a video business including Completed Testament Age News every month. Our media team is getting good, and we even produced a video for Samsung. How are we going to educate a million people? We have a plan based on Hoon Dok Hae with the church leaders, organizing cells of around 20 people. By the end of October we want to reach more than one million. One regional church leader from South Cholla has been invited to lecture officially. Already, 420,000 have been educated according to this plan. The focus of the education is first the singles and second the grassroots.

We are educating the National Messiahs and others in the "world mission countries." One problem is a lack of material in these countries. Everyone is set up with faxes and most have computers. There are many Korean National Messiahs overseas who have no money or house in Korea. So I want to prepare a dormitory for visiting Korean National Messiahs and an office for their communications work.

The Completed Testament News is on a website. Soon you can subscribe and receive it via email. There are many thousands of members worldwide on the internet. It will include speeches, reports and photos. Also we are preparing the Sonyak (Completed Testament) magazine, a video magazine that will also come out in English. In fact, English may be the main language, with sub-titles in Korean. I'd like to make this project pay for itself. You cannot believe how hard the Korean HQ staff are working, 7 am to 11 pm and even sleeping in the office overnight.

In the world there are nations inside and outside the Christian cultural sphere. Because of the differences worldwide, I've produced a 300 page missionary handbook on how to organize one's missionary work. It even includes how to do a seung hwa ceremony.

Many new publications are in the works, especially to present Father's life for his 80th birthday, and editions of Father's speeches.

[Rev. Hwang outlines the significance of Father's declarations over the past few years. No translation is provided-our interpreter was exhausted. The final report, by Rev. Bong Tae Kim about Korean CARP, the activities between students of North and South Korea, and the Pure Love Alliance, was not translated.]


Let's make the conclusion. So far, Japan went it alone, but now you have to learn from Korea and America. I ask the Japanese sisters here, what is the best way to go from here? Korea sounds like "dungeon" in Japanese. But it is a gateway. Japan is the kitchen that prepares food for the king. The king is always curious about what the wife is preparing for him. From the womb, the mother and child become one, then the father stands on the extended line of life from there. The father and mother become one, and they multiply to constitute a family.

From the cosmic point of view, the Chinese character for heaven means "two people." The vertical creator and horizontal family become one. When it becomes one, it extends into the children, the family and three stages. The center of it is the hidden God, and the family is where the hidden God can settle down. This point of settlement is the zero point. The horizontal and vertical lines must go through this zero point. This zero symbolizes God. The one point where God dwells is zero. So, all things must go through this zero point. Left, right, front and back, the number 12 leads to 36. It is the vertical and horizontal settling point. It cannot make a mistake at that point.

The number nine is the husband-wife relationship, and the middle of it is the settling point of God's love. This is the realm of the unification of husband and wife, God and man. The relation of father-son and husband-wife cannot be changed because in both cases they are one body. This can be extended everywhere in the world. It is united into one realm. The settling point is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven. This is eternal life. God exists eternally, so that was God's original ideal of creation. But uniting this world, that is so tangled up, is one thing even God cannot do. This is the responsibility of human beings. Man fell in the realm that God controls indirectly. To make the point at which God can directly control man is an incredible undertaking.

I declare that this day sets up this realm of liberation. The mother must give away her life for the father, and the father will support his wife and children. If it's pushed from the other side, the center will go around. So the family must be ... so the responsibility of the mother is terrifying. How old are you? (I'm 74) Did you come here because you love me? I've been giving you this direction. You have missions relating to Korea and America, as wife to Korea and mother to America. So these Americans must forget their own customs and traditions. You must forget your own traditions and customs related to the fallen nature. It is not easy to forget fallen customs and traditions. You must separate and sanctify your shortcomings.

Woman should take care of things when something bad happens to the husband or children. The mother responds first. In the position of mother, as you think about involvement, you cannot reject doing what is difficult. The Pantanal is the opposite side of the world from Korea. There is the focal point, the starting base for the Garden of Eden. The historic father first builds the space of love. The mother must make the commitment of love. Do you remember the first time you had love relations with your husband? That was the turning point, your original holy ground. There is a holy ground in the Pantanal [the Holy Ground of Focus, Origin and Victory, established on July 27, 1999]. Does the father circle around the mother, or vice versa? The people who protect and cherish the Pantanal holy ground are the Japanese sisters. Do you want to go there or not? Is there anything more important? If so, what do you think that would be? To become a great person, you must get to the focal point.

If a passionate mother appears ... The mother wants a husband, children, food, clothes and a house. She is concerned for these things. So you're not even free to thoughtlessly drink water; you must check to see that the father and children are drinking water. You will always have to be worried and constantly taking care of others. This is serious. Going back to Japan you must all start anew and become new people. Are you determined to become a new person?

If you receive love, you can overcome these things. Your husband is the embodiment of God, the symbol of God. He is the center of the family and the embodiment of God. The vertical and horizontal meet at 90 degrees. You must attain this standard, with mind and body united. How far should we go? Before holding your closest loved ones, hold your enemies in your arms. This is the basic rule. You are the wife of God and descendants of God. Since the fall occurred, humankind lost the closest loved ones because they have been taken by Satan. The communists did everything to fulfill their task. Women are not honest. If they are, would they act like they do? Their mind and body are not united. Honesty always shows the heart. Since the physical body is connected to the fallen lineage, you should separate totally from the physical tradition that comes from Satan. One reason I scold you is to express love and blow off indemnity straight away. If you listen to my scolding it sets a great indemnity condition. So you all are candidates to be a good wife and great mother. So go back to Japan beautifully.

Korean people, did you understand what I said to the Japanese? [Father was speaking this last segment in Japanese.] You must admit that you have to learn the other language. If you speak Korean, you can speak Japanese as well as they. The sons speak English and the mother Japanese, so they cannot communicate. We have three languages, so in a unified village there will be much miscommunication. You can't have different parts of one body speaking different languages. The inside and outside must unite into one.

Today is sam ship chul. Jesus died because he could not receive this day. When he became 30 he went to his mother. Poor Jesus. He did not have a true wife or mother. His mother was not determined to sacrifice herself for her son. So he did not create the realm of the object necessary to fulfill his mission. Why did he have to go to Gethsemane? Because he lost his relatives and mother and he had to pour out his life. He had to shed tears. I've been in that situation for the sake of this day. How much I have sacrificed to settle this day! I am going beyond the line of death to declare this day. I've even forgiven Satan in the Garden of Eden and created the situation in which no one fell in the Garden of Eden. Everything becomes one. Do not live licentiously, but live a principled life. Before controlling the universe you have to control yourself. Otherwise there is no way to engraft into God's lineage.

If you cannot control your body, you will fall by the power of Satan's seduction. If you separate from your wife and return after seven years, if you hold her and make love and reach the climax, the sexes will connect. When I was in Japan, women came into my bed without their clothes on. They said they would die if I did not embrace them and they asked me to do whatever I wanted with them. You must be able to reject this situation just as I did. It's spiritual. They must have thought that I was spastic. You must be able to endure this temptation, or you cannot represent God.

So I have come through this individual course, family course and tribal course and have set up this tradition of love through suffering. There are many pretty women in Japan. I could have done whatever I wanted, but they are my sisters and daughters of God. So I as a restored Adam must make them a good sister, good wife, good mother, good grandmother and good queen. How can I stand up and look at them as my own woman?

Where's your husband? Is he dead? You didn't come here together? Did you ever make love? From today I said you must pass the test of principle. You must go through the seven-year course as a family and become filial children on the family level, centering on the family, so the family itself can become the center. The family itself finally becomes the victor. So I've followed this until now, until I enter the Kingdom of Heaven and restore God's palace. Then on behalf of God, I'll be able to inherit everything even if Heavenly Father is not able to.

Absolute faith, love and obedience - are these just words, or have you put them into practice? If you go to the north pole, can you sit there a few days? If I sit there one night, will I freeze or not? If I sleep, I will freeze; if I don't sleep, I won't freeze. In South America, it was so hot that I had to take all my clothes off. But I have to make it a hobby. One can watch one's sweat fall from the face down your body. I watched this and it was interesting. Try it at night; you can sweat at night. People say they cannot stand here because it is so hot, but it can be enjoyable if you approach it this way.

Pray to be able to receive this day, 9.9, on the foundation of absolute faith, love and obedience. Absolute faith, love and obedience are the foundation of my life; there is nothing else.

From today, become a new person. In the original ideal, God's love will come to you and your spouse. Always God will be with you and enfold you. It is possible that this world can exist, although it is impossible in the fallen realm. So I thank God for this day, and I say, let us be grateful. I have no complaints. If I perish, or am hit, or stepped on, I am grateful. I am grateful because of love. Take even the old people to the realm of gold and let them be proud of all the children.

[Father calls one elder member - Rev. Su Won Chung's wife - to sing the old song of gratitude. It is a song that was received by the Inside Belly Church, if I am not mistaken. Rev. Chung's mother was a member of that church before meeting True Father.] The lyrics are: I am grateful that he has given me the freedom of life. [Her memory lapses, and Father continues with the lyrics:] You're grateful if you die, and more so if you live. If you are hungry, you're grateful. If you have dinner then you are even more grateful, and even the taste of water is so precious. I know this because I was in prison. I know the true taste of rice with nothing on it; how tasty it is.

Shall we sing Tongil or pray? Who should pray? Me? I don't like praying. I spent twenty years without praying. I know all the spirit world, so what would I ask them to teach me? I didn't pray, but I dominated the satanic world. I'm fiercer than anyone with a Ph.D. You cannot follow Father. You must know that Father came to the earth to save the world. I've overcome all these and have reached the realm of liberation. Let us pray. Shall we sing and pray and Mansei? Or just sing without prayer?

Rev. Hwang prays:

... this incredible blessing of love, fulfilling the course of history. You've given us true love, and have guided us through living for the sake of others. True Parents prepared this through unexpressed sorrow and hardship. Without True Parents, the resentment within Heavenly Father could not have been unfolded. Resentment fighting communism even at the risk of his life, and he has loved his spiritual children and lost his physical children, Hee Jin Nim and Hae Jin Nim. Through today and yesterday, True Father has declared the day that will remain. I'm really grateful for this original faith, love and obedience.

We are in the satanic world but we are the channel of God eternally. In front of this responsibility of the 400 million couples blessing, and before history and our descendants, we will not be ashamed. In the name of the parents of heaven and earth, I pray that this liberation will stand before history, representing all the world and all people, with the father nation of Korea, the mother nation of Japan and the elder son nation of America. We are grateful you have declared this day. We pray in the name of True Parents. Amen.

[We then sang Tongil, during which time Father was very serious and thoughtful. Then Reverend Kwak led three cheers of Mansei and True Father departed. It was about 4:00 p.m.]

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