Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

Sunday Morning Hoon Dok Hae and Sermon

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Belvedere International Training Center
August 29, 1999

Unofficial notes by Tyler Hendricks, from the simultaneous translation by Reverend Peter Kim. The reader understands that portions of this speech were spoken in English that was difficult to understand.
[True Parents arrived at 5 a.m. and led Pledge Service. Before Hoon Dok Hae, Father spoke as follows.]

This speech we are about to read for Hoon Dok Hae has to do with the mission of the elder son nation. It has to do with unity of the mother and son nations, the unity of Japan and America, and uniting with the father nation of Korea. This message was given May 7, 1972 at the Tokyo church. This was after my first world tour, in 1965, on which I established holy grounds around the world, a total of 120 in 40 nations. After that tour, I gave a number of significant speeches, one of which was this. It deals with your responsibility as elder son nation members. We have to absolutely unite with the mother nation, Japan, and restore the father nation. That's why I asked for this exchange of 52 church leaders from each nation. They will take the roles of their counterparts and learn. The Americans will stay 30 days in Japan and 10 days in Korea, learn the mother nation's tradition and apply it in their own country. This speech contains content that is providentially very important. We have to apply it to our individual life, family, nation and world. Parents, children and the entire world should read it. Who has confidence to read it fast and clearly?

[Dr. Anthony Guerra was chosen as the reader. Father directed that Dr. Guerra read Restoration and Blessing from God's Will and the World, given in 1969. After that, Dr. Guerra continued, reading the next speech, The Ideal Spouse, given in Tokyo on Feb. 4, 1969, What We Should Do in Our Lifetime, which Father gave in Seoul, Korea, and The Change of Blood Lineage: The Real Experience of Salvation by the Messiah, Seoul, Korea, 1973. At 7:05 a.m., Dr. Thomas Ward took over the position of Hoon Dok Hae reader. He concluded that speech and began the next one, Victory or Defeat in the Present Time, Dec 5, 1971 in Seoul, Korea. Next was Defense of the Unified Front, given God's Day, 1972 in Washington, DC. Next, Dr. Ward read The Way of Restoration, given by Father on April 1, 1972 in Paris, France. Next, Dr. Ward read True Parents and Ourselves, given in Tokyo in May of 1972. At 8:15 a.m. Father walked onto the stage to check how many pages were left. Soon thereafter he excused Dr. Ward and began his speech.]

Just to read it is difficult, how much more so to deliver it? All the members in the world should read True Parents and Ourselves. This speech covers the history of the providence centering on Korea, Japan and America, so we must understand it fully. Since I came to America, it has been 27 years. I have spent more than half the period of my restoration life in America. Why? This will be an historic question. Why did I abandon my own country and come to America and spend half my life, my golden years, here? The answer is that I came here to restore Christianity.

We can interpret Christianity as the fruit of the work of Jesus Christ. It is that which he left behind. Christianity is divided into Protestant and Catholic, and these two must become one. Centering on the Holy Spirit in the position of parent, Christianity must become one. Jesus is in the position of father. But Christianity is still divided. The Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ are one, but their children are not one; they are divided. Why? Because of Satan.

As the mind represents the internal world and the body the external world. In our real life it is not easy to have unity of mind and body. This struggle takes place in every individual, and in the same way, Christianity is divided into two. Catholicism represents the body, the external world, and Protestantism the mind, the internal world. It is not easy to make our body obey our mind in our daily life. Catholicism has to come down to unite with Protestantism. If it had done so after World War II, there could have been unity between American and European Christianity, representing Protestantism and Catholicism. That was the only chance for the world to be united centered on Christianity.

One nation under God. At the time of Jesus, God strove to create unity between Judaism and the nation of Israel. Jesus wanted to establish one nation under God. That's why the theme of one nation under God arose after World War II; it was the fulfillment of Jesus' purpose. After World War II, America, by having Christianity underlying its central theme, was assigned the position of elder son nation. But after receiving that assignment, American should have elevated that theme to "One world under God."

In the secular world, there is no concept such as one world or cosmos under God. The True Parents came into this world to fulfill the will of God and establish kingship; only then can this concept be claimed. At the time of Jesus, he wanted to create one nation under God through unity of Judaism and Israel, so after World War II, the super-power nation came up with the same claim.

But the term one nation under God does not include the spirit world. One cosmos under God includes the spirit world. The Lord of the Second Advent, True Parents, can claim this. The secular people do not understand it, but Jesus' goal was not just to establish one nation under God; his goal was to expand from there to restore the Roman Empire and entire world. So, he too wanted to create one world under God.

One nation under God has a particular people and tradition, but this does not suffice as a pillar for one world under God. Thus, only the True Parents, who come as the Lord of the Second Advent to build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, bring the heavenly tradition to build one world under God. This requires a quantum leap. There are many nations, but only one world. One world requires that we overcome the concept of our one nation. This task falls upon Americans.

Since I came to America, I have been calling for one world under God, and so I have been opposed and persecuted. You cannot build one world under God centering on America. It has to be built upon the greater truth. Can we connect the one nation concept to the one world concept here in America? The American social, religious and political leaders have no idea about this. Both concepts begin with the individual and advance by stages. But the people in the secular world of America have no idea about this. I have been pursuing this direction consistently and the world is in the position to follow me. To stop me, Communism arose to try to take over, because people did not fully follow me. Centering on materialism, which Communism exalts, the entire world was deviating. Therefore, without my help in the 70s and 80s, the world would have gone down the drain. The American one nation concept would not have helped.

One nation under God eventually declines. Why? Because one world under God is a higher realm. But Communism emerged at the same time and tried to stop me. In the 70s, radical students controlled a lot of campuses. Even Gorbachev wanted to give a speech to the Congress, but the Washington Times editorials influenced Congress to cancel that speech. Because of communist influence, American people and others opposed and nearly trashed the SDI program. But the Washington Times encouraged Reagan's support for this, and this helped save the free world. I also cleaned up the campuses, which were full of Communists. I inspired patriotic support for Reagan and Bush, and gained the heartistic surrender of Gorbachev and Kim Il Sung. Now I have brought that victory to America to connect it to the young people.

America lacks true parents, true husband and wife and true children. Can you find them? What do Christianity and God want to see? They want to see a true family, true parents, true husband and wife and true children. Does American Christianity provide that? Look at American society. Christian young people are the victims of AIDS, free sex, homosexuality and lesbianism. It takes my hand to sweep it away. It is not by military, political or money power, but by true love power in the form of education.

True love has the power of creation and fulfillment. I make re-creation, centered on that concept, to cure the families going the wrong direction. I want to turn them to the right direction, to create the perfect result. True love contains within it the result itself. True love includes God and re-creation, all creation and all directions. Everything is in there. If you have true love, the five senses, the ten senses, will unify, moving in one direction. True love is the way and the result. This is the most important thing. So, do you need true love?

Once you have true love, you can go beyond the teachers and kings of the secular world. Once true love settles, that is eternal. What about your eyes? There are a variety of eyes, mouths, faces and all things. How can we make unification? This is the problem for fallen humankind. It is your homework. What is the clear answer? The answer is the connection of God and True Parents -- true couples who create true children. In America, I have that course, those positions. Now I have completely fulfilled and defined those contents. Satan controls the sexual organ. But who is the rightful owner? The rightful owner is God, absolute man and absolute woman, absolute parents and children, the absolute family. That protects the sexual organ. What is the foundation of American love, families and the use of the sexual organ -- free sex? Homosexuality? The homosexual way of love is not found in the Christian world or natural world. We cannot be proud of our military, educational, political or economic power. Everything has to follow parents in order to straighten out.

Do you feel bad or sad to hear this? When I first came to America, I made these statements to the American people. One close acquaintance told me, "Even if American people had accepted your teachings fifteen years ago, America would now be in a totally different shape." This is what America has done to True Father. As the world said, Yankee go home, many Americans said, "Reverend Moon go home." You used to be that way too. (No) "No" means K-N-O-W. But after you opposed my teachings, you somehow joined the Unification Church and sat here twenty years and became a leader. But hearing Father's speeches this morning, can anyone claim to be the center, to be proud? (No) No! You know well, more than me. You know your situation, more than I do. In the past you carried out the worst activities. You cannot hide that. I am the king of teachers, parents and owners. The most precious being, God, is looking for me to be parents, teacher and king. This is the core, the core. What about you? Between your mind and body, is there still a struggle? (Yes) When are you going to unite them? My lifelong motto is, before trying to control the universe I must control my mind and body, myself. Has there ever been a cease-fire in the battle between mind and body? (It's still a hot war) That means you are doomed to go to hell. Yours is a true answer, and it means you are heading for hell.

How can you unite? How can you stand on God's side, with mind and body fighting? American power doesn't matter. I don't care about the use of that power. With the mind and body struggle unresolved, it is ineffective. You must understand because I am teaching logically. Whatever can be explained logically can be built. Since I have explained it logically, we must be able to reach the goal, to accomplish it. Even the contents we heard this morning, do you think Father gathered that by researching in libraries? No. I single-handedly gathered it by traveling back and forth between the physical world and spirit world.

Are you confident we can build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth? (Yes) Without me here, America will be knocked out with one blow. Do you remember Father's teaching in the early 70s, that America is on fire and needs a firefighter from outside, or is sick and needs a doctor from outside? The congressmen hearing this laughed inside. When I claimed to be the doctor and firefighter that America needs, they laughed, but now they are not laughing but respect me. They know that what I said was right. I have more information than the American government. They may have eight departments to collect information, but I have one unique source they can't even consider. That is the connection to the spirit world. That is why I can do what America cannot. I have a connection to receive the top secrets in both worlds. Ah-men or A-men? Ah-men sounds like you're going down the drain. A-men is better [with "a" pronounced like "bay."]. (Amen)

The reason I came to America and spent my golden years here is because America is the center of religion and thought. So I wanted to revive Christianity to affect the world, and I did it, right? (Amen) So the time has come that the leaders need my help. I have that power. Our way is not through money and social events, but through education. Education power, to help them understand one world and cosmos under God. America says, one nation under God, and doesn't like blacks and Jews -- only Anglo-Saxons. What we need is one race of all races, the true love race. All creatures like this. Will you join the true love race? True love or normal love? (True love) It is going to the purpose of restoration and creation, everywhere connecting to true love. The true love country, How can America do that? I am the king of the family, occupying the innermost ... We are the family king-makers, nation-makers. That content goes beyond the people power. Our foundation is one place, for the nation base or Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Is there any ideology, or thinker, who can come up with something to compete with this? (No) Then what will happen? They have two choices: follow me and be or disappear. Disappear means no rebirth. Do you resemble me? (Yes) I am alone, one man, and you are hundreds. Who will win if we fight? You shout Mansei, but are you qualified to? Which is first, raising your hands or having determination in your mind? (The mind!) Unless we make absolute unity between mind and body we cannot enter the Kingdom of God. Unless we become parents of a family in whom the children can testify to our absolute unity of mind and body, we cannot enter. There has to be an absolute faith, love and obedience husband and an absolute faith, love and obedience wife. The children also have absolute faith, love and obedience and the entire family has absolute faith, love and obedience. This is the cosmic world. Upon this absolute foundation we can make the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

This is the standard. No other teaching is necessary. If you have it, you understand more than do your teacher, parent and king. This is the power of the mind. Everything in the mind makes that atmosphere absolute . . .

Everyday, we are cheating our mind. The body deceives the mind. Jesus said repent, the Kingdom of God is at hand. He said that centering on mind-body unity; if you don't have it, repent. Centering on it, you can see . . . Place the body in the object position by practicing love and obedience, forgetting what you gave. In Korean, the term "Harvard" means "you try, try and try but get no result." The president of Harvard would challenge this comment, but think about it. The best school in America is teaching that God is dead and everything centers on man, on human power. God doesn't need human power. God only needs absolute power. God cannot be found anywhere else.

You descendants of Anglo-Saxons, do you have confidence that one nation under God can save the world? (No) In that concept there is a satanic concept; there is no concept of peace or unification. People say that whoever immigrates becomes Americanized within five years, through the melting pot. But I have been here over 20 years and I am making America "moonized." Who can be owner of this continent? Not the Americans, but God. I knew that God is the owner of this country, and that therefore I could go through all kinds of threats, even against my life. Americans have to repent; if you repent you can survive. This white race is obligated to apologize to me. Even if I don't explain it, history will explain.

Young people should know it. Our PLA movement is now inspiring the American people. I told Reagan and Bush to launch such a campaign, but they didn't and they lost their chance. Now Clinton is adopting it and benefiting. I cannot abandon America, even as it is destroying itself with free sex and homosexuality. All those powerful people, who have money and power, are standing on the corner doing nothing. I alone, with no money, am doing so much. People criticize me for trying to take over Russia and America, so that I might be a king and them slaves. But I am 80 years old and only a green card holder. They think that their empty accusations will make me disappear. But I will not. I have been thriving over three generations.

I see that political power is fickle; ruling authority changes hands, families fall out of favor. The Korean presidents ended their lives miserably. Likewise America is going down the drain now. But I have taught everyone, even in America. This morning in Hoon Dok Hae we heard my precise teachings applying to Korea, America and Japan. It came not from a book but from my head and heart. My teachings then were more detailed than my teachings these days. Those who believed then and went to spirit world have gone to the kingdom of heaven, but it is not guaranteed for followers today. Your ancestors may say that I did not teach them, but I've taught everyone everything and even the spirit world people cannot complain.

This is the truth that contains the power to make you young people unify the world. Do you think I have a good brain? (Yes. A-man, absolute man) Does that mean we push God aside and I become God? (No) Some Unificationists learn the Divine Principle and take it for themselves and pretend it is their own teaching. They become heretics. After the Korean War, there was so much poverty in Korea. In that environment, I came up with a shining bright truth. Then people in America say they can take his truth on our own and use it to create an ideal world. But you cannot do that. I have seen those people, but the root is only one, not two.

Who has the root? Think of the terminology, such as history of restoration, blood lineage, true parents, and indemnity. They belong to God and True Parents. But these people take them away and use them as their own. I have the copyright and should charge them. If I leave them alone, God will charge them whatever he likes. Those people have no root, so whatever they try they will not bear fruit. My thought is big enough to produce millions of Ph.D.s in its analysis. My thought extends into every area, including the sports world. You know better than I do, and if you occupy it you will become its owner. You like that, right? (Yes) So do it. Take my teachings wherever you like and make yourself the servant-king of those nations. It's fine. My teaching is powerful enough to make you the king of knowledge, religion, politics, art . . . The Universal Ballet recently toured Europe and received incredible reviews. They conquered the European ballet world. The traditional ballet companies' members do not want to work hard. Each dancer wants to be the star. Unification people are different from them and are willing to do hard work, to serve.

In every field, sports, art, space science, I am on top. It is a strange, mysterious power. America's two great pillars are not going to stand because there is no center. America lacks a truth and reality that is world-centered, nation-centered, society-centered, family-centered and even truly individual centered. People claim they do not need their parents, family, children, society, nation and world. There is no hope, no family, no nation, no world, no God. What shall I do? That means American people are not connected to God. They lost everything. [These words were given in English and the transcript is quite unreliable. Father continued in English for a few minutes, beyond my hearing.] Shall I speak in English or Korean? Only use Korean. "Korea okay" means K-OK. "O" means offering, office, ocean . . . obedient, too! "K" means king, kitchen, kiss, Korea. "K.O." means knock out. K-K.O. means "Korea will knock out other nations, as the love owner." After the K.O., everything is okay.

[At this point, Father had everyone stand up for Mansei, and he said we should do a really loud Mansei. Before the Mansei, while we were standing, he said the following:]

You have to make one promise prior to doing Mansei. Those who do not want to promise it can sit down and not participate in the Mansei. By participating in the Mansei, all those who are standing, especially the non-whites, become equal. Mobilize your ten senses and have them participate in this Mansei. And promise that you will read the section of the speech we did not read today, out of your own book, not another person's copy. That is God's Will and the World, and the speech is True Parents and Ourselves, given May 7, 1972 in Tokyo. This book contains selected speeches, especially dealing with Japan, Korea and America. If you had followed what the speeches said to do at that time, God's providence would have worked. But you didn't.

This is your second chance. The mother now has the chance to bequeath it to the son. America is the elder son nation representing the entire world. This is the place where we have to secure the absolute unity between Catholicism and Protestantism, in order to secure the elder son role. It failed after World War II, but this time it has to succeed. If it had been done after World War II, I could have become the true leader of the world, like a king, in my 40s. But I am in my 80s and it is too late. America has no place to go. Since I have become 80, do I need to go out to the world, or do I have the right to return to my homeland?

When we study the life of Moses, at 80 he brought the people out of Egypt to build God's nation. Now at 80 I am dealing on the worldwide scale and must mobilize the resources of the world and bring them to Korea to rebuild the fatherland. For this we Unification members must mobilize ourselves and all our resources and go to Korea with True Parents to restore the country and build the Kingdom of God there. Either we will buy it all or we will restore all the people, every single person. Both North and South Korea need me now. Even the government will have no future if they oppose me. Korea and America and the UN have to work together on the same level. This is that time.

Working with the UN, Korea must secure the reunification of the peninsula. If we feed the North Korean people for three years, there will be peace. I have that kind of hope, knowledge and power. Do you believe it? That's why I held the Hoon Dok Hae conference (the IIFWP), inviting leaders from around the world to Washington, D.C. The result was great. What if we bring that to Korea? I founded the World University Federation and the World Media Association. These organizations will combine to lead this Hoon Dok Hae campaign everywhere. How far are we from . . . ? We are not so far. It is that close.

From my point of view, in my life I started giving the blessing with my own holy blessed marriage, and expanded to the 3, 36, 72, 124 and on to the millions. By doing so I laid the foundation to give the blessing to the world. But now on the national level in America you have to establish your own holy days -- Parents Day, Children's Day, Day of All Things, God's Day. We should offer them God and by doing so restore the nation back to God. I built the bridges for each level, the individual to the cosmos, so once we push the campaign, the world will turn upside down and no one will be able to touch it, only True Parents.

There is a battle between God and Satan, created by false parents. So no one but True Parents can stop it. So True Parents need a heavenly sword to divide good and evil and clean up this mess. That's the way we will liberate God. We even have to make Satan obey God. It is logical, in that the battle between God and Satan takes place through these social and moral problems, including family breakdown. False parents caused these and therefore it takes True Parents to solve them.

Once True Parents get victory and offer tickets to the Kingdom, will Americans be able to buy a ticket? Will you miss it or buy it? (Buy it!) We have to support the mother nation and father nation. America was on the Cain side, but now is chosen as the elder son and hence must unite with the mother and father nations. And America must extend her help and offering to the oppressed nations. Those American church leaders who go to Japan have to offer your help and love more than True Parents offered help and love to Japan. Only by doing so and getting the victory will you take off your old skin and make a new nation.

You should have the attitude that you want to go there and spend your whole life dedicated there, no problem. Only then will the father and mother value you as an elder son and give you the blessing of being the elder son country. Elder sonship is completed then. Centering on Korea as the country of ultimate heart dominion. I want . . . connect that elder nation, forever, kingdom of heaven and saints . . . elder sonship, no excuse, father nation and the mother nation. Remove this kind of pain from father's heart. . . Thirty years declaration. You are going to become the elder of Jesus' age, after that the parents . . . Jesus' time. Every nation power. Our standing position is not the nation base. Upon the nation base? One world under God. We have to make recreation. That means that God . . . doesn't have . . . do you need that recreation? Find the victor's position. Do you understand? Raise your hands. God bless you. "Mansei" means that you are receiving everything with no problem. Everywhere, all the time, no problem.

[Reverend Peter Kim leads:] Heavenly Father: Mansei! True Parents: Mansei! America: Mansei!

[Father concludes:] American owner including all the cosmos, everything! That's the clear viewpoint of this Mansei. 

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