Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

Pray, Pray, and Pray for God

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
East Garden
August 25, 1999
Unofficial Notes by Tyler Hendricks

[True Parents arrived at East Garden late. Their plane was delayed in landing by fog at the airport. They arrived at 9:00 AM. Father asked Dr. Chang Shik Yang to report about the 7.8 holy day, but for the most part Dr. Yang simply translated for Father.]

CSY (Dr. Chang Shik Yang): From now God's omnipotence will lead everything.

Father: From now, all members have to pray, pray and pray for God.

CSY: And True Parents inherit God's authority, omnipotence and omnipresence. So we have to establish the substantial kingdom on earth. The three nations, Korea, Japan and America, are to become one. Already Korea and Japan are one. Half of Japan's church leaders are Korean.

Father: I want to make those four nations (referring to Germany as the fourth) real friends. Based on Korean-Japanese oneness, America should become one nation with Korea and Japan. So far, America claims to be one nation under God, but from now it is to strive for one world under God. The Bible says that when the Lord comes, all people will resurrect, transcending this earthly plane to heaven. America as the elder son nation should initiate this oneness of heaven and earth through the parental nations. The elder son has to restore Spirit World as the Abel figure.

CSY: Father asked world leaders to greet True Parents in Korean only, not in English. So you should learn Korean. America and Japan each have 16 church regions (including Headquarters, and counting New York as 2). In the upcoming leadership exchange, Headquarters goes to Tokyo metro area. Arrive on August 30 and be in your location by September 1. We are to inherit the Mother nation's spirit, dedication and system.

Father: Centering on Korea, Japan and America should unite. Make a four position foundation centering on God. Four nations become one; this is the organization not only on earth but in heaven. Earth is the center, not Spirit World. This is not symbolic, but reality. The 52 Japan leaders come to LA on August 30. Headquarters staff will brief them there. On August 31 they spread out.

We will learn about tong ban kyok pah in Korea and their PLA movement. I will accomplish the 400 million blessing through the PLA. You are going there in order to engraft this to America.

Heavenly Father wants to create the equalization of nations, enabling the developing nations to quickly reach the same level as the developed nations. So the political system should facilitate this, following God. The time has come to go beyond the divisions among people created by the overuse of political authority that divides leaders and people. Through economic development society centers more on the people. The worldwide system will change to resemble the family headed by father and mother. The ideal family can expand as a model to the national and world levels.

America's resources should be used for this purpose. Create one cosmos under God. The earthly society should follow the Spirit World system. They are one, centered on God, and they are equalized based on life. The earth is too divided, but through economic development life can be equalized on the global level. This world should unite centered on true love. Political power has been too strong and it has divided the world. From now we will see the heavenly nation, as it is organized in Spirit World, and make one system uniting heaven and earth. This will be the constitution of heaven and earth.

From now, based on Heavenly Father's omnipresence and omnipotence, we will have one world under God. To do so, the earthly world has to learn from the Spirit World system, where they have already become one with God. So there will be a big change on earth, in our systems and in our daily lives.

America is externally powerful and hence proud, but internally the family system is breaking down. American cannot stay proud, but must change its system from political power in the lead, to organizational management taking the lead manifesting heavenly law. If we have 185 nations and each keeps its own system, the world will never unite. Political power divides and never brings oneness. It leads to inequity. Economic power will unite the world through economic development and the equalization of life on the global level. Our earthly system will change, centering on true love. We can follow the law of nature. Water falls without any artificial force. We have tried to equalize the standard of living based on true love. By the natural power of true love, one world under God will come.

The UN system should be and can be ideal, but must develop and then strengthen to make one world under God. America's power dominates the UN, but it should help and support the spirit of the UN. America has political power but can this make the world obey? Or will America's knowledge lead the world? It's not right. All such power is limited. Satan tried to control the world with power but created hell. That power cannot create the ideal world. God has to create the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth by true love, even to liberate hell. Based on true love, not politics or economy, scholars can change their concepts. So far, scholars have supported political authority, but that must change. Economy has supported the reigning political power, which makes for division. Now unity will come by parental love. Economic power is more central than political power to establish the ideal world. Don't trust America's political power.

I tell all members to study theology because the system will change not by political power or economic power. Politics and economy did not connect to God's side. This civilization will be disturbed because it is built upon the wrong foundation. Urban nations lead to pollution, crime, free sex, homosexuality and lesbianism. Where can we find the ideal family? Immoral leadership controls the political world. Even education does not present the ideal. It all has to change.

Even Unification Church members may feel uncomfortable with some of this, but the world will change by one ideal family expanding to the nation and world. Based on the ideal family concept we have to deny the communist and democratic worlds. All the present-day societies are self-centered.

What can the American leaders do in Japan? You are not going there to study the external system. You are going to learn Japanese members' dedication, sacrificing their family to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Learn this Japanese skill. American members who are going have to understand the reason you are going. America is the elder son, but your Father and Mother supported you when you were young. Now you have to inherit their foundation and develop horizontally.

Western culture is horizontal and it cannot inherit anything. Therefore you need to inherit the vertical spirit of Korea and Japan. You have been distant from the parents' tradition. Now you can inherit it. You have nothing special to teach them; you can only learn from them. Learn the members' spirit and dedication. So far, America was fully supported by Korea and Japan, but now Japan is completely one with Korea so America has to inherit their responsibility.

If America fails her mission, others will take her place. I have big foundations in many countries. If America fails her mission, incredible indemnity will come. I know, so to save this country, the country that is my enemy, I have gone through so much. One nation under God is not God's viewpoint. You have cast out God. If America doesn't embrace God and True Parents, the American providence will disappear. Deny everything, go to the zero point and receive everything. Japan has gone to the zero point, casting out everything. We have to restore the nation, by community breakthrough.

After the 40 days, you need a new determination. Transcend American concepts. Inherit the new, sacrificial thought of Father and Mother. This is the elder son inheritance. If you don't follow, you will have no place to go. I have the authority to work elsewhere. The external and internal worlds have to connect at one place, not two. Vertical settlement takes place on the horizontal foundation. If you don't do it, it will never happen eternally. You have to find that settlement point - it is at the confluence of the Father and Mother (vertical) and elder son (horizontal). The son reaches North, South, East and West. They connect as one nation.

You have to determine and offer everything in order to inherit everything from your parents. The child inherits true father's love and true mother's love. Have no concept of "mine." Anything other than that is the mind of a thief. If you don't follow, you will eventually die. You need acting power gained through mother-son cooperation. The Christian world activity in Japan (that is destroying religious freedom) will stop. Everything is in the process of making preparation. America is most difficult. How can I save that seed? You have no reverence for East Garden and Belvedere. Jesus' family is there, but you don't care. Without that foundation, you cannot make the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. The zero point is the point of absolute faith, love and obedience.

We have to learn from Japan and Korea - the sacrifice of Japan and the success of Korea with tong ban kyok pah. You will see the miserable Japan lifestyle. You will see the reason they sacrifice -- for whom.

We are facing a crisis. If even a small country accepts True Parents, the world will follow that country. Kodiak is small; Korea is small. There are so many islands in the Pacific. Don't be proud. If a small nation accepts True Parents, Father will go there. (Father to one sister:) Has your life been comfortable? Your husband supports you so your life has been too comfortable. You must run strenuously in Japan as the representative of American sisters. You have to deny American woman's attitude toward free sex, as their representative. You should work day and night and play the mother's role for America. Do you love your husband? (Yes) Don't just follow your husband's suggestions but Father's and get all American women to follow you. Then you can follow your husband.

You represent the power of American women; that is on your shoulders. How can you run fast with that burden? This is the American women's problem. (Father gestures and almost breaks a glass, accidentally. He holds it up and says, "America did not break yet.")

You have to understand the seriousness of the 7.8 Holy Day. It connects heaven and earth. After the third one, things will completely change. Satan cannot attack and Heavenly Father can have His omnipotent authority. That's how we can unify the father and mother countries and make peaceful unification. The vertical concept is unification; the horizontal is peace. Whatever I mention is not contingent; it must come true. I have spoken everything and established the entire foundation. So you don't really need me. What you hear while directly attending me is precious, but it is all the worse if you fail to follow it. When I started to pioneer the Pantanal, I asked the members in the developed countries to support it.

American members should support the American movement. When it is difficult, think of my sacrifice in the country that acted as my enemy. How could I change that lowly country? Recreate a new America and new Christian world. I want to bequeath it to you. This is the concept of unity of the parents' and children's nations. Rebuild based upon the foundation of enduring persecution. That is your invisible tradition. Expand it horizontally all over the world. Just as Satan's world expanded from one family, do the same under God's system. This makes the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and vertically. No matter how difficult, we have to do it.

Hendricks, be happy no matter how Dr. Yang treats you; he is your brother. Don't think the normal way in America. Think the opposite way. Even if I become very unpopular, we have to remake Americans. You have to inherit the mother's heart of sacrifice and undergoing persecution. Then become God's victorious child. It is not that easy.

Dr. Chin, give a testimony of your two weeks in Alaska.

Dr. Chin: Father is doing 1,000 years work in one day. He counts every minute and second, even during meals. He was always waiting for us. He stayed fishing outside while we were in the cabin.

Father: Fishing represents reaching people.

Dr. Chin: Only the fish were not judged in Noah's flood, so Father loves the fish. The second generation workshop was going on. Group by group they had different activities -- hunting, fishing and climbing. It was a green beret course. Their food was limited. Hyun Jin Nim wanted to train them in absolute obedience.

Hyun Jin Nim's family served us so well. Hoon Sook Nim attended and she taught us ballet at the beach. She taught about the history of ballet and the content of the famous ballets such as Giselle and Swan Lake. It was the 15th anniversary tour of Universal Ballet. We watched their video - 7 countries in 35 days.

Father's focus will be on shimjung culture, so this ballet will develop more. Critics said the essence of ballet has moved from the west to the east. The UB (Universal Ballet) is one of the top four in the world, and with only one patron's support, not that of a government. The critics said that they have achieved the impossible, that they have achieved perfection. The west is losing hold on classical dance because of individualism - the loss of teamwork and the power of the ensemble of supporting dancers. Each dancer wants to be the lead. But the UB has a great supporting ensemble.

The UB will be Father's cultural ambassadors for his 80th birthday year, and they have promised a world tour, including in America. Ballet is the dance in which the dancers try to reach God by jumping and standing on their tiptoes. It is the dance of true love. Critics said they will be the world's top company within two years.

Everyday we learned from True Parents. I became like a baby, reborn by True Parents' love, spiritually and physically. I usually like to report to Father, but this time I soon ran out of things to report and just listened. I had no agenda. I was just happy to be there. Father loved everybody at the university through me.

After 7.8 it was different. After the 7.8 Holy Day was declared, Father could bless the Spirit World. Soon after pal jung shik the communist world fell. It means the Spirit World is working directly. More and more God will exercise His power in the daily world. Even the fishing was different. Three years ago the group was at Marks Bay, but this time it was in the ocean. The silver salmon were much bigger. They were gigantic and abundant. Nature is all abundant, like chun neung. Alexa caught eight fish. Father caught King Salmon too. The sashimi was delicious. So much was left over, we felt like the crowd that Jesus fed on the hillside.

Our true purpose in life is to seek God's love. But we couldn't even know God's presence or how to meet Him. Even God Himself cannot approach us. The connection is broken from both sides. So it is entirely the responsibility of the Messiah.

All college graduates under 45 years old should go to UTS or the religious course at the University of Bridgeport. Father said that the Holy Ground of Focus, Origin and Victory in the Pantanal is so important. Everything is connected to that holy ground. Our inherited culture is our enemy. Cut it off.

The agent of equalization is the blessing. Through the blessing, all enter the love race. This is one race. (Father: The true love race.) The true love movement and the True Family movement. Rev. Sun Jo Hwang did a good job in his talk connecting all of True Parents' various activities. It was a chronological account of how it was perfectly designed. There is a master plan. It was like seeing God face to face, there in Alaska. The air and spirit was clear. I could see the huge gap between me and Father. I am unqualified to be part of Father's family, as is granted by the workshop in Jardim. Father has shared all his authority and grace. We have to cut off our inherited evil culture. 

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