Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

Third Celebration of the Declaration of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for Parents of Heaven and Earth

Sun Myung Moon
Unofficial Notes
North Garden, Kodiak, Alaska
August 17-19, 1999
Dr. Tyler Hendricks, Scribe

August 17, after the prayer at the Main Ceremony

Translation by Rev. Jeong Phyo Hong. We regret that the translation facilities were non-existent, so what I could gather from the speeches were fragments.

Today is the day to declare and affirm the four great powers of God, omnipotent, omnipresent, all abundant, all sovereign. [Rev. Hong tells us that Father is using the term Jehovah for God. And these four Korean terms are very difficult to translate exactly into English.] These four powers derive from God's absolute faith, love and obedience. You should love Kodiak. Be aware of the holy ground of focus, origin and victory [recently established in Brazil]. The Old Testament and New Testament offerings have been made, and Heavenly Father took care of everything by His four great powers and accomplished all the purposes of creation. Today I declared the name of Jehovah, the God who is omnipotent, omnipresent, all abundant and all sovereign. The most essential powers are His omnipotence and omnipresence.

We seek to unify Japan and Canada and Japan and the USA. Canada connects the five oceans. We need to care for and have true dominion over the oceans. If we do not, war will come. If we do, peace will prevail. All things need water. We should love the ocean. Fish are perfect, they were not judged by Noah's flood.

God created the world centering on absolute faith, love and obedience. These virtues are the foundation for the world of true love, the world under the dominion of love. Centering on God we need one servant nation. Money that you offer is not for the sake of the individual but is to restore the world. Korea, Japan and America should become one nation. They should be equal, based upon love. Overcome selfishness over your own life, your things and your family. Connect everything to Heavenly Father's ownership. To do this we need to unify language. You must learn Korean; it is a very serious matter.

Shall I come to Kodiak again? It is uncomfortable for me here. I made the original focus holy ground in South America. Everyone should work and serve there for three years. Our knowledge, ideas, economy, cultures, everything should connect to True Parents and God or they will be lost, useless.

Where do you want to go from this point? To the Kingdom of Heaven. You should get True Parents' lineage. It requires investment and shedding blood, sweat and tears, more than have any historical people. Then Heavenly Father will embrace you. Someday I will go to the Himalayas to train those people who are waiting for me there. I do not ignore their Jung Sung.

Politics is the art of distribution. Politics are not effective in this world. We need a politics of love. We totally offer to God. If you reject this, your descendents will inherit the burden. If you don't follow, what is the value of your property? As Jesus said, this world will be burned away.

Father established new schools, from kindergarten to doctoral courses. All kinds of education are connected to True Parents. If it is not connected, then it makes no sense and you need not study there. Computers can handle all knowledge, so you don't need to memorize it. Don't be proud of having a degree. It is a time of fearful judgement. A snake sheds its old skin and needs to be limber. We need flexibility in our ideas and concepts. Secular schools make no sense for the second generation. I called your parents to sacrifice their education for the sake of ministry work. Those who believed have been blessed greatly; the others, I don't know. I established UTS and everyone should complete that course. I appointed Rev. Hwang and Dr. Yang (the new leaders over FFWPUI and America) because they are UTS graduates. Rev. Hwang is president of the Japanese church and Rev. Otsuka is vice-president. All the others are their advisors. Japan is calling the members to offer everything to Heavenly Father. Even if it is difficult, it is their way of tears to do God's will.

Until now, I just forgave and forgave, all the while holding resentment. Now I have to push based on what is right and wrong. Until now, I never taught the True Children directly. Now is the time for the parents to guide their children directly. It is time to establish the realm of Heavenly Father on earth as couples, so we have to know how I lived my daily life, that I did not live for my personal benefit or desires but only connected everything to the heavenly tradition. I never discussed anything with anyone; I only followed the directions of Heaven. You know that the "Hyo" in Hyo Jin Nim means "filial piety." Don't use him as an excuse for not being close to me.

Liberate the ideals of the family through Divine Principle and True Parents. To find them, I passed through miserable tribulation, trying to establish the heavenly tradition on earth. So I need people who bring the result. As the Divine Principle states, there is no freedom without results.

Kodiak sounds like the squawking of a chicken when she lays an egg. "KodiYAAK KodiYAAK" So it is a place to which you bring heavenly results. We are in the completion stage, therefore we need absolute faith, love and obedience. You connect to these and you'll be a family of goodness.

Korea, Japan and America are one nation. Their church presidents should unite. I expect you to unite strongly. If parents and children unite, they will have the same concept. Mother-son unity plus father-son unity is necessary. Don't just listen to the mother's words but to the father's words. Father's ideas and heart should be the authority, then the family will prosper and develop. One leader said that True Mother is the fishing champion, but I am the real champion. I respect her and want her to develop.

In the husband-wife relationship, the husband plays the roles of father, husband and son, and the wife plays the roles of mother, wife and daughter. Also we make love in three stages, beginning with the mouth, then the bosom, then the sex organs. These are three levels of connection. By implementing Father's explanation, we can overcome the desire for free sex. In the family we set the order and tradition. We need clarity about purity. It is the special heavenly tradition of the Unification Church. You can't accomplish purity on your own. This purity idea is keeping heavenly law. In the final stages of restoration, True Mother should give the woman's side word.

I embraced Rev. Baek Moon Kim [the Christian leader of the Olive Tree Monastery] and my first wife. I tried to raise their level. I trained myself to overcome adulterous desires. I trained myself to keep one love with one spouse forever. During the training time I slept less than three hours a night. To go God's way, I need to chastise you. Without heavenly training we cannot set up the heavenly nation and world. I never allow those who fell to come close to me. All must follow the way of indemnity. Therefore think of your life in eternity.

Be aware of the four great powers of God. God's will is for all people, not just you as an individual. Someday, the fearful judgement will come. Prepare for it. I am done, today. I can drink, play and so forth; my job is done. The standard I have set can serve as a standard of judgement, one that most people do not pass. Please understand True Parents clearly. I paid all the indemnity, with blood, sweat and tears. The day of judgement will come.

Like Adam and Eve, I will farm and fish by myself for my food. God wants to do it together with me. So I am preparing land in Jardim. It is pure and untouched, unpolluted, like the holy land. National Messiahs come first and build houses. You needn't worry about food. You can survive there with a fork and small knife. You can't even eat all there is to eat there. So you share it with brothers and sisters. I teach you to fish. The Indians survived. It will be so wonderful to be stewards of that beautiful area preserved by God, with True Parents. Be strong and bold. Can you do it? From today a big movement should start. I invited the leaders of fifty nations. Fifty American leaders should go to Japan, like the elder son going to the mother's house, to love his parents and inherit their ideas.

From now I don't need to seek a sovereign nation, because the foundation is done. I can teach the young people. I directed you to counsel young people to have strong marriages. They should keep purity until marriage. That's why we learn the Korean tradition. Therefore all the American leaders should work in Japan for 21 days, and the Japanese leaders should go to America. Make an exchange program. Your languages are different, but try. Learn unity as one family. Get to know your mother. Should it be 40 days or 21 days? This is the busiest time. Make two teams to exchange.

Father applies unchanging Divine Principle to the True Children too. Everyone gave pain to True Father, especially when you did not have confidence in me. How many think seriously of the nation and world? If you didn't graduate UTS, I have no interest in you, no matter what degree you have. We are in a parent-child relationship and need to go through eight stages of indemnity conditions. Follow this path while carrying your own burden. God never encourages me, but only tells me to do more. You as my children have to pass the same way.

You are like an army. I think that in four days we can accomplish 40 years of effort. Even if it takes 40 days of fasting. I believe no one other than Heavenly Father. You need knowledge and power independently to become a son of filial piety. If I chastise you, you can grow up. Let's move toward this necessary providence of the God of the four great powers.

When we built this house [North Garden], we had too little money. I asked Rev. Hwang if I gave him permission to get a Masters Degree, and if he followed my direction to make church law. Carry out Tong Ban Kyok Pah (neighborhood evangelism and service). Young Whi Kim should have established it, but he didn't. Now it is being done through the Hoon Dok Team. Young Whi Kim's son should help. If you receive this well, you can fly.

Connect Kodiak to the South Pole through the new holy ground. Shil chuk, shil chuk, shil chuk, it means, result. The second generation should learn about Father. They have to go hunting, not stay here. [Father is referring to a group of youth taking part in a workshop.]

I am starting new projects continually. I have so many ways to connect to Heavenly Father and give authority to God. [Father plays with the term "okay."] "O" stands for what? [People respond:] Owner, offering, ocean, obedience, original, opinion. "K" stands for kitchen (we're hungry for breakfast, aren't we?), Kodiak, king, Korea, key. Be independent, strong and march forward. Be proud of yourself as necessary to God!

[Father dismissed everyone for breakfast, telling us to change clothes and prepare for fishing. After breakfast, however, we received word that instead of going fishing we would meet again with Father. We met at 12:15 p.m., and Rev. Hong again translated.]

I blessed criminals, and Satan couldn't accuse me because I am above the perfection level. Satan and false parents are down and True Parents are up. In the physical world and spirit world both, those who connect to True Parents enter the realm of liberation. To accomplish this yourself, do Hoon Dok Hae.

The IIFWP did the first Hoon Dok Hae conference. Top leaders from the world over seriously studied my direct teachings. National Messiahs should start their own such conferences. If you do it within the next 40 days, your country will turn upside down, and within six months, who knows what developments will take place?

We carried out the 360 Million couples blessing, even blessing the evil and worthless. On that foundation we are blessing the young people. After that, we do not even need the term, Messiah. Everything is liberated and we enter the realm of the fourth Adam, who follows Adam, Jesus and the Lord of the Second Advent. So please get everyone to join and participate. Now we have the June 14 foundation. So there is one way to achieve the heavenly victory. Now the settlement age has come, because we've blessed almost two-thirds of humankind. Now women should educate all the people. So I started meetings of women university presidents. Women bring 12 to 120 people each to be educated. This reverses the fall, which started with Eve. This achieves the perfection of woman, who then looks for a perfect man as her spouse.

We will have resentment until we find a nation, and until we do so we invest everything. For 40 years I have tried to find Canaan. This is the meaning of the Total Living Offering. It is time to move. In Jesus' time, many offered their everything. To create something takes investment. This world has no true love ownership. All ideologies are bankrupt. It is time for my subjective thought. I will take responsibility for and rebuild the world. Through Hoon Dok Hae, touch True Parents at the bottom of your heart. Hoon Dok Hae divides the world. Inherit Father's heart.

[We broke up for lunch and then met without Father in order to do the lottery for sending leaders from America to Japan. At that occasion Rev. Sun Jo Hwang gave a talk about the meaning of the Cosmic Sabbath holy day and the Hoon Dok Hae tradition. Then we had a break, and then the American members had a meeting outside on the grass with Dr. Yang. This took us up to dinnertime. After dinner we had entertainment by continent. The North American contingency rocked the house with "Sweet Sweet Spirit" and "Battle Hymn of the Republic." Hyun Jin Nim and his son Shin Won Nim offered up a rousing treatment of "Blue Suede Shoes," and finally True Parents sang together two lovely songs. Then Father addressed the group, with translation by Rev. Peter Kim.]

Do you feel great to be with True Parents? [Yes!] But you must know the responsibility that comes with it. There was so much indemnity behind the 7.8 holy day. It was a miracle to create it. For God to embrace His enemy was like flattening a mountain and raising up a valley. Humanity does not have absolute equality. America is proud of its own culture, and mingles it with others centering on its own agenda. The Anglo-Saxon culture, however, won't work forever. Anglo-Saxon culture has some depth, but to assimilate the world it needs greater depth. Who can do it? The gaps between cultures are higher than the Himalayan Mountains, and the Anglo-Saxon culture is not deep enough. That culture is afraid to dive deep enough, and lacks the power of ideology and will. I see few young people in America who have the vision to go over that Mount Everest. Therefore America provides no hope. Who, then, can do it?

The way is to bring one world and one cosmos under God. To stop the fighting between God and Satan, there has to be a new ideology from the Lord of the Second Advent, plus people willing to take it deeper than Satan does and higher than the Himalayan Mountains. Unless we are ready to go there we won't win the victory. We need our internal subject who is greater than Satan. God has been preparing for Satan to submit voluntarily. Without that, there is no victory. To get your victory, go deeper than Satan. To get there, you need guidance. You can't do it by yourself. As God goes deeper, Satan will give up and surrender. Satan will say to God, "I will blindly follow You." Satan will praise God and give God total ownership. Satan is not eternal, as God is. He will give up. When Satan surrenders, God will start rising up. Satan will follow God up, to the line at the top of indirect dominion.

Christianity has been limited because it has not eternal power, but has accommodated the path of the fall, following Satan's footprints. Will any American youth risk their life for God? No, and this is a problem. Who will take care of Africa? Human beings should. Will any young people follow Father to Africa and bring results? We have to sacrifice and be ready to die there. Then Satan will be surprised. We need to make a quantum leap to God and True Parents, and bring the victory to all humanity. Only God is willing to follow you to wherever you can confront Satan.

Kiss your wife as if you are God who has been waiting to kiss for 6,000 years. That is the culmination of indemnity. What kind of relationship do you think that True Mother and I have? That of friends, or one of fighting?

[Sleepiness overcame me, but Father spoke another hour, perhaps. Then we viewed videos of the Universal Ballet's recent European tour, with commentary by Hoon Sook Nim, until Father called it quits at 1:30 a.m.]

August 18, Hoon Dok Hae

[Translation by Rev. Hong.]

There will come one nation eventually. Divisions exist due to the fall. Through Cain-Abel restoration, these divisions will resolve into four entities, east, west, north and south, and finally into one, centering on the mother [or: Mother], and finally this one will transfer to Father. Then finally all will return to God.

Our final destination as the Unification Church is to live in Father's house. This is the original homeland that existed before the fall, centered on God. The parents represent God, who teaches the children to live together in peace. We need to prepare one such nation before the next 7.8 holy day. We need to reject the fallen environment and seek our original position.

Purify your ego through filial piety, patriotism, sainthood and the life of a holy son and daughter. We need to make of North and South America one nation. I've tried to do so conditionally, to engraft with Korea. Therefore we can say that the unification of north and south and east and west is done. Many blessed families will come from the south. Kodiak represents the north.

To create, God had a furnace to burn away dross. The new Eden will start from the unity of north and south, centering on True Parents. By connecting north and south, our families will rise up. Even pure gold will be melted. The eight vertical steps can be pressed into one step, by God's pressure from above. When we go to the Jardim workshop, we taste the fire of God. We need use only Father's words, not secular words. By understanding, we melt ourselves to be one with God and True Parents. Centering on True Parents, by eating true words we will grow into oneness with True Parents.

The north has fresh air and fish. The south has krill. All fish want to eat the krill. Fishing development is for the sake of feeding humankind. The Asians will take it further than westerners. Fish powder to feed all. The north is running out, so we go south for krill. And now we need to adopt western technology to make fish farms. The entire ocean is a fish farm. But the manmade farm grows small fishes and releases them. Pollution on land decreases viability of land grown food.

God connects the north and south. The owner is the Messiah. God started creation in a warm to hot climate, not cold, which means it was in South America. I need to balance north and south. We have to conquer the ocean, centering on the south, and influence South America. There are so many resources and treasures there.

Where can we establish our memorial tower? Use waterpower as the basis to establish new cities. Shipping can be done by water. Fish powder solves hunger, and this will help bring on the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. We need to manage under water treasures. The Pantanal has been developed greatly since I showed interest in it. The place that connects mountains and the ocean is the prime tourist area. Living things need water, including human beings. Clean water is good for animals and dirty water is good for plants. So places such as the Salobra Hotel feature the confluence of clean and dirty water. Asians relate to the Pacific Ocean and westerners to the Atlantic. Korea connects ocean and land. Therefore Korea and Japan are in the position to determine the future of the Pacific culture. The land is masculine; the ocean is feminine.

Over the last one hundred years, the global issues centered on Korea. Americans are weak to follow my direction to go to the ocean. America is an archangel nation having no ownership. Who can make American members strong enough to expand north and south and conquer the oceans? [Father!] Before Father, it is Mother. You came from the mother's womb. America is proud to be the world leader. But it cannot lead the world by military force. To really lead, America first must deny itself. Many Americans spread immorality and AIDS worldwide, using their economic power. God is angry with this. How can we start to restore America? First, deny America's external power. Second, find the great leader who can do this. Third, accept the leadership of the Messiah. The Messiah means the prince and princess of God's lineage. Americans miss out on true love, because power and wealth distract them. So Americans need to know who is God. True love is hundreds of times more powerful than external things. They will know it is the best way to inherit . . . Then Americans will be crazy for it. [On our relationship with Christianity - I didn't catch it.]

God blessed America as the elder son centering on God, true love and one nation. This ideology comes from True Parents. True Parents are here and True Children are here. Korea, Japan and America are here. Koreans succeed wherever they go, because their nature is to give and Korean men are faithful in marriage. Koreans have strong family values and share them. I am an example of giving and of sharing family values. Americans will be attracted by our family life and will find True Parents are behind it. If America doesn't catch true family values, it will truly turn into a robber and steal from the world. To change, America needs strong fathers and mothers. So our American members should be heavenly servants. That spiritual training is the best way to become sons of filial piety, patriots, saints and holy sons and daughters, and kings. The servant lives for others and becomes the central figure. And in the process, the two nations [Japan and America] will become one.

Much of American Christianity has lost its spirit. In many Christian churches, you see mostly older people. If they attend a two and seven-day workshop, they can completely change. Then America will be the best country. Many youths in America and throughout the world follow the Pure Love Alliance. But America otherwise is full of free sex. And they become more and more this worldly and materialistic. Hold demonstrations to restore American society. Then it will become a great nation to lead the world. Receive a servant's certificate from Japan - get their blessing and offer it to me. This will lead to the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. You will learn how to be the elder son. The elder son inherits his mother's spirit and attends his father through the mother's education.

Shall you work there for 40 days, 4 months or 4 years? If you are 100% determined, you can do it in 4 days. If the elder son doesn't engraft to his mother, he becomes Cain. If you do to Japan and go 10 times deeper than I did, I will attend you before I attend God. Will you offer your property and go to Africa to establish the Kingdom of Heaven? Will you do it? If you go that suffering course, you'll become a great nation in a few years. What you gain from Japan is the willingness even to offer your property when you return and move somewhere, such as to Africa or South America. Go to Japan for 30 days, then Korea for 10. Give the sermon the first Sunday you are in Japan.

[We then broke for breakfast, and on this day we did go fishing. True Parents and a few people went on three boats, and the rest of us went by bus to a river approximately 15 miles from Kodiak. We fished on the beach and upstream for about 100 yards. In mid-afternoon, True Parents docked off shore and came on land on a small inflatable. They shared lunch with us and took photos. On that occasion Father shared a few words with me about the mobilization to Japan:]

Your first purpose it to inherit from the Japanese church, then second to give something to them. The long-term goal is to make the foundation to bless the children of the three nations (Korea, Japan and America) together. The goal is international families, living together in condominium-type housing. Those children will be the true elder sons. The parents should care for the others' children before their own, for three years. All should learn the others' languages, Korean, Japanese, English and German. The Kingdom of Heaven on earth comes through the blood being mixed, creating heavenly citizens. [Translation by Rev. Peter Kim.]

[That day there was a good deal of fog, so while the buses returned to North Garden by 7:00 p.m., the boats could not get in until around 10:30 p.m. There was therefore no meeting that night. The next day we gathered for Hoon Dok Hae. Translation by Rev. Peter Kim.]

August 19 Hoon Dok Hae

We absolutely have to keep our blood lineage strict and pure, centering on True Parents. Launch rallies for True Parents, True Families and True Love. The Pure Love Alliance is the way to promote this. God's sadness is based on the absence of a nation centering on pure love. So many ancestors are waiting and watching for us to promote the true family ideal. Our leaders should set the example.

American Christianity protects Christianity in Korea. Satan blocked Korea; therefore it was cut in half. Now is the time for good to win the battle with evil. If we lose, we will be cursed. Satan works through secular power to control the world. Therefore we need to rebuild godly power beginning in our own families.

The Principle teaches us to offer all things, children and parents. That has been my life, since the day in 1950 when I crossed the DMZ into North Korea. I promised God I would unify Korea. I went to North Korea in 1991 under God's direction; my motive was nothing personal. Therefore I shed no tears when I was there. I cannot abandon North Korea. Whoever brings unification, doesn't matter. Unification is the purpose. I grabbed Kim Il Sung's hand for the photo; he couldn't relinquish my grip.

Those who are sincere peacemakers know I ended communism and I will bring Korean unification. I want to bring 40 national heads to a summit conference in Pyongyang. It was conditional, but True Mother made this foundation by speaking in many parliaments. In the late 70s and early 80s, Kim Il Sung hired a Red Army member to assassinate me. I practiced love for my enemy by embracing Kim Il Sung. There are many dangers in South America. But I do what I need to do despite constant risk. I'm grateful just to be alive and 80. I'll die if I have to. I'll die without fear and immediately report to God. Some top American leaders said don't go to South America, just sit in Washington; South America is a dangerous place. I ignored them, because of my mission to unite Catholic and Protestant through North and South America. I'm not a sedentary grandfather coughing away my life. Therefore you all go to the 40-day workshop in Jardim, so you can join the True Family lineage. I blessed you, so don't become my enemy. The God of the four great powers, who is omnipotent, omnipresent, all abundant and all sovereign . . . I am like the lighthouse keeper who stays up all night to protect the ships. No one likes this job, but Satan is aware of it.

I've been doing the providence by myself. You've been following me but have often been a burden. You need to know the purpose of my going to the ocean. My prayer life usually takes place at sea, on the boat. I go out for 10 to 20 hours at a time. The elder son nation must give absolute obedience to the mother and father nations. Many Christian leaders tried to manipulate Sung Jin Nim [Father's first son, by his first wife]. But he resisted them, holding steadfast. He visited our areas in South America recently. Even though the huge blessings were conditional, they were important as the foundation to give the spirit world blessings. I'm the king of loneliness and king of beggars. I'm a wandering gypsy. I have to be liked by Satan even. Then in spirit world, Satan cannot accuse me but will welcome me. I have the right to move leaders. Some resist being moved down, but they shouldn't, because I have a plan.

When I was single, many women invaded my bedroom, like wolves, invading my life. Trying to take True Mother's position. I had to hide True Mother for three years in another house. Also Dae Mo Nim could come in the back door only. Father rarely visits individual families, because rumors arise. I only go for public events.

Elizabeth [Zechariah's wife in the New Testament] should have cared for Mary and not let her leave her household. There were many women in my life, even who paid my tuition, but I never touched them. I treated them as my sister. I am not ordinary. I have guts, wisdom and power from God. That's why God chose me. Often I see your mistakes. I know them, but just watch and say nothing. For example, one leader squandered money in business ventures in Korea. So the Korean movement cast him out, but I protected him. Even this year he needed millions. He asked me for $150 million to do a major project I directed, and I thought "that boy has even bigger guts than me."

Another former company head lost so much on the stock market. The True Children told me some of those leaders have to be dismissed. But I didn't agree with their plans - they are externally right, but they do not see the internal providence. Our determination must be so strong that I'll do my best, and if I can't make it, my children will. It's a serious time. My tradition has to be respected and followed for 10s of 1,000s of years by humanity. That's the horizon here, the context.

No one likes Hoon Dok Hae, so why are we doing it? When should it begin, at 5 am or 6 am? Everyone prefers the later start, even True Mother. Last night someone asked me what time we'll start, and True Mother said, "6 a.m. and get out of here" before I could speak. True Mother suffered so much by giving birth to fourteen children. But I have fulfilled my responsibility as a man to serve a woman. Mother may not realize that, but I did. True Mother also did her responsibility to help me do God's providence, so I am in the position to give her an award.

My life has been absolutely serious in dealing with leaders and True Mother. I never cried for my wife, children or family. I established the FFWPU because the family is the cornerstone. Peace and unification go together; if you say one, you should naturally say the other. My family is the trunk and you are the branches. I have no documents but I am doing nothing randomly. Look at what I preached forty or fifty years ago. So, do Hoon Dok Hae - it is the standard for your daily life. You should read my mind and feel my heart. Also absolutely believe in spirit world. My mission will go to whoever works harder than I do. We should have 100s of millions of Unification Church members because we have those blessing numbers. The more Unification Church members, the more fear Satan will have. I may make a team of 12 families from different nations, to visit 12 nations for one year each. The 52 American leaders should arrive in Japan by September 1.

[At this point we broke for breakfast. Father arranged a bus tour for us, taking us to see the fish processing and fish powder factory and to the top of a nearby mountain and to a park for lunch. We had a powerful prayer on the mountaintop. After lunch the American group met to plan for the mobilization to Japan and other upcoming jobs. Soon thereafter your reporter departed for New York.] 

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