Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

The Completion of God's Will and the Right of the Elder Son, Parents and King Through Indemnity

Sun Myung Moon
Belvedere International Training Center, Tarrytown, NY
August 8, 1999

Unofficial notes based upon Rev. Peter Kim's extemporaneous translation of True Father's 3 hour 20 minute speech, by a sleepy stenographer named Tyler Hendricks.

These terms: elder son, parents and king -- all are connected. Because of the fall, they all were lost simultaneously. They all left God's bosom. Now they are being restored together. Where did they go? Completion through indemnity means restoration through indemnity. From this viewpoint, is God's will completed yet? No.

What is the meaning of blessed families? A true blessed family possesses the restoration of elder sonship, parentship and kingship. But there is no foundation to claim kingship yet, because we do not have sovereignty. For God to come down, we have to establish all three levels of authority on the individual, family and national levels. Until now, no one can claim ownership of property. Everything should be offered. Only when we offer everything from the individual to world level can we claim completion through indemnity and hence kingship.

We have to go beyond one nation under God to one world and cosmos under God. Skip the "one world" part and go directly to "one cosmos under God." Because of the fall, everything that was supposed to belong to Adam and Eve was lost and turned upside down. To restore that, we need to regain those lost belongings. Through that we can complete God's will through indemnity and establish the right of the elder son, parents and king.

Jesus came as the Messiah. Israel should have obeyed in the position of the second son with Jesus as elder son. Then elder son restoration would have been done. Jesus came as elder son representative. Israel had to unite with him. Disunited from him, the Israelites were not qualified to have families. Through their absolute obedience to the Messiah, they could have founded their families centering on the Messiah's own marriage. Thus the Messiah would have become the parent of humanity.

The Messiah's family would have been the elder son's family and the rest of humanity the younger children. If Jesus had married, then his family would have been elder son of humanity, and through all people's blessing and uniting absolutely with Jesus family, they would have been younger son families. Then humanity would have reached the one world under God level by end of World War II. But because this did not happen, World War II ended without complete resolution and the Lord of the Second Advent had to come.

The entire family, nation and world should have served Jesus. Centering on Messiah after World War II all things and people should have been restored. This required absolute unity and obedience, to restore elder sonship, parentship and kingship. Once God receives it, He will bequeath it back to humanity. Then we can claim heavenly sovereignty. Without going through that, even God cannot transcend the realm of the fall.

The phenomena of this world of hell are divided. That means we lost everything. It is not one under God, but divided. Separated means lost. You lost your parents and your spouse and children. Extreme self-centered individualism is the trend of the people of hell. It should be one body, but it is not so there is no owner. The Messiah is elder son king, the king of all nations' kings.

For Father to become the Messiah, he had to face national opposition from Korea. By doing so, he accomplished the holy wedding in 1960, centering on true love. I taught and practiced true love clearly on every level. God's original heart could be connected in just one way, not two ways. You do not have that original true love way. Why? How to do you solve this? How do you liberate every level, after which you can liberate God? You must go back to God's bosom and embrace all creatures' property. Then give a clear answer, and God can liberate everything.

Unless we achieve this, you will be stuck for millions of years on some level in spirit world, even if you are a blessed couple. We have to solve it in the physical world. It is our urgent task. Whenever we claim something as our own, we are far from climbing over the barriers of Satan. We have to offer everything to God first.

The family fell down. They have to cut everything in half, one half for God, one half for Satan. This is sacrifice of all things. All things fell to bottom of hell. Even your children are not really yours. This is reality. Your property belongs to Satan and your children ultimately connect to Satan's side. How can we liberate it? Who can do it? God cannot, nor can Satan. Who made it? The worst parents. Real perfected parents must appear, acknowledged by Satan and God. This is the Second Advent. This is the completion of Adam's ... This is unchanging and absolute. By completing this, you become the Messiah automatically. And God can control with absolute power. There will be no fences. Have you made up your mind to stand up for that? On the earth? You must cut and unite.

Selfish individualists don't meet their parents, don't meet their children and don't meet their grandparents. They lose everything, including the ideal of the family.

[Fragments of a prolonged session in English:]

Big property in one place --- big mountain -- all the Christian world -- God's tradition -- restoration depends on recreation -- this is expansion to the world base, the Christian world is the foundation for the world base. This is not a rehearsal. All property becomes one, all people become one race. Satan is king, that's it, the Christian world shedding blood. Because Satan has the elder blood. . . . water . . . Old Testament, descendents, Messiah. One hundred eighty degrees. Completely. I want to wear a beggar's clothes, then Satan won't touch me. Shed blood, that kind of place. Miserable place. Receiving persecution. Satan hit that kind of value and he has to pay back with interest. He hits down and pays.

You have to dedicate more, completely. Do you have the concept that this is my property? The elder son's property is on Satan's side and younger son's property is on God's side.

All beings are connected by true love. Man and woman unifying body. That love is absolutely one.

The only way to make that kind of power is through people. You have to love. Satan is making that blood relation there. Kissing, you cannot do that anytime. In sexual intercourse man and woman make one body. No matter how great a love partner, you cannot control love ever.

Do you have children or possessions? You have no authentic husband. He is someone who married without truly being worthy of it. In this sense, your parents are inauthentic as well. No matter how much wealth or how many children or parents, there is no difference between rich and poor. In crucial ways, the poor are better off than the rich because the poor expect to rise up and the rich have no place to go. On Harvard Square there are many proud American elite. Father feels pity for them. Are they crazy, or are we crazy to look at them that way?

I directed the American movement to invite world dignitaries to the IIFWP Hoon Dok Hae conference, and 214 came from 51 nations. At first the American leaders said it would not work. They said American people do not like Hoon Dok Hae. They thought Father is crazy. But the result is that they came and followed Father's agenda to do Hoon Dok Hae, and in the end, according to the reports I received, they became so happy, grinning ear to ear.

From the start, Father had absolute faith in this conference. I am the most stubborn to resist accepting new things, but I have submitted to this truth all my life. So I had no doubt that when I asked the American movement to do it that there would be victory. If it had failed, all the providence would have gone down the drain. Would God allow this to happen? So He would be sure to come down. And Satan would not be there. Ultimately TV stations will send the word.

Even Adam and Eve need this completion of elder sonship, parentship and kingship through indemnity. Once you complete right of elder sonship, will there be any place that they do not welcome you? People of the fallen world do not have elder sonship.

The more I understand English, the more I want Americans to learn Korean and not use an interpreter. You are being deceived by the false owner. As the true owner, I feel sorry about this. When I see you laughing and smiling, do I feel good or resentful against you? It is fearful on the center stage.

We lost the original word. We lost our hometown and have a variety of languages. [Referring to his inadvertent expectoration on the audience:] This is not saliva, it is a piece of gold. It represents Father's enthusiasm and commitment.

Do you want to complete elder sonship? To what degree? To the level of the entire cosmos? That's easy to say but not to do. How much sweat and tears did I shed until I found this victorious concept? The billions of spirits are waiting for it.

I absolutely need True Mother and True Mother absolute kneels to True Father. Only by us standing together can those crying for the blessing ... The 400 million couples blessing covers half of humanity.

As founder of the Unification Church, am I in the position to receive blessing? Those who know the truth absolutely want to receive blessing from Father. You should be able to travel and visit freely, but ...

In South America I visited a farmer who owns 40,000 hectares. My people advised me to make an advance appointment because this landowner is known to be very arrogant. I ignored their advice. The farmer was arrogant, but the farmer humbled himself to me soon, and introduced me in a very respectful way to his grandmother. I was received as a grandfather, with no appointment. I wanted to show how foolish our Regional Directors are.

A woman who doesn't feel like loving me is not a woman. Mother is smiling, not angry about this. Therefore you have to follow her; therefore she really is the True Mother.

I enjoy hot weather by researching how the sweat rolls down my face. You count the number of drops, and their routes down my cheeks, or to the side of my nose.

From my viewpoint, I am at the threshold of completing elder sonship, parentship and kingship. Hoon Dok Hae will lead to unification of North and South America. We will keep doing Hoon Dok Hae and they should multiply it in their nation, for a ... Hoon Dok Hae should be broadcast. It will restore the nation.

Through Hoon Dok Hae and on the foundation of the blessing, we can claim the Kingdom of God, because Hoon Dok Hae is the original word. Who is most happy about Hoon Dok Hae, God or True Father? God appreciates it most, because He has been waiting so long in tears. But for the same reason, Father is most happy. Hoon Dok Hae is the sword that can divide the heavenly and satanic worlds. Father draws a sword. Even in your family, some like it and some don't. Do whatever you need to get them to do Hoon Dok Hae. You will inherit everything through Hoon Dok Hae.

God wants to be with True Parents during Hoon Dok Hae, and the people also want to be with True Parents during Hoon Dok Hae.

Americans like standing to pray and Koreans like to sit. (Father sits cross-legged and places his forehead on the stage floor to demonstrate how limber he is.) Orientals farm, sit down and pray. Westerners chase animals and have to move with their shoes on. You have to learn my way of doing everything, even sitting. Follow the tradition of true love.

We need to start a revolution by which everyone in your family likes Hoon Dok Hae. We want to participate in the highest level Hoon Dok Hae, until it reaches the world base and all things and even the Creator's Hoon Dok Hae. By this I am the king of every level. I am creating king's realm.

Who are you? Satan's race. (No, True Parents' family.) You are Satan's race.

June 14, 1999, was the completion. Therefore this time in South America Father made the holy ground for the Kingdom of Heaven. I call it the Holy Ground of Focus, of Origin, and of Victory. That was July 27. It is the culmination of True Parents' victory, so you should visit there at least once every four years. Jardim is the starting point of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, and after your 40-day workshop, go to that Holy Ground land and enter the kingdom. Without going through the focus point, we cannot follow the vertical line. It is the meeting point of south and north, west and east.  

Once we climb up, we can all meet at the center point. This was given as a special decree at 4 a.m. July 27. 27 is 3 times 9. 28 is 4 times 7, and from then on is a new start. The first Sunday of this month was August 1, and today is the second Sunday and Father gave this message.

The transfer of ownership should reach the level of the United Nations. Educational institutes in the west and east, the world of economics, media and ... and now my job is to teach the UN. I completed my responsibility for America. So even if I leave, since I gave you right of elder sonship you should be able to stand on your own feet and also support Korea and Japan. If America fails, Korea and Japan will be affected.

All these nations were doomed to perish, but True Parents loved them and blessed them with each other so they revived. Now we are back at the point of the end of World War II and ready to bless the unmarried youth. As a blessed couple, you should be able to claim that your family is the center of the holy ground of focus, origin and victory. Inherit that powerful foundation. Focus on this holy ground. We occupied this holy ground that represents those things because of True Parents' love and grace.

Mother Mary was told to go for registration and because of that, Jesus could be born. Likewise we are to go there and register. It is just like Mary giving birth. After the 40 days workshop at New Hope East Garden, go back to your country and register yourselves as heavenly citizens.

Some say they don't have to go. Well, it's up to you. Jardim may be in the boondocks. But think of Venice, Italy, a city that is built on the water. Jardim will become greater than Venice. With our ideal, we can change this world not just once but ten times. Can you stand and pledge yourself to do that? Thank you.

[Reverend Peter Kim offered a closing prayer.]

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