Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

The American Headquarters Move to Washington, DC

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Correspondence E1004
July 9, 1999

TO: American Family Church members
FM: Dr. Tyler Hendricks
RE: The American Headquarters Move to Washington, DC

Dear brothers and sisters,

As you probably have heard, True Father has directed that National HQ move from New York to Washington, DC. Since then, we have been so busy in New York that we could not give this important direction proper attention. Yesterday the move took concrete shape as True Parents blessed new office space for National HQ in the DC area. Father and Mother formally prayed at the site at 7 p.m., July 6, 1999, with a group of some 40 members. We are translating the prayer into English and preparing for the move.

Today Damian Anderson published a report about Father's visit to Washington on WORLDTIES. I would like to supplement his report with a few of my own notes. (In a hot room on a sleepy afternoon, who knows who caught what Father said exactly? In any event, two sets of notes are better than one.)

"Once Father announced that National HQ should move to DC, the blessing came to DC.

"If Carter had not persecuted us, we would have expanded more in DC. (N.B. HQ moved to NY two years prior to Carter's election.)

"Tyler Hendricks is the 8th president of the US church" This was the conclusion of the people in the room with Father, but our corporate secretary, Kaye Allen, informs me that I am the 12th president (or 11th person to be president, since one person, Miss Kim, served twice). FYI, the HSA America presidents have been (in chronological order): Miss Young Oon Kim, Mr. Galen Pumphrey, Miss Young Oon Kim, Mr. Gordon Ross, Mr. James Fleming, Mr. Lowell Martin, Mr. Philip Burley, Mr. Farley Jones, Mr. Neil Salonen, Dr. Mose Durst, Dr. James Baughman, yours truly.

Father noted the problem that we don't keep the mind of offering to True Parents through our entire lifetime. We have the offering mind for a period of time, but allow it to lapse. We should include True Parents in our lives all the time, even when we touch our spouse. Don't think of yourself when you touch your spouse. Have a mind of repentancečrepent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand, as the Bible says.

Father, while not of the opinion that neckties are a very good idea, approves the wearing of them because it is a habit, or custom.

At another location, Father warned against having the mind of checking every little detail and trying to control every small matterča warning against micro-management, in effect. He said that overly fastidious people do not have long lives. [In other words, don't sweat the small stuffčand it's all small stuff.]

Father has sacrificed our movement in Asia for the sake of America. Why? For one reason: America is the representative nation of Christianity, Christianity and Judaism. What benefit does Father receive from this? Asia resents him for depleting their resources. Christians and Jews resent him out of their religious small-mindedness. Eventually even God may not like it! But still Father does it. They all have to understand why: Father is bringing the unity of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Adams. Then Jesus is the true messiah of the Old Testament age, and True Parents are the true messiah of the New Testament Age. Jesus is the national level younger brother, and Father is the world level elder brother. By his work, the fall of Adam (the family messiah) and crucifixion of Jesus (the national messiah) and the wilderness course suffering of True Parents (the world messiah) are restored and united and God can be happy. God can look at blessed couples as Adam's families, and restored nations as Jesus' nations, and the world as the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven. Everything is united with God. This is the real teaching of Christianity.

Father later asked us to pursue family issues, not political issues. We should help America solve her social and cultural conflicts. Now is the time to declare what is good and what is evil based on the ideal of the blessing. For example, hold demonstrations proclaiming that the practice of homosexuality and lesbianism are evil. Make our position clear. The society will divide for us and against us like Cain and Abel. But the evil beliefs and practices will fade away very soon. They look as if they are popular, but soon they will hold no attraction to anyone. Their strength is short-lived. 

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