Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

Dedication of Unification Church National Headquarters, Washington DC Area

Sun Myung Moon
Jefferson House, McLean, Virginia
July 6, 1999
Unofficial notes by Damian Anderson

Father came to Jefferson House in the Virginia suburbs of Washington DC yesterday, July 6, at about 2 pm and stayed until about 5:30 pm, speaking to the members gathered there. Then he went to the 7777 building at 7777 Leesburg Pike (Route 7), Falls Church, VA 22043 and dedicated the church offices there as the FFWPU headquarters. It may be significant that it was at about 6 pm which would be 7 am on July 7, 1999 in Korea (7/7) and the headquarters is at number 7777 on Route 7.

It is so hot today. You can take your jackets off. How hot is it today? [100 degrees Fahrenheit.] We should take the host position in Washington, be the owners.

Why do you think I came here today? I came here today because I consider Washington to be the city with the blessing. If it had not been for President Carter persecuting the Unification Church in the late 1970s, I would have established the Unification Church HQ in Washington DC, but instead I established the HQ in New York. I was going to buy property here. Now elder sonship has been established, and I plan a glorious future for Washington DC.

We have suffered for 40 years and now we are coming back to the original blessed position. I appointed Rev. Yang as the continental director because he has a woman's face. The male lions are lazy and do not hunt, but the lionesses hunt. Rev. Yang hunts like a lioness.

I am very bright. When I get one good idea, I get five related ideas. When someone gets to be famous, it is a good idea that he has some hardships. Do you like it when I am nice to you or when I scold you? It is hard to go heavenward. Asians appreciate being scolded, but Americans run away.

In Korea, when the parents die, some children go to live at the grave site for three years, until the body rots. This is an expression of filial piety towards the parents. When God looks at the world, whom would He want as His children, Orientals or Westerners?

How many American Unification Church leaders have there been? Lowell Martin, Gordon Ross, Phillip Burley, Farley Jones, Neil Salonen, Dr. Mose Durst, Dr. Jim Baughman, Dr. Tyler Hendricks, eight.

I tested each of the first seven leaders, and each one reached a point of complaining and resentment. But I never changed in my attitude to them. I spoke recently to Farley Jones about how he had harbored bad feeling in his heart over how I treated him when he was the church leader. Farley Jones was amazed that I knew this without his telling me.

The Chinese know the heavenly way, but do not know the one God. Americans have trouble uniting, even though they know the one God, and Jesus. You have to bless all of America, however you do it. If you don't, Christianity will have failed its mission.

Think about Russia, China and India. They may succeed before you. If I ask people in China to do something, they will do it before you. I am organizing a conference of the IIRFWP [International Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace] and will organize a blessing through that.

If we can have three newspapers of the caliber of the Washington Times in the world, we can unify the world.

Mr. Joo gave a report of the conflict with the beer bottling company next door to the Washington Times over parking their trucks and monopolizing the roadway.

I have some control over the news in Russia and India and I am inviting other newspapers to join our team. The CIA know of my value to America.

American youth need to follow me. I like George Bush Jr. He looks like a smart young man. George Bush did a good job to support True Mother in Japan, and created a very positive impression of True Parents in Asia.

If we accomplish even one third of the 400 million couples Blessing in America, that will affect the world very positively. Your mind is flat, horizontal, so you don't catch on quickly to spiritual concepts.

Americans have a hard time understanding the classic Korean story of Shim Chung. They tend to take the pragmatic view, that Shim Chung could have helped her father in other ways than the way she did, and fail to see the depth of virtue in her attitude.

Americans mostly think of horizontal love between a man and a woman and hardly know of vertical love at all. It is very hard to make unification without a vertical center.

I have sacrificed the last 25 years in America, my prime. I worked hard, hard, hard, HAAAAARD. When you say HAAAARD like that, the sound will go on almost forever.

The fish swims against the current, and humans need to be greater than animals or fish. I normally would not eat American food, but because you are victorious, I will eat pizza today, but don't think you should serve me pizza every time I come here. The word "pizza" sounds in Korean like "bloody seat".

The history of the white race is very bloody. So, according to the principle of indemnity, I have to shed some of your blood. White people are only 800 million but the rest of the world are over 5 billion. The people in South America welcome Father because he was rejected by the white people.

I bought 130,000 hectares of land in Brazil. If I buy ten times more land, then I will have as much usable land as the whole of the Korean peninsula. Soon, we will be the largest landowner in the region and we can use that well.

Soon, there will be a great global migration to Korea. Once people go to Jardim, they will be considered part of my lineage, my tribe. I wish you would be ready to pack and go. Father prepared two foundations, one in Latin America around Jardim, the other in Korea and Manchuria, which traditionally belonged to Korea. If there is trouble in the future, there are two places we can go.

How much are you willing to help Father? If you give one third, you can be saved, even if two thirds go to Satan.

Children of mixed race are most beautiful. It is beautiful to see kids with black hair, blue eyes, and copper skin. You (speaking to Damian Anderson), are you a UTS graduate? [Yes Father]. Who paid, you or Father? [You paid, Father]. Then you must pay back. Have you paid back? [Yes, Father]. When the government gives people money, they are paid back with interest. When I give you people money, you do not even think to return the principal.

I want white women to have many babies. If there is a race war in the future, white people will lose. I manufacture guns to protect white people.

[Rev. Yang gave a report on his International Christian Student Association activities in Korea before he came to America.]

Why did Jesus teach us to turn the other cheek? He said that because he had no power. Is Father's power small now or overflowing? [Overflowing] Then the ones who came first should flow out to the world, to Africa, to South America. You should go! We are fighting a cosmic war. Once we have a foundation with the youth here in America, I can go anywhere.

The Bible talks about Jesus coming on the clouds. It refers to the Messiah coming on an airplane. Nam Sa Go spoke of a ship in the air, 400 years ago. He also spoke of people speaking along a wire. And he spoke of three story houses moving rapidly. He was talking about a train.

Now I have my own plane, and can go to another country in a couple of hours. Now the 185 countries are asking me to come to visit them each of a month. That would take about 15 years. If you want to keep me here, you are like a thief! Actually, I am happy that you want to see me so much.

One man had a revelation when he was in a Soviet prison that after 22 years he would meet the Messiah, so he should try to stay alive. So he did his very best to stay alive. Then one day he saw Father's picture in a magazine and recognized him and was so happy and determined to follow Father.

I am in the position of using money donated by members, so I have to be very careful with that money. It is like poison if it is misused. Americans received the financial blessing but have mostly used it for themselves, abusing that blessing, using it for free sex and so on. If America can avoid punishment for this forever, then there is no God.

Americans wear many neckties. They buy so many ties costing even $100. This tie is like the leash of a dog. [Father grabs one brother by the necktie] You don't need to wear a tie. I was also shocked at the price of suits, even $500 to $1500. In some countries, you could buy a house with that. Often I do not wear a tie, or even socks. It is too hot. I even reuse tissues to blow my nose several times until every corner is used up. Many religious leaders are shocked by my simple lifestyle. They expect me to live even more lavishly than the Pope.

Would you like to take a picture of my bare foot or the palms of my hands? You could sell it for a lot of money in the future. People would want to learn all about me by reading the lines on my hands and feet. [Father shows off his hands and his bare feet.]

When I am on my boat, I do not make a big deal about peeing in front of others. If they do not want to see, they should look the other way. I used one pair of shoes for 17 years even though Mother begged me to get new shoes and even hid my old ones. I solved the problem when someone bought me four pairs of shoes. I still continue to wear the same old shoes, but now nobody bothers me about getting new shoes as I tell them I still have four more new pairs in the closet.

I had to learn so many ways to control my body, especially when fasting. In Korea, we have a saying that a person with big feet is a thief. In China, they bind the feet to be small. It is okay to wear no socks at home. It is more natural. Save money on socks and ties and help the world. God will be happy.

Women who wear just shorts and tank tops save a lot of money in the heat, so it is good from that point of view. Also, I never wear jewelry. We need to dress and live economically.

I was amazed when I came to America, to San Francisco and found that 70 per cent of the people had never been to the east coast. Our members have traveled a great deal. If we have not seen how poor people live, then we will not have any idea how to help them.

[Father speaks to a Canadian brother.] Do you keep all your money stashed away where nobody can reach it? [Dan Fefferman speaks up and says that this brother does a lot to help the homeless.] Rather than offering a tithe, if you help homeless people, you will get even more blessing from God.

It moves people's hearts when they can eat in your home and they feel indebted to you. Father feeds anyone who comes to East Garden, member or non-member. True Father's family tradition was to feed anyone who came to the house.

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