Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

International Leaders Meeting

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
June 15, 1999
Soo Taek Ri Training Center, Korea

Tyler Hendricks's unofficial notes from the simultaneous translation by Lynn Kim and (at the very end) Thomas Hwang.

Opening prayer: Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak

Our True Parents could never say that their way was difficult, therefore we know they are True Parents. In the midst of struggles with Satan, always thinking about the heart and mind of Heavenly Father, who had no liberty, True Father went through so many difficulties and went through all the entanglements of history for your glory and liberation. For that moment he hoped and he went the True Parent's course and established the victory of heaven and earth. He could return to You the glory and before heaven and earth and he could proclaim the day of victory, June 14, 1999. We are so ashamed that we attended that day when were not worthy to do so. Now is a new age and we are attending True Parents in this new situation and we are awaiting the orders of True Parents as everything is becoming settled. Let us have youthful minds and put aside our old habitual minds.

True Father:

Who is scheduled to return home tomorrow? How about you all stay for a three day meeting? Do you have something more important to do?

I'm going to throw away the translating equipment. You can study Korean for 20 years in another country and not learn it, but if you work here for three years you can learn it. We need that three-year training course for all members. We need to become one and have one tradition, with new customs and traditions for the heavenly nation. You can be the ambassador representing the heavenly nation to your embassy in Korea. All countries have embassies here in Korea.

Do you want to know the language of heaven or your own language? In this meeting, shall we talk about heaven or earth? Heaven is our original home, and this earth is a preparation and training ground for heaven. You leave nothing behind on earth. We need training areas here on earth, for individuals and families. We have family training in Brazil. Now we need lineage training, for your lineage to be trained. We need a training center where no one will fight.

You 700 people are living as you want to, with different languages and customs. How can we make you one? Don't think of your own possessions and how to save them. Think of the future way. The difficulty is the different languages and countries. We need the standard for the original homeland. This is common sense.

I was tired yesterday after the ceremony and slept. I meant to sleep one hour; I never sleep more than two, but with the jet lag I slept for about four hours, until 9 o'clock. And many who came to Han Nam Dong after the ceremony left while I was sleeping. Were they right and I wrong? Yes, I was wrong and I'm sorry and apologize. But who was it who had the idea to leave? Who was first? (No one admits to being the first to go.) Those who stayed got their picture taken and signed copies of documents. I like people who are frank and honest when they are wrong.

To go to your hometown, you first have to know all about your father, and grandfather, and knowledge about your hometown. You have to do Hoon Dok Hae, which explains about the providential work I have done. (Father has everyone recite the fifth pledge.) We have to put down the roots to make the true family, and bring physical world and spirit world together and actively develop their unity. We have to be strong about it, and make strong rules and understand them. The rules of the Yi Dynasty once were absolute, but were later destroyed. We need laws that will go on for thousands of generations, that will make peace, and we need to have the attitude that I will do it, not just wait for it to be done.

I saw a television show about several people contending for the throne, with only one of them thinking about the good of the nation. You can learn from programs like that. Many accuse the Unification Church, right? What does "yongmo" mean? It is an archaic word for coup d'etat. Heaven has been pitiable because, like the TV show, the only qualified one to be king is attacked by everyone who has selfish purposes.

So I want people to know how I have lived. Christians need to know how Jesus lived and Muslims how Muhammad lived. The difference with me is that I have given the blessing. I can teach what Buddha taught with no problem. You are thinking centered on yourselves, and are not qualified to enter heaven. To go to your hometown you need to know about 7, 10, even 100 generations of ancestors, and restore everything by indemnity. Knowing is not the problem, but to do and take responsibility for it without making new mistakes is the challenge. We think this way, so the Unification Church could develop. If you don't know this, just pack and go home.

Hoon Dok Hae can reveal this, the history, what I've predicted and the seeds of future history. You are in a solemn position, so those who did what they wanted and couldn't wait an hour (referring to those who left while he was sleeping) ruined a moment of history. They thought not of the importance of the day and just went back home to sleep, and have the value of a pile of dung. Those people separated from their father and went to Satan. True? (Yes.) So you said yes, and we can make a new beginning.

It is crucial to whom I give my mission. Can you stay for four days of training? If you're so busy, just go, leave. Okay, let's fast! If I don't let you go to the bathroom without getting your name on a list, well, just don't drink water. You just deal with it. Keep your place and put your name there so your ancestors will come and won't go to the wrong person. I have been going this way squeezing out my life like a cloth, and people call me false? You don't do what you say, and just sit and swallow your saliva and say you don't know? I can't take responsibility for you. Heaven's law comes from parents to children, so if you don't listen to me, I can't teach you.

We have to go into America and cast out Satan. He has gone to his original place to restore things. When I no longer need my body to do my work, I will with my body. I will judge a situation when necessary; I am a strong person. I have pioneered the way for the hometown. You must have absolute faith, love and obedience, the heavenly law and morality. You must become people qualified to be true parents.

What is the title of True Parents chapter eight? Rev. Hwang? (He answers, but gives the title of the ninth chapter.) Rev. Yang? (Father brings out Wonju McDevitt to read chapters eight and nine of True Parents.) Shall I stay with you while you read? You cannot tell me what to do, only that I should do as I wish.

Why do men like women so much? Why do they like women with big breasts? Have you been unfaithful? (Father queries one leader, who testifies that he has not been unfaithful.) Good; let's give him applause.

I had to obtain loans to publish the first Principle books. Are you using the books according to that value? We have to learn the way of sacrifice and service. Even if we have to scrape away our bones, we need to live the way of God. Would you like to go the same way as me? To go to your hometown you need to know your father, grandfather and ancestors. Through my 300 volumes you can know I am an ancestor you can proud of. Will you have filial piety for 360 degrees, as I did? It's pretty hard. You have to decide what you will take responsibility for. The 360 degrees doors are all open, so you have to choose which one you will be responsible for. Be ready.

True Parents, Chapter Eight: The Three Great Subjects Thought and the Proclamation of True Parents. Wonju reads and Father interjects comments.

These are not just words; you are really supposed to be in my lineage.

You have to proclaim your True Mothership, in order to establish Cain and Abel. Did you do it? Yesterday I proclaimed the Cosmic Victory of True Parents, which means that Satan has no more authority and God has all dominion.

Why do we need True Parents? Do True Parents have a relationship with Satan? Do you? Based on our blood lineage . . . we have to bring our heartbeat back to God. Go everyday back to God's side. Go into the realm of the power of the original creation, move heaven and earth and all diseases will be cured. You have traces of fallen lineage left in you. You must be purified, to enter True Parents lineage, with absolute faith, love and obedience. I have received the lineage of my parents. We have the experience God.

You must desire to pray more than you desire to eat, sleep or love your spouse.

We are more on Satan's side than God's when we want to do what we or our friends want to do. If you have sinned, illness can be indemnity. You want to sleep, but don't sleep, but then you get more tired. Think your flesh and blood belong to God, then the micro-organisms causing disease will disappear.

Father had swelling that occurs when men get older, around the neck, but I took care of it with moksa and acupuncture. If you study and practice moksa treatment for several hundred people, you can solve your economic problems.

Drinking, alcohol and other types of indulgence leads to sin.

The next Hoon Dok Hae reading is the entirety of Dr. Lee's second book about the liberation of Lucifer.

Satan is working against us all the time. Even if we are sick, if we are grateful to God, sacrifice and serve, Satan will leave us.

Dr. Sang Hun Lee is real, a true elder of the Unification Church speaking from the spirit world. How many have done this? It's best to know the truth now and take it with you. You can get rid of the fear of death and prepare yourself for that life. Aren't we lucky and happy people? Meditate on this and move into the world of your mind and prepare yourself to live in the spirit world.

Are you right or is Dr. Lee right? To be filial sons of the Lord of the universe: that is what faith is about. Dr. Lee is concerned about this, and he wants to help us. Read this in Hoon Dok Hae over and over again. It will be a guiding beacon for you. If you fall asleep while hearing it, you are full of Satan and deserve to go to hell. You should be full of electricity but are sleeping away.

Western members must go for 40 days to Jardim, no matter how famous you are. We have to go beyond the world of habit, which is most difficult for those who are doing business. Those people have to tithe, but you don't know about that. You have to go back to nature, love the grass and trees and everything and raise the babies. Plant seeds and see them grow, and learn from nature that way.

Those 60 years old or over, come forward. There are 54 of you. If you others need grandparents for your country, these people can serve that purpose. They can pray and communicate with heaven and they know the heavenly tradition. Where should they go? You can go to Jardim and farm, plant seeds and harvest crops and raise birds and prepare your way to spirit world by establishing your vertical relationship. I did that, didn't I? I'm not an exception, but a representative.

Each elder over 60 is to receive a number and be assigned accordingly. What should you do in that country? Just have Hoon Dok Hae. Spread the tradition.

Husbands who have wonderful wives, in the next three years you have to let them go out around the world, teaching and educating. We need to choose people based upon their ability, not according to their birth.

We have to establish our schools. Some may think their child is too good to go to the schools I have established, but how can they learn to assimilate into our community? I will choose only our graduates as leaders. All National Messiahs are to send their offspring to one of our schools. They must be trained in our thought. They can be presidents of universities, heads of newspapers, presidents of university groups, they can do so much. Move them from where they are now. Send them to UTS; they can be ministers.

Even business people should go to seminary, to make the mind at the level of the church. We need the same faith among all leaders. They can take responsibility for the church in the future. Dr. Spurgin is head of the American high school. Each wife should study to help her husband's work, to become his assistant. Take a common responsibility. The children must follow the parents' path. Soon we will need many people. We need unity, husband and wife must become one, and children then should be one with them.

Women UTS alumni should work for providence. President Otsuka and President Hwang, arrange the UTS graduates in Korea and Japan. Get them involved in the providence.

Reports by President Kim of Jardim, Koo Bae Park and Dr. Seuk.


1. FFWPU Korea leader is now Hwang Sun Jo instead of Kwak Chung Hwan. Continental Directors will change. Those over 60 do itinerant missionary work.

2. The National Messiah positions will be filled by second generation and participants in the 400 million couples blessing. After World War II, there were 400 million young people ready, especially Christians and other religious youth.

3. Saving ... ?

4. Everyone must attend the ideal family training in Jardim. Please quickly fulfill the total life offering.

5. Transferring ownership.

6. International educational or super educational center and activity.

7. Total commitment of the second generation.

8. The absolute importance of the family unit.

9. Dedication, sacrifice and love. Stop hatred, cheating and robbery. The first applies to God's side, second to Satan's.

10. Japanese National Messiahs are responsible for the Pantanal project.

11. Recognizing the importance of spirit world and cleansing and clarifying one's life on earth.

12. Education about and practice of the tradition of heavenly heart.

13. Establishing the community of the heavenly heart and exercising and experiencing it in Jardim and in Korea with the Sorak mountains condominium education. Community life and brotherhood: this is our future direction.

We have to push for the 400 million couples Blessing in the year 2000.

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