Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

True Day of All Things and the Ceremony of the Cosmic Declaration of True Parents' East-West (Global) Victory

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
June 14, 1999
Olympic Park Gymnasium, Seoul, Korea

Tyler Hendricks's unofficial, partial notes of the translation by Lynn Kim.

At 7:00 am, True Parents conducted the 1999 True Day of All Things Main Ceremony at Han Nam Dong, with some 250 or 300 in attendance. Father did not give any speech on that occasion.

The public program began at 11 a.m. at one of the large, indoor sports arenas in the Olympic Park. I would guess the crowd was about 15,000 people. The program began with a prayer by Rev. Jeong Og Eu, leader of the movement in Japan. The emcee was Rev. Sun Jo Hwang, President of the church in Korea. Reverend Kwak gave the opening speech and Hoon Dok Hae reading.

Reverend Kwak:

[He began with a summary of True Parents' course in the late 1940s, the change of blood lineage that Father brought, rejection by the Christian leaders, the opening up of the secrets of spirit world today, and that True Father's central teachings are contained in the Hoon Dok Hae volumes, in particular The Completed Testament Age and the Ideal Kingdom (soon to be available in English).]

Through the 400 million blessing we will establish the condition to restore the world. On May 13-15, 1999, True Parents set the condition for both good and evil spirits to be liberated and blessed. The 400 million couples and 360 million couples will influence the entire human race. Hell and Satan have been liberated through True Parents. The day of liberation is opened in spirit world. Everything that caused God pain and sorrow in heart is liberated.

On June 13, 1998, the spirits were blessed and they are so grateful and are educated by Heung Jin Nim and they are accusing Satan and opposing him. As a result, Satan realized he cannot oppose anymore, and he sought a way to gain forgiveness. So God ordered Dr. Lee to let Satan understand his sin, repent and return to his original position. On May 14, 1999, at the Americano Hotel with South American National Messiahs, Lucifer voluntarily surrendered to God. Therefore God and True Parents and humankind can be liberated, and so can the entire creation, all things.

The 360 million couples blessed should have been held in Japan, but we couldn't succeed and this was a terrible providential failure. True Parents took the indemnity and responsibility and accomplished the providence anyway, and moved the event to Korea and established the indemnity condition. The blessing was victorious, February 7, 1999. The condition was the 80-city speaking tour, beginning January 17, and its success with high attendance. The root of the eight cities victory in Korea spread to Japan, America and the world. In each country, True Mother was welcomed with honor and she spoke in the best places. She was recognized even beginning in the airports. No one could deny that she was bearing words of truth needed in this age. She received doctorates, welcoming banquets, national television broadcasts, proclamations, and so forth, and many leaders desire to cooperate with True Parents to realize true families and true love (he lists several countries as examples). True Father and True Mother celebrated each speech together, with national leaders. Now one African national president has promised his country will bring 500,000 young people for the 400 million couple blessing.

God and Satan cannot solve the world's problems, only True Parents. True Parents have subjugated Satan. With 400 million young couples we can completely liberate heaven and earth. Please read Dr. Lee's new book. I will read chapter four, the root of sin.

The ceremony followed Rev. Kwak's reading. First, True Father presented an award to True Mother. Then Rev. Kwak presented an award to True Parents. Then True Father's relatives presented an award to True Parents - a golden globe on the back of a golden tortoise. Then Father spoke.

True Father:

Rev. Kwak explained the main points, and they have not given me much time to speak. I add my request that you read both of Dr. Lee's volumes on spirit world and the 12 volumes of Hoon Dok Hae.

This is real, not just theology. We do realistic things on earth. When you know God's and Satan's secrets, you will know what to do. Also if you know my course, you will know what to do. This is all real, not just empty actions. If you could see spirit world, you would never think of free sex. The goal is a family culture in which all people have affection for me. Every level has opposed me, but they are changing their minds. I didn't fight; I was struck and then things came to me and I received everything. This is our tradition.

Christians must take responsibility for those who have gone to hell during the years since they rejected me in 1945. They should have known the Lord had come. To repair their damage, I have made interreligious organizations.

But that is not our subject today. We have True Parents and the cosmic victory, and this is our purpose for being here today. After the fall, God was most concerned about the sex organs and lineage. Satan took dominion over the human lineage after the fall. America has given up on solving the problem of free sex. When a people are simply living for themselves, individualism reigns and God can do nothing. They have to change and live for the world. If American had received me, it would have been liberated long ago. But they kicked me out.

Is the fight of God and Satan over? Not until we fulfill our duty. God couldn't do anything with fallen humankind. But now the fall of Adam and Eve is overcome. We have to restore the position of filial sons and daughters. I opened the door of restoration on every level on earth and in heaven.

The basic unit of the cosmos is man and woman. The problem is the love problem. America is spreading the culture of false relationships to the world. True relationships are restored through the blessing. Can you believe we did the 360 million couples blessing? People think it's a joke, but it did happen through God. It is like returning a nation to God, and that renders judgment on the world. It is voluntary. It is people who want to be monks and nuns, especially Catholics and Buddhists.

True Mother restored Eve's position, and the plaque represents that. Now man and woman are equal and should love each other truly as husband and wife. Now that Eve is restored, Adam has to return to his position. I as Adam restored Eve, but it was so difficult. People who were jealous attacked her. But 70% of Christians are women. Let us be beautiful, like True Mother, and speak to people day and night. We need women leaders in congress. I have made a big foundation - ask the CIA is you do not believe me. So we have the victory of heaven and earth. Now, at 1:15 p.m. on June 14, 1999, I proclaim the liberation of heaven and earth, and the liberation of all the people who cursed me.

Following True Father's speech we had a bag lunch and an entertainment program. There was a stunning youth martial arts/dance troupe from Japan. Featured from America was Patsy Casino, who was received very well. Many of us western participants, who were sitting up front, ended up dancing energetically in front of the stage, together with the Korean members, to some popular Korean singers to close the program.

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