Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

God's Ideal Fruit is the True Family Seed

Sun Myung Moon
Unofficial notes by Eric Erstling
June 1, 1999

Do you want to build or enter the Kingdom of Heaven? (Build). We have to remember "Exodus". The Israelites worked hard to prepare and had faith. What kind of country is America? I see many Asians, Japanese and Koreans, here. Where are the white people? The children's race should be represented more than the parents' should. There are only one father and one mother, but there can be more children. There should be more Americans than Koreans and Japanese. White people not here, today, are no good.

Look at the Japanese blessed women, I always push them. They work the hardest, they are in the Mother's position. They represent Mother. Jesus came and then was resurrected. The Pentecost was led by the Holy Spirit (Mother). The True Family should have been established at that time. Now, the Lord of the Second Advent has to do it.

Father is pushing 120 missionaries in 180 nations under the National Messiahs. Why 120? We have to restore the failure at Jesus' time, where he would have had 120 disciples. Thus 120 families should have gone out for missionary work during Jesus' time and restore the world. Jesus had to go the way of the cross. Thus we have to accomplish now. The Physical World and Spiritual world were separate then (Jesus' age), but now they are one and the Spirit World is working with us.

Japan has to support Korea's efforts or Korea will fade away. 1999 is life or death year. Year 2000 is the turning point of eternity. There are more women followers in Japan than men. They are always concerned with Father's life and want to be Father's spouse. If Japanese families unite, then entire Asia will be restored.

True Parents are working hard, otherwise the world would not be restored. True Parents came to America to raise the elder son (country), the elder son would become an adult and become responsible for all the other child nations. Unfortunately, all westerners are losing now. They are just taking, this will lead to their perishing. Only the Japanese-type people will survive.

True Parents should retire and the elder son take over. Americans are supposed to inherit from the True Parents. True Parents have been using non-Americans to save this country. Who chased Father into the wilderness course? Americans (centered around American Christianity). Judaism, Catholicism, Communism, etc. joined to work against and try to destroy Father. This is a reality. You have to wake up, stand up and fight. No matter how famous you might become, it takes only on hit with a sledge hammer to smash you. American members have to pay for True Parents' blood shed. Japanese women have been paying with blood, sweat and tears. Father brought foreigners here to save America.

Father has fulfilled the 40-year course and now wants to Bless the entire world. Americans must bring the entire world to True Parents to be Blessed. Americans must unite and embrace the younger brothers even to the point of sacrifice like Jesus did.

Originally, Abel, the younger brother shed blood, now the reverse should occur, where the elder brother (America) should shed blood. Or people will say "Yankee go home." Traditional family values are all gone here in America. There is family breakdown in America. This is a reality, not a concept.

We are in a position to bequeath Father's standard to the world. Those who live in this New York metro area who didn't show up, today, will perish. Father likes coming to Belvedere. If this continues, I will curse these Americans.

Twenty-five years ago, Father came to America, shedding blood and sweat for all this time. Nobody wanted to welcome Father to this country. Nobody wanted Asians to come here and be leaders. Yet without this phenomenon, Communism would have taken over this country. Because of Father's fight against the Frazer committee and the Washington Times success and Father's courage and guts, America could be protected from Communism.

Father sent President Reagan to the White House. Reagan had run before and lost and was a forgotten figure in America. But with Father's encouragement he ran for presidency and succeeded. Also, it was a landslide victory, printed in News World in huge fonts. But Reagan should have listened to Father 100 per cent. He did with SDI (Star Wars). Father invested in films in Nicaragua and Afghanistan. Father planned on a movie of communist activity in Afghanistan, but Lee Shapiro was sacrificed. He told Father that he was willing to go and film even at the expense of his life. The mass media though didn't report of Lee's sacrifice. The media has always been trying to destroy Father and his projects. If the media and youth of America of the 1970's had united with Father, then America would have been saved. Father created CARP for this youth activity.

The elder son should serve, not be served. Americans should be willing to go to Africa. You should never skip a celebration, meeting, event, speech with Father. It's worse than skipping a meal. You should come to regular Sunday service every Sunday. You should have Sunday evening, Wednesday evening, and Friday evening service.

Those who are lazy during war time will be purged. Father has been working on World University Federation. Father created projects to protect Washington Times.

Father then talked to 3 Bridgeport University leaders (Dr. Chin, Dr. Guerra, Dr. Ward). Neil Salonen was not present as the 4th leader. He told them to have absolute unity and to teach each of them their own expertise, so they could be more rounded individuals in university affairs. Then they would teach the faculty at University of Bridgeport.

Father has done everything in every angle to survive and bring victory. Even during the Danbury time, people thought this was the end of Rev. Moon, but Father came out kicking even more than before.

How much has Father spent on the Washington Times? Billions. What about University of Bridgeport, Sun Moon University, South America projects. Even during bankruptcy times, Father invested in new projects.

With the blessing of 400 million young people the world can be restored. Hundreds of million people in spirit world will help us with True Parents' command. Even Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha. Have we ever thought about Jesus' bride and taking care of her? Do you bring her gifts? Who's helping the brides of Mohammed, Buddha, etc.? Nobody has helped them. Joseph and Mary were sent to South America. Have you prayed for them? Have you fasted to provide money for them? Have you provided anything for Jesus? Where was he sent? (America) Do you believe that he was sent here? We are in the position of elder brother to Jesus.

Confucius was sent to China and helped True Mother despite obstacles. Top Chinese leaders know True Parents' values and are most impressed to teach to their society. This is not the attitude of American leaders. If Father went to China, he would be well received. Actually Father's first university that he established was in China. This is Yong Bin Technical Institute. Father's calligraphy is in front of the building. University of Bridgeport and Yong Bin Technical Institute should be sisterhood schools. There had been a statue of Chairman Mao that was knocked down to build the school.

Father is establishing projects that Mother doesn't even know about. I don't want to add to her headaches. Father knows what's happening with the CIA, White House, it is like reading one's palm.

I see no hope in you. Do you have hope? Father wanted University of Bridgeport to be better known than Ivy League schools and absorb the UN.

There is no public prayer in America. This was promoted by Communism. University of Bridgeport was established so as to educate the youth of America, and ultimately all college campuses.

There should be no meetings after Father's guidance otherwise it loses its essence. American movement is not growing because we are not fulfilling Father's words directly.

Have you donated for the upkeep of Belvedere? America promised to help finance and complete East Garden but didn't. Father had to provide funds and material from Korea. The stones used are so strong that a bomb can't destroy them.

America has only opposed True Father. Are you indebted to Father? (Yes!). The entire world is indebted to Father. Satan has been pulling from the front and God has been holding onto the tail. Now God has to pull from the front.

You think Father is a fisherman. Father doesn't like fish. Father, when fishing always releases the first catch. Yesterday I was fishing by Sandy Hook and caught a fish and released it, but no fish was caught for the three hours of fishing.

On June 20th Father's fleet will go to Antarctica to catch krill. In 1963 Father built the first boat (in Korea). In 1973, Father established fishing industry in Gloucester (because Korea is too small). Also, 81 per cent of all the world's fish stock is in America. And 61 per cent of this is in Alaska. Father has invested a lot in the fishing industry of Alaska. American men don't want to be fishermen, because they would be away from their wives too long. But Japanese men can do it.

Maybe Japan will control America one day, without a Pearl Harbor attack. We should control the coastal areas (24 km from the coast inland). The real estate is cheap due to natural dangers, such as floods. In South America, coastal areas are very cheap.

Panatanal has 3,600 species of fish. We can develop fish farming in a building the size of World Trade Center. Each floor can have a different fish. You can eat it for sushi.

The King of Kings should control the waters. 75 per cent of the world and our bodies is water. Without water nothing can survive. Where can we find pure water? The North Pole. It is made up of large icebergs formed thousands of years ago. Same with the South Pole area (Antarctica). We can dig a hole in these icebergs and make an ideal city. It would be strong protected by these solid icebergs.

Where can we get electricity? From water currents. The strongest one is the current running north to south form the Russian-Alaskan line. Pink is the color of True Love. Look at flowers. Father wants to change positions in the church. Unite Black and White.

[He has Myra Stanecki and Rev. Pak stand on stage and embrace.] This is unity of Oriental and Black, which means unity of all colors. They will work together on education of youth, educating religious leaders and their youth. Matching young handsome person with ugly person. Opposites should come together like two hands coming together in a clapping form. They come from opposite sides to join together as one. Who thinks Father is wrong, raise your hand.

Myra has written Divine Principle curriculum for Russia and their schools and Rev. Pak has foundation with Christian ministers, Minister Farrakhan. So their joint effort can bring victory. They can marry Christians and Muslims together. Their offspring can marry descendents of Communists. I am moving American Church headquarters from NY to Washington DC. I don't want to see NY members faces. If Father speaks every Sunday in DC, will NY members come down every Sunday to hear Father speak? (Yes!). Why Washington? We have Washington Times and world embassies to US are located there. FFWPU is based in DC. IIFWP will be based in DC. Rev. Yang (DC regional leader) will play major role in education under Continental Leader.

NY members should move down to DC. There's better education system for your children. Real estate is cheaper.

Can we sell Belvedere and East Garden? (No!) But Father can sell Belvedere and East Garden and buy something bigger of more value in DC. If all members move to DC within next three years and educate the political world, America will be saved. If not, then Father will move to Russia, Brazil. Rev. Yang looks like a lion. Dr. Yang will be responsible for education in DC. Father gave direction to University of Bridgeport to educate and teach each other. Dr. Ward to lecture on VOC, DP, and Unification Thought, Dr. Chin teach on practical school management, Dr. Guerra should study Ivy League schools curriculum, Mr. Salonen learn about how Ivy League schools board works. (Continuing to speak to them) Professors should know ideologies and Godism. All faculty should be educated by next April. (Talking to everyone) Father didn't give orders this morning, it was a suggestion with consensus agreement. (Laughter) Father can only suggest. Father is just the head of the Board.

The CIA is always trying to investigate Father's work area, his desk, his office, secretary, etc. But Father has none of these. My ideas come from mealtime chat.

Washington DC means - washing stone directly and correctly. (Father then asks Dr. Shimmyo to stand) Shimmyo means day and night learning truth. That's why he's the president of UTS. Go out and find all UTS grads, bring them back and educate them and change them. Use any method, but don't physically cut them.

All UTS grads are to meet with Father at East Garden on June 4th. There are more than 35 Ph.D.'s from UTS grads, mobilize them. Whatever it takes until next April, change all these grads. If they resist give them Hoon Dok Hae books 11 and 12, and Dr. Lee's two volumes of Spirit World. This is not an order from Rev. Moon, it is an order from God. Father only conveys ideas and messages from God.

(Father was then discussing the position of Pres. of WFWP in America). In order to be successful, Husband and wife need to take leadership positions together. The wife should be the VP to her husband the president of a country. The children should be the ministers uniting with the parents.

If husband and wife unite and the children don't follow, don't worry they will eventually follow.

(Father asks University of Bridgeport leaders who should be the President of WFWP from their wives - they agreed upon Alexa Ward). Father agreed to it and said that it wasn't his order, it was a democratic decision.

Alexa sounds like "I like her". She's a good choice. She comes from famous NY political family. Many of her relatives were involved as congressmen, etc. She will be respected.

Mother has received many honorary Ph.D.s, even though she never asked for any. She and Father have thousands of proclamations, degrees and awards that would overflow a trunk. Those of you who receive proclamations, awards will have descendents being matched to True Family members. This is one way to engraft and be connected to the True Olive tree. I had prepared a speech at home this morning to give here at Belvedere, but I haven't even talked about it.

The sermon for today (he writes in Hangul): "God's Ideal Fruit is the True Family Seed".

This means that God wanted most is the True Family seed. This is the entire message. (Laughter) I will continue this speech next time. You are getting hungry and I am getting hungry.

By June 14 all Unification Church members should donate the equivalent of at least one month's salary. This money is not for me, but for the education of your children. One month's salary symbolizes 100 years. This is an indemnity condition for 100 years work with True Parents. Because we haven't attended True Parents for 100 years, this donation will symbolize your work with them. The money will be spent on building a university for your children. Those who give are invited to Korea for the True Day of All Things with True Parents. Usually only leaders attend, but now all are invited who give. Your name will be recorded forever along with the National Messiah names for eternity. The money is not for me, I don't need the money. I can survive with nothing.

I want to go fishing now by Sandy Hook by a naked beach. Who wants to go with me. When you go to heaven and they ask you how you got there, you can say that you were lying naked next to Father. Those who want to go, raise your hands. (All raise hands). Raising your hands was a symbolic condition that you went.

Peter Kim prayed.

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