Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

Declaration of the Day of Congratulations for True Parents' East and West (Global) Victory

Sun Myung Moon
Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY
Sunday, May 30, 1999, 7:00 a.m.
Very Unofficial Notes from David Stadelhofer

Most people in the world don't know the content of the Fall of Man. From now on, the entire world will come to know the content of the Divine Principle. In the Old Testament, centering on the Israelites, all the central figures had to cut offerings in two, but they didn't know why. The God of all creation had to shed Satan's blood. After Cain killed Abel there was no foundation in Adam's family. The history from Adam to Jacob was a history of dividing Satan. All the offerings had to be divided.

If there were no fall, all things would have been united. God had to restore all things. The Lord of the Second Advent comes to restore the original mission of Adam. The New Testament is the history of offering children; therefore there was so much bloodshed. Those who believe that Jesus simply came to die are putting a nail into God's heart. Jesus said that "If you seek to live, then you will die; but if you seek to die, you will live." The New Testament era tries to find the bridegroom.

The purpose of the Second Coming is to establish a new foundation. Jews lost their foundation as the chosen people at Jesus' crucifixion. Also Christians have only spiritual salvation. Christians don't know God. But in the future, nobody can avoid Father's providence. Without liberating the spirit world, we can't form unity in the physical world.

Now even Communists are following Rev. Moon. Everyone in the world is a criminal. Who are the enemies of True Parents? America. America opposed Father through Korean Christianity. Father has worked for 24 years in America. Even when Father was in prison he created 6 different organizations. Father even formed the Washington Times during the time of his trial.

Father knows the principle of forgiveness. If he went to South America he could have built up enough power to oppose America, but this is not his desire.

God has worked for 6000 years, and Father knows the pain and anguish of God. The CIA and the FBI have recorded Father's actions everyday. Father has been claiming "One world under God." [Father comments that the American members here today look like statues with no life]

The Old Testament (old promise) was not fulfilled. The New Testament (new promise) was not fulfilled. The history of restoration was necessary because parents were chased out of this world.

We must solve the problem of the corruption of youth. Who can save the young people of this world? Shall we follow Rev. Moon who teaches "One world under God," or shall we follow the American way, which teaches "One nation under God?" If Rev. Moon came to America having a white face then the CIA and FBI would long ago have accepted Father, and the world would have nearly been restored.

When there is a fight between God and Satan then only other being, not God, can come and mediate and liberate them using the principle of true love. God cannot mediate for Himself; that is the Messiah's responsibility. Not with the power of force but with the power of love, all of humanity will surrender.

We should study Hon Dok Hae every morning.

The fight is over. Now we have to build the world. We have to offer everything to God. God will say, "Actually, it is all yours, my children". Although America has been prosperous, Americans should have the concept that they don't own anything and offer everything to the world. In the ideal world we will dance and commune with God; everything will be shared. [Father asked everyone to shout and recite theses words three times "I Am the Prince of the Completed Testament Age!"]

Over 54 years ago Father wanted to give the Blessing to virgins. He wanted to bless nuns and priests, and monks, etc. not only in Catholicism, but of other denominations and religions. His original intention was to bless young, pure, second generation children.

In taking back God's children from the satanic world we must use power. Reach out to second generation young couples. God can't do it. We have to be His voice, His bodies.

In the Bible Jesus taught us that if we seek to gain our lives, we will lose our lives, but if we seek to lose our lives, for his sake, we will gain our lives. If we are dying by fasting Father will come to rescue you. We must save the young people of this world, at the risk of our lives. We must save the elementary school children, we must save the middle school children, we must save the high school youth, we must even save the newly married young couples.

Because we are now ready to take responsibility, Father can go to his hometown, pass into the spirit world. [Many people shout "no"] Now we are ready to go to the frontline.

If we use photo albums of blessed couples, the young people will get inspired to see so many wonderful matches made by Father. They will want to get matched by Rev. Moon. [Father said that it was not good for some people to be eating and also moving about. He said that today is a Holy Day and they should not eat until lunchtime. Also people should resist using the bathroom until the end. Father is almost 80 you are still young.]

[Rev. Yang from Washington DC is asked by Father to read the recent writings of Dr. San Hun Lee from the spirit world who gave revelations to Mrs. Kim of Australia. Recently Dr. Lee got a confession from Satan, Lucifer]

Chapter I. Root of Sin

We underestimate the root of sin. We have to understand well the heart of God. Since the fall we have been separated from God's heart. God couldn't keep His original position because of the fall. He became so miserable.

We have to make our life clear before entering the spirit world. Our married life must be kept well. Married life is preparation for the next world. We inherited the root of sin from Satan. Only by True Parents can we get forgiveness. Those who are arrogant can't join Heaven. Dr. Lee only wants to convey God's words.

The essence of fallen nature is selfishness and hatred, not love. God has been waiting for so long. We have to check ourselves daily, making an account of our position. On the last day of the year we have to assess our lives. If our lives have 70% or more failure, then we can't go to the spirit world's kingdom of heaven. Received March 20, 1999.

Father interjects:

Outside people just seek prosperity, but why don't you prepare for the next world? Our lives are short. We just need a small house or apartment. We don't need a large mansion. We have to be concerned about the next world. By the True Parents right teachings we have to become sons and daughters of God. Once we return to our position we have to shout "I am not connected with sin anymore!" We need to shout everyday. Our attitude must be very humble. It is only in this world that we can remove sin.

Chapter II. True Parents of Heaven and Earth

We have inherited the character of Original Sin. Heavenly Father wanted to take out the original sin of fallen mankind for a very, very long time, but He had to wait. He waited for the right time to send the True Parents. True Parents have had an incredible fight with Satan. Please think about the heart of God who sent the True Parents. Jesus suffered on the cross for three hours. In watching Jesus suffer God suffered even more. God is ready to cross the frozen river to save his children. God has suffered even more to keep the True Parents. The effort of people over the years to witness is never wasted.

The founders of world religions in the spirit world want their followers to follow the True Parents. Let's enjoy the True Parents of Heaven and Earth. Please have a long life.

When I see Heavenly Father in the spirit world He looks pitiful, almost scared. God really appreciates and depends on True Parents. God has to be taken care of by the True Parents. As a senior member of the Unification Church I really want to ask all our brothers and sisters to attend the True Parents with filial piety and dedication. Man-Mansei! [10,000 times 10,000]

Chapter 3. Life of Dr. Lee

My religious background was Buddhist. I analyzed the human body as a medical doctor. I was also deeply interested in analyzing the spiritual world. Before I met the True Parents I was confused when I studied my own life. After I met the True Parents I could understand. Later I tried to analyze the Divine Principle. I discovered that the Divine Principle is a great truth! I spent my whole life studying. When I was living I was interested in only two things: (1) Loving True Parents, (2) Studying the Divine Principle. I have tried to testify to True Parents. I have a desire to communicate through the mediator.

We can see the True Parents with our physical eyes, but in the spirit world it is too bright to look at the True Parents. In the spirit world nobody can look at the True Parents. When we look at True Father's face we can see many wrinkles caused in some ways by the suffering to save mankind. But from the spirit world Father's face is clear and bright. The sound of Father's breathing sounds like thunder from the spirit world side. Heavenly Father is always protecting True Parents with a blanket of light.

I am referring to Father as Rev. Moon, not True Parents in order to pass this message to many scholars. I hope that they can analyze and study my words. Also please study who is Rev. Moon. Those who are waiting for the Second Coming, please don't miss this chance. The reason I am testifying to the Divine Principle now is because time is limited. I can't reach you from the spirit world easily. Don't just think "clouds". Be more mature. March 20, 1999.

Chapter IV. Heavenly Father is Invisible

God exists beyond our perception of God.... even from the spirit world. If we try to analyze God it is foolish. We can't understand God with our human brain. Repent for trying to understand God. Absolute obedience can find God. Who are True Parents?

God has been waiting for a long time. If Jesus weren't crucified he would have become the True Parents. All of humanity can get rebirth by engrafting to True Parent's blood lineage. God sent the True Parents to chase out Satan. Even Lucifer should be reborn.

Father interjects:

This is reality, not just a concept.

Lucifer should be returned to his original position. God sent true Parents to this world. We must completely change the attitude of our life to this. If so, we can get rebirth. All humanity should understand this. March 20, 1999.

Father interjects:

Be careful in living your life; don't waste time. Humans have two parents. Physical parents who raised us; they were evil. Humanity lost completely the parents who are the children of God. How to have a parent-child relationship with God? We absolutely need True Parents. The Messiah means True Parents.

Chapter V. The Way of Mankind

All humanity has to return to the True Parents. The spirit world is testifying now about this. In the past humans could not approach God without the Messiah.


Be careful. Father is warning you. We have only one life. You have to be absolute. Once you are in the spirit world you can't change anything

Humankind must reverse its course through the Blessing. The True Parents' blessing of humankind is also the blessing of God. Heavenly Father can be liberated. So far nobody taught the meaning of history.... to end the sin of all mankind. The destination of life is the Kingdom of Heaven. We have to take out our fallen nature. We have to change this world by changing our own lives. Satan's power will be completely collapsed.


We have to fight! against our physical body. We need absolute love, faith and obedience.

We have to establish the world of peace. But first we must spread the True Parent's salt over the entire world, educating by the Divine Principle. The time has come. Heavenly fortune.


True Parents is Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Don't forget Father's word today! Everyone has to have strong guts! Liberate 180 ancestors. Make the whole world into blessed couples. Hon Dok Hae is the way to make one world under God. Father is going back to Korea soon. We can't meet Father so easily. The problem of the corruption of youth is the most difficult problem. Father is looking for real apple seeds. What kind of seeds are we? We must have mind and body unity.

Chapter V. The Apology of Lucifer

Message to Lucifer from Heavenly Father: "The time is dawning for the True Parents' history. Lucifer, we all know who you are. Blessed couples are surrounding you. I want to save you. (Satan doesn't like the concept of one world under God) Lucifer, go back to your original position. You have no qualification. You should know your purpose. You pretended to be a parent. Please return to your original position. Show your humble attitude. This is the final judgment, you have no more chance. Quietly return to your position. If you resist, your situation will become miserable. I as your God and creator will clean up your mess. I, Jehovah, say this. Please return." March 21, 1999.

Lucifer to God: "I made a mistake. I can say please forgive me. I knew the final goal of history. I couldn't find the right direction. Nobody guided me with a strong mind. I will return and receive Your punishment. How much I pretended that I didn't understand. I apologize." March 21, 1999.

We have to understand how much we have a benefit of the age to hear this kind of message.

Lucifer's Message to True Parents. "Because all humankind calls you True Parents, I also have to call you True Parents. I am sorry; how much suffering you endured to clear the history of sin. I had the desire to receive the Blessing from True Parents. (Lucifer tried to be creator, but now he realizes and is now repenting) Please forgive me as the True Parents of Mankind. The way of indemnity is now my path. I will return. Through that way I will follow you. I apologize. I feel sorry to True Parents"

Only True Parents have the key to forgive Lucifer, so he came to True Parents.

Lucifer's message to Humankind: "I am not God, but I pretended. I bequeathed the root of sin to all humankind. I have no words to apologize. All the illnesses, suffering, etc. will disappear. A new heaven and a new earth will come to the Earth. We can live with joy and peace with our True Parents. I am sorry; I made a mistake. I betrayed humankind, religious leaders.... I will return to my position; the criminal of all humankind."

Father speaks again:

We have to understand the sin of Satan. He made a young boy and girl to fall. The over 400 million youths who will receive the Blessing will be in the position of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Now there is no gate to Hell. All is liberated. The ideal world is a world of peace, no suffering, no pain. The innocent young people must be liberated. The spirit world will be liberated to assist in their blessing and protection.

Satan can be forgiven and liberated by helping with the Blessing of 400 million. The 400 million couples who were blessed in 1999 can be the foundation for the 400 million youth blessing. Just one youth for every couple. The spirit world must be mobilized. They will even resort to force if their descendants on earth do not respond. Saints and sages in the spirit world are ready to help. We have to bring people. Don't be defeated by Satan.

Satan has been leading 5 billion. We can't restore all these people by "my" power, but only by the power of True Parents can we do it. The True Parents' tree is bigger than Satan's. We should say to ourselves, "I am representing True Parents". We want to make this truth spread out all over the world. We engraft Satan's branches to True Parent's tree. If we do this, will Satan rest? Satan is a servant. But we are sons and daughters. So we must work harder. Father gave us a secret. Don't be defeated by Satan; we should be the victors. We have to see ourselves as victors because if we are told by Father to fast, for example, we could do it. Can we bring 120 young people back to God? Time to make a decision.

We should use the ambassadors. [Father throws 7 bananas out to the audience] Who caught a banana? Raise your hand. The banana represents fruition, year round, because bananas can be harvested year round. Those who caught a banana, can you bring 700 youth to the Blessing? How about 7000 each? Suppose the president of the United States was a blessed member, then we could mobilize the power of God!

Unless we take over the young Christians then the Communists will take them, or other religions. Jesus Christ was sent to save America. Jesus' couple lives in Belvedere. Whenever you visit Jesus' home would it not be appropriate to greet Jesus' couple?

Are we mobilizing the spirit world? Our ancestors may challenge us, punish us. But if we are still lazy and resist, we may be taken to the spirit world. The spirit world obeys Father.

On May 14, 1999 Father held the Universal Liberation Ceremony in Pantanal, South America. Last year, Father had a showdown prayer to God on May 13 to May 15, 1998 in preparation for Blessing 98 on June 13. So the middle date, May 14 is the representative date. 14 equals 10 plus 4. 10 represents God, and 4 represents the four position foundation. So Pantanal is the holy ground of holy grounds. Everyone should visit there. There are 16 days to June 14, or 8 times 2 days. Eight is the number for a new start. We should have confidence that the entire spirit world is on our side. [Father spoke about Lady General Kim and Rev. Oh, and Rev, Kwak. Father asked Dr. Shimmyo of the Seminary if he could sell his wife to save the world. Father said that if we really could sell our wife to sell the world, we should be willing to do that]

The American embassies around the world should be mobilized to cooperate for the Blessing of 400 million youth, because it was the Americans abroad who contaminated the world. Father may send thousands of more Japanese sisters out to work with the American embassies around the world.

All of the world will become our friends; even criminals. There should not be a wall between people. How much God has labored to prepare this time! We are a heavenly warehouse in which all of God's historical effort has been stored. We have to follow in Father's footsteps. If Father says that something is sweet, then even if we think it is sour, still you say... "sweet". This is a deeper and higher form of obedience. Bringing 7700 people to God is our individual goal. If government officials refuse to cooperate with us then we can scold them and confront them. If we visit a country, we have to think big. "I am God's messenger to change the destiny of this country."

Father doesn't like to hear an interpreter, because Father knows enough English to know that the translation is inadequate full of mistakes. Using an interpreter is a sin for this reason. You should invite Koreans to your home to learn Korean even if you have to pay them a lot of money.

Advanced countries took wealth from other countries. Is Father an old man or a young man? [Many shout "young man"] The Hon Dok Hae tradition is bequeathed to us from Father.

Please offer a special prayer condition between now and June 14 (True Day of All Things). This is a condition to inherit from True Parents.

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