Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

Father Speaks at East Garden

Sun Myung Moon
May 24, 1999
Translation by Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Excerpts from notes

How can America be saved? America is wealthy. If America just becomes more wealthy, the world will not respect America. There is a gap between the rest of the world and America. To what should America's wealth relate? If advanced countries only relate with themselves that is not good. There is no spiritual ideology to guide them in the right direction. In America they speak about "One Nation Under God". But, what is the future of the world? Father teaches not "one nation under God" but "one world under God". The top and the bottom should have good communication, like human blood circulation. In the world of business, union activities challenge the rich but cause disruption. However, if the upper does not care for the lower that is no good. Father can handle both the upper and the lower.

The 360 million couples Blessing was a miracle. This means 720 million individuals. The parents of one Korean second generation boy expected Father to match him to a Korean. However, this boy had a revelation that he would be matched to a Chinese girl. As it turned out, Father matched him to a Chinese girl! Father can read your mind, In Latin America Father lives in a dangerous environment. Most people would leave in a week. Even with his body Father should subjugate Satan. Belief should be followed by action.

Father directed that husband and wife should work in the same mission. (Father talks about Nora Spurgin working with her husband in the New Eden High School.) The completion of the 360 million couple Blessing was very important. Japan could not fulfill that and so Father re-elected Korea for that mission. On that basis the 80-city world speaking tour took place. The first part of the tour was 8 cities in Korea and then 16 cities in Japan. In this way Father expanded the victory to Japan (8 x 2). Japan is in the Eve position. The third position is the son. So, Mother spoke in 24 (8 x 3) cities in the US. The next step is the world (the next son) with 32 (8 x 4) cities. It is very meaningful that the 360 million couples Blessing was followed by True Mother's successful world speaking tour. The next stage is to Bless pure boys and girls (over 16 years of age). Father's mission as Lord of the Second Advent is to Bless pure buys and girls (like original Adam and Eve), This should have been done right after World War II.

To accomplish this, Father already Blessed 1.6 million in spirit world. The 400 million Blessing must be successful. Father should only Bless young people. We have now returned to that point, the Blessing of 400 million young people. This is the last chance. We should participate in Father's work with a happy mind. So far throughout the world, 450 million couples have been Blessed. If each family offers one Adam and one Eve then 400 million is no problem. In principle, these pure young boys and girls should receive the Blessing and then Bless their parents. But, this was not successful from the beginning.

Jesus had 12 disciples. Originally, Jesus was supposed to have a family. Jesus expected 180. The Lord of the Second Advent expected 180 families. Jesus was on the national level. Father is on the world level.

Those whom Father already Blessed in the spirit world are coming down to push the physical world.

In the Garden of Eden, 3 archangels supported Adam and Eve. Those Blessed couples from the 3 categories (previously married, contractual marriage, and virgins) should support the Blessing of 400 million young couples. Lucifer can be declared to return to his original position, after punishment. Lucifer should confess, repent and accept whatever punishment is necessary.

On May 14 in the Pantatal, at the Hotel Americanos, Father conducted a special ceremony, the Declaration of the Liberation of the Cosmos. This can only be done by True Parents. The liberation of God, True Parents and human beings has been declared. When you return home, push boys and girls to the Blessing. Who has better moral standards -- the outside world or Blessed Unificationists? It can be said that America caused the 40 years delay in the providence [after WW II]. Father was persecuted by the media. So, Father established media himself, print, radio and television. Once America takes the initiative for the 400 million Young Couples Blessing, then America can lead the world against free sex, homosexuality, etc. America has a leadership role. So far, America has been the worst country. It is time to take action. You need absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Are you a leaf or a branch? You should be a trunk or a root.

Only 7 months remain [until the 400 million Young Couples Blessing]. The only remaining issue in the Providence is youth. So far, the total of previously married couples is 400 million. That is 800 million individuals. 4 couples each means 3.1 billion couples, which equals 6.4 billion people. This is a condition for the entire world. Take action, otherwise there is no hope, no Kingdom of Heaven.

During her speech in London, True Mother's English was excellent. Father had been persecuted for 40 years. On that day [in London], Father was released after 40 years. He shared this feeling with God. Now, I will teach the second generation and defeat all satanic powers. Have hope and teach children to lead the world. Hugh and Nora Spurgin should make their high school the finest in the world.

Those who are happy with your match [spouse] raise your hands. (Everyone raises their hands.) If your offspring are not good, what is the future of our movement? Children should be greater than their parents. They should be the best in school,

Who should be the record-breaker to accomplish the 400 million young people's Blessing? America. Korea is already way over. Cain killed Abel. To restore this America should Bless the younger brother. America failed at the end of World War II. So, there was 40 years indemnity. Now America should take the initiative and bring youth to God. That is America's mission. After World War II, God had a plan. Now, we have come, back to that point. America should Bless pure boys and girls. If America does not succeed, Russia or China will do it. Originally, Korea was supposed to do this (through Ehwa University, etc.) and spread it to the world. Now, America should take the initiative to Bless 400 million young people. That's the Divine Principle view.

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