Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

Notes on Father's Words at New Hope East Garden

May, 1999
Unofficial Notes by Tyler Hendricks

May 15, 1999

Jardim is the fruit of True Parents' victory, the fulfillment stage. It is the precious fruit of True Parents' accomplishments. This training center is prepared to bring restoration to reach God's ideal. All Unification Church members should come here for True Parents' training, in order to be reborn as an original Adam and Eve. Your children should be of True Parents' direct lineage.

Education here is a privilege. Here you receive True Parents' entire victorious foundation. Therefore, from now on, blessed couples should bless their own children so that they will avoid the fall, from age 16. Please promote the blessing of youth.

I made the cosmic liberation ceremony and the 80-city speaking tour without opposition. True Father made the worldwide foundation and True Mother is following his path. If the 33 nations of South America unite, we will see the beginning of a new age.

May 16, 1999

If we love the mind, body and all creation, we will be happy. Even if we cure diseases, if we cannot solve the fall, hell will remain. Therefore, work hard to make good conditions in this world. Solve disease by proper mind/body harmony and proper living. The fall was a death sentence.

If Adam and Eve had kept absolute faith, love and obedience, there would have been no fall. As God's son, I should turn around the fallen world. We should follow Divine Principle and True Parents' message to end God's suffering. When we go to spirit world, we will understand what is wrong. The fall started sin and disease. So we change fallen love to pure love.

God's love means to love the enemy, to embrace even the evil one.

We should know that our parents suffer more than we do.

This training center is to educate blessed couples who couldn't value the blessing, and to indemnify blessed couples' wrong doings and shortcomings. You made many mistakes.

In Heavenly Father's view, all men are Adam and all women are Eve in the Garden of Eden. We should deny everything. You are the body of True Parents, because your lineage is the same. You received True Parents' lineage, so you should defeat Satan's lineage and go to Heavenly Father's house. Create a loving world and Cain's world will follow automatically. Through the blessing you are a branch of God's lineage. You should love your neighbor. Your life should change, entering the realm of eternal love with God. You should inherit all that I have done, which means to fight Satan on the individual, family, society and national and world levels. Those who live for others become the central figure of the family and each level. To inherit everything, offer everything first, and live for others, especially for the world.

Without love, husband and wife cannot unite. With love, they unite into one. Every blessed couple should inherit what True Parents have done. To inherit God's love and tradition, the most precious organ is the sexual organ. To return to God means to inherit God's love. Every creature sacrifices itself for human beings. We should sacrifice ourselves for God. Then we can inherit heavenly fortune.

Our country starts from the will of God. The offering of $16,000 is conditionally equivalent to offering everything. It is the offering for our tribe and country.

Heavenly Father really cares about each blessed family. To live in the proper way, we need to learn True Parents' words, the history of True Parents' fight against Satan, everyday. We don't need other kinds of study. This is the main task, to learn and to educate. Your external job is secondary. Do Hoon Dok Hae and work for God.

May 22, 1999

I don't live as I want to, but according to the ideal. I can see that men give a hard time to their wife. In this world, women divorce because they get no satisfaction from sexual intercourse. Why don't they? It is because men and women have different senses, and the man reaches the climax first, too rapidly. With this, the man will lose. In order for a man to love his wife properly, he should practice until his wife feels love. Treat your wife carefully. When women have a good feeling, they will be happy. Even animals can make love properly. But men cannot understand this point. The founder of the Unification Church teaches this, and it is an important part of human life. People fall because of the problem of love, including those who strive for the religious way of life. Each husband should practice the proper way to love. I do not live as I want to, but am following the way of life centering on the will.

May 23, 1999

I tried to do God's will for the sake of God. I reflect on my shortcomings and want to avoid them. But nonetheless I do everything for God and the world, to be a mediator, not for myself. God suffers to see us on the thorny path back to Him. When you fall short of your responsibility, you should feel shame because you are leaving the work to your children. Those who pour everything out can feel God's heart. There is still a ways for me to go. Many want to receive education.

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