Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

Everybody Wants True Love

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 14, 1999
Belvedere International Training Center

Unofficial notes based on Rev. Peter Kim's simultaneous translation, by Tyler Hendricks. The service began at 5:30 a.m. with a reading of True Mother's speech tour text, following at around 6:20 a.m. with True Father, who spoke until about 7:45 a.m.

Are UTS students here? Raise your hands. [Many hands go up.]

What is it that human beings need most? (True love.) Cham Sarang Nuguna Wonhamnida. Dr. Carlson, can you translate it? [Dr. Carlson gets a B+.] It means, "Everybody Wants True Love."

The core of human existence is man and woman. No one can deny that all the issues and events of the world are caused by the relationships of man woman. Good bad, high low, it doesn't matter: everything is centered on man woman relationships. The goodness or evil of anything is determined centered on the measuring barometer of what? God, or true love? You don't know which, but it's important.

Everyone wants to see God. What does God want to see? Man first or woman first? If God prefers one to the other, then the other will complain. God has no choice but to place love itself first. Love is the one thing that man and woman love most in common. Therefore neither man nor woman will complain if God puts love first.

Man and woman compete to obtain love first. They will compete, but once they realize that the essence of love is oneness, they will become united. We conclude that only love can satisfy human desire. Because of this, the history of salvation is possible. Who is the owner of love? God is. But does only God Himself want to possess love? (No.) Everyone and every entity want it.

Everything exists in a pair system for this reason. It is the common denominator of all creation. True love requires a horizontal surface and vertical line in order to exist. As it progresses horizontally, it also does so vertically. At the top, the horizontal and vertical characteristics coincide. That top spot is the true love king. It is not easy to get there. It is inclusive of every level of true love practice, from small dimension to large. Everything is included. This is why we live and die for love.

God created the universe for true love. Can one woman alone practice the four realms of heart? Do experience it, she needs a man. Each of us needs an object partner in order to achieve love. That's why the pair system exists throughout creation.

No matter how great God is, by Himself He cannot experience the four realms of heart. Therefore God had to create the universe as His love partner, all levels of creation and all levels of human life encompassing the four realms of heart, infancy to old age. All elements of creation tend toward the position of the true love king. A tiger can love, which means to consume everything under his level. It is his true love to catch them and eat them. Everything loves that which is below it in creation in that way. Is it the survival of the fittest, or the practice of true love? It's true love, because it is the path by which the lower entity can be absorbed into the higher, on the way to the king of true love position.

(Discourse on various things we eat--such as snakes.)

Should the bigger eat the smaller in nature? If this does not take place, the universe will fade away. Darwin explained it as a function of evolution, but that is not true. Then materialism emerged centered on Darwin, leading to communism, and the wars of words. The pinnacle is to reach the position of man or woman. All things want to become part of our most important organ. Which is the most important organ? Your nose, hand, eye, brain? No, your love organ. It is most important because only through it can the universe be recreated.

Through what did you come into this world? Through the sexual organ. Without man and woman possessing it, we cannot recreate the universe and expand the world. What about God's idea? Before the creation, which organ do you think He considered most important? The sexual organ. The beginning point of an absolute family is the absolute unity of the parents' sexual organs. They are the palace of life, love and lineage. They created human history.

The base to create the universe was the man and woman figure or model in God's mind. People have not known this. To realize absolute love, there must be only one man and one woman eternally, not two of each. So God created one man and one woman. They were like the seed. God intended to plant it and grow a family, and plant the family as the seed of the tribe, and tribe as seed of the nation, and nation as the seed of the world, etc. expanding to the universe. They would have created citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

But as it stands people are not headed for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth but for hell. But they put their finger on me and label me false messiah and so forth. My teaching is the opposite of Darwin, and which is the basis for peace--the theory of evolution or of creation? The theory of creation includes God and a purpose for all subject-object relations. Communism has only struggle between subject and object. The purpose is true love. My theory will vanquish communism because it is not my teaching, but God's.

You have to protect your love organ; by doing so you are protecting the universe. Free sex means women opening their love organ and receiving anything, animal-like people, representing snakes and tigers. The owner should be one. True love allows only one owner. Who is qualified to claim to be the first lover of true love? Man or woman? or God? All will compete with the others. Only God can claim it, as the origin. We must inherit God's love, life, lineage and conscience. We must possess them. That is true love. Without having God, we cannot claim true love, no matter how great our life might be.

Between man and woman, there may be so much love, but without God in them, they are not true man and woman. God must be in true love or it is not true love. Even God cannot possess true love by Himself. Without having a son, a mother cannot claim to own the love for a son. Woman is the one who enables man to possess love, and vice versa. Therefore you have to live for the sake of your partner. You need your children and your brothers and sisters.

Thus in the Garden, Adam and Eve started as children to experience that, then as brother and sister to experience that, etc. The four realms of heart are inseparable. If one is removed, the entire set crumbles. So can we have the concept of divorce or separation of husband and wife? No. As a husband you may feel much love, but you must know that it is not generated by yourself, but by your spouse. This is the last message I am giving humankind after the 360 million couples blessing. So please understand it. It is the tool to root out the satanic blood lineage. This turns everything right side up.

We have to realize what a trashcan we became and how falsely we acted. There are many divorces in the secular world. The couple is part of the love ladder to reach God. If it is removed, we cannot reach God. A stepmother or stepfather is not ideal. The universe is not happy with such a family; it is not in harmony with the way of creation.

Nothing belongs to you. Your parents are your root and you are a small branch. Without parents you are an orphan in the world. Children are the fruit of their parents' love, life and lineage, combined. The world does not understand this, therefore it is going down. Power, money and knowledge will fade away because there is no ownership.

We want true love, but to possess it, we cannot be individualistic and think that everyone should serve me. The secular world is individualistic. Selfish individualism is the fruit of Satan leading to hell. To gain true love, we should practice love, living for others. If you are serving others, they will serve you in return. Offer everything selflessly for God, without selfish motivation, then you will automatically enter the kingdom. Even if we give up our life three times, representing Adam, Jesus and the Lord of the Second Advent. To meet God, we must go over those hills. But if you demand God to meet you, there is no way. If all people adopt the true motivation, the secular world will change into the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Because of false parents, the first marriage being false, the True Parents must come to this world to make true marriages. We as human beings should teach all things how to attain true love, because we are the owners. We have not done this, so we must repent in shame before creation. God is our Father. What does that mean? It means we are children. The father provides the utmost love. We have a vertical relationship with God. The horizontal relationship is of man and woman, and the vertical and horizontal should meet at 90 degrees. True love travels straight at 90 degrees, not 89 or 91. The love course is the shortest course, 90 degrees. The same principle of economy of distance applies to the horizontal as well, between front and back, brother and brother. All meet at a perpendicular angle to the vertical. Thus there is formed a sphere.

The universe is a sphere, therefore, moving with no friction. The center point is where God dwells. Only there can love dwell. With the 90 degrees established, they can travel infinite distances. Our love, life and lineage meet there, where man, woman and God meet. Also, brothers and sisters meet there. All become one by the power of true love. It is the root of love, life, lineage and conscience, where God dwells. It expands to eight stages, all of which have the same central point.

With no fall, Adam and Eve would have created the model love relationship of husband and wife for all humankind. They would have married their children, and bequeathed their standard of love. In America, parents do not select their children's spouse. In the Unification Church, True Parents select from all over the world, in a special tradition. The longer the distance the partners begin from the center, the greater the power of their merging to meet. Therefore I match people from widely different races and nations, and criminals and saints. God hated the fall and wanted to eliminate Adam and Eve, but He could not because He is their father. Their fall led to the Cain Abel separation. So True Parents brought together the Cain and Abel types in marriage.

God learned true love through us, stage by stage. In that respect, we can call human beings more precious than God. God has been investing and forgetting throughout history. He follows this principle, no choice. To make your spouse greater than yourself, you must live for them over and over, forgetting what you have done. Then you go up another step toward the top.

This is the foundation for a great revolution. [Father then called for a pledge that we all will aspire to achieve this, and Rev. Peter Kim gave the closing prayer.]

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