Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

This Year's Motto

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Sunday Sermon
Chungpa Dong Church, Seoul, Korea
February 1, 1999
Translator: Chang Shik Yang
Unofficial notes: Tyler Hendricks

What is the meaning of this year's motto? It means that those who have lineage can connect to the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. The family, tribe and nation are the three stages necessary to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. The reason for absolute faith is to seek absolute love. God created based on absolute love. The basis of absolute love is absolute faith. Where there is absolute faith, true love comes. We cannot find absolute love where mind and body struggle, but we find it where they unite. When can we finish the mind and body struggle?

Is God the Creator or the Father of Adam and Eve? The status of Father is better, because fatherhood connects with lineage. Without love, there is no lineage. Women have big hips in order to have babies. Through reproduction, to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. So women's most important position is to have babies. Women should be looking down always, concerned to create the family and nation. If they don't, there will be trouble. The ideal world grows naturally from the ideal family, tribe and nation.

We have to do restoration because of the fall. Everyone has a family name and a nation. All things have their own unique name. Who gave you your name? Adam and Eve were the eternal begotten son and daughter, but went to hell because of the fall. We cannot imagine the degree of God's suffering over the fall.

Rather than "I will die," you have to shout, "I will live." (Father was having lots of give and take with audience. Hence the speech seems to flow in somewhat of a conversational style.) Because of the fall, the body does not follow the mind. Without breaking off from fall, we cannot approach God on any level. How can we break from the fall? We break from the fall by true love, on each level. Because of fallen love and lineage and life, on each level the spirit world is separated from the physical world.

God wanted to bequeath His lineage, but instead Satan multiplied his lineage. So God cannot come to any level. Our sin put God in jail. So we have to bring Satan to surrender. Because we corrupted our lineage, our unique, eternal, absolute and unchanging relationship with God was lost. When His children fell, it was as if God fell too, because He lost all the original relationships bound up in the Four Great Realms of Heart. To seek the reason for this was the mission of religion.

What is the color of the original love? White? The first love color was black. (Something about the fall turning all love relationships opposite. Maybe it is black because black absorbs all other colors.) Left and right need a vertical point, the essence of which is true love, which can unite above and below, left and right. When we exercise, our energy dissipates, but in true love, our energy increases, because its nucleus core is God. Have you seen true love? We have to bring in our conscience. What Satan hates most is the subject and object uniting. When we clap, Satan wants our hands to miss each other.

The wife can be the queen of the marriage. In the family there are two kings, the father and the mother. The president's wife is the queen of the nation. God is the king of the cosmos. All people want to be the champion, whether man or woman. It is because man and woman are God's eternal son and daughter. This is why we each want to be number one. People commit suicide because the fall thwarts our desire to be number one.

Have you seen true love? (You are true love, says one early female member.) Because of you, people call us crazy.

Many presidents of Korea came from the Kyungsan province, but just this time the president comes from Cholla province. Kyungsan means joy and multiply, and Cholla means to spread. That explains it. Women are not born to become professors and avoid marriage. Our body is useless even compared to a stone, in that stones last forever but we disappear. Because of that, the most important thing in life is marriage. In the last days, the original human relationship is missing, and there is incest between parents and children.

At Jesus' time there were candidates for Jesus' spouse from three generations. Catholics say that Mary is the best, the greatest woman. In Korean, Maria means "is it true?" so to proclaim "Maria" is ultimately to ask whether it is true or false, of God or of Satan. We have to investigate the true Mary's identity. The archangel stole woman from man. (About men being thieves, about former presidents failing and going to jail.) President Kim Dae Jung is president number 8 for Korea since World War II. I will meet him tonight and explain about elder sonship.

"Party," in Chinese, means "escalate." My hometown is Jungjoo and Mother's is Anju. The Russo-Japanese War started in Jungjoo in 1905. Many great people were born there. My grandfather was a Korean patriot, a nice gentleman. In our tribe everyone loves me, especially all women. That is the great way of heaven. Because of the fall, God lost eight male positions. To restore these, He made me. Is "dang" (a gathering of those who agree, a party or faction) good or bad? Political parties struggle and cannot find unification. Who is at fault, Kyungsan or Cholla? Recently people say that I unified the two by the matching. In America there are Democrats and Republicans, but I am guiding them to unite through the Washington Times. The ruling party should be the elder's position and the party out of power should be in the younger's position, and through that clarity of roles they can unite through love. In front of God there can be no concept of struggle.

Before the truth comes, there is the false. For example, free sex comes before absolute love. Even though Unification members have followed for 40 years, you do not know who I am. In this year the Unification Church should proclaim Reverend Moon as True Parents. When God asks someone to become True Parents, what will you answer? Of course, Father and Mother are they, but are miserable True Parents. Hyo Jin hyung, without understanding Father you cannot know yourself. Yun Ah's name is the same as Hyung Jin Nim's wife. Please follow Hyo Jin Nim well. [Hyo Jin Moon and Yun Ah Choi were married the day before this sermon.] Internally he has many treasures. Your name means filial piety, and you have to accomplish it. (I will). You have three years before reaching 40; why don't you determine this? Because I failed my responsibility as a father, Hyo Jin Nim did not become a good son. I was concerned about restoring hell and the outside world and not about my family. I forgave murderers and sinners; can I have the authority to forgive my real son's mistakes?

Some are surprised that I would bless Buddha and Jesus. Through the blessing and only through the blessing can we open the door of hell and get into the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. From now, God has the absolute authority to recreate anything and everything.

Who are the True Parents? Originally God's ideal was that True Parents not suffer and sacrifice. Hyo Jin Nim was raised without understanding Father, and without that understanding he cannot inherit my tradition. Even God wants to follow Father's footsteps. I led the way for the last 40 years. So all children should have filial piety, on every level, eventually reaching the holy son and daughter level and becoming the eternal father of fathers and mother of mothers. That was the responsibility of the original Adam and Eve. The Kingdom of Heaven on earth starts from a family.

Because of the fall, we lost Adam, Eve, and the elder and younger sons. This put God in jail. To restore everything, I have to decide everything by myself without any advice from Bo Hi Pak or Chung Hwan Kwak. The mayor of Pusan came late to my speech and therefore had to wait 30 minutes to see me.

The song "Arirang" expresses that there are twelve stages to seek love; it is the same number as the history of the blessings, from 36 couples to 3.6 million couples. These twelve stages are done. From the 30,000 couple blessing (1992) we started the world level, and that was followed by the 360,000 and 3.6 million blessings to finish it as formation, growth and completion stages. Only I believed that the 3.6 million could be accomplished. Absolute faith leads to absolute love.

The meaning of true love is to invest more than your life, three times more. Then God can create that kind of mind. Sisters, what kind of spouse do you want? One who is better than you. The meaning of husband and wife is connected to lineage. Everyone has the desire for the spouse of love to be better than oneself; even Heavenly Father desires this. What is parental love toward children? Who owns children's love? Parental love and children's love is one love; they cannot be separated. Children cannot deny their parents eternally. And without children, parental love has no object. Parental love is accomplished through the children. Who makes a mother's love? The children do. The motivation is the relationship, and for each, the other is the owner. By their give and take action, they become eternal. They can never be separated, even by the nation; their relationship is fate. The mother is master of the house inside, and the father is master of the outside. Both should understand how to be the master of the other, by virtue of their relationship.

The fallen world wants to cut these Four Great Realms of Heart. By loving the elder brother we can develop our love. God Himself cannot develop without the family. True love is not centered on the self. True love starts for the sake of others. It is concerned about each pole of all relations. We have to restore these. The satanic world completely destroyed these relations.

Who can be True Parents? Love can forgive anything, except for the murder of the Four Great Realms of Heart, of the father, mother, brother or sister -- only the Messiah can forgive those. After Blessing 99, everyone down to the elementary school level will recognize true God and Reverend Moon. It is not easy to read the history of restoration by Hoon Dok Hae, because Satan controls it, but I found the way to restore . . .

In your body, everything is connected to each other part. There are 40 billion cells in the human body. You are like a cell of God. The mouth symbolizes water, the head the cosmos, the nose, air, the eyes, space. There is the age of water, the mouth, the age of air, the nose, and the age of the eye. After birth we have to eat, and virtually everything comes from the mother. The father gives but one seed. Earth is the first parent, and the mother is the second, giving birth through a narrow gate. Birth is like the death and rebirth of the mother. Those who have many babies can go to the high spirit world.

The difference between father and son . . . Our earthly life leads to eternal life. I studied science and I don't believe we live in the flesh forever, as some Christians do. Yet we can be absolute. The concept of absolute is changing. To liberate God, the Messiah must pass the most difficult course, even prison. Between Father and Mother, Father is always subject. True children make trouble in their family life, but they never saw Father and Mother struggling. If you show your marital strife to your children, you have to repent. You can't imagine how the parents' fighting shocks the children. It gives them an incredible shock. So you have to cut your fighting when you hear the footsteps of your children. You fought many times.

Ideal marriage is created by relationship. From this morning, create ideal marriages. Have true family rallies in 120 nations, 12 times, then 24 times, then 36 times, centering on pure love, true marriage and true family. Communists destroyed society by rallies; we can build society by rallies.

I taught you everything. Hyo Jin, you should be a son I can love. Yun Ah, go together with Hyo Jin wherever he goes, to recreate him. Especially from today we have to create the true family tradition on our family level. Whenever True Parents visit the home of a blessed family, you have to establish the three generations. It is necessary for Kingdom of Heaven on earth. I want to bless all humankind, including the ceremony of rebirth for the fetus in the womb. From the family level, let's create the ideal relationships on behalf of God. Centering on 4.4 Jeol, Father established the family level ability to go to the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. But this Blessing 99 will open the cosmic level. From now on, persecution will disappear.

Blessed couples are representatives of the restored Adam and Eve. Even though I made millions of dollars, I kept nothing for myself, but spent it all for others. To keep the branch and leaves, God invests everything He has.

(Father has us stand up and recite Pledge 5.)

We must understand spirit world. Advance no matter what you have to do. Without spirit world we cannot enter the realm of God's love. Prepare for True Parents to come to your home. Without your preparation, they cannot come. If I didn't understand spirit world, I could not continue to lead this providence. When I was hungry, spirit world would feed me.

How about God's authority? Because of the fall, human beings took everything. We have to go to Jardim. There is no excuse. I came to Korea only because of the failure of Japan. To restore this failure, we do the blessing in the outdoor stadium. I hope it is minus 50 degrees. I don't care about the audience size; just the blessing couples should be there, with their fees paid.

By April of 2000, offer everything to restore the Garden of Eden, even your house. The IMF crisis in Korea is good; it makes everyone more humble. I invest everything I have, so Korea should respect me. Work on your family level with an absolute mind. Restore your tribe.

Many American ministers respect True Parents. The trend of Christianity will change. To protect your family in the coming tumultuous times, you must keep the tradition well. God has to love even His enemy. Because He does so, liberation and joy will come.

(Father offers the closing prayer.)

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