Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

True Father's Speech at East Garden

Sun Myung Moon
January 10, 1999
Unofficial Notes

True Parents arrived around 5:30 p.m. at East Garden. About 50 members gathered to welcome them, and after dinner Father asked Jin Man Kwak to report about True God's Day, and then Father spoke. These are unofficial Notes by Tyler Hendricks based on translation by Rev. Peter Kim

Jin Man Kwak:

Father stressed President Hwang's report on the Korean grassroots church development and how it should be the model to expand worldwide. Father forgave us for not achieving our pledges for last year. And coming back to the basis of mind-body and husband-wife unity, and our understanding the reality of spirit world in our daily life. The preparation for the possibility of death anytime, in our hearts and living experience. We cannot be lazy or habitual. We can tap into the eternal power resource through spirit world. Our life is far from the desperation of the spiritual reality. We are influenced too much by our environment.

We become one heart and one body centering on the year's motto. Pledge to march on and on, until God's omnipotence, dominion and subjective world of true love is achieved. Truly unite our mind and body with Father's vision and God's will, attending Heavenly Father and True Parents. Father never forgot last year's motto for one moment during the year. Even if the world does not recognize it now, the future will offer glory to True Parents.

Father blessed us to have God's sungsang settle in our mind and body. Father urged us to please wake up at the last moments of 1998. Father returned again and again to the fundamental message of mind-body unity and ideal familyhood. Fulfill this by going to the workshop in Jardim and making the living sacrifice offering. Don't look at anything else but your mind and body, your marriage and family, your tribe. We can be naked in God's simple truth, removing our facade, concepts and so forth, so we can truly inherit True Parents' foundation. That was the essence of the midnight speech..

The morning speech:

Our family becomes an imperishable cell in God's body. We can become a part of God -- what a blessing -- by being an ideal family. Thereby we can cleanse God's han and He can become the True God and the blessing can expand to the cosmic level and Satan's lineage be totally uprooted.

Father created a new word: sa ji baek chae is traditional for the four limbs -- man ji op chae -- 10,000 and 100 million limbs -- it means every cell longs for unification.


It means everything is unified together. Centering on God's mind, everything is accomplished.

Jin Man Kwak:

True Parents represent God's substance, central being and . . . God's embodiment. . . . Even if a person is dead, if God's love can touch him, the person can awaken. True love can bring unification beyond all barriers. Our responsibility is to die; God's is to resurrect us. . . . Any desire for worldly things, other than God's true love, will inhibit God's action. It means to go to the point of death.


I have never trusted anyone completely. This is both an internal and external principle. Father assigns us tasks but doesn't believe that we will fulfill them; he doesn't depend on us. It is because God is the only subject, and Father is His object. Therefore, Father doesn't take seriously the worrisome reports of leaders. Father's unity of love with God prohibits him from coming down to the worldly level to deal with such reports. His relationship with God is father-son, a relationship of faith. He cannot come down to the human standard. Father doesn't trust any human being, but deals with God. Father believes God, even if no one in the physical world believes.

Doubt prevents us from fully participating in God's work and will. The leaders' responsibility, then, is to give full-scale explanation to followers what they are to do.

On January 8, I held a Liberation Ceremony for the Cosmic Expansion of the True Blessing and Uprooting Satan's Lineage. It means uprooting the lineage in three stages: symbolic -- represented by all things, substantial -- represented by human beings, and spirit world . . . In these three worlds there should be no trace of satanic love and lineage. This was the significance of the ceremony. Even if Father doesn't directly get involved with cleaning up the world, it will happen naturally by itself.

The fall was Adam and Eve losing the number 4. 1+9+9+9 = 28. Then add 4 and 4, to get 36, and add 4 again for 40, or add 8 a.m. for 44. This means that Satan cannot have anything to do with us. Because of the appearance of True Parents, every being builds an ideal subject-object relationship with True Parents. Therefore all things, all property, should be embraced and owned by True Parents and God. For that, we set the condition of giving the complete living sacrifice offering.

[Father gives a long discourse in English, the gist of which seems to be that this year we have to set up the heavenly law as an effective instrument, but this is not easy.]

We have to give everything so that we can receive it back, because it does not belong to us but to Satan. If we cannot do it by Father's birthday this year, we can do it by his birthday next year. We have no right to own anything. We have to receive the right of ownership from True Parents. That way we will go over the hill and enter the year 2000. The entire world should be offered to God so that Satan cannot claim one iota. This is to end the lament of all things and humanity.

Satan took ownership forcefully, but God wants us to set the proper conditions. There will be a competition among who can offer all their wealth to God and True Parents. The result will stratify into many levels, based on the order in which we offered our ownership to God. Some will end up 10 generations above, others 7 generations after. This is the final round of cleaning up the secular world. How? We need to gather 12 families, then 72 more families (= 84), then 120 more families ( = 204). We were to have followed the 1-1-1 formula, but we failed it. Do it now. We didn't take Father's direction seriously enough. We have strong truth armament. Open your mouth and everything will be cleaned out. American members did not use that power. Father clearly directed how to save America, and we could have done it if we had followed and Father would not have to be here after 25 years. We took Father's money and . . .

We have to go with absolute faith, love and obedience. That's why Father said to sell properties to save America. American members treat Father's property as their own, to use and manipulate. Now Father brought the elder son nation title here, but it is conditional upon unity of Christianity and the Unification Church. We can guide the way to solve family breakdown.

Through working for the world by means of the UN, America can be saved. America tried to dissolve the UN, but I stopped it. After that, I moved to South America and opened the door for American members to come for 40-day training. But you say you don't need to do that. Father cannot tolerate that. (Attributes this to privacy, individualism.) You blessed couples, please wake up and be alert! How much support have you given True Parents? You have to repent. Father may depart to Korea the 13th morning, but before then I give this warning.

American leaders, do you know the course you must follow? Don't think with sophistication. Just practice absolute faith, love and obedience. Those three concepts that God had at creation are the absolute subject position. Don't boast of your education. Don't connect with that cultural background. Instead, take action and you will connect with God's unified position. Does that occupy your mind world completely?

Tonight, kneel in front of God and pray and repent about this. For the last 24 years, Father has poured every ounce of sweat and blood here, and brought members from overseas. Now American members have to pay them back. This can be done only by absolute faith, love and obedience. What if Father never returns to America? What if I sell everything we have here? Can anyone oppose Father selling everything here? Father has spent enormous amounts here in America and in Europe to save Christianity.

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