Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

International Leaders' Meeting

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 4, 1999
Punta del Este, Uruguay

These are unofficial notes. There are errors and omissions. Simultaneous translation by Jin Seung Eu. Typed & edited by Robert Kittel.

1) Creating the Ideal World for the sake of World Peace

a) Creating an ecumenical UN for the unified of religions.

I am planning an international conference this year for the sake of this project.

b) Multinational or transnational UN for unified nations.

We have to think of the unity of mind and body. On an international level this means unity of religions and politics. The state and church were divided because the pope failed his responsibility. This is why the state came into being. This separation was because of the failure of Christianity. But it is now the time for them to be united. The preparation for this is the blessed families.

We can see from this morning's Hon Dok Hae that the providence was not carried out well. Yet, this is the time for unified nations and now the values have collapsed. There is no clear concept of family, tribe, or nation. . . everything is scattered. Trans-nationalism is a godly concept. Now we have millions of blessed families in the world. This is the foundation to lead the world.

Now we have to teach them about spirit world. Also they have to have a clear concept of family. The family struggle originates from a divided mind and body. The starting of world peace and family peace is united mind and body. Then on this foundation man and woman should become one. Without understanding God's will there cannot be world peace. Without God, we cannot go to the transnational level.

c) Creating a super banking system of the country of unified religions.

How many superpowers are there? About 12: GB, USA, USSR. . .etc. Many have not paid their war debts but were responsible for the world wars. Small countries can be taken advantage of so we want to make a coalition of small countries. There can be a unified banking system so larger nations cannot take advantage of smaller nations. We will also mobilize media. If we have this system, then we can influence nations in a good way. No single country can propose this system. Centering on Uruguay we already have a bank, though it is looked down on. Our bank went bankrupt and created an unemployment problem. Uruguay has the strongest labor unions in South America and it is difficult to do business here. Yet, many foreigners come to visit this country.

Uruguay is small but it has a good education level; it is mandatory up to the college level. However, young people leave Uruguay because they can get better jobs outside. The best young minds in Uruguay have left. But shouldn't the country make use of these human resources? These young people are spread over the 33 nations in South America. We have a bank, publishing company and media in Uruguay.

The four countries, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil, should work together. A unified banking foundation should be made. Korean people should put money in our banking system. Now we can start to use our newspaper to save the world. President Joo is your elder brother; work with him. We have the capability to work with any nation in South America. Does this make you happy or unhappy?

The tiger in the mountain does not cry loudly. I am like that. Cry like a tiger. The tiger raises its cub for two years, then the father leaves, leaving the cub with its mother. We need to create an international banking system. This preparation has been made a long time ago. Through this the small nations will no longer lose their treasures by bigger nations.

Why do I talk about your sexual organ so often? If this area of your life goes wrong, everything else will come to naught. Is this right or wrong? God sympathizes with me. Do you? You need diplomatic skills, financial independence and capacity to persuade. These are three necessary qualities for leadership.

d) Creation of the media system for the sake of the country of trans-religious (ecumenical) nations.

Eve countries should pay money for this media system. The Lord of the Second Advent does not come with money. I asked you to declare the messiahship of Rev. Moon 20 years ago, but you did not do that. Why are college graduates hear if you are so proud and arrogant? Mr. Kuboki did not do the things True Father asked about the media so his spirit has to be released. This is why True Father is talking so much in Japanese.

[To Western members in English] You have been taking your mission too lightly. No matter how proud you are, you cannot go to the spiritual world based on your knowledge or your Western cultural background. You have to get rid of this concept. You have to go over these barriers. It this clear? You need a new determination. You have to make a new foundation of heart. You don't have any foundation now. That is your mistake. What if you pass away into the spiritual world? I have not made up the ideal of perfection. When you go to the spiritual world you will know and will have to answer then. This is important.

Do you want to follow the easy or difficult path? If you follow the difficult path you can go over the barriers towards heaven. Now it is the time of the information war worldwide.

e) Creating a coalition of universities for the sake of trans-nationalism.

I created the University of Bridgeport and Sun Myung Moon University. Did we succeed or fail? If you become an absolute object to an absolute subject-partner then you will succeed. After a man comes, than a woman comes into being.

f) Creation of unification coalition of a supra religious nations.

Without an international system we cannot deal with this internal age.

2) Through Globalization of the blessing creating a country of God

If the blessing become worldwide, then it becomes global automatically. First we have to form and organize these systems.

a) Formation of True Unified Families

Truth includes peace and unity and is expressed in the formation of the true unified families. For this sake we have to unify mind and body, as well as husband and wife unity. Do you know how to make your spouse happy? Is your couple harmonious? You should live with fun and happiness but do not go you own way. How can you be a Tribal Messiah without a harmonious family? When you were first blessed you didn't believe this. You have to unite mind and body as well as balance plus and minus (husband and wife), then find a level position.

b) Formation of True Religion

c) Formation of True Nation (People)

d) Formation of True Country

e) Formation of the True Political Party

The political parties now are not true parties. You tried to create a political party, but you were not willing to risk your life for this. When I do things I always risk my life and do my best.

When you say "true," you also have to have peace and unification.

f) Formation of the True Parliament of Heavenly Kingdom (Senate and Congress)

Those who qualify as a head of state can create a true parliament of heavenly kingdoms. Religious people should take over the senate. These should be religious people equipped with the basic Principle of Life. If they have then nobody can stop them. Those who cannot be bought with money, raise your hands. Politicians can easily be bought off. If you need money, why don't you do fundraising? Many people want free money.

In any nation religious people should form the senate and politicians the congress. Decisions cannot be made by one body or one way of thinking. This is how good, well-balanced, plans for a country can be made. This is also the ideal structure for the UN. I am not trying to be the president of the UN. But I want to teach people who can be the leaders of the UN. This is the elder sonship responsibility. The elder son wants to serve his parents. We want to elect senators to the UN. Clinton has made many mistakes. We should help him. Weapons cannot solve the problems. Do we have the capability to help solve these problems? These things should have been done in 2-3 years. I am already 80 years old.

If you support this [talking to the Japanese leaders] will Japan be praised or cursed? Are your children heavenly citizens or Japanese children? The word "Korea" means "prison" in Japanese. Japanese people would rather get married to an African or Taiwanese before marrying a Korean. They would buy a beautiful clothes and gourmet food, before a house. In the '88 Olympic in Nagoya, the city name means "Famous old house." Japan is hosting the World Cup.

True Father has diplomatic ability, especially working in South America. True Father is a great teacher. You should become a UN senator. You can have a powerful impact.

g) True (Ideal) International Coalition for Peace and Unification of the World

For you to make all kinds of coalitions, women's and students. We have to create a true coalition for the sake of world peace.

3) Conviction (Belief) in the Spiritual World and Continuous Working (Moving Forward) for Unifying Earthly Life and (Grassroots Level) Activities.

To move forward we have to understand Spirit World very clearly. And we have to work for grassroots organizations. You should understand True Parents and study their words. I taught everything I know already. I am even surprised by my own words. You cannot run away from this. I gave a comprehensive view of the history of restoration. Even Dr. Lee didn't understand this. He didn't understand Spirit World very clearly while he lived on earth. Only after going to the Spirit World could he understand. When he went to the Spirit World he was inspired and worked hard, coming up with a good report. Life on earth is precious. You cannot ignore the heavenly constitution and just do as you want. This Principle is the pride of the East and of God. Do you understand young people? I want to bring them to the Himalayan mountains and train them. Those who survive, I can work with them.

True Father wants you to become better than he himself. Please do greater things than I've done, please. To fulfill the mission of the True Mother country, you have to risk your life. I am giving strong advice, but with much hope. I don't need money. But Japanese can feed the people of the world. I want to unite North and South America. True Father has the ability to solve juvenile problems; people know that. England is mother; USA is the first son. There was a point for Japan to pay for the destruction during WW II. Kuboki knew the northern part of Japan would be taken by the Soviets, and the central/southern part by the US. Originally, Japan was to be divided after WW II.

Japanese Unification Church members are to be mobilized to the whole world. I am thinking about what to do with the island of Japan. What if a big earthquake hits Japans? This is not a threat. It is my honest concern. Please pray deeply and you might find what I am saying is true. When you go home, all Japanese blessed couples should be told. Mobilize your tribes. Otherwise there is no registration for the kingdom. Do you understand?

a) Strengthening Hoon Dok Hae Reading and Understanding / Experiencing the Spirit World

You have to go over the hill, with understanding and experience. If you really understand, then you cannot help but go forward. Do you know why mother leaves early in these meetings? She has had many children and cannot sit for long times. But she is listening wherever she is. She has to go to the bathroom often, because of giving birth to many children. When my wife is not here, how can I discipline the audience? If I appear alone, do you think mother is sick? That is why she comes, at least in the beginning. She gave birth to 14 children. Just giving birth to one child is very exhausting and the body gets worn down.

There is little remaining to do. I want to take care of it before I go to the Spirit World. I don't want to transfer it to Mother. This is absolute: Strengthening Hoon Dok Reading and Understanding / Experiencing the Spirit World.

b) Creating an environment for Grassroots organization (at the smallest village unit) and the Formation of Stable (Perfect) Families

This is the settling down and perfection of families by creating an environment at the grassroots level. Satan created the countries without having the family foundation. But the right procedure must be followed. Satan cannot reach the smallest unit, he is working on the national level where people can easily be confused. "Tong-Ban-Li" this is the formation, growth and perfection levels. I told you to do this 12 years ago.

4) Perfection of the Realm for Unifying Nature

What do we need to do this for? You have to create a balance. Everything in our face is balanced, i.e. eyes, nose, mouth, etc. Everything in nature also has balance. Without balance things will fall down. All things exist of subject and object in order to make a balanced level ground. This allows things to move from formation, to growth and then completion.

a) The Age of Water and Completion of Self-Unification

This age of water corresponds to the mouth. You drink water through the mouth. Three-fourths of the body is water and 80% of nature is water.

b) The Age of Air and Completion of Self-Unification

Hold your nose and blow. Air will come through your ears and eyes. This is a good exercise, especially if you have a cold.

c) The Age of Atmosphere (Space) and Completion of Self-Unification

This corresponds to the eyes. Our face represents the whole course of our life. You should have good-looking eyes, vertical and horizontally balanced, and a straight line to your sexual organ. Check it out yourself; if you have a straight line.

d) The Age of the Soil and Combining of Self-Unification

Korean and Japanese leaders will find ways to unite. Different branches of the Japanese movement should become one. A Korean can be president of Japanese Unification Church. The Japanese Unification Church members can be managers. Korea is father and Japan is mother; they should cooperate. Father can go out to fight and the mother takes care of the children. Korean Unification Church president can go to Japan to become president. Those Japanese who don't speak Korean in 3 years will be set adrift.

What if I visit your house? Who would be subject? Wouldn't you become vice-master? As a mother, you should take care of Korean children to raise the elder son. The mother should be a good mother to the elder son. A Mother should education and raise up the elder son. Don't say, "I didn't understand" later. Later there should be international marriages naturally.

Did you pay the $16,000? Did you joke about it? If you paid, then you can joke, otherwise not. Why don't you sell you're your most precious possessions? Sacrifice yourself to make this money.

How do you make unity? If the Korean president goes to Japan he should be served more than Mr. Kuboki. America should also create an information bureau. We want to use the leaders of embassies for this information bureau.

5) Special Instruction for Japan and Korea

a) Exchange between Korean and Japanese Leaders for Unity

True Father wants to exchange students too. They can study in both countries.

b) Strengthen Information Bureau and National Coalition

c) Hon Dok Hae for Grassroots Organizing on the Comprehensive Level (Spirit World and Physical World)

d) TS, KJ and Unification Church should become one.

Religions should disappear. You can achieve oneness of culture, towards a unified world. You have been working in a false religion. The TS must be incorporated into the Unification Church. So your results should be twice as before. They should be pushed and may go to the Pantenal workshop.

KJ is a Korea-Japanese organization. They are old people with big bodies. What responsibility do you have? Sun Myung Moon University finances. Your descendants have to be trained in Korea.

e) To Decide the Plan for the World Speech Tour.

Korea has to prepare for the blessing, but you have experience already. Twelve places I want to pick and give a speech. I will pick twelve model countries. Either mother or father will go. We started making the transcript of the speech a month ago. It is my responsibility and I am happy about it. Are you happy about it? If you make rice cakes, is it good to have many or just a few? If you want the blessing in Korea, then there has to be a ticket price. At least 1/3 of the normal cost and next time 2/3's. True Father has invested heavily and he expects a good return. Clarifying the schedule of True Father's speech tour will be done later. If Father or Mother visit a country, they should receive greeting from the top leaders.

f) Is the Blessing in Korea or Japan?

Korea is the blessing site. This is the conclusion. This was concluded at this worldwide leaders and agreed upon by everyone present (about 650 leaders).

g) Speech tour within Korea before the blessing and worldwide after the blessing.

This is not unfortunate, but a joyous thing.

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