Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 1999

God's Day Address

Sun Myung Moon
Punta Del Este, Uruguay
January 1, 1999

[These are unofficial notes. There are certainly errors and omissions. Simultaneous translation by Jin Seung Eu and typed by Robert Kittel. ]

1999 Motto (Given at midnight) "Cosmic Expansion Of The True Blessing And Rooting Out Of Satan's Blood Lineage"

This is a very good atmosphere. Now is the time of the last days, a time of transition. We have come over the hill already. Therefore, representing our ancestors and all mankind, the past and present, we have to have the qualification to rule over all our ancestors and the spirits in the spiritual world to be a blessed family. Freedom starts from love. And in love there is happiness and an ideal. Without love there is no happiness and no ideal. The ideal was the center of the universe.

All this was lost at the time of the fall and a history of blood shed and suffering occurred. Under these conditions the husband and wife had to live separately in the spirit world. The world of minerals, plants and animals can become one. In creating Adam and Eve as the center of the universe, they contained the representative elements of the universe through their internal organs. This is the power of universal love. The entire world, even the spiritual world can come in tune and be united by love.

The husband and wife are in the position to liberate God through establishing an ideal love between them. Not only liberate, but they can also perfect God. So when husband and wife become one horizontally and then become one with God vertically, then above and below as well as front and back, with man on the right and woman on the left, they become one. This is the family. On this foundation they multiply through having children.

Adam is the eternal elder son of 100,000 generations. This is why he should becomes the source of happiness for so many people. But because of the fall this was frustrated. The whole fortune depends on this original son and daughter. Due to the fall, God is in the position of suffering and this has to be overcome. Satan is going in front of True Father everywhere he goes. Satan has opposed Heavenly Father and is going in the opposite direction. In the end, he has no more places to go, except to the realm of true love. Only God can go to last place. If Satan was in the world of the day, then God was at night, but this will change. When God fights against an opponent, then no matter how much opposition there is, we have to go forward. We can never retreat. The providential path is that serious. God could have destroyed Satan because He is the creator, but God had to love Satan. For the sake of Adam and Eve, God had to love Satan and forget everything they did. With this heart, God has been leading the thorny course of restoration.

Starting with the servant position all the way to the level of true God, these positions had to be restored many, many times. At the time of creation, God had the ideal in His mind but this was all destroyed. The ideal of blessed families was destroyed and God had no resources to re-create. This is the condition where restoration started. Ideally, you need clean original material to start again. God had to love Satan more than Adam and Eve without this there cannot be restoration. And Satan had to acknowledge this!

So far the entire history has been focusing on finding and raising up Adam and Eve. This is way women have had to sacrifice and make this offering. Originally the first woman married the wrong husband. Therefore, women have to shed tears because they married the wrong husband. From the top to bottom they had to be immersed in tears. Under these conditions then can go back to their true husband and God.

True Mother had to start in the servant of servant position. This is where everything starts. But this way of suffering never existed in God's original ideal plan. Children are branches or extension of a mother's body. The woman receives the seed from a man, and raised their children from conception. But this realm of oneness and the ideal were both destroyed at the fall. Countless women have been killed as victims of Satan. They all have to be liberated and we have to indemnity this by shedding flesh and blood. Women are extensions of one person, Eve. You have trillions of cells in our body. Ultimately women should become extensions or candidates of True Mother.

In all history, there has been no path for the ideal women. Even if they were married to rich or poor husbands. In fact, many poor women were happier than women married to rich men. When God was looking for the ideal women, it was almost like searching through the garbage. After creating big animals like the dinosaurs, God created Adam and Eve. It was about 250 million years ago that God created these huge animals but this was the foundation needed to create human beings. God created Adam and Eve a few 100 million years ago and tried to realize the ideal. They should have become the eternal masters, but Satan took that position. The second son has to obey the elder son, absolutely; this is the principle in the world of heart. God himself, in order to find Adam and Eve started from the position of servant of servant.

Satan treats God more bitterly than he persecutes his own servant, but God cannot complain. Ultimately Satan has to surrender and let God go over these barriers. Think about the trial and suffering in restoration. Even if the only son dies, the parents remain. Think how serious this is for the parent's heart. This is the source of unspeakable pain. It would be easy to make Satan the enemy, but God had to following the principle of loving your enemy. God has no enemies; He has to love His enemy.

Why do I give the blessing and ancestor liberation in the same place? This whole process is the process of recreation. Politicians don't easily forgive; they seek revenge against their enemies. Do you understand the difference? God's love includes the heart of deep sorrow for 100's of millions of years. Wherever God goes, Satan is keeping watch on God -- just waiting to attach. How difficult it was for him to break through the wall of each level of restoration. The Lord of the Second Advent has to have inherit this original heart that can bring together all kinds of people and all kinds of situations.

It is impossible to completely restore the ideal in Adam's generation. At the last days, there is only one place Satan can stand. You have to understand the history of Able and what he went through starting from the servant of servant position until he reaches the position of direct child. Look at the Israelites, they had to go to a foreign land as servant to start their providence. This is where they began, the servant position. There are only tears in our eyes when we think about God. Thinking about this we cannot make any requests or demands before God. To carry out your mission is your assigned destiny. This was the messianic image in the Old Testament Age.

In fallen history, there has been the constant division of mind and body. The church represented the mind and had to expand this foundation to the world level. Did Jesus waver over the mind and mind-body problem? Without mind and body united you cannot talk about God's love. Originally the three archangels had to be one. Did Jesus succeed or fail?

When God sees the resurrected son, how happy He must be! I had to make a strong determination many, many times. Please understand the way of True Parents. You cannot rely on your own standard. For tens of thousands of years, God has had to go over the hills of restoration with love. This continued until the point where Satan could serve God eternally. How then can you talk about being hungry and sad? Actually, you deserve to suffer, knowing your ancestors. How much have you or your ancestors blocked God's way? But in the end men, women and Satan all have to return to their original position. They all have to be cleansed and receive the blessing. This was the blessing of June 13th. Even my own ancestors have to be blessed. The whole tribe should be brought together to receive the blessing.

You have a different seed, so actually nobody can criticize me. Do you understand? How can my heart be resolved? In order to resolve Heavenly Father's sorrow, you have to start with your own family. I have to go the way of restoration with a willing heart. I had to go step by step to recreate the ideal model. You have to understand this is the blessed family. If you really feel this, you cannot go even near the fall; your own flesh will pull you back.

Rev. Kwak is your mind and body united, or do you think of yourself first? Before your parents there is God. You cannot have a sense of your own existence. Selfishness is like a twelve-headed snake. I want you to understand very clearly the difficult job of uniting mind and body. You have to realize how arrogant you have been as leaders of blessed families. Even a calf knows when danger looms.

Many tribes have worked against God's providence, including the Choi and Pak tribes. America has become the kingdom of satanic entertainment. Just like animals people have sex in public. I want to make an acting college at University of Bridgeport to set a new standard. When you are ignorant can you liberate hell?

I am busy today and my stomach is also busy (laughter). Everything has a flowing motion: time, water and air. Many sisters love me and would do anything for me. Sung Jin's mother loved me but I had many members I had to love first.

Though this Unification foundation was lost to Satan, we had to build it again. Please understand God's sorrow during path of restoration. After my blessing, True Mother was treated like a servant. She could not enter in the main door of our home. But by 1992, True Mother came to stand side-by-side with me. True Mother had to go through the mother of the servant son, mother of the stepson and mother of the true son. True Mother had to grow up this way.

These are the last days. There is nothing left except God and Adam and Eve. True Mother is the body of mother, man in the position of Archangel, and True Father is in the True Adam position. Women would feel that with an unchanging heart they want to follow me. Brothers are the body of the Archangel and should be engrafted to the body of the True Adam. I am not trying to use you. I am like your older brother, I have to protect them and help them find the path of happiness. I have to direct the women to be engrafted to the True Adam's body. This is the blessing. How dangerous is a train?

Who is left in the last days? God, perfected Adam, perfected Eve and perfected Archangel remain. I gave my flesh and blood to find the Divine Principle. Even if many people had to die, this did not constitute a sin. You need absolute faith and absolute love. With love seeds bloom forth. Everyone wants their love-object to be greater than themselves. This is a heavenly principle. But in the satanic world husband and wife often despise each other.

When walking you need two legs. Likewise, it takes two people to build an ideal family and this is your responsibility.

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